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Meryl Nass and Ron Unz on “Lancet Blames US for COVID"
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On Thursday the Anglo-Zionist Empire’s Mockingbird media assets suddenly started chanting choreographed slurs against Jeffrey Sachs—who suspects COVID originated in a US biowar lab—and The Lancet, the world’s leading medical journal, which just issued a report on COVID origins. (Sachs chaired The Lancet‘s COVID Commission.) Tonight’s first hour guests, bioweapons expert Meryl Nass and COVID origins expert Ron Unz, peel back the layers of media obfuscation to expose the biggest COVID scandal of all.

First half-hour: Meryl Nass was one of the first to ask: “Why are some of the US’ top scientists making a specious argument about the natural origin of SARS-CoV-2?

Meryl Nass on my May 2020 radio show:

“Sometime in late February, a group of scientists, which included the former head of the National Science Foundation and a former top person at CDC, as well as a bunch of other people, many of whom had worked in the biological defense / biological warfare area— possibly all of them had—published a very short statement in The Lancet saying they wanted to stand with the Chinese public health officials and scientists and point out that rumors about the unnatural origin of coronavirus were a conspiracy theory and should be dismissed. They didn’t provide evidence, but they made this very strong statement in the top medical journal in the world, The Lancet. I have to say that the first author—and it was alphabetical, so this is the first author alphabetically who signed—is someone I was told about 27 years ago when I consulted in Cuba… they named this particular person, this researcher, as having come to Cuba and identified the fact that there were Aedes mosquitoes in Cuba. Which the person had not been aware of. And shortly thereafter, the Cubans were attacked with the illness Dengue, which is a viral disease transmitted by a Aedes mosquitoes. So the Cubans blame this person who worked for a federal agency for their Dengue outbreak.”

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Why is Dr Andrew Huff never mentioned at all in these articles on here.
    Or Tom Renz?
    Or The Fifth Column website from Spain?
    World Military games was the release of this modified flu cold combo, that allowed the pcr test to fool people into accepting the lies.
    Flu does not disappear for two years.
    Time to focus completely on the end game, we are falling into the conspiracy hole again , and are being driven in that direction by cut outs on this site, including the owner.
    Did someone just call himself a covid origins expert???
    Did those who make war through deception do Sebt Elevan , but are not involved in fauci flu??
    Come on man!!!

  2. This interview was broadcast on my live radio show last Friday, before Ron published his new article:

  3. We should believe Jeffrey Sachs that the Pentagon made it happen on purpose (MIHOP), the CDC is an agent of the evil ‘yellow peril’ and they worked with Fauci to overturn the Trump election and attack Iran, their major energy supplier ?

    It has nothing to do with the Covid forewarned Zelensky Ukraine “German” neocons engaged in a massive global grift for trillions in new drug and weapons churn. Don’t follow the bioweapons science citations or the Hunter laptop money trail.


  4. The Guilty Flee when no man pursueth


    Hey yes China didn’t attack Iran and itself with a Ukrainian or some other neocon ~DOD (plausible deniability) bioweapon. it was actually Trump’s Pentagon. Look at them. Look at them.

    It certainly was not the forewarned Israelis and their Israeli Pfizer big pharma- bioweapons security complex who could then install their puppet Biden and start another world war for trillions in death profits.

    It’s called a fallback cover story when the 1st one unravels.

    Pfizer boss Bourla receives \$1M. Genesis Prize, pledges funds for Holocaust museum | Times of Israel

  5. Anonimous says:

    I’m afraid WEF’s/Hebrew Univ’s Yuval Noah Harari has let the cat out of the bag, spilled the beans, etc. It was Israel. In a too early victory lap he clearly implied that his supremacist cult has been waiting for years for the biological and medical knowledge to hack humanity. Sounds like covid19 and the vaxxine to me.

