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Moti Nissani’s "Eight Billion Cheers for Direct Democracy"
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Moti Nissani, Professor Emeritus (Biology), Wayne State University, discusses his new free online book Eight Billion Cheers for Direct Democracy: Direct Democracy is Humanity’s Last Best and Only Hope. Nissani argues that today’s most pressing problems—prospective nuclear war, runaway technology, and eco-catastrophe—could be solved by creating and expanding real democracy (as opposed to US/Western oligarchy) borrowing ideas from ancient Athens and modern Switzerland, Iceland, and Berlin (the Philharmonic, not the Bundestag). His sad conclusion: “It is heart-breaking then, to know that in real democracy is the salvation of the world, and yet to suspect that real democracy is a pipe dream.”

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology 
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  1. Bro43rd says:

    If it’s not voluntary it’s tyranny. There is no middle ground. 8 Billion Sovereigns!

  2. Apart from the pipe dream, the last best and only hope is the total destruction of oligarchy and its origins: organized religions (as foremost enemies of religiousness).

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  3. Bill H. says:

    Tell that to the city of Tucson AZ. The City Council wanted to “recharge” water from the Colorado River but a popular vote, “direct democracy” in action, demanded that it be put directly into the city water system because demagoues had spread fear that recharged water would migrate south and that “Mexicans would get our water.”

    The water coming from taps in Tucson immediately became undrinkable, and the mineral content damaged city water pumps so badly that they had to be replaced after less than a year. All of this was predicted by engineers, but the “people knew what they wanted” and got it. After 18 months the city decided that, vote or no vote, the water needed the pre-treatment that the recharge provided and switched the process accordingly.

    Just one example of why Direct Democracy is an utterly idiotic idea.

  4. The e book doesn’t contain the citations or footnotes that I can find. Some the extremely bold claims like “engineering proves that the whole worlds’ energy needs can be met with some green energy and without fossil fuel or nuclear if we could just get rid of those pesky oligarchs and dictators” strike me as preposterous. It’s a shame as the author clearly put some effort into this, but to make such a unserious claim, and not even back it up with citation, more or less discredits all that follows IMO.

  5. @Bill H.

    Direct democracy = mob rule. Animal right wackos have been using direct democracy ballot initiatives for years to get urbanites to outlaw legitimate hunting and animal husbandry practices in rural communities.

    Mountain lions, that no longer fear humans, eating pets in California subdivisions, because managed hunts were outlawed by a ballot initiative. Cities wasting funds on ridiculous deer birth control, because urban archery hunts are “inhumane.”

    City dwelling Karens believe laying hens should be out socializing with other chickens, when numerous studies show caged hens are healthier and more productive, have less parasites and cannibalism then cage free hens.

    Farrowing crates for sows eliminated the high mortality rate of piglets due to 500 lb sows laying on their litters.

    Direct democracy ballot initiatives have outlawed laying cages and farrowing crates in multiple states, resulting in unnecessary suffering of livestock, because emotional women are easily manipulated by ballot initiative campaigns. These same women bitch about the high prices of meat and eggs.

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  6. @Bill H.

    If the people reading this site had any clue about how politics actually work, they wouldn’t be perpetual losers who are completely out of touch with what’s pragmatic and possible. They also just read the same agit-prop over and over again so don’t expect them to know how stupid the average voter is.

    • Agree: Folkvangr
  7. Oh come on, a guy named “Moti Nissani” urging us to adopt global direct democracy.

    What he really wants is 8 billion poor brown illiterate envious low IQ retards “voting” to make all the White people hand over all their stuff.

    Pretty sure Jean Raspail already described what global direct democracy results in.

    It is of course the exact same reason why retarded liberals and envy-crazed POCs keep calling this country “our democracy” instead of a republic, which is what it is, or at least was until recently. Their subliminal message is, It’s *our* democracy: Once we permanently outnumber you, whitey, we’re just going to hold a simple mail-in vote to take all your stuff and put your women on auction blocks. Hey, it’s a proper democratic vote, here in Our Democracy, right?

    • Agree: Sam Hildebrand
  8. @Sam Hildebrand

    “Direct democracy = mob rule”

    Representstive democracy = kakistocracy = periodic destruction of civilization

    I think of direct democracy as what you vote for you pay for and you abide by. Volunteer democracy, not forced democracy.

    That would allow people to self-assort and by a process of discovery, find out what works and what doesn’t.

    • Replies: @Bro43rd
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