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Michelle Malkin on Being Banned from AirB&B
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Has former Fox News pundit Michelle Malkin taken the red pill? Last year she moved her blog (the biggest political blog in America?) and its massive archives to the Unz Review, home of notorious dissidents and “conspiracy theorists” like yours truly. Since then Malkin has come under increasing fire by the usual suspects, culminating in last week’s banning from AirBNB.

Banned from lodging for harboring politically-incorrect views? What’s next, “disagree with us and you won’t be allowed to purchase food”? (Maybe I shouldn’t give them any ideas…)

Twenty years ago, when I was a witch and Malkin a witch-hunter, I never thought we’d be playing on the same team. But now we’re both witches, and the witch-hunting team is coming after us with torches blazing. I salute Michelle Malkin’s courageous decision to step outside the mainstream (she had more to lose than I did) and appreciate her willingness to engage in fearless and uncensored conversation—and to apologize for her mistakes in the wake of 9/11, including joining other Fox News personalities in attacking me for seeking the truth about 9/11.

Below is a lightly-edited transcript of the interview.

Kevin Barrett Interviews Michelle Malkin, 2/11/22

Kevin Barrett: This is Truth Jihad Radio, questioning official stories since 2006. Please subscribe by way of the Substack button at

Welcome back to this live radio show broadcasting every Saturday evening from 7 to 9 p.m. Central where I am and whatever time it is, wherever you are, it’s always time to talk to the most interesting folks who have something outside the box to say.

My second, hour guest is brand new to Truth Jihad Radio. She recently moved to the Unz Review, which is one of my homes on the internet. I’m talking about Michelle Malkin. You may have seen her on Fox News or elsewhere. And she is now in the news for having been banned from Airbnb for her political views.

Wait a minute, they can ban you from lodging? You try to check into the motel and you find out that you said something political that somebody didn’t like and you can’t stay there anymore? Are we all going to be homeless? Are they going to ban us from eating? Things are really getting strange in America today. Let’s try and make some sense of it. Hey, welcome Michelle Malkin, how are you?

Michelle Malkin: Good. Thanks for having me.

Kevin Barrett: So what’s with Airbnb? I can’t believe it. Since when did people start getting banned from accessing these kinds of basic services in America due to their political stances?

Michelle Malkin: Well, it’s been happening for a while, but with particular regard to the dissident right. A lot of young activists and journalists and independent citizens, researchers that identify themselves as truly America First, as opposed to the appropriated generic brand that we’re now seeing from the Republican Party. It’s been happening for quite a while, and I’m certainly not the first canary in the cancel culture coal mine on this. In fact, in 2019, when I came out with my latest book called Open Borders Inc., I dedicated it to many of the patriots who have already been suffering de-housing, de-platforming, de-banking and now, most recently, a twist of de-planing. There are a number of individuals, and I’m trying to get a complete list of them through a Freedom of Information Act request, who’ve been either put on the no fly list or designated by the TSA as heightened security risks, and either stopped and swabbed for bomb-making materials, prevented from booking tickets online, this type of thing. The designation is SSSS. And I identified at least two individuals who had been classified as such. So the idea that I could be retaliated against by a service provider of public accommodations like Airbnb is certainly in keeping with that trend. The new twist or new wrinkle, at least to my mind, is the fact that not only was I punished specifically for speaking at the annual American Renaissance conference last November, but my husband’s account was also deleted. And he is not a public figure. He’s not a journalist. He wasn’t at the conference. But it doesn’t matter. And the idea that it was my speech was also pretextual, because Airbnb didn’t bother to obtain a transcript or a video of the speech before they made this decision.

Kevin Barrett: So this wasn’t really about anything you said. It was about associating with the wrong people. It’s guilt by association. And I guess they’re saying that American Renaissance is, quote unquote, a hate group. So whatever you say at their convention, it’s equally bad. Which strikes me as very strange. If I were invited by any group to talk to their convention, I’d probably go. And if I disagreed with them, I would explain why. And then I guess I would get banned by Airbnb just for having been to their convention if it’s a convention that Airbnb doesn’t like. I really don’t understand that logic…

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Antiracism, Censorship, Political Correctness 
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  1. … and to apologize for her mistakes in the wake of 9/11 …


    Prove otherwise, but she’s still an unrepentant NeoCon warmonger. Ms. Malkin just moved to military friendly Colorado and rebranded herself as a family values pundit, pushing different RedWhite+Blue buttons. Shortly after coming to TUR, she wrote some sleazily Exceptional! stuff about China.

