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Meryl Nass on Fake Science vs. Vax Death Count
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Medical doctor and biowar expert Meryl Nass sorts through the inadequate data on adverse events following COVID vaccinations, and contradictory reports on whether the vaccines raise or lower life expectancy, and uncovers disturbing facts that appear to have been deliberately concealed. Is the big pharma funded pro-vax lobby placing lies and deceptions in major scientific journals? Dr. Nass writes: “This is some of the fake science that needs to be called out. (Super Cheat Klein is one of the authors.) And this.”

We’ll also discuss this new study suggesting that the incidence of myopericarditis post-vaccination is “markedly higher” than the CDC claims. And we’ll examine some of this week’s headlines including “Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64” and “How to verify for yourself that over 150,000 Americans have been killed by the COVID vaccines.”

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Renoman says:

    55 minutes! Are you nuts? Give us the 1 page facts sheet and move on. This film crap is just for “too lazy to write” or maybe can’t write. Either way it just wastes people’s time.

    • Agree: Fart Blossom
    • Disagree: Walker
    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  2. @Renoman

    Actually it’s a complicated subject, and Nass is concise and convincing. If you want even a basic understanding of the issue it’s worth spending 55 minutes with her.

  3. Walker says:

    Not sure what causes all academics to believe that covid is new when it is obviously and literally the reclassification of flu, cold, etc. They clearly made the whole thing up as a justification to impose further tyranny and poisoning on the population.

    Even the academics who have some propensity to question the scientism dogma are still too egg headed to see through the bullshit. Stay away from universities like you should stay away from hospitals. One kills the mind and the other kills the body.

    Top 5 groups responsible for perpetuating this hoax:


  4. Despite this article, I notice overall Unz is dailing back on Covid coverage–oddly, just like the MSM.


    • Replies: @Jack Sparrow
  5. Getaclue says:

    Generally agree but with the HIV engraft on it etc.– have to go with Fauci having used out tax $$$ to weaponize thru Gain of Function research–not the Bubonic Plague but a bit worse than yearly flu

  6. Wokechoke says:

    The general implementation of CrisPr Cas9 methods needed this rupture. Welcome to gene editing.

    • Agree: Rabbitnexus
  7. The Covid bug was very possibly developed and planned for decades, as many have penned, and if true, the use of the mRNA spike proteins as a means of population decimation was actually quite brilliant in that it provided perfect cover for the vaccine injuries, both short and long term, as they will be basically indistinguishable from that of a terribly nasty Covid infection, which likewise damages via its spike protein corona. The key is to remove the controls, that is the unvaccinated, as over time they will show that the jabbed were far more likely to sustain severe complications than the unjabbed, assuming that manifests itself as predicted by many in the anti-jab side of medicine. (

    As I stated previously here on TUR, while we must hope and pray not, I must conclude that only if the jabbed kids start having CVD manifest, complete with heart attacks at recess and on the soccer/football/baseball playing fields, will we most likely see the sheeples actually motivated to do what is necessary to rectify matters. Maybe. Regardless, some school districts in New York are already preparing for the worst:

    However, this all may be moot (and small potatoes), as Bill Gates recently made abundantly clear that he, the supreme seer and predictor of pandemics, has concluded that the world’s governments must prepare NOW for weaponized smallpox, which he views as a very possible source of another world-wide pandemic:

    (Well, as Ron U posited some time ago, arsonists are usually the best predictors of when and where fires will occur….. ) 😉

    • Agree: Rabbitnexus
  8. @Walker

    There is only one group responsible for the covid scam.

  9. If the quaccines are a depopulation agenda, it’s a blessing and a curse.

    It will cull the prog population that is far more likely to get ‘jabbed’. Good riddance.
    But Negroes will be least affected because they see the ‘jab’ as nasty.

    So, a depopulated world will mean less progs(good) and more negroes(bad).

    It’s like we can never win.

    If you live in a blue city, you could find yourself the only whitey alive… surrounded by negroes.

  10. @Kevin Barrett

    Still, who has the time to waste. Where’s the bleepin transcript???

  11. @obwandiyag

    living with covid, otherwise known as living.

  12. @Fart Blossom

    The most important part of this discussion is the details on exactly how the CDC operates.

    They are a propaganda agency–the discussion shows the details of how the CDC has chosen a policy of secrecy, misdirection, confusion, and just plain old fashioned country lying about the efficacy and safety of the vaccines.

