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Linh Dinh Recovering from Illness in Tirana, Albania; Plus My Latest with Richie Allen
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First half hour: Poet-journalist-photoessayist Linh Dinh, recovering after a nasty bout with what may have been COVID-19, reports from Tirana, Albania. Why are Albanians, like so many others around the world, obsessed with American kitsch, at the very moment when America’s empire and culture are in steep decline? Check out Linh’s pictures of the spaghetti western themed restaurant and other items of Tirana Americana, and read his postcards from Albania:

Dying Thoughts, Fred Reed, Joe Biden and John Cassavetes, Juden Über Alles!, From Communism to Remembering the Holocaust, in Tirana

Second half hour: Richie Allen, Europe’s leading alternative radio host, invites me to discuss what COVID-19 is and where it came from, the onrushing annihilation of freedom, and the burning question of whether we should blame the Zionists or the Western leaders who knuckle under to them.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Culture/Society • Tags: Albania 
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  1. Why are Albanians, like so many others around the world, obsessed with American kitsch, at the very moment when America’s empire and culture are in steep decline? at the very moment when America’s empire and culture are in steep decline

    Because America is not in decline, or more accurately, the globalist consumer culture that people in Albania associate with America is not in decline. If anything, COVID is destroying local cultures and making the Empire stronger. Throughout the world, even in Russia and China, people pay hard earned cash to learn English to get ahead professionally. American celebrities like Beyonce and LeBron James are recognized from Indonesia to Ecuador. American brands dominate the world, and for every Alibaba the US produces a Tesla, Uber, Netflix, etc. And really, who is challenging America? A moribund Russia that lives by selling off its physical assets and investing the cash in Swiss banks? Or a China that is facing demographic disaster and is hated by its neighbors? The globalist culture has already absorbed most of what once was vital in Russia anyway, is working on Japan and will eventually absorb China as well.

    If you argue that the globalist culture is not America, you have a point. Yes, the once vital America of small towns, rotary clubs, self-sufficient inventive men, athletic children and beautiful industrious women is in steep decline. But our elites don’t care about that. They have taken the America brand and slapped it on global cosmopolitanism, and that ideology is clearly winning at the moment.

  2. agnaby says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    You my ‘friend’, ( in case this is not only a sarcasm, this post as it sounds silly)???….

    are deeply deluded…
    About your country and its soft power. Finito! The ugliness has come through and is obvious.

    You have no idea how much you are hated all over the world, Europe and elsewhere…
    Your ilk will never be welcomed in my house, for example ( it was different 20 years ago and more, when you were free to enjoy our hospitality) with your false garbage propaganda.. Or your presence- you are absolutely note welcomed…

    You are not welcome anymore, Americans. Fed up of your stupid nation of idiots.

    Get lost. That’s why Dinh had to hide his real nationality most of the time…

    NOT WELCOME, nor your ideas, neither your propaganda.

    Stay in your cloaca, far away from us.

    • Troll: Alfred
    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  3. @Peter Akuleyev

    The global obsession with American kitsch is based on fantasy and nostalgia. Western movie posters and other mythical misrepresentation of fondly misremembered bygone days that never were are exercises in make-believe, a la Walt Disney and Norman Rockwell. Everyone knows America’s soft power “we’re nice guys” image is a big lie, and that the Empire is decadent and declining. But it makes a nice lowest-common-denominator escapist fantasy that the café or bar owner in Tirana or Saigon can use to make a few shekels.

  4. agnaby says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    Everyone knows America’s soft power “we’re nice guys” image is a big lie, and that the Empire is decadent and declining. But it makes a nice lowest-common-denominator escapist fantasy that the café or bar owner in Tirana or Saigon can use to make a few shekels.
    end quote

    This, Kevin Barret, is so disappointing, because the world has moved on, and not favorably for you. Albania is going to pay for its servitude…

    Long ago, maybe 30 years, we were enchanted by your music, movies, meanwhile we have encountered the ugly reality of your diminishing world, myself rather personally ( an American lover who thankfully dropped dead), and we understood you as you are. Incapable to understand anything about the world.

    People like Dinh I have met a lot of in Middle East, many are sponging from others, pretending they were doing something.

    Like a bottle fly, incapable to speak any language, but gorging only on hamburgers- till it finished the stupid fool and he got sick. No wonder- he was only aiming for ugliness, and ugliness has gotten to him.
    Ugly state of his intestines is really only his responsibility.
    Good luck

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  5. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    It’s clear you have some hidden agenda against me, and that’s why you keep repeating these angry charges. It’s also clear you never heard the posted interview, because nothing you say has any relevance to it.