    If the Search tool’s working, you can easily find my comments under her articles. Where you’ll also see her and her fanboys’ failure to refute them.

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
    , @Poupon Marx
  2. HdC says:

    As to the title allegations: Who gives a shit?

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  3. profnasty says:

    911 is the litmus test.
    Jews or Muslims?
    Declare you this day.
    Gird your loins.
    [OBTW. NO immigration. Period.
    Kevin: You are wrong 25%. Mr. Eyeamsosmaht.
    No war! No immigration.]


  4. anybody who uses globohomo rackets like “Air B’nB”

    deserves what they get. And that includes

    Michelle and her kosher husband.

  5. @Greta Handel

    that is funny….”family values” in Colorado….state

    with a flaming fag for a governor.

  6. Petermx says:

    I enjoyed the interview. I appreciate when a minority is pro-White, especially now. I think she appreciates this was a White country and some people resent what was done to it. I also appreciate that having a Jewish husband hasn’t stopped her from criticizing Jews. This is why people say Asians are good immigrants.

  7. Anon[378] • Disclaimer says:

    As far as Airbnb goes, has one of their customers been the U.S. Govt., and if so to what extent and what branches in particular, and has any service involved immigrant invaders ? Is some government office pulling their strings ? Are Airbnb “hosts” contracted to accept whoever occupants management sends ? Airbnb politics ?

    • Replies: @Petermx
  8. Don’t use Airbnb. Use VRBO and Vacasa instead.

  9. Rehman says:

    I give respect to this young lady for being so bold to apologize to Kevin. Lion heart or Lioness heart if such term exists.
    If she would be a white woman chances are ABANB would treat her differently. If would be her I would sue the devil of ABANB under civil rights. Ethnicity, national origin, being a female, and religion provided ABANB is owned by our neighborly friend Mr. Zionist. At it is strong case puclic interest.
    Kevin it was very generous of you to accept her apology. I know you are a learned Muslim who accepted Islam on your own will not like me who was born in Islamic family in India (I guess kids dont have much options LOL). One thing that I learned from my secular sort Islamic family that we dont have the power to forgive or accept anyone’s apology. It is God who fogives. Who are we beside submitting to the Almighty (reflection of sincerity or humility). I always say God is the only one who can forgive. Who the hell am I am? May some Aalim can explain better.

    • Replies: @Petermx
    , @druid55
  10. Rehman says:

    The immigration subject has been exploited since it inception.
    My problem on the issue had been a big Q? why we dont punish the employers with jail penalty (not financial fines because that is a always deducted as business expenses). This will get the attention of Meat, Agriculture, Diary, Construction Industry Managers and top brass for example. Put Trump and Democrats in jail (mr clean) for hiring nannies or gardeners etc.
    Sadly enough we demonize the poor immigrants for crossing the border. Politicians giving speeches during campaign and Fox News Pundits have orgasmic feeling on the subject. Remember the pervert Bill O’Reilly? for his unfair and imbalanced approach in news. I would suggest to Put all those Border patrols as a watch dogs in all human exploiters employers location. Any violations means getting the CEO or the top brass. Put them in the Government guest houses with hard core criminals and that would resolve the issue in a hurry. And then open the border.

    Back in 1980s there were strict environmental enforcements and several of the violators from industry were jailed (not the people who did the violations but managers, Famous case of Gulf oil). I remember our plant manager saying that he didnt want to go to jail. Fix the damn thing whatever it takes. Then came Bush, Ginrich and …. and things changed for the worst.

  11. Petermx says:

    Yes, if she was White they would have tried to ruin her reputation and financially as well. If White countries and Whites were discriminating against people of color (in the 60’s they just said “coloreds”) then they would not let so many in so that Whites will soon be minorities in their own countries. Whites are the only people with advanced countries that don’t discriminate against other ethnic groups and that’s a shame because the diversity that the world had is eradicated when a country loses what makes it distinct and every country looks the same, with the same multicultural mix and English is almost as important as the country’s native language.

