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Matt Ehret Exposes Transhumanism and the Great Reset
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  1. A lot of what we call “transhumanism” now, in 2021, tries to envision what people in a more technologically competent society in the 22nd Century and beyond would probably still call “health care.”

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  2. @advancedatheist

    What aspects of transhumanism qualify as competent 22nd century health care?

    • Replies: @advancedatheist
  3. @Kevin Barrett

    Reserving the aging process, increasing human intelligence, reviving people from cryopreservation, etc.

    Cryonicists have been talking about these kinds of ideas for over 50 years now:

    • Replies: @hillaire
  4. Speaker Jamie Metzl at Schechter explores implications of ‘terrifying and exciting’ biotechnical revolution

    “His subject was his two not-necessarily-obviously-connected intellectual passions — human genetic engineering and the rise of China and Asia. . . .

    “I think [biotech and genetics] are going to change aspects of who we are as human beings on a fundamental level,” he said. . . .

    ““In the near term, the genetic revolution will be in embryo selection,” Dr. Metzl said. In fact, there already have been advances in fertility treatments, and “we have the technology to screen out single-gene mutations . . . . Soon we will have enough knowledge of the human genome to be able to screen for so-called positive attributes, like intelligence, or height, or anything with a genetic foundation.” . . .

    “Over time, the idea of conceiving children through sex will be seen as an ideological choice equivalent to not immunizing your children, or being a Christian Scientist.”

    “It is exciting and it is terrifying, and the exciting and terrifying pieces are interwoven. That is the challenge.”
    Children educated in a day school are well up to meeting that challenge, he added. “These sixth- and seventh-graders were as sophisticated as any group I talk to. Their Talmud training has taught them to grapple with complicated issues, when there is no right or wrong, but a process of exploration.”

    • Replies: @hillaire
  5. JasonT says:

    “Transhumanism” is simply a rebranding of dehumanization. There is nothing in the least desirable about the goals of Schwab and his WEF crowd have in store for humanity.

  6. hillaire says:

    You fail to appreciate that imbeciles like yourself wont ‘qualify’ for such ‘treatments’ in the future…
    Do you really think ‘they’ will be reanimating your frozen corpse or augmenting your life-span..

    Your position in society will be….. well, how should I put it, it’s ahem, ‘unlikely’ the drone class will exist ..

  7. hillaire says:

    So many ‘jews’…

    and over in whitney webbs article….

    So many ‘jews’…….

    but that’s OK because the talmud has prepared ‘them’….

  8. I would have stayed in the classroom to find out what these people think.

  9. Tavistock clinic is where they are doing all those sex changes on kids in Britain too. It’s very scary.
    How do we escape from this?

  10. Lynn Ertell says: • Website

    A transhumanist vision, for the future of “medicine and health care”.
    (courtesy of George Lucas)

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