    Two of my articles about Japan were translated into Japanese, and three of my articles about Serbia were translated into Serbian. Serbians arranged to meet me, and some sent me money, even after I left Serbia, so show suppport for my work. When I was in North Macedonia, I was guided by someone who had read me since 2015, and we became great friends during my time in Skopje. Alex even showed me his ancestral village, as did Darko, another North Macedonian friend. On my last night, I had dinner at Alex’s house, then he drove me to the airport. Although it was past midnight, Darko went along to say goodbye. Alex loved what I wrote about his country, and we’re still in touch.

    In Lebanon, I met many Lebanese, and they were thrilled to have someone there to write truthfully about their much troubled and slandered country. Oh, and I ate heavenly homecooked Lebanese food for most of my nine weeks there.

    When I left Lebanon, a Syrian reader expressed his regrets that I couldn’t make it to Damascus.

    When I tried to get a visa for Iran, acquaintances in Tehran, including an ex ambassador, lobbied hard to get me in. Since I only write shit about every place I visit, according to you, this is truly baffling.

    Go on, though, with your rants against me. Your briefest comment history reveals nothing else.

    • Thanks: Druid
  6. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @Kevin Barrett

    Hi Kevin,

    Hollywood is the biggest pusher of this fabulous America, of course, and that’s why I discussed Cassavetes in my last piece. He pushed hard against this. Cassavetes films depict a psychologically hidden America. Compared to the America of other Hollywood films, Cassavetes’ is much more lonely, desperate and even angry, but not in a cool way. Even the diners and bars in Cassavetes’ films are shown with a realism unmatched by anyone else. He knew his locations well.

    The antithesis to Cassavetes is Quentin Tarantino. In Tarantino’s universe, everything is glammed up, with sexy characters delivering (supposedly) cool lines. Though some of his films tackle weighty subjects, they’re all essentially meaningless. A company man, Tarantino goes with the flow.


    • Thanks: Iris
    • Replies: @Hapalong Cassidy
  7. agnaby says:
    @Linh Dinh

    I have nothing against you, nor do I feel in favor of you. You mean nothing for me.

    You write for the provincial audience in USA which has never traveled, and you tend to pick upon the worst of everything you visit, like a blue bottle fly. You fly to the sh….t inevitably.

    It happens I know a lot about Egypt, Macedonia…You did them a disfavor, bad, bad reporting from ignorant, or not? Maybe bad intentions?
    You have picked up the worst of everything, as you travel as a bum.
    Such are your reports of the countries you visit, you are only writing about the worst, having contacted the dubious persons, and then posting it as some kind of the universal truth.

    I have nothing against you personally, I dislike your silly reports of someone floundering about without any language. like an imbecile, and than presenting it to be soooo smart.

    Actually, I wish you health.
    Stop eating the crap.

    • Troll: Alfred
  8. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    You may speak multiple languages, but your inability to converse without flinging needless insults shows you are not civilized. I wish you some basic manners.

  9. George says:

    Albania was the only European nation to have come out of the Second World War with a higher Jewish population at the end of the war than at the start of the war.

    • Replies: @Hapalong Cassidy
  10. niceland says:

    My knowledge about Egypt and Macedonia is very close to zero. However reading Linh articles over the past two years I am surprised about your take on his writings. Most of history is written from top down. It’s about conflicts and rulers with minimal attention to the common man and usually written by the “winners”. News and even travel-blogs are usually superficial and shallow. Linh is anything but.

    Linhs domain is the street and his view is upwards, he connects the “street” and it’s people with history in his own unique way. It’s not always pretty but usually quite interesting, and his compassion and keen insight into his fellow man shines through all of it. From the top of my head: his take on Japan was insightful, fun, sad and beautiful at the same time. Simply brilliant.

    I would absolutely love to se his take on my own country and I would be disappointed if he wouldn’t come up with something that would upset me quite a bit.

    Anyway, time for a donation to Linh and best wishes for speedy recovery.

    • Agree: gsjackson, Kevin Barrett
  11. @Peter Akuleyev

    “Throughout the world, even in Russia and China, people pay hard earned cash to learn English to get ahead”

    There are (ostensibly quite serious) pundits in the Isles who recommend that we all drop English as a lingua franca, and revert to Welsh (or Ghaidhilig/Gaeilg, Gaeilic, Gaedhlag, Gaedhilg whatever the fuck) simply to dissuade the trash of the planet from homing in on our absurdly overcrowded sea-rocks.
    Me, I move to vote Norman-French back in, like the good old days. And Death, to any pig who farts Saxonish out.
    Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elderberries ..

