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Myers-Brown Debate Pt. 2; Gordon Duff on Soleimani Murder & Looming WW3
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First 30 minutes: Ellen Brown and Peter Myers continue their debate on the rise of China.

Final 30 minutes: Gordon Duff, Senior Editor at Veterans Today, discusses Trump’s murder of Gen. Qassem Soleimani and what it portends for the rest of 2020. Hint: It isn’t good! Gordon just published “Trump’s War on Iran: A Bullet in the head for America.” Excerpt:

“General Soleimani is being smeared as is the Quds Force. For those of us who know the facts, who are combat veterans and security specialists, Soleimani is Robert E. Lee (yes, VT would keep his statues up despite our history of political correctness), Patton, Rommel and George Washington.

“He defeated ISIS and the US is angry. ISIS is the CIA and Mossad with Saudi cash.”

Also check out another excellent VT article on the subject: “Will Soleimani’s Murder in Baghdad Be Remembered Akin to Franz Ferdinand’s in Sarajevo?

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