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Monika Schaefer on COVID-NWO Agenda
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Monika Schaefer, a Canadian citizen and former Green Party activist, spent most of 2018 as a prisoner of conscience in Germany after she was prosecuted for apologizing to her mother. Henry Makow just published her Open Letter to the Jasper Town Council: “I have looked into this, and have come to the conclusion that what we are witnessing is nothing less than the implementation of a New World Order, and it is pure communism. If they succeed, it will be a tyrannical one-world-government police state in which our every move will be monitored, controlled, and dictated. We will be slaves in a dystopia. We will be force vaccinated, and the vaccine will not be good for us.” (Personally I think what they want is pure bankster capitalism, not communism; tune in and make up your own mind!)

Monika recommends “OCLA Recommends Civil Disobedience Against Mandatory Masking.”

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. As shown in this article, recent research shows that the SARS-CoV-2 virus existed long before governments would have us believe:

    It certainly appears that the blame for the COVID-19 pandemic should not be laid at the feet of China and that the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus could well be far, far wider than we are being led to believe by “the experts” and government officials.

  2. Bill H says:

    Whatever ensues after the collapse, it most certainly will not be communism or anything even resembling communism. In communism everyone works. In whatever comes after the collapse, no one will work.

  3. There is a technical problem with this current Podcast linked on this article. It stops after 16 minutes and 57 seconds. It is all that has been downloaded on this site, just 16 minutes and 57 seconds, after Monika Schaefer says ritual defamation. Is that part of the ritual defamation that it stops after 16:57?

    I am unable to access any of Kevin Barrett’s websites, but that has been the case for an extended period of time by the retards that are using Vault7technology on me, also unable to access mamy standard websites, in fact, cannot access at least 80% of websites, because the retards in control that use vault7 technology on me consider it a victory in the hob gobblins of their shallow little pusillanimous minds.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  4. The Highest Honor that can ever be bestowed upon anyone in a society of morally and intellectually depraved psychopaths is not the Nobel Prize, or Pulitzer Prize, it is to be flat out rejected by them, and to be honored in any way by them, would be the highest dishonor of all, like war mongering Obama that maintained two wars, and started five new ones being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, for a cheap talk speech in Berlin.

    There really is no point in attempting to convince insane retards of anything. It would be a waste of life even attempting to do it.

    I never realized the level of moral and intellectual decay and the sheer magnitude of it until 2015. Now that I have learned who I am surrounded by, I am at peace with myself, despite their total reign of terror on my life.

    It would basically be like trying to teach dogs to learn geometry. You could waste your whole life trying to teach geometry to dogs, but it just ain’t ever going to happen.

    • Agree: Zimriel
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Lost american
  5. Ko says:

    It seems people keep writing about this as if it’s something new. It’s been planned long ago, at least the outcome has been planned. The events triggering the NWO are merely steps toward the mountaintop.

    Begin with this – Ripple/xrp will be the new global reserve currency pegged to the price of gold. All life on the planet will be on a blockchain. All human life will be on a blockchain. No one will have access to encryption that blocks government and surveillance.

    There is already open talk about using credit scores in the same way as Chinese use social credit scores. This means you will be leveled and you will have access to things like hotels, restaurants, vacations, items, and other things befitting your level.

    All of the social media giants have created this for China and just think what Tswhitter, Fassbook, Spewgle will be able to do to categorize your every utterance, comment, glance and peek of everything you’ve ever done online – they know your deepest darkest thoughts and fears, your habits, your ambitions, and your afflictions.

    Bullshit Gates and Dr FrankenFauci will inject genetically modified stuff into you. Your future health will be a boon to big Pharma, healthcare, doctors, rehabs, the whole deal – they will be able to predict profits based on yours and everyone else’s pre-planned medical outcomes. Maybe the old farts like on Unz Review will get a pass since death is nearer than the completely stupid and brainwashed young people running around burning and looting. But anyone born with a phone in their hand will be conditioned – a product.