    This book appears to be their Bible:

  13. @Getaclue

    The news that the Septic ghouls have been investigating murine (ie rats and mice)coronaviruses for usable bio-weapons is even more interesting that, just days before, it was revealed that omnicon is suspected of having spent time infecting mice, before jumping back into humans. There’s a lot more coming, yet, in this fiasco, and the psychic epidemic of fear-crazed imbeciles is only growing. Here, Djokovic is certain, I would say, to be kicked out. The regime’s stooges in the ABC, mostly hideous little apprentice feminazis, don’t bother hiding their hatred of Djokovic, with sordid tactics like vox populi with three, only, voices, all spewing hatred at the tennis player.

    • Agree: picture111
  14. Renoman says:

    A real hot topic and almost no comments. I rest my case. Boil it down and spit it out, don’t be lazy.

  15. @Fart Blossom

    Truth Jihad RADIO (about 1500 episodes have been broadcast since 2006) is not 1500 8000-word transcripts. It is 1500 55 minute PODCASTS. Surely you have heard of the term “podcast”? Podcast are generally much more popular than transcripts, because interviews are more informative and enjoyable to listen to than to read. But if the small minority of folks who prefer transcripts want to pay me to produce them, go ahead, make an offer.

    • Replies: @Insouciant
  16. @Kevin Barrett

    Not sure I agree, especially with the “more informative and enjoyable to listen to” part.

    Too often interviews are unfocused, technically poor; guests tend to ramble, hosts tend to think listeners give a fart about the host’s opinions, location, having been censored, etc. We don’t. You
    are especially prone to conveying the impression that “Damn it this is my podcast so I am going to filibuster.” The occasions when that happens outnumber the occasions when you ask astute questions — those latter truly ARE “informative” interviews, but scarce.
    Joel Hirschorn called you out on monopolizing talk-time, which was funny, but then the interview devolved into whether somebody said 400,000 or 150,000, and that was the end of the “informative” value of the podcast.

    The discussion with Meryl was impossible. Too frequently female voices are very hard to hear and listen to. As well, when the topic is numbers, it’s more useful to see them on a page, in comparison, than to try to overcome the poor voicing and interview technique AND frame the numbers in a coherent way.

  17. Looks like Meryl is getting the full Stalinist treatment – license suspension, dissident psychiatric exam – less than a week after appearing on my show:

    Are they trying to scare away my guests?

    • Replies: @picture111
  18. one cannot make this up, Richard A. Rothschild applied for a Patent on a Test for COVID-19 on 10-13-2015 when COVID-19 didn’t officially exist yet. Click here to see the patent.

    Yes, he literally used the Name of Covid-19!!

  19. @Kevin Barrett

    wow, this is really shocking! the establishment tries really hard to crack down different opinions

  20. Meryl Nass has zero credibility. In 1992, she wrote a fraudulent article based on statements by anti-White terrorist Jeremy Brickhill, who asserted that the Rhodesian government had spread anthrax among black sheep farmers, killing them.

    In 2002, Nass’ Marxist comrade, Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, embellished on Nass’ embellishments, as part of a campaign to railroad bioweapons expert, Dr. Steven J. Hatfill, for the fall 2001 weaponized anthrax letter murders.

    Rosenberg sought to frame Hatfill simply out of political hatred. He’s a patriot, and she’s a traitor.

    Nass’ “thing” was full of lies. The shepherds developed cutaneous (skin) anthrax from handling sheep’s wool, something that frequently happens (or used to happen) to workers handling wool at the beginning of the process. This has nothing to do with chemical warfare attacks, in which anthrax is extremely finely milled and thereby weaponized into deadly spores that one breathes into one’s sinuses.

    Nass is a political hack who perverts science into racial socialist talking points.

    “Scientist with Rhodesian Past Still Center of Media Crosshairs”

  21. @Getaclue

    The gain of function research was on the Spike Protein, not the virus. It is a perfectly normal, lab made virus. A bit of tweaking from SARS which was itself lab made. It was a bit nastier due to the AE2 receptor trick it got from HIV and some Tuberculosis sourced bits to make it really dig into lung tissue. The spike protein was always the baddy. We know this. What media is not allowing to be put into context is the fact the jabs are all about the spike protein. Everything bad about COVID, will be a 1000 times worse with the jabs. That’s roughly how many more spike proteins will be delivered by the vector of a syringe. The virus was an amateur for this, the syringe will deliver trillions to the virus billions. That little baby, itself tens of thousands of gene pairs long, is a masterpiece of bioweaponry. So advanced talk of alien tech has arisen. I reckon it is produced by AI. we have the CRISPR technology but not the knowledge to use it for this. AI could have done this. That in itself scares me more than even this unfolding nightmare. If this is what baby AI can do. Woah!!

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