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Mark Bruzonsky on Anti-Zionist Jews, Failure of 9/11 Truth & Mideast “Peace Process”
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Journalist, author, and Middle East expert Mark Bruzonsky shares his views and experiences of two of the most important initiatives of our time: The campaign for peace in Occupied Palestine, and the 9/11 truth movement. (Mark has been an important participant in the former, and a more peripheral participant-observer of the latter.)

Tonight we’ll discuss American Jewish journalist Peter Beinart’s NY Times op-ed calling for a binational one-state solution in Israel/Palestine, in the context of Mark’s own efforts to promote a viable peace accord, including: meeting with Anwar Sadat and helping convince him to visit Israel in 1977; authoring The Paris Declaration signed by several of the world’s top Jewish leaders in 1982; founding the Jewish Committee on the Middle East and authoring its manifesto Time to Dissociate from Israeli Policy; and publicly recognizing and announcing—on the very day they were signed—that the 1993 Oslo Accords were doomed.

Questions for discussion include:

How have Washington DC insiders Mark knows reacted to his private 9/11 truth overtures? Why have the campaign for Mideast peace, and the 9/11 truth movement, failed so abysmally to achieve their stated objectives? Why won’t the media report the evidence that Jeffrey Epstein’s job was blackmailing powerful Americans on behalf of Israeli intelligence?

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: 9/11, Israel/Palestine, Jews, Zionism 
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  1. Druid says:

    The jooish organizations and their henchmen have ruined the USA

  2. Larry says:

    I think someone should organize and fundraise a postcard promotion. to mail out
    postcards and let people know what really happened. Use social media to do this.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  3. @Larry

    A 9/11 truth postcard promotion? How would that work? What “hook” would you use for the message on the postcard?

    I haven’t had much luck with direct mail. Twice I have sent out 9/11 truth oriented newsletters to most of the mosques in the USA. You would think Muslims, the main victims of the 9/11 blood libel would be receptive. Polls show about two thirds know it was a false flag. But there was basically no response.

    Friends of mine did a similar 9/11 truth US postal mail campaign targeting journalists. It too got very little response.

    It is hard to overcome people’s aversion to “junk mail.” When the topic has negative emotional associations it’s presumably even harder.

    • Replies: @MarkU
  4. MarkU says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    I find that people with a good science education and/or good critical thinking skills can be educated about 9/11, others not so much. People who understand science know there are natural laws that cannot be violated and they know that the equations have to add up and they can do some math of their own. For people that don’t have those increasingly rare skills, its just one set of people saying one thing and one set of people saying the opposite.

    I also think the 9/11 truth movement was infiltrated by saboteurs as well as the usual cranks and that also had a lot to do with it. Jim Fetzer’s promotion of that utter bilge by Judy Wood did a lot of damage imo.

  5. Anonymous[369] • Disclaimer says:

    Why cant i find this as a podcast?

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  6. @Anonymous

    The podcast is posted above. Maybe try a different browser> You can also find it at .

  7. Sean says:

    Why won’t the media report the evidence that Jeffrey Epstein’s job was blackmailing powerful Americans on behalf of Israeli intelligence?

    Because Les Wexner, and Alan Dershowitz–both accused by Victoria Giuffre of having sex with her courtesy of Epstein–seem rather unlikely targets of Mossad? Who else, ah yes

    The above photograph was taken in 2016 outside Epstein’s Manhattan mansion several years after Epstein was publically disgraced and imprisoned as a self confessed suborner of under age girls for prostitution and being linked to VIP sex rings by Guiffre. So registered chomo sex offender, ex-convict, payer of many millions in compensation to the dozens of girls he assaulted in Miami, and so disreputable he could not get any American bank plus most foreign ones to do business with him, and was not longer welcome at exclusive high society events of the type Maxwell–who had walked out on their relationship–had been his entree to. Yet willing to be seen with him were the clown prince of England, and the bleary-eyed hero Israeli former prime minister, respectively. Stupidity rather that blackmail payments seems a more likely motive for them showing up at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion that was staked out by paparazzi.

    A journalist that Giuffre was collaborating with on a memoir of her time working for Epstein emailed Giuffre “Don’t forget about Alan Dershowitz”. Dershowitz has recently found out that Giuffre also accused former Israel prime minister Ehud Barak. Dershowitz has been trumpeting this information, which Giuffre and her lawyer tried to keep from the public.

    Because of Mossad not eliminating him in an aircrash or something as soon as he was a self admitted sex offender and useless to them, instead of leaving him around to talk. Epstein’s death embarrassed no one as much as Trump, who is the greatest friend Israel could ever have as shown by him recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Israel longs for Trump to be re-elected, so they wait until Epstein is in Federal custody and then kill him? Surely it would be more likely that Epstein (and Maxwell) would have been quietly disposed of years ago if they had been working for Mossad back in the 90s, not left to tell the tale. Maxwell never left the US after Epstein died, although she could not have been stopped from doing so even by taking her passport away. She is already blubbering in court and someone like that would not be trusted to keep silent. There are multiple photos of her and Trump together.

    Anti-Zionist Jews tend to believe in 9/11 Truth. Anti Nazi Germans tended to believe the Hitler had the Reichstag burnt down. Most of the world was convinced of it, but now historians think Hitler merely turned the destruction of the Reichstag to his own advantage and exploited it for all he was worth.

  8. Why are you making such a transparently specious straw man argument?

    Nobody would ever claim that a Mossad pedo blackmail ring would ONLY pimp children to high-value Mossad targets! Obviously it would pimp children to as many rich, powerful, connected people as possible, then use those connections to draw in more rich, powerful, connected people. The resulting material could be combed through for blackmail possibilities. Probably 95% or more of the customers would not be high-value targets.

    That’s how the Franklin Scandal pedo blackmail ring worked. It’s probably pretty much how they all work, including the ones happening right now that we don’t know about.

    As for Wexner, Dershowitz, and Barak, the latter may have been a blackmail/takedown target (Bibi is sure giving that impression) while the first two were probably participants in the operation who couldn’t resist sampling the merchandise. Wexner’s Mega Group was the most powerful sayanim cabal in America, and it helped create the Epstein blackmail ring for its Mossad masters. Dershwitz, too, is obviously big time sayanim.

  9. Anonymous[161] • Disclaimer says:

    Great interview, must listen to Kevin!

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