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Meryl Nass on Anti-Vaccine Petition to FDA
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Meryl Nass, MD discusses her and RFK Jr.’s new Children’s Health Defense petition to the FDA to withdraw COVID vaccines from the market. CHD reports:

“On May 16, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Meryl Nass, MD, on behalf of Children’s Health Defense (CHD), took a landmark step in the COVID crisis that has irrevocably changed billions of lives around the globe by filing a Citizen Petition with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to withdraw COVID-19 vaccines from the market…

“Specifically, the petition calls upon the FDA to:

  • Revoke the Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) for COVID vaccines
  • Refrain from licensing COVID vaccines
  • Disallow the participation of minors in COVID vaccine trials
  • Immediately revoke all EUAs permitting vaccination of minors
  • Revoke its tacit approval of pregnant women receiving COVID vaccines
  • Immediately amend its existing guidance for the use of chloroquine drugs, ivermectin, and any other safe and effective drugs against COVID.”

Evidence for the effectiveness of COVID-19 treatments can be found at .

At the end of the show, Meryl Nass expresses her concern that the suppression of COVID treatments, in conjunction with the mass vaccination program and draconian censorship, raises a disturbing question: Is there some ulterior and perhaps sinister motive driving this seemingly irrational policy?

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Science • Tags: Anti-Vaxx, Conspiracy Theories, Coronavirus, Vaccines 
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  1. Petermx says:

    Covid 19 treatments have definitely been suppressed. Many doctors, including doctors from the USA’s best universities, have spoken out saying Hydroxychloroquine works. Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale has been in many interviews saying it is very effective. When pressed, he agreed saying it’s a “miracle drug” and it has been used for many illnesses for many years already, as Dr. Nass said for off label uses too. I get the impression every doctor knows about it and that it would be one of the first things you would look at as a remedy when something like Covid 19 appeared so it is no surprise China used it right away after the virus appeared. The EU countries (27 European countries) all try to follow EU guidelines so if they were pressured not to use HCQ (for whatever reason) that might explain why it was not used there much. HCQ was invented in Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s so Europe is certainly aware of HCQ. It appears the poorer or rising nations used it more than anyone else. Considering all this, it would be very interesting how the World Health Organization’s doctors killed their patients by overdosing their patients. Shouldn’t this be a disaster reported around the world? My understanding is that all doctors know what a safe dosage is.

    HCQ is almost impossible to get. Most doctors appear to be afraid to prescribe it or talk about it. My doctor of many years would not prescribe it, my specialist would not discuss it and my friend’s brother, who is a doctor said he is “staying out of the discussion” surrounding Covid 19. I have asked several pharmacies if they could advise me of a doctor that prescribes HCQ and none would give me an answer. There is a website where you can pay for an online consultation with a doctor who prescribes HCQ but I don’t want to do this over the phone. If Dr. Nass knows of any way for people to find a doctor that prescribes HCQ that would be great information. Good interview.

  2. For information about treatments and how to get them, check out , , and .

    • Thanks: Petermx
  3. dimples says:

    It’s always great to hear from Ms Nash, as usual a shining beacon of sanity amongst the dribbling loons usually heard tub-thumping their stuff on Mr Barrett’s podcasts.

    I’m not convinced of her reasons as given why the cheap and apparently efficacious drug treatments for Covid are given short shrift in the Anglo-Western nations in particular. She bemoans the loss of sanity amongst medical professionals, but it’s clear that the medical professionals are the issue. Politicians worldwide are of course taking advantage of the crisis to create more control and surveillance of their populations, but politicians are at best only doing what the medical profession is telling them.

    It’s obvious that elements of the medical profession are deeply corrupt, you only needed to watch the absurd initial trials of HCQ which overdosed the patients to death. Why are they doing this? Because the medical professionals all accept the vaccine narrative as the way forward. They are in thrall to Big Pharma. It’s the high-tech, glamorous solution and all the medical professionals want to be glamorous, high-tech, and rich. Conveniently, the vaccine requires an endless series of booster shots to keep variants at bay, so it’s an endless money maker. It’s a bit like endlessly having to go to the doctor to get the same prescriptions every other month, a guaranteed revenue producer for life (for the doctor).

    But apart from the above psychological motivations, it’s obviously the fact that with treatments for Covid available, the vaccines could not have gotten their emergency authorization. Put simply, the medical industrial complex wants the vaccines to make them lots of money, so vaccines are what you are going to get, like it or not, and fuck you if there are actually other treatments available. They have the power and the organisation to do this. Just like the real MIC!

  4. dimples says:

    I apologize to Ms Nash for my rambling comment as above. Her informative website contains all the answers:

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