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  12. ” recovering after a nasty bout with what may have been COVID-19″

    Why automatically assume it to be covid? What happened to yesterday’s diseases like Influenza? This is because everything that made you feel bad in the past have now been lumped into the catch all term Covid. It’s kind of like the Victorian age when many female problems were lumped under the term “Female Hysteria”.

  13. @agnaby

    What is wrong about reporting from the seedy underbelly of society and the dilapidated side of town? There are enough touristy reports from those visiting five star hotels in countries they travel to. And no matter how many languages you speak there will be those you don’t if you travel far and wide. Trying to make friends in bars is far more interesting than reading wikipedia or tripadvisor about places you visit from poolside while awaiting your tour bus. There are enough readers who appreciate Linh Dinh’s reports and if you dislike them go read something else, or write your own.

    • Agree: Biff, Iris, RadicalCenter, Vojkan
  14. Druid says:

    Very good, finally!

  15. @agnaby

    Ha! You are the one who is unfortunately deluded. I live in Central Europe and I see English speaking globalism winning every day. Even in places like Serbia and Hungary. The world consists mostly of cucks. I congratulate you on your rearguard action, but you are definitely losing. Even worse is that if you attack “Americans”, you will still lose because Irish, New Zealanders, even Singaporeans, are probably in your country right now disseminating the same globohomo ideas and insisting that people learn English “to succeed.”

    • Replies: @agnaby
    , @agnaby
  16. @Kevin Barrett

    Everyone knows America’s soft power “we’re nice guys” image is a big lie

    When did anyone believe that, other than Americans? No one in Latin America or Southeast Asia has thought that since the 1960s. Most Europeans had enough contact with Americans in the last century that they tend to be afraid of them – Americans are seen as kind of crazy and unpredictable.

    For most foreigners Trump wasn’t a bizarre break with the past, he was the authentic face of the real America – badly educated, crude, hypocritical and a loud bully who was actually physically soft and cowardly.

    Even if America is declining, it doesn’t mean that the Empire is declining. The Roman Empire lasted another 1000 years after Rome was sacked by the Vandals. The Empire has long outgrown the United States. It rules London, New York, Tel Aviv, Toronto and Berlin. If parts of Ohio and Tennessee decline into meth addiction and obesity, it won’t matter. American kitsch and Hollywood values have become completely detached from the actual United States, much as Christianity didn’t need a strong Rome behind it to spread through Europe.

  17. Biff says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    mythical misrepresentation of fondly misremembered bygone days that never were are exercises in make-believe

    That’s Hollywood’s job!

    Click the link for short cursory look at Philly’s Kensington neighborhood and get a sense of how we can use this footage for the next Rocky movie.

  18. 666 says:

    If 3 be a triangle, then two triangles is 6. So 666 is six triangles. Arrange them in a circle and see what you get.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  19. @Linh Dinh

    Linh Dinh,

    I don’t remember you mentioning Jews in your reports from Serbia where 7,000 Jews and 2,000 Gypsies were exterminated by the Nazis during WWII. There was a concentration camp at some old expo fair ground site in New Belgrade where Jew were hauled to but I don’t know if they have a Holocaust museum or memorial there.

    There is an interesting book Mein guter Vater (My Good Father) by Beate Neimann who is the daughter of Bruno Zelter, who used to be the head of the Gestapo in Belgrade during WWII. He later died in an East German prison while on a life sentence for his war crimes and pre war crimes against humanity. For most of her life Beatte believed that he was innocent and expended great effort to try to get him rehabilitated and released and even got a job working for Amnesty International to try to help him out. In order to prove his innocence she carried out long term detailed research in archives in several countries and eventually changed her mind concluding that he was indeed guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity and that he had even brought the mobile gas chamber diesel truck to Belgrade to help with the exterminations (let’s not get into the technicalities of this type of truck since it was anyway invented by the communist Bolsheviks and if it worked for them there is no reason it shouldn’t have worked for the Nazis). Also it is interesting how her mother met Bruno Zelter. She was a communist activist before the war and was brought in to the Gestapo office to be interrogated by the head Gestapo man Bruno Zelter who ended up marrying her soon after. Beatte Neimann is kind of the reverse of the case of Monika Schaefer who used to believe in the Holocaust only to later deny it.

