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Matt Ehret & Jeff Brown on "New Chinese Boogey Man"
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In his new article “Who Is Creating a New Chinese Boogey Man?Matt Ehret notes: “Many good people have found themselves susceptible to the narrative that China is the global supervillain conspiring to overthrow western Christian values by any means necessary.” Pro-Trump populists in particular have been targeted by anti-China propaganda. The #1 talking point: “COVID is a Chinese attack on the USA!”

As China expert Jeff Brown among others has explained, these folks have been duped: COVID was almost certainly a US biowar attack on China, Iran, and the whole world, designed to be falsely blamed on China. For evidence supporting that interpretation, read Ron Unz’s article “Our Coronavirus Catastrophe as Biowar Blowback” alongside the transcript of my interview with Meryl Nass; then watch the first and second No Lies Radio webinars on the subject.

Matt Ehret thinks the deep state behind COVID biowar isn’t really American, but British. Is he right? Can he convince Jeff and me? And how about you?

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. It is Neo colonialism.

    But I had no idea the British was behind it all. Which I also don’t believe.

    Bretton Woods demise was the start of the shit show, I fully agree.

  2. A popular ADL conspiracy theory about LaRouche’s school is that they are anti-Semites in disguise, and that when they say “British” they mean “Jew”—just like when David Icke says “human-blood-drinking lizards from outer space” he really means “Jew.”

    The history of British upper-class intermarriage with Jews, and the Rothschild takeover of the City of London two centuries ago, makes the LaRouche theory more plausible than the Icke one.

  3. If , according to the Larouche people, as far as I understand them, the British are still those in charge and manipulating America then how can you explain the membership list of groups like Bilderberg, Trilateral, CFR where you see American elites outnumbering any other country ? The tensions we saw among the Anglos during the early days of British North America was that all faked?? The war of 1812 between American vs. British Loyalists, French Canada and First Nations under Tecumseh’s leadership was it ‘fake’?? My reading of Prof. Anthony Hall’s two volume work entitled BOWL WITH ONE SPOON appears otherwise. Sure ,there must be some natural affinity between Anglo Britain and Anglo America, but there must be conflicts, jealousy, etc.. between them?? Once the offspring -America-out muscled the mother country-Britain-wouldn’t the offspring want to retain their new dominance?? Why would they let their Pentagon, massive military machine be taken over by the mother country ?? If the offspring has a bigger and more powerful killing machine would they let themselves be taken over by foreign bankers?? Can big money with with no big guns to back you make you all that powerful?? Who has the upper hand with extradition between USA and UK ? Who has extradited more of their nationals? “From 2010 suggests that a much higher proportion of UK residents deported to America are British citizens than the other way round.

    Of the 62 people sent from Britain to America for trial between 2004 and 2010, 28 were British nationals or had dual citizenship.

    America extradited 33 people to Britain over the same period but only three were US citizens. We don’t how many were Britons who had left this country for the US and were being sent back here for trial, but in many cases that will be a likely scenario. ——-In any case in both countries, it appears that Jewish power has the upper hand. Both countries have leaders who can’t mention their name in a negative light if they want to be elected.

  4. World Economic Forum 2020 participants. Countries with the most attendees include the United States (674 participants or maybe mostly British agents according to Larouche folks), the United Kingdom (270), Switzerland (159), Germany (137) and India (133).

  5. IMF/World Bank in majority hands of the British or USA elite ?. According to Peter Koening, in actual fact, the IMF has, from the very beginning, been an institution launched by, controlled by, and tailored to the interests of the United States , designed to secure the new military superpower economic world domination. To conceal these intentions even more effectively, the founding fathers of the IMF in 1947 started a tradition which the organization has held to this day – appointing a non-American to the post of managing director.

    the two International Financial Institutions, created under the Charter of the United Nations, but instigated by the United States.

    And every attempt to create a United Europe, a European Federation, with a European Constitution, similar to the United States, was bitterly sabotaged by the US, mostly through the US mole in the EU, namely the UK.

    • Replies: @Paul.Martin
  6. @Michael Peng

    Still too many who even today are only too willing to continue leveling blame at the “American Empire,” need to be reminded again and again that America was taken and used by the elites for their own purposes (the military power and the Fed as control mechanisms), while they remained “hidden” (only to the stupid) and who would be able to allow the US to fully take the blame for whatever the “American Empire” perpetrated. But when the car crashes, do you blame the car — or the driver? In this case, someone was sitting next to the driver, with his own road map, giving directions.

    • Disagree: Supply and Demand
  7. @Paul.Martin

    Why should America be looked upon as different from those before it like the British, Russian, Ottoman, Roman, etc.. empires? Am I to accept that out of past empires America was the exception ? So America can’t be at fault entirely cause outsiders were controlling them. Okay, If so, by how much then? 10%, 20 %, 50%, 70%, 90%. Who were to blame for the atrocities in North America as the natives were mostly wiped-out ? All had done their part from the French, Dutch, Brits, ..? But in the case of Anglo-America they were different too caused they were manipulated by foreigners ? After reading the voluminous work of William Blum’s KILLING HOPE, US MILITARY AND CIA INTERVENTIONS SINCE WWII and CIA whistleblower Philip Agee’s book INSIDE THE COMPANY: CIA DIARY and his publication CovertAction Magazine there’s too much for me to just easily excuse the USA. Am I also to pin the blame for the assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK, the Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City, and 9/11 massacres to mostly foreign machinations ?? I’m not ready to absolve America that easy. American Exceptionalism needs to look in the mirror just like other powers in the past.

  8. d dan says:

    “But when the car crashes, do you blame the car — or the driver?”

    I don’t agree that ordinary Americans are totally blameless for the current mess. For examples, they keep electing the same Congress years after years (over 90% of incumbent Congress persons are re-elected in every election). They keep electing the same 2 Parties 100% of the time. They easily believe all those Russian’s faults, China’s faults lies again and again. They support or are indifferent to military adventures and interferences aiming at destabilizing foreign governments (e.g. 70% supported invasion to Iraq, and what about bombing in Yemen – “oh, where is Yemen?”), etc…

    In that sense, the ordinary Americans are also the co-drivers – the elites/politicians/deep states are just doing/exploiting what they think the people want/willing to accept.

  9. The plan by US leadership to turn on the USSR was in place early on. Evidence of this begins with the 1918 US inclusion in the imperialists’ invasion of the USSR shortly after their revolution. In the lead up to the US entry into WW II, US industrialists were arming the Third Reich, not strictly for profit, but also to serve as a spear against the USSR. It was Germany that declared war on the US subsequent to Pearl Harbor, which was no “surprise attack,” but one that FDR planned for by having the newer ships out of harms way while leaving the ships scheduled for replacement like sitting ducks with the sacrifice of about 3,000 men to get war fever going, though the Japanese code Purple was already cracked, so FDR had ample warning to protect them if he’d been inclined. Then the US headed for a battle in North Africa over oil, and stalled over aiding the Soviet cities under seige. That stalling isn’t what you’d expect from a genuine ally. It contributed to the WW II 26 million toll of war dead in the Soviet Union. With “allies” like that, who needs enemies? The Cold War was already launched before the Japanese surrendered.

  10. Thanks for hosting these guests, Kevin Barrett – that was a terrific and persuasive analysis. The part I missed in my earlier comment was the need of the oligarchy to propagandize the US public to get them on board for an about face to turn on the ally USSR. That had to be orchestrated with fakery. The oligarchy was always out to flatten the USSR.

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