    • Replies: @cohen
  12. Petermx says:

    Management doesn’t send people to Airbnb as far as I know. They have a website and anyone can use it and request a stay. These are individuals looking to make make money by renting out their place or maybe just a room. I believe a host has a right to accept or decline anyone and I think the reason usually has nothing to do with race. Maybe a 22 year old young woman doesn’t want to rent a room in her place to a guy, or maybe just not a 60 year old guy. I had a bad experience and I don’t use them anymore.

    I knew they were political when a few years ago they asked everyone to sign something regarding discrimination, I think in regards to homosexuality. They even asked renters to sign it. I didn’t feel like it and I never signed it and they didn’t ask again. But I don’t like companies that try to tell people what they can think. I wish individual states and other countries would ban Facebook, Twitter Youtube and Google as long as they censor people. That is the solution to censorship. If your company censors, then you get censored and you don’t operate in my country. This could be done.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  13. druid55 says:

    I absolutely hated her 20 years ago. It’s hard to imagine that she’s changed that much! If she has, fine!

  14. druid55 says:

    you’re wrong. We are encouraged to forgive. God’s forgiveness is something else!

    • Agree: Kevin Barrett
  15. nort says:

    Ironic she is from the Philippines, in Canada the country has been flooded with Filipinos and Punjabis over the last decade. This has caused wages to be suppressed and lowered the standard of living for the middle class. Filipinos in particular will work for next to nothing. At least the Somalians won’t work for free.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  16. Can we get the transcript of her apologizing for bashing alternative (true) version possibilities from 9/11? You say she did, but I can’t find it.. anywhere..

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  17. Biff K says:

    Years ago Michelle Malkin’s web site and articles were a daily go-to for me. For 2 reasons: First, her articles were so well written and informative, factually based, and I’d go so far as to say artistically done. She has writing skills second to none. Philippino? She has better English skills than any American I’ve read. Secondly, her “Comment” section was regularly visited and contributed to by very smart people who obviously did a lot of research. It was outstanding in that respect. You could learn a lot! Those commenters were well read, very observant, and expressed their material to the high degree that Michelle did in her article. It had very few toothless 7th grade grads from West Virginnie. You never saw “they’re” spelled “there.” But, one day, its “Comments” section, mysteriously, got discontinued from the site, and I rarely went back. That was my first experience with internet level censorship.

    She often had articles bringing to the fore things not ever addressed elsewhere. Non-liberals were still lapping up Bill O’Reilly. So most of us had to wait years to find things out. Unz is the closest thing to her column these days. I can imagine the threats.

    So, she has a Jew husband. Big effing deal. I don’t know who he is, but not every Jewboy has an ugly hooknose wears a small hat, and acts like a turd. And Michelle was in no way gonna marry up a fat hillbilly, get his life insurance when he croaks and move back to the Phillipines with her half breed kids. Generalizing accomplishes very little except that it works to sell advertising on the one eyed Jew. Although, given the Jew thing (I get it), there are way more important things going on than just that. Frankly, I’m more afraid of women these days than I am of Jews. (Honestly, fellating your way to the top of the corporation, then turning on your very trusting promoters – yup – I hear about it every day now). Talk about Jews. Come to think of it, nothing can be more Jewy than a woman once she’s let out of the house.

  18. rehman says:

    I was referring to forgiveness from Islamic perspective. I understand your perspective if you are a non Muslim and I respect it. But if you are an illiterate Muslim (Sheria, history, Hadees etc) than you dont know what is humility meana in Islam.

  19. cohen says:

    Under the current corporate power environments it is all fair to stand up against their unlawful acts (peacefully and with civility). Milken was unfairly treated/denied because of her political views she should and should have get back at them by any means necessary (Lawful).
    Blacks successfully have used discrimination tool. Even celebrities like Michael Jackson (poor guy could not say Racism and kept saying rasciam in front of news media), Opera, M.C Hammer, lot of sports figure. It is not a question of if they were right or wrong. But they had used the available tool.