    Don’t worry if you don’t get your vaccine, cuz you are the rebel you say you are, you will surely get what they want you to have from the food you eat and the drinks you drink. Think genetically modified plants – is that tomato modified to give you cancer so you can add profits? You think it was modified just to look a nice deep orange color without any pits or blemishes? Guess again.

    Watch – Adenda 21. I’ve put the link on UNZ enough. Go look for it.

    This is the future. With AI, you are obsolete and Gates (he’s not the only one) has a plan for you and the rest of humanity.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
  6. @Ko,


    Why would any sane, rational person be willing to accept what predatory psychopaths would like to plan for them?

    You happen to be referring to the same predatory psychopaths that planned Hillary Clinton would be elected in 2016, and that Juan Guaido would be the president of Venezuela, and that Assad would be overthrown, and that Boris Johnson would lose the election, and that there would be no BREXIT. Their track record on being correct about their plans and predictions sucks, to put it bluntly.

    Why would you be willing to accept their plan for you, unless you happen to be one of the predatory psychopaths yourself, is the question!

    The only way to repair this country is to end the corruption, that will not only eliminate the corrosive force, but will also serve as the desperately needed deterent to corruption whoch has been entirely absent, and its absence has clearly wreaked total havoc on society that has reverberated throughout the entire world, annhialating everything in its destructive path.

    I do have a glimmer of hope that has been restored with the arrest of Ghilsiane Maxwell. Until the psychopaths learn that they are not above the law, things will not improve. They have believed for far too long that the law does not apply to them, and is only intended as something to be used for controlling everyone else to cater to their whims, not that people would prefer to be pedophiles, but the legal system abuses and legal system neglect used as weapons on the overwhelming majority of citizens, with extreme measures of unnecessary bureaucratic compliance that serves no higher, ethical, or moral purpose whatsoever, and is simply used strictly for illegitimate purposes, like emissions testing, excessive licensing and fee requirements, excessive surveillance that has never prevented a single crime, like the outrageously expensive and outrageously fascist TSA.

    Meanwhile, JP Morgan, Wachovia, London based Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation ( HSBC ), the military, and the CIA, have all been proven to be engaged in narco-trafficking, and the AMA are in fact glorified narco pushing drug dealers, as well as Big Pharma, all without any accountability for their murderous and destructive parasitic crime spree. Even though some local governments are suing the bums, they will not be thrown in prison, and the local and state governments intend to keep any awards for themselves, so it is really nothing short of blackmail. Oh, and let’s not forget that this has all been made possible by our elected congress, executive, appointed and elected judicial branch, and our hired LEOs, that will destroy the lives of their unwitting victims, by throwing them in prison, but not the king pins that made it all possible! So, if the police happen to be baffled that they have lost the support of the public, it happens to be because they have proven to be against the public that they were hired to serve! Getting caught in election rigging in Operation Crossfire Hurricane really hasn’t helped their public image either!

  7. Americans would like filet mignon, but have been asked to choose between
    hamburgers and beef patties since 1829. It is the same God damned thing!

  8. anon[206] • Disclaimer says:
    @No Friend Of The Devil

    “It would basically be like trying to teach dogs to learn geometry. You could waste your whole life trying to teach geometry to dogs, but it just ain’t ever going to happen.”

    You must have a really dumb dog because mine walks a perfect circle two or three times before he does his business. Being able to circumcribe a perfect 360 degree circle definitely shows some knowledge of geometry, probably better than many first year university students in state colleges in the US.

  9. @Anon206


    Try asking him to bark out, or write in the dirt with his paws – the area, circumference, and diameter of the circle to you, and let me know how he does.

