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Michael Hudson’s "Super Imperialism" Explains How Wall Street Plunders the World
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Michael Hudson’s Super Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire takes up where Economic Hit Man John Perkins leaves off. Hudson’s book offers a historical overview of how the US empire covertly exacts tribute from the world. But the era of Super Imperialism may be coming to an end, as the subjugated and exploited nations, led by China, band together to escape dollar hegemony. Will Main Street Americans, crushed beneath the collapsing dollar, turn against their bankster overlords? Will the Empire lash out in its death spasms, potentially inciting World War 3? We have certainly been cursed to live in interesting times; and Michael Hudson may be our best guide to understanding the economic dimension of the storm we are living through.

Michael Hudson Interviewed on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio, 11/15/21 (Transcript)

Kevin Barrett: Welcome to Truth Jihad Radio, the radio show that wages the all-out struggle for truth by covering all sorts of interesting facts and perspectives that are normally banned, covered up, obscured, spun or otherwise messed with in the corporate controlled mainstream. Today we’re going to the rather complex subject of international economics, but by way of an analysis of empire. John Perkins and Confessions of an Economic Hit Man showed us the debt dimension of empire. Our US empire is the first empire ever that runs on debt more than anything else. And if you want to learn how that works, the place to go is Super Imperialism by Michael Hudson. It’s been recently reissued with a new concluding chapter, and it pretty much breaks it down: It’s a fantastic book, and kind of disturbing, too, that makes you realize how shaky the foundations of our whole world right now are. So let’s talk about it. Hey, welcome Michael Hudson, how are you?

Michael Hudson: Well, I’m pretty good, and it’s good to be here.

Kevin Barrett: Good to finally have you. I’ve been reading your stuff for years, and I just read Super Imperialism actually for the first time, I hate to admit, and it’s quite a masterpiece. I would think anyone teaching a university course on these matters would have to assign it. But I’m not sure that it’s mainstream acceptable enough to get that assignment. What’s been the response?

Michael Hudson: To this book? The problem is not acceptability. The problem is getting it into the curriculum.

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(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Economics • Tags: Dollar, Imperialism 
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  1. Rahan says:

    Karl Kautsky hypothesized circa 1914 I think, that the final form of capitalism will be what he called “ultra-imperialism”.

    He was not wrong. Just very ahead of his time…

    • Thanks: Kevin Barrett
    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  2. @Rahan

    The basic idea is very simple: make everyone to work for you; kings tried that and failed, because the exploitation was pretty obvious. The best way is to let the population retain the illusions of freedom and liberty, while chained by debts that will simply suck the surplus out of their labour. And how is this surplus spent? As the bankers decide. Our currency is issued by the central banks, but it is issued only to two organizations: banks and government. And you and me have to work either for the government, or be under debt bondage to banks, to get hold of this currency. This is the basic model.

    The brazenly open secret of this palace of illusions is that banks create money when they lend. Whosoever gets this money fresh from the banks has the first call on the surplus produced by the real, working stiffs, blood-toil-and-sweat economy. If this new money is available only to the mega corporations and unicorns, then so be it; if they simply gift this money to a group of their shareholders through share buybacks, then so be it. Ultimately the surplus is wasted.

    Bank transactions are zero-sum games; if the banks have lost trillions in 2008, some people must have gained those trillions; those trillions were not taken away by aliens in UFOs. That money is still on earth, and those who hold that money are trillionaires. Meanwhile we are punching the holograms of Bill Gates and Bezos and Zuckerberg, and frittering away our anger and energy, and the Bilderbergs, WEFs, Trilateral Commissions and such other promontories of the elite iceberg are creating further holograms for us to punch…

    The best way out is to understand the basics of money creation. If a majority of us understand what is shackling us, then someone somewhere will break it. After all, money is what people accept, not what the elites say it is.

    • Replies: @Athena
    , @Bro43rd
  3. Athena says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    – US is the GLOBAL DEBTOR

    – The money YOUR country lends is placed in US TREASURY BONDS

    – US treasury bonds are ”converted” into US MILITARY SPENDING (NATO)

    – US military spending is for the 800 US MILITARY BASES around the world

    – The 800 military bases are used by the US-NATO to plunder your country’s resources, via the IMF and World Bank introduced in your country by bribing your politicians.

    Reference: Michael Hudson interview with Max Blumenthal
    ”Grayzone Interview with Michael Hudson”

  4. JWalters says:

    Thanks for this excellent interview with Michael Hudson, which goes to the key issues very effectively. The Western democracies have been conquered by a stealth empire. Unlike the empires of old, which ruled by direct physical power, this empire rules surreptitiously by financial power. But the results are the same – a diminishing quality of life for its subjects and increasing opulence for its oligarchy. Getting most people to see this dynamic is the key to a unified resistance. As Hudson points out in this interview, divide and conquer is one of their key tactics. I greatly appreciate Mr. Hudson’s deep knowledge and understanding, and his continuing efforts to inform the public on this topic, so crucial to our civilization.

  5. Sean says:

    To be honest, I was more than a little surprised Kevin Barret did such an excellent interview with Michael Hudson.

  6. Very good discussion.

    Thank you.

  7. BorisMay says:

    International share trading, along with currency speculation and usury were the ultimate sins recognised by the National Socialists in Germany.

    It is the share trading and all the other ‘bets’ of modern day economic slavery as practiced by everyone fascinated with money and profit without doing a proper day’s work, that is the ultimate evil.

    The entire modus operandi for the entire world’s greed and avarice is the problem. An affliction that is promoted by Satan. Everyone concerned with money, finance and personal aggrandisement through wealth has a close relationship with not only evil, but also the Devil.

    This is your choice: evil (wealth) or good (caring for those around you without conditions).

