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Moti Nissani: Death to Oligarchs!
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Moti Nissani is one of the most knowledgable and outspoken academic opponents of the American Deep State and the oligarchy that owns it. His “Encyclopedia of Domestic Assassinations” lists more than 40 of the Deep State’s political murders of domestic opponents, while “Who Rules the Anglosphere?” exposes the nature and identity of the psychopathic oligarchs who dominate the West’s fake democracies.

In this conversation Prof. Nissani explains the difference between oligarchy and democracy, explains why direct democracy (as advocated by the late Senator Mike Gravel) is the only real kind, and suggests that only a violent revolution targeting the oligarchs will make American democracy possible.

Moti Nissani holds a Ph.D. in genetics and has taught zoology, biology, mathematics, psychology, history, human ecology, and elephants.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Conspiracy Theories, Deep State 
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  1. dually says:

    With modern communication, direct democracy could be a real alternative. We don’t have to go down the same road as the Roman Republic, which at this same point began the slide into competing oligarchs like Caesar and Pompey, resolving finally into the autocracy of the Empire. An “American Caesar” is avoidable.

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  2. Great interview . . loved the historical quotes from “who rules the anglosphere?”

  3. @dually

    The Anglosphere is (((Carthage))) not Rome. (((Carthage))) won’t be allowed by history to enjoy four centuries of luxurious decadence. Its end will be unforeseen, brutal, instant and final. America started as an oligarchy of slaving landowners depending on the Sephardic maritime market of then to export their produce to Europe, and it is now ending exactly likewise until they meet their fate at the hands of the strongest terrestrial power of the day.

  4. It occurs to me that this whole game of characterizing people who are against mandatory vaccinations – and the vast erosion of personal liberty that entails – as, “anti-American” or unpatriotic, is really something that should be met head on.

    I completely reject the notion that my being against getting injected with something against my will makes me a bad citizen.

    I am pro-American. Those who wish to violate my bodily sovereignty are anti-American, because they are against the core principles that the country is supposed to stand for – a democratic republic, an open society with due process and the rule of law, a humble inward looking government constrained by checks and balances, a bulwark justice system more than strong enough to keep the tireless wolves of government and corporate tyranny at bay…

    But those who would force this upon us… They corrupt all of that by defending the indefensible all the while hiding behind a cloak of faux patriotism. Those guys nauseate me. Really.
    -Adapted from a Comment On Techdirt From Back When That Site Stood for Something Meaningful

  5. @SolarTermination

    The clean have to be protected from the dirty. [email protected]

  6. anonymous[967] • Disclaimer says:

    Prof. Moti Nissani seems to be channelling this popular leftist video from his younger days … flashback to 1984:

    Nissani seems to also echo the message Joe Stack left behind in 2010, before Stack flew his private plane into a US gov buiding in Texas, 9-11 style:

    Violence not only IS the answer, it is the ONLY answer

    This guy below perhaps will wish to speak to Prof. Nissani?

  7. Michael Korn [AKA "Mevashir"] says:

    A classic Jewish Sefardic name. Moti is short for Mordechai. He teaches in the US as part of the ZOG. Does he have anything to say about his own beloved Mossad?

  8. Michael Korn [AKA "Mevashir"] says:

    I completely reject the notion that my being against getting injected with something against my will makes me a bad citizen.

    What about when they violate your bodily sovereignty when they send you off to war? There used to be laws about obeying that too.

  9. Josh Kenn says:

    Since I am in a related field, I know what a professor of genetics should know. They can just fill in more details about their relative areas. Knowing this, I have to speculate that he has great faith that a gaussian distribution is a desirable way to organize a country. Probably from some misguided notion of natural selection. Or at least I would be interested to know his thinking on it.

  10. dimples says:

    Since the Deep State owns the media, it seems to me that a system of direct democracy of brainwashed participants would be even easier to manipulate than whatever is the current system. Is this Dr. Nissani’s cunning plan?

    • Replies: @profnasty
  11. profnasty says:

    Humble suggestion.
    Simply watch the movie
    ‘Kick-Ass’. It says the same thing in
    a much more entertaining fashion.
    Both, however, are correct.

  12. profnasty says:
    @Donald A Thomson

    Agreed. The injected
    are unclean.

  13. profnasty says:

    Nine out of ten people support
    gang rape.

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