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Matt Ehret: $4.5 Trillion Bankster Bailout + $1.5 Quadrillion Derivative Bubble = Looming Catastrophe
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Matthew Ehret writes: “While the world’s attention is absorbed by tectonic shifts unfolding across America as a perfect storm of civil war, and military coup threatens to undo both the elections and the very foundations of the republic itself, something very ominous has appeared ‘off of the radar’ of most onlookers. This something is a financial collapse of the trans-Atlantic banks that threatens to unleash chaos upon the world. It is this collapse that underlies the desperate efforts being made by the neocon drive for total war with Russia, China and other members of the growing Multipolar Alliance today.”

To get a handle on these cataclysmic events, Matt says, we need historical perspective. The Atlanticist banksters’ attempts to divide and conquer Eurasia in order to keep the world chained in debt slavery have been ongoing for more than two centuries. What can we learn from the history of resistance to the Anglo-Zionist New World Order project? Will the situation devolve into hyperinflation, fascism, and war? Do we finally have a real chance to finally overthrow the kings of usury and break the chains of debt slavery?

Matthew Ehret’s websites are and .

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Economics • Tags: Banking Industry, Eurasia, Neocons 
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  1. polistra says:

    Most of this is overblown. Only a small part of the “debt” is real loans that need to be repaid from one party to another. Most of it is accounting tricks, making fake money and moving it from one column to another, then deleting it later. The derivatives have been bubbling for about 15 years without causing collapse. All derivatives are accounting fictions, “owed” by one part of Deepstate to another part. If those bond insurance policies start to come due, they’ll simply be written off. No real people are involved in this bubble.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
    , @Getaclue
  2. Matt is so right on many things, but so very, very wrong on others.

    And Kevin gets it right from around 53:30.

    Matt should spend some time reading this website about WWII history, and the period prior to WWII.

    • Replies: @Surgical
  3. @polistra

    All derivatives are accounting fictions, “owed” by one part of Deepstate to another part. If those bond insurance policies start to come due, they’ll simply be written off. No real people are involved in this bubble.

    Are you delusional? Would you accept your money being ‘just written off’? “
    You are giving too much credit to the deep state.

    • Replies: @Wyatt
    , @SaneClownPosse
  4. so long as Uncle Schmuel can keep the world on the dollar – by forcing most of the oil producers to sell oil for dollars and only dollars –

    the Great Jew Debtponzi will continue. The debt is real, but none of it will be called

    until the Jewbuck collapses. And that

    will probably require Uncle Schmuel to lose a war.

    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
  5. Wyatt says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    His money gets written off every time the Fed prints more unbacked currency. A dollar today purchases less than it did a year ago and it will purchase more today than it will a year from now. It’s been that way for over half a century.

    • Agree: Ugetit
  6. Ugetit says:

    Started listening around 53 as suggested above.

    They’re still discussing whether Hitler wanted to dominate the world??? Did I hear that correctly? Is this a question any longer? Unbelievable. The Zionists and Marxists are the ones with a long and openly agitated desire to dominate the rest of us and it should be painfully obvious by now that the Germans were in a defensive mode.

    Glad I didn’t waste more than a few minutes listening to their foolish chatter.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  7. Petermx says:

    “Will the situation devolve into hyperinflation, fascism, and war? Do we finally have a real chance to finally overthrow the kings of usury and break the chains of debt slavery?”

    The USA has accumulated the most amount of debt in the world and the Federal Reserve is creating trillions of dollars a year to deal with the debt crisis. Basic economics and the history of dealing with such a situation in a similar way demonstrates the results – massive inflation. Europe and Japan have a similar situation but it is not as bad as the USA. The USA is now past the point of no return. There will be massive inflation and the US will probably fall hard and will probably no longer be the sole superpower in the world. This economic disaster will be like the depression. The exact date can not be pinpointed but it’s coming up soon, perhaps before the end of the year or maybe next year.

    Many believe that because the USA has the reserve currency it can use this policy successfully. It can not. “What is coming is a major collapse in the value of the dollar”. “This is the end of an empire”. Capitalists and Marxists agree. So now the other superpower coming out of WW II is about to fall.

    Peter Schiff Argues with Marxist Richard Wolff

    • Replies: @Rufus Clyde
  8. dimples says:

    Mr Barrett’s last prophet said the financial system would end in disaster in September. I therefore spent all my money on hookers and while it was great while it lasted (I could only afford a couple of the high-class ones but they were worth it) I don’t know if I can survive now until the next prophesied great disaster actually happens. Can we have an accurate prophet of disaster please?

  9. Getaclue says:

    Not “overblown” at all — anyone paying attention knows the Davos crowd of Creeps is planning to use the CVirus bs for a “global reset” — these are not ordinary times nor will it be “business as usual” going forward — they are playing for all the marbles against the Peons now, who they intend to enslave, quarantine, Mask up/shut up, and depopulate thru “vaccine — and the fact they could get the vast majority of Peons to happily accept the facial Jockstrap Satanic Stamp of theirs — many here even cheering it on….– has shown them that they can inflict whatever more mayhem they want in the near future withoutany problem — and they will be doing so, very soon… — we haven’t seen anything yet and the CVirus Hoax was/is just a warm up….

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
    , @Petermx
  10. @Getaclue

    Your pessimistic view of COVID triggering a dystopian global reset was the theme of today’s False Flag Weekly News:

  11. I paid 750 Income tax last year. Today – I purchased a 5 million dollar palace on credit–I have no intention taking out a conventional mortgage–I am counting on negative interest rates to do its duty.

