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Nick Bryant on Franklin Scandal & Jeffrey Epstein: “Demand Justice for Epstein’s Victims!”
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Please sign the petition Stop the cover-up. Demand justice for Jeffrey Epstein’s victims.

Nick Bryant, author of The Franklin Scandal, is one of the world’s leading investigative journalists on elite pedophile networks—a topic that has gone mainstream in the wake of Jeffrey Epstein’s “suicide.” Three weeks prior to Epstein not hanging himself last August 10th, Vanity Fair published a piece on Bryant’s nearly decade-long Epstein investigation:

“Bryant first got his hands on a copy of the black book in 2012, after the feds caught Epstein’s former house manager trying to peddle it for $50,000….Three years later, when Epstein was back in the news due to fresh allegations that his pal Prince Andrew had slept with one of the girls who’d alleged she’d been trafficked by Epstein (Buckingham Palace denies this), Bryant finally published the black book in full (phone numbers redacted) in a Gawker article.

Nick Bryant: ‘That book (The Franklin Scandal) is a template for what’s happening now and how high up it goes. A major parallel between the two stories is that Lawrence King , who was one of the primary pimps of this pedophile network I wrote about, and Jeffrey Epstein, they were both flying children interstate, and they had both done it with impunity for a number of years. In both instances you have officials who were unwilling to back down. In Epstein, you had the Palm Beach Police Department that was unwilling to back down, and in Lawrence King, you had the Nebraska Senate that was unwilling to back down. Epstein had an island, and I’m sure he had these parties also at his place in Manhattan and elsewhere, and there were hidden cameras. In this particular venue in Washington, DC, where the Nebraska victims were trafficked, there were also hidden cameras. The individual who owned the house in Washington, DC, he had intelligence affiliations. We’re seeing with Epstein that he also had alleged intelligence connections. King and Epstein collected children in the same type of fashion. King would have kids conscript other kids, just like Epstein would have kids conscript other kids. In both cases the victims were threatened and hassled. Both Jeffrey Epstein and Lawrence King had lavish lifestyles, but there wasn’t an obvious explanation for their wealth, and both were prominently associated with power brokers of the highest order.’”

Conclusion: “It all depends on whether Epstein’s gonna talk or not. If Epstein talks, there’s gonna be a lot of powerful people who could go down.”

Three weeks later, Epstein didn’t hang himself.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Conspiracy Theories, Jeffrey Epstein 
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  1. Just who are Epstein’s victims, other than the girls associated with his Florida conviction?
    All of the rest coming forward have provided no proof of any wrongdoing by Epstein. Lots of allegations, to be sure, but no proof. By the way, has any of them explained how, as underage teenagers, they got passports without parental consent? Have any of the parents explained why they weren’t concerned about their daughters “hanging” with a male two to three times the girls’ age?

    I have little doubt that Epstein likely committed criminal acts, but there is a foul odour about the whole thing. However, due process is necessary to ensure verifiable facts lead to the correct verdict, not one fashioned by me too-ism.

  2. Prostitutes aren’t victims, just working girls. Every country selects a minimum age for consent, so that establishes some crimes. Under-age sex also provides better blackmailing potential for the pimps.

    The honey trap has always been used in intelligence work. It works well for criminals too. [email protected]

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  3. Sean says:

    Franklyn refers to the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union. The story was not about blackmail, but rather a black male who folks in Nebraska thought fit to be put in charge of the funds: Lawrence E. King Jr.

    The aforementioned fiduciary was the main person alleging the scandal, his allegations were probably what Samenow the psychologist calls a ‘power thrust, a push back/ red herring to distract from his malfeasance (in looting the credit union funds). He and his minions went to prison for their embezzling ways. And Alisha Owen who who was deludedly incautious enough to testify on oath that she had been a victim of the child sex ring got four years for perjury.

    As individuals who think in extremes, conceiving of themselves as “number one” or “nothing,” criminals may become depressed when they sense they have lost control. This may occur if they are apprehended and are facing unpalatable consequences that are about to be imposed. Once again, their depression is not about how they have failed others but about how others have failed them. “Take my crime away, and you take my world away,” remarked one offender. At the most extreme, criminals may take drastic steps to remove themselves from this unsatisfactory world and end their lives. In such instances, they think it is better not to exist at all than to do so on others’ terms.

    Just kidding. Epstein is alive and well; he has a new name, new face and his old desk in the Langley subsidiary of Mossad. Funny how all these self-convinced victims of child sex traffickers Owens , Guiffre/Roberts) experience massive weight gain in later life while the conspiracy theorists who believe them are thin (like Gary Caradori). There is polygenic overlap was found between body mass index and major psychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia and and major depressive disorder, (weight loss in schizos, but weight gain bipolar and depressed) according to a genome-wide association study published recently. Nick uses the same name as a NBC journalist.

  4. Polemos says:

    You can be sixteen and get a passport without a parent being physically present. Before then, you can have parents sign a form before a notary authorizing someone else to be there with the minor while the minor gets the passport. This is the official way.

    Unofficially, you get an intelligence agency to manufacture a passport that looks official and tracks its owner separately from the other kind.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  5. @Polemos

    Thanks. Now, just how do these girls know how to obtain all of the supporting documentation to get one, including a photo signed by the parent or guardian, without the parent knowing?

  6. @Donald A Thomson

    The “prostitutes aren’t victims” approach is typical of today’s brutally degraded, hyper-materialistic, hyper-individualistic, compassion-free, heartless, spiritually-dead society ruled by certifiable psychopaths.

    Almost every psychologically healthy woman wants to be protected and cherished by one man who will father her children and take complete responsibility, forever, for protecting and 100% materially supporting them, and her. Anything less than that, to the extent it is less than that, is shameful, degrading, and soul-killing. A free market in sex gives the most vicious and sociopathic men free rein to “rape and pillage” and encourages all men to aspire to be vicious and sociopathic. Sane, healthy societies strongly deter and punish sex outside of wedlock.

    No wonder Western women aren’t having children these days. No wonder this ultra-decadent culture is dying.

  7. “Follow the money!” tells us to pull on the little golden threads to unravel great conspiracies & uncover small escapades. The Iran-contra caper for example, or that receipt from ‘The Pink Pussycat’ that your wife discovers in your pants.
    Jeff Epstein spent colossal sums. Has anyone published any credible stories tracing his money?

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