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Novelist Philip Kraske on “11/9”
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“Nuclear blackmail! America’s iconic symbols attacked! The nation is terrorized again. Not only that, but it emerges that one of the terrorists is still on the loose…”

That’s from the publicity for Philip Kraske‘s excellent new novel 11/9 and the Terrorist Who Loved Bansai Trees. It’s a great read—and one of the most plausible fictional portrayals of false flag terror you’re ever likely to come across.

Most of us who continue to do research on 9/11 focus primarily on the question of what really happened that day. There will eventually be a definitive answer to that question that can be summarized in a few pages. But what is the meaning of 9/11, what are its implications? Philip Kraske’s superb thriller, 11/9 and the Terrorist Who Loved Bonsai Trees, as the title implies, holds up a mirror to 9/11, providing a way of understanding this horrendous event. The hilarious book-ending riff of Trudy’s comedian boyfriend sums up both the stupidity and the irony of it all.

— David Ray Griffin, Author of 9/11 Unmasked

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: 9/11, Terrorism 
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  1. Sean says:

    If Israel had done it as a false flag US intelligence would have known about it in a heartbeat and told the President. Saddam invaded Kuwait and Bush the Elder let him stay in Iraq That is why Iraq was invaded by Bush the younger. This is father and son, both members of Skull and Bones. And you think one was in on the pro Israel conspiracy and the other wasn’t?

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Kevin Barrett
  2. anon[371] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, Obama is hated by Trump He wanted to undo JCOPA He did. But the using that argument t ,reminding that position, not confronting that position ,and egging on Trump to exactly do that and more were Jewish creation. Jewish press can fault him for immigration for colluding with Russia and for White Alt Right stuff. The Jewish press can fight against him over Syrian disengagement . But Iran? No way ! Are you crazy!

    Bush was farmed of guilt that same way-Papa Bush was …. Papa Bush … Oh That Oedipal issue !!
    Lets use this and make US forget how Laurie Mylorie, Wolfowitz,Scooter,Kagan, Krystal Krauthammer, Podohioretz, Bernard lewish were angling for invasion of iraq . lets forget how Wolfowt=itz and Perle and Libby ,Scooter, and Kaplan/Kagan were telling FBI not to worry about Al Quiada attack on US soil but to focus on Saddam.
    There was a reason this 37 warning by FBI never made it to President or to media.

    They were also first to declare 5 minutes into the game after 911 that 911 was caused by Saddam.

  3. anon[371] • Disclaimer says:

    “If Israel had done it as a false flag US intelligence would have known about it in a heartbeat and told the President. ”

    We dont live in that kind of normal US-Israel relationship. Israel says. Ameruca does. America saves face by saying that Israel intelligence has been very effective and also has been very generous in protecting US from bad guys. Again Israel defines those bad guys.

    2003 was Israeli operation . That blood of Saddam was tasted by Jews in 1991 . They loved it . It was actually Levy,Israeli FM who made it clear to Bush and Thatcher ( who was already on board thanks to the Jewish members of her cabinet and party ) that Israel would attack Iraq unless
    US did it before (NYT ) .

  4. anon[371] • Disclaimer says:

    Israelis were busy dancing that day and taking picture also one day before . They were busy hiding explosive traces, bank notes and maps with box cutters also . Otherwise , they would have informed USA of the impending attack.

  5. @Sean

    Bush let Cheney run foreign policy, and Cheney surrounded himself with Israel-first neocons. On 9/11 Bush was deposed as Commander-in-Chief in favor of Cheney. (Bush ordered Air Force One to take him from Florida to DC, but he was “overruled” i.e. kidnapped, threatened with assassination by insiders who knew AF1’s secret code name, taken to Offut Air Force Base, and presumably shown pictures of himself raping children or something along those lines…by evening he was back in DC reading from the coup plotters’ script and following Cheney’s neocon-inspired orders.)

    9/11 like the Mohamed Merah affair, the JFK assassination, etc. probably included a domestic component and a more murderous and extreme Israeli overlay. Bush’s role in 9/11 may have been limited to ordering “show me a way to get it (an Iraq invasion) done” in February 2001 and subsequently approving a provocation project presented to him in deliberately vague wording.

    Cheney, delegated with de facto Commander-in-Chief authority even before the actual coup, presumably had a high-level role in the domestic component of 9/11. He probably assigned the Israelis, the real instigators, a “Red Team” role, which they abused by blowing up the WTC and making the operation far more murderous than the US version ever envisioned.

    For an outline of how an Israeli “hijacked provocation” works, see Guyenot’s article “Prequel to Charlie Hebdo”:

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Sean
  6. anon[208] • Disclaimer says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    “Air Force 1 is the target ” William Safire wrote and later tried to retract saying it was some kind of wired reaction or false in formation .But he told that the terrorist had claimed of finding the code for Air Force 1.

    It was not the terrorist It was the Israelis who had the code and it was Israeli who made that explicit threat .

    • Agree: Kevin Barrett
  7. Sean says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    It would have been a strange false flag for justifying the targeting of Iraq that neglected to pretend that Iraqis had been the terrorists. Your putative Israel-targeting-Iraq false flag had the story that terrorists who were supposed to be Saudis been outraged about the infide American Army being in Saudi Arabia, where they Americans were required for the protection of the called Custodian of the Holy Places (the Saudi monarch) from the Arab Muslims sate of Saddam next door since the aftermath of the First gulf War

    If the vital US ally Saudi Arabia was in danger of falling into the hands of people like Osama bin Laden because of the US army having to be kept in Saudi Arabia to protect it from Saddam’s Iraq, then that could motivate the US to invade Iraq so they could withdraw from Saudi Arabia. But that seems a very long way round, and one with a lot to go wrong for the Jewish state. Iraq is majority Shia and therefore the basis for a democratic amalgamation of Iraq (especially the western part) into a Iranian based Shia superstate would exist once the Sunni regieme of Saddam was dismantled. Very risky.

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