  6. DogZ says:

    ❤️ Dr. Meryl Nass and her anthrax vaccine blogspot 🇺🇸

    • Agree: dimples
  7. dimples says:

    I didn’t read most of Mr Unz’s article since I assumed it was yet another cut-and-paste edition of his covid biowarfare hypothesis. Therefore I was completely surprised by this interview, surely the most perspicacious of Mr Unz’s interviews I have yet heard.

    The affair is a really good laboratory sample of covert press orchestration, if you were not sure beforehand.

  8. YoungDude says:

    Dr. Nass schools Kevin on his inability to comprehend that what he thinks are vaccines are no such thing. He continues to repeat his nonsense that the bioweapon shots are an answer to bioweapon releases when the injections are maiming and killing all those who partake. What part of genocide don’t you understand? Get your head out of the sand Kevin.

    • Agree: camus10
  9. ITEM

    …people who are currently unvaccinated (ie, have not received any doses of a COVID 19 vaccine) — roughly 2.5 million people or 33 % of the global population as of August 19, 2022 — remain vulnerable to morbidity and mortality and provide opportunities for the virus to circulate freely, increasing the risk of dangerous mutations to occur.

    Long sentence, sorry. I did not write it. Jeffrey Sachs et al. did, on the third paragraph on page 24 in the Lancet Covid 19 Commission Report. And they clearly imply the vaccinated two thirds of the human population are a) fully protected from covid 19 infection and harm, b) have no ability to transmit covid and c) cannot be a source of variant mutation. These are all demonstrably false. Indeed, these blokes contradict themselves in the very next sentence:

    …the omicron wave has shown that serious economic [??] disruptions can occur even in highly vaccinated populations.


    In contrast with its neighbor, Norway, Sweden’s response was lax, resulting in a much higher death rate…National policy choices made a vast difference in health outcomes.

    This is an egregious distortion of reality. Many countries and American states had far more strict policies than Sweden and yet still had higher reported mortality rates. Like the state of New York. This commission knows this, yet they do not admit it. And this is one of scores of distortions, omissions and lies in this report. Of course most people naturally want to know who the criminals are who may have leaked or released covid 19. But the origins “controversy” as it is being portrayed is really about the smallest snake in the house. The paramount issue is the global coup d’etat that put the planet on house arrest and worse.

    This report, “whose aim is to propose guideposts for strengthening the multilateral system” is all about New World Order, Agenda 2030 stuff. It has little if anything to do with improving public health, functioning democracies, or what normal people might consider laudable. Doubt me?

    WHY does this report not discuss:

    1. How Sweden proved the schools did not need to be closed? They admit “School closures have had a devastating effects on student learning, mental health, socioemotional outcomes, and lifetime earning potential…” Instead they obscenely mischaracterize Sweden’s more conservative, and demonstrably superior response to the pandemic when they had a sterling example to share with the world.

    2. The scandal of Lancetgate in their section on “Disinformation in the media”? This was an enormous case of fraud. Few people even know about this let alone understand it was driven by Big Dope to suppress recognition of a superior — though less lucrative — medicine. Thanks to the same Big Dope that discontinued the drug trials, wrecked the control group, and cajoled USA to grant EMA for their experimental products, we now have a Guinea Pig Planet.

    3. The harmful effects of the vaccines and VAERS and instead concentrate on “the travails of COVAX”? Boo hoo. An inferior product (their stinking “vaccine”) that does not perform as advertised, and actually is harming a lot of people, gets all the sympathy, while the right to informed consent gets tossed into the Memory Hole. Get thanks, Jeff…

    They have to know better. Hard to say why Barrett cheerleads for Unz. But it does not augur well.

  10. camus10 says:

    Barrett was able to get Dr Nass+Unz to uncover the Jeffrey Sachs NWO shill. so an essential revelation

    however Nass story is far more complex. the professional assault against her and RFKjr needs significant attention, other in the sci-medical dissent must be hi-lited

    I can’t wait for the next day Barrett interview w/James Fetzer and hit back with huge cannonball

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