    Jews for example can not wait to label anything that moves as anti S. Last year in one US flight the Zionists were asked to put mask on their 5 year old son. These fat/overweight Ashkenazim started playing the tape recorder of Anti Semite. There was no protest or support for the flight attendent from other passengers because of the magic or hypnotic word Anti Semite. Can anyone imagine passengers reaction to mask mandate violator had there be no mention of BIG A.S. Probably arguments and fights in extreme.

    Dont forget the genius of the century, Albert Einstein while touring US in 1920s called several scientists, in US who questioned his equations/work, as Antisemitic.

    So, what is wrong with a Filipino/American woman challenging a corporation. Talk to ACLU (I dont trust them though) and raise hell. Despite all this BS going around we still are in America and the silenced majority does not like what it sees. If there is a GoFund me I would be the first to contribute not because I like Milken but What these corporation are doing to the country.

    • Replies: @Petermx
    , @RadicalCenter
  20. Petermx says:

    I think you misinterpreted my comment. I am not a supporter of Airbnb and if Michelle Malkin wants to make them pay or bankrupt them I would not be upset. If the court ruled that, then that is probably what Airbnb deserved. The statement I made that you replied to said nothing against Michelle Malkin or Asians. I said Whites are discriminated against in their own countries and White populations are being wiped out. It’s not the relatively small group of recent Asian immigrants that have done this. A different ethnic group did that. Can you guess who that is? I’ve plastered it all over this website in many of my comments. I don’t know why you think when I defend White interests that I’m attacking Michelle Malkin or Asians, or anyone else for that matter.

    • Replies: @Cohen
  21. @Petermx

    Wholeheartedly agree. Time to take these busybodies down a couple of pegs.

  22. @nort

    In the US, a lower percentage of Filipinos have poverty-level incomes than other citizens. Moreover, the median household income of both US-born and foreign-born Filipinos in the US is slightly higher than that of all other US legal residents:

    Maybe things are different in this regard in Canada. Would appreciate some stats.

    • Replies: @nort
  23. @cohen

    Don’t even consider GoFundMe. Similar bullying corporation imposing a social and political agenda on its customers and homeowners. They can’t be trusted not to confiscate or redirect contributions, as they’ve proven, under government pressure.

    Use GiveSendGo or some other (apparently) less corrupted platform.

    • Replies: @Cohen
  24. Cohen says:

    I am 110% with you about American Whites being institutionally discriminated in recent decades. My beef is with the corporations and their unlimited influence on our daily life. ABANB and those who abuse their influence or please their Masters for more influence should be called to justice or law and order.
    One not so known discrimination is the privileged treatment of black medical students in several medical schools in US because their slow learning characteristics.
    For example, in George Washington University, the blacks and students from Saudi Kingdom (I call it Animal Kingdom) are allowed to finish their program in five years while 4 years for the rest. My question is why white and other slow learning students are not allowed. No body cares because of the power of such institutions.

    The ethnic group you are referring to is Zionist group. Superior race. Ironically, the Christian Zionist go to Israe,l to full fill some teaching of Bible, to serve Jews. In one of the video on Bitchute these moronic Americans were picking up wine grapes (in the annexed Palestinian land) and bringing the produce to designated areas. They were not allowed to enter the wine making room or touching the barrels because the Jewish guy teld them “Christians are not clean”. That is why the restrictions. Mike Pompeo is Christian Zionist, however, he is clean. One of the Israeli wine is named after him. However, not for the Jewish customers

  25. Cohen says:

    Thanks for the information. You are right. I was thinking of process.
    I can see what you mean after reading Canadian Freedom lovers plight.

  26. @Greta Handel

    Why don’t you grow up and flush the toilet? I’ve been reading Michelle for a long time, and admire her courage, integrity, and intelligence. Her output is spectacular. Just because she is not idealistically “pure” enough FOR YOU, means squat. Her speech and reception at the latest American Renaissance meeting was enthusiastic. If she is good enough for Jared Taylor and friends, that should be the goalpost.