  10. The fake virus was exposed in 2014 from Rockefeller document of 2012 see video. Although other trials were run with Bird Flu, Swine Flu, SARS1 etc. it was not sprung until now because of banking issues, corp. bond debts etc. Gates had 201 pre pandemic meeting on 11-18-19. Soon after Senate had closed door meeting on “virus” then tipped off big donors. The fake virus was used as a cover for another massive theft by the Global bankers (immune from prosicution thanks to our shabbos goy congress) and their Wall St. buddies who have gotton trillions as they did in 08. CDC criminals (with 50 vaccine patents) are really a drug co. and had already negotiated contract for “vaccine” before start of fake virus. Remember was originally an flu. Now that is hot weather it is no longer the flu. In February Fauci was interviewed and he said that the masks did more harm than good. So many cucked idiots are wearing them that they changed their tune.

    The standard for determining a pathogen is the Koch postulate test. This has not been done because they can’t. If you have a fake virus then you must have a fake test. this is the PCR test. Gives 200 false positives. Does not determine one Corona (cold) from another and is not quantitative, therefore its is bogus. Wuhan was one of the main pitches used to sell this scam. It is city of 11 million and has worst air pollution in the world. 350,000 people die of Pneumonia each yr. in China. They get CT scan then called Covid 19. Italy another scare center. Italian gov. autopsies verify over 99% of “victims” had pre existing conditions, most multiple ones. Avg age 69.5. Remember CDC criminal Debra Brix said “we have told the hospitals to tag everything possible as Covid 19.” Many videos of empty hospitals have been posted. Remember the fake tents and the crappy old hospital ship and the fake call for ventilators. The numbers are faked, using people (visual ck) in nursing homes.

    This medical fraud has been perpetrated by the Zionists to condition the goyim. The connected elite plan to make billions on the vaccine scam. Your body is your property. When you lose control of it to this criminal syndicate they will go further. Then there will be a manufactured “crisis” to get all your other property. This is the ultimate aim. China is the model with it’s social credit and total surveillance system. The Zionists in Jewmerica will initiate a similar system with the UGI to get the goyim on the hook then move the herd into the U.N. planned sustainable Development Initiative of Agenda 2030-21.

  11. IMO, “poisoned chemical injection” is a completely accurate description of vaccines; and if you want to know where I believe the poisoners of big pharma are located in biblical prophecy, here is my take on the subject:

  12. @No Friend Of The Devil

    There must have been a glitch when the audio file got transferred to It is fine at which I just opened up to non-subscribers.

  13. Chris Moore says: • Website

    If they succeed, it will be a tyrannical one-world-government police state in which our every move will be monitored, controlled, and dictated. We will be slaves in a dystopia. We will be force vaccinated, and the vaccine will not be good for us.” (Personally I think what they want is pure bankster capitalism, not communism; tune in and make up your own mind!)

    What do you think Communism was? Physical slaves and mind slaves working for a One Party elite, the “vanguard” of the human race.

    They can get it through Communism, or they can get it through Capitalism, or they can get it through crony Capitalist Marxism — aka Globalism.

    Study the nature of the organized sociopaths and psychopaths attempting to implement this totalitarianism, not so much the labels. They’re relying on people to “defend the faith,” when in fact they have long since corrupted whatever “faith” it is they’re exploiting at any given moment.

    As always, you will find Zionists at the center of the inner circles.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
    • Replies: @mark tapley
  14. @Chris Moore

    Yes, its about money and power. They are the monopoly capitalists that created communism and control both parties. They have operatives on the left and the right. They use both the negroes and the Christian Zionists as proxy warriors. Now they are behind the fake virus planned long ago and rolled out now to cover the theft of trillions more as in 08. They instigated the world wars and the phony “War On Terror” for the destruction of the Middle East to accomplish the Yinnon plan for Greater Israel. They instigate the false flag shootings as in Sandy Hook, Boston and Los Vegas. They have played the race card since Jacob Schiff founded the NAACP in 1907 till the fake Floyd today. They have controlled the Presidency from Woodrow Wilson to shabbos goy Trump. The Warburg financed Kelergi plan inaugurated as Pan Europa to flood the white nations with Africans is Zionism at work as is our 1965 Immigration Act by Jew Jacob Javits.

    About the only place they are not seen is in the desire for less government and more individual liberty.

  15. A fan of Monika wrote an article responding to this interview:

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