    Evil is the preference favoured by those fascinated by money.

  8. RobinG says:

    Wall Street… AND London.

    Priti Patel to declare Hamas a terrorist organisation in crackdown on anti-Semitism

  9. Bro43rd says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    Obi & Hudson, real monetary reform gives the people control. No government control is the answer not more government control.

  10. Hans says:

    Good old (((Super Imperialism))) continues to plunder the world as it has for centuries under various labels.

    • Agree: Bert
  11. Itaque says:

    The French are back in Québec to help Wall Street and London electrify Europe in the dark and implement the FTAs signed between the EU and Latin America. (i.e. help the Rothschild and European Monarchy bankers fill their pockets while refusing to reimburse the \$150 BILIONS stolen from Libya, which the bastards bombed and destroyed).

    And while Powercorporation vaccinates gentile obedient Quebecers (90% 2-vaxxed is not enough, now he wants the kids), sells Hydro-Quebec to New York, and goes to Scotland to continue exploiting the Paris Climate fraud under the guise of protecting the Earth, while Canada continues to sell uranium to Fill-in-the-bank, euh Blank).

    Quebecor: (formerly owned by the Dog of war, ex Lehman Bros, and special US envoy in Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke):

    Temps des Fêtes: les Européens nombreux à avoir réservé dans nos hôtel

    (Is Ghislaine still in prison? Could the poor old girl be transferred in a Chalet de Prestige in the Eastern Townships or in Mont-Tremblant with the friends of the CBC for the temps des Fêtes?)

    (Will Soros make a new Kosovo with Québec to have the electricity, cheap labor, minerals, WATER, and ports on St-Lawrence River, and military bases for the CF-18 from North Carolina en route to Shannon Ireland)?

    (Will Rockefeller, Rothschild, and European friends use the french connection (the French ”artists”) and the MEK friends to fuel Quebec protests against diktators like Légoiste or Trudeau in order to INDUCE a pseudo-revolution in Iran in 2022?)

    Aux Barricades Mes Enfants!
    Time for the sans-culottes to rise up against Washington’s insanity
    • OCTOBER 9, 2018

  12. It’s always good when you come across discussions on the internet which rise to the category of “time capsule quality”, meaning those rare (unfortunately, too rare), maximally intellectually stimulating examinations which get directly to the reality-on-Earth humanity shares by living in the skin…

    This exploration between Michael Hudson and Kevin Barrett meets the requirements for categorization as time capsule quality.. Outstanding.

    Good as this discussion is, a debate between Anthony Fauci and author of the new #1 bestseller BOMBSHELL book, “The Real Anthony Fauci”, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., – the debate topic being: Who is the REAL Anthony Fauci? – would bring some attention worldwide, and could be very, VERY important.



    • Replies: @RL
  13. saggy says: • Website

    Excellent interview. I’m a PhD engineer with a resume as long as your arm, and I’ve never been able, despite some effort, to understand econ. And I’ve been for the last few weeks trying to read ‘Super Imperialism’ and realizing that Hudson writes using a jargon that only academic economists can understand, so ….. I expected the same in this interview … but no … he spoke playing English … there is hope !

    • Replies: @Rubicon
  14. saggy says: • Website

    Wow – another great interview …. totally different than Barrett’s …
    I followed one of your links and got here … I’m not sure how …

    • Replies: @RL
  15. RL says:

    Thanks Saggy.
    I would’ve added that grayzone interview — and this K. Barrett one — but those (free) pages I composed can’t be updated.


    You might also find value in some of this (e.g. “The Ultimate History Lesson” & “The Spider’s Web”):

  16. RL says:
    @Jerry Alatalo

    You might appreciate this RFK Jr. interview about the book:

  17. Rubicon says:

    “Saggy: don’t give up in understanding Dr. Hudson. His interviews are the best method to start understanding his concepts.

    For instance, listen only to the first 20 minutes of the interview that reveals HOW and WHY non-Western Nations are moving away, as fast as possible, from the US’s financial world that literally “imprisons” other nations.
    They’ve had enough of receiving US Loans only to learn that in many countries, to pay off those loans, they’ve had to sell much of their industry.

    It would be like some financial monolith was to tell little America: “SORRY, you’re not meeting your loan debts, so you’re going to have to sell Amazon, or Facebook, or Google to pay your loans and demand your labor earn even less money.

    But in China, it is NOT propping up Evergrande. That government says, “Ok, so you got too big for your britches, but we are NOT going to prop you up anymore. You’ll have to sell off your assets, your salaries. We’re going to whittle you down so you NEVER game the system. After your through, we will take what’s left of your company and pour those riches into the government to build more homes, roads, and technology that WILL allow our citizens to better prosper.

    Just take small junks of information from Dr. Hudson, and let that info sink into your mind. Don’t try to understand everything he says, otherwise, you end up confused. Small junks at a time.

  18. Rubicon says:

    After listening to this a 2nd time, with the Banks, Wall Street/Very Wealthy folks can only kick out so many millions from their rentals/homes before the Elites will someday not be able to perpetrate their predatory motives on American citizens.

    As poverty increases clear through to the “middle class” the Elite will stop earning the Big Bucks from the MOST Americans.

    But at the same time, we know corporate debt is a growing problem for the wealthy. How are they going to pay off that debt as we see more and more nations detaching themselves from the US Dollar.?

    Much of Eurasia, China, Russia, some Middle Eastern nations are decoupling themselves for the \$\$ and are now using their own currencies to be traded with Non-Western Nations.

    We can foresee an immense tragedy facing many millions of Americans in the near future. And some of that will be caused by their own undoing in NOT educating themselves about the immensity of this huge problem coming their way.

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