    There are some criticisms of major conservative writers who get demoted for not being overtly critical of The International Jew and the Illuminati. See Henry Makow. Inclusive is Tucker Carlson, Jared Taylor, Jeannine Piro, and others. It sees quite obvious that all of these stalwarts would be deplatformed and silenced quickly. Look what happened to Katie Hopkins.

    I have delved into her personal history and find nothing remiss. Sure her husband is jewish, but so were Sam Francis, etc., and so are many earnest and on-our-side. I read James Howard Kunstler assiduously.

    I am a pragmatist, supremely; you comments are irrelevant and not useful.

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
    , @northeast
  27. @Poupon Marx

    Her speech and reception at the latest American Renaissance meeting was enthusiastic. If she is good enough for Jared Taylor and friends, that should be the goalpost.

    I guess you’re Right.

  28. nort says:

    That doesn’t surprise me that Filipinos in the US have a higher household income than the average other legal residents. That’s because many will work two jobs. The wives will work as much overtime as possible even with babies at home or small kids. That’s because there are plenty of roomates or other family members living in the same household to take care of the kids. The point is that this form of lifestyle has created unnecessary competition in the workforce and has resulted in the wage suppression of the average working class canadian. There is a reason why the big corporations and government here have allowed a larger ratio of Filipinos to immigrate to canada than any other nationality. I don’t have stats to back up anything i said but stats mean little when you see it first hand and have experienced wage stagnation in the industries that Filipinos have taking over. It’s no wonder some provinces here had to finally increase minimum wage because wages haven’t gone up since we started to get a huge influx of Filipinos to Canada.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  29. @nort

    That doesn’t much describe the many Filipino-Americans of our acquaintance in CA, NJ, and NY. These people are medical / laboratory technicians, nurses of various levels (LPN up to RN), a human-resources coordinator, and in two cases entrepreneurs. None of them typically works two jobs, just 40-45 hours per week at their one fairly well-paid job (more, presumably, for the entrepreneurs).

    Many of them own their own homes, not too easy to do here in SoCal anymore, far from splitting a home with other households. None of them works for peanuts. They just keep working, and persevere, and save.

    The only Filipinas we know who shared an apartment with someone unrelated to them, were in their 20s when they did so, not yet married. Like millions of white Americans of the same age.

    One of my best friends from college is Filipino-American, and his father retired after a career as an MD in CA. In the (US Mountain West) city where I met my wife, two of the local MDs were Filipinos, while others were moderately paid hospital workers and lower-paid caregivers.

    The point about wage suppression and the undue increase of the labor pool through mass immigration is of course right. I wouldn’t let in anywhere near this many people from anywhere — including the nice upstanding people I’m taling about — for the sake of citizen workers who are already here, among other cultural and political reasons.

    But as the particular unpleasant fixation on Filipinos, I wonder whether you’re trolling. Or did some pretty Pinay refuse to give you the time of day? 😉

    • Replies: @nort
  30. nort says:

    I appreciate your perspective, and i can assure you that i am not trolling. As for the personal jab about some pretty Pinay refusing me, i will just say this, when someone is at the bottom of the barrel for love, rest assured there will always be a pretty Pinay available. I don’t mean any disrespect but the reality is there is no shortage of Pinay girls looking for ‘love’ in this world. I can tell you one thing that i would never trust a pinay for marriage and I feel bad for guys that take the bait. I am sure you are smart enough to know the Filipino culture without getting into details. If you don’t then i suggest doing some serious research. Now getting back to the subject of the labour force and the impact that Filipinos have had on the Canadian middle class, then all i can say is that perhaps the Filipinos that were targeted to come to Canada are different than the class you have in the US. The ones that have come to Canada in the last few decades have primarily come here on work visas, which primarily involved low end jobs and didn’t require much for education. These jobs are mainly fast food, retail, and care givers. The reality is most of them never left when visas were up and thats why the Filipino population has really boomed here. If you don’t believe me then i suggest you look up canadian stats regarding recent immigration. I still stick to what i see here and see first hand how Filipinos work and live. I work with many of them and I know first hand. Filipinos in Canada are equivalent to your southern immigrant and i am only referring in an economic perspective. I have great respect for your southern neighbours.

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