  12. @Rev. Spooner

    They won’t be written off, the FED will issue Fed Debt Notes in the amount of the losses to bail out the Banks. Generations born to Generations yet to be born will be responsible for the Debt. Very Biblical, Old Testament style.
    They’ve done it before, with the Troubled Asset Relief Program. A TARP used to cover the sins of the Bankers.

    ICYMI, The Banks own the USA through their privately owning the FED.

  13. @Haxo Angmark

    The world isn’t buying US Treasury Debt anymore. The FED, its private owners, holds more US Treasury Debt than all foreign owners.

    We are in the late stages of the cancer. The End is no longer “near”, it is happening around us.

    United States of Dysfunction.

    Gradually at first, then suddenly.

    • Agree: Petermx
  14. Petermx says:

    While Covid 19 has made the economic situation worse, the looming economic disaster did not come about because of Covid 19. China did not rise to become a superpower, whose economy will soon surpass the USA’s (if it hasn’t already), within the last 50 years because of Covid 19 and the US did not become the biggest debtor country in the world from being the wealthiest and the biggest creditor country in the world because of Covid 19. The USA now has massive unemployment, much larger than even reported because after a short period of time the unemployed are taken off the unemployment rolls and no longer considered unemployed. While the USA once had the highest standard of living in the world. we are no longer in the 1960’s and the US has no cities among the cities considered to be the best in the world and after 2020 the US will have fallen much further.

    No thinking European (to the degree some still exist) will want to visit a US city again and millions of Americans are fleeing their own cities but because the Jewish media very rarely mentions this, most people see no problem. Instead, Americans are told they have a problem with “white terrorist groups”, while before their eyes they see blacks and Jews in the form of BLM and antifa burn down their cities every night on the news while downplaying it as nothing.

    The western countries seem to all be run similarly now, it’s not just the USA that is thoroughly dishonest and corrupt and for that reason Asia will widen its lead over Europe and the USA. The last 75 years have been remarkable, with Europe downgraded to being second rate after leading the world for 2,000 years prior to that. The Jewish mass media plays an excellent role in covering up the USA’s failure. Just as most British think of WW II as a smashing success for themselves, despite now being a second rate, small power after still being the biggest empire in the world in 1940 (and one of the wealthiest), Americans will not see themselves as having failed because the media will not talk about it. Instead, Americans will read about the few bright spots they still have in the country. Maybe when the USA looks reaches the level of a poor African hell hole a few Americans will think to themselves what happened to the US, but dare not say anything publicly, lest they be labelled a racist and anti-semite.

    Actually, the coming economic disaster is not really new. The USA has been on a downward slide relative to other countries roughly since 1970. Yes, the USA has had some bright spots in high tech, the internet and biotechnology but these successes did not have as big an impact as the failures of its biggest companies like GM, Ford, Chrysler, GE and so on.

  15. @Petermx

    Schiff is an embarassment. His claims about insidious socialism undermining the divine beauty of capitalism come from the realm of golden plates inscribed with Egyptian writing that require special glasses with stone lenses to read.

  16. dubz says:

    $1.5 quadrillion in NOTIONAL VALUE, further mitigated by the fact that derivatives traders know the contracts to be binary outcomes of a zero-sum game ahead of opening interest. much ado about nothing, so long as sovereigns resist the guarantor traps leading up to 2007-08 (i.e. take out a student loan, pay it back your own damn self, Marxists).

    • Replies: @Robert White
  17. Surgical says:
    @Genrick Yagoda

    Matt is so right on many things, but so very, very wrong on others.

    Easy to say. Examples, cogent reasons and reasoning, please.

  18. @dubz

    I’m a Grumpy Marxist that went to school on student loans, but when I graduated the whores of Crony Casino Capitalism would not hire me for employment which necessitated bankruptcy. Since I graduated I have never found a full time job even after attaining an Honour B.A. degree and a two year College diploma in Mechanical Engineering as a Mechanical Engineering Technician.

    All-in-all I, for one, tried my best to attain appropriate credentials to obtain gainful employment, but once I graduated the Plutocracy wanted nothing to do with me at all. I was relegated to precarious hand-to-mouth part time indentured servitude to the Plutocracy and their Feudal system of indentured servitude via Student Loans.

    Once I was forced into bankruptcy I literally fell into complete abject poverty and now live in an urban ghetto where there is no room to live or get any privacy at all. All around me are single family homes worth upwards of $700k CDN. I have actively searched for full time work for over 40 years and have never had a full time job since 1985.

    My Anti-$OCIAL-A$$I$tance case worker is paid $100k per year with medical & dental plan plus three weeks paid holiday per year. I, on the other hand, have not gone on a holiday since 1969 when the moon landing took place.

    Most of my life was spent sitting in my parents basement until I was 48 years old and they died.

    The day is fast approaching where the poor are going to rise up against the plutocracy and people like you. Bottom line is that when we rise up to overthrow your ilk we will inhabit your home and kick you out of it whilst we cook your domestic pets on your new stainless steel barbeque with relish.

    Can’t wait to see you living on dumpster cast offs as you are forced to live in a cardboard box even in winter.

    Sincerely, RW

    • Replies: @Robert White
  19. @Robert White

    I forgot to mention that I only have six teeth left in my gob as I have never had the money to go to a dentist since I was a teen living under my parents’ roof where my civil servant father had dental insurance for all his progeny. Since the age of 18 I have had no dental work because I could never afford the dentist bills on part time minimum wage indentured servitude to the plutocracy.

    P.S. Your inhumanity towards the poor has me really pissed off today, BuckO. I’m now going to pray to God that you get your wagon fixed real good like the masses of poor have had for decades upon decades.

    Note: You are el-fuck-O-la-ed now, BuckO.


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