  20. agnaby says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    I do not hate Mr. Dinh, nothing personal…

    He definitely made his ‘career’ traveling around the world on the cheap.

    I deeply dislike his so called ‘reports’ from the street when he writes only about the lowest, ugliest strata in any given countries, I happen to know intimately of. ( Egypt, ex Yugoslavia I know very well).

    He, not speaking the languages, is totally constrained, and interprets everything from his limited view.

    I would also think that he purposely seeks the most desperate locations everywhere he goes. well, san francisco is certanly not to represent USA with its feces and drugs covered streets.

    I will not speak anymore, I said what I have to say.
    You should wake up from your western dream which Dingh tries to perpetuate ( Mc Donald fan in every country), you are not so welcome or desired from a long time…

    Egypt, what this person has ever discovered about it, but dilapidated and rotten neighborhoods?
    I think he is either deluded, or bad meaning, or an agent…

    Good bye, and no one wants to come to USA, but also, stay away from us- you are not welcome.

  21. agnaby says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    People have been learning Chinese and Russian here, you are late…
    Good bye.

  22. @Linh Dinh

    You are (one of) the best and I always get a kick out of your interviews! I love “odd” people like yourself who dare to go where almost none have gone before.

    What you said about catching this odd flu-like sickness -probably covid 19- really caught my ear. The strange creature eating your chocolate … yep, that sounds SO familiar!

    I too came down with a weird and worst flu of my life at the end of 2019 (when it still wasn’t supposed to have come to our shores) … and I’ll bet lots of others did too but just don’t realize it.

    There were numerous markers that didn’t obey the usual flu rules and one of them was this odd delirium where something SEEMED to be operating outside of my own self-awareness. It was like this one time when I once took a dose of morphine (left over from a deceased relative’s prescription pills) to try and kill the pain from a migraine headache so that I could get some sleep and go to work the next day …

    I went to sleep -sort of- but was forced to look at this box all night, which contained my pain! The end result was that I didn’t feel any better rested for taking the stuff anyway.

    Well my “covid 19” experience was much like that. I’d lose consciousness all right but couldn’t get any restful sleep because I had an endless-loop-video playing in my mind where my body was being controlled by a computer while my organs were removed, sitting on shelves, awaiting repair or replacement!

    I could close my eyes in complete darkness and everything was still uncomfortably bright.

    I had involuntary bowel movements while at the same time, was constipated like I’d never experienced before or after.

    I couldn’t keep my thoughts together from one moment to the next.

    I felt unbearably cold all the time.

    All my senses of taste, smell, sight and sound were badly distorted. I felt as if I was in a bad dream all the time. I had a sense like I was already half-passed over to “the other side” of being dead while still being alive.

    I got severely weak and almost had to “meditate” in advance in order to go up a flight of stairs.

    My skin got flaky and shed like a bad case of dandruff.

    And … I didn’t RECOVER as I normally do from (even a bad case) of flu. It took me months to get back to normal and it seems like I’m STILL recovering some, even after more than a year later.

    So I share this stuff because I’m hoping that perhaps others will recognize it and share their own experience(s).

    Because, of course, we KNOW … that this virus has never been isolated and identified and is actually non-existent for all practical intents and purposes.

    What I mean is that there’s no conclusive way to prove that anyone has had it, has got it, is immune or a potential spreader! Nothing is certain except for the endless restrictions.

    I believe that talking about it -freely- will gradually wear out the mystic and mind-numbing fear that the world seems to be enslaved to at the moment.

  23. agnaby says:

    I want to apologize to LD and all if I sounded too harsh.

    Honestly, it is just a petty fight, a small small too small cause to be fighting about…Sorry if I have started it.

    Much bigger, universal problem is what is brewing between ‘USA’ now pushing war on EU, Ukraine as a proxy, and Russia.

    Of course, USA is just a tool, the real forces of the incoming catastrophe are transnational and the cause of all the evil in this world. Including the evil which is heaped on USA, she is just the victim as we all are…
    I am angry with myself that I have taken the understanding of the ‘now’ to too low and bickered about insignificant things with the poor traveler who happens to be ill at the moment.

    Dingh, get better, and stop eating sh…t wherever you go. Discover the indigenous food. Discover the beauty instead of the sh…t wherever you went…
    You will heal then…Find the true richness wherever you go, and stop your silly adulation of the primitive McDonald evil empire.

    Good bye all, forgive me if I was harsh in my language…

    I honestly worry what’s coming for all of us. And will not bicker about small things any more.

    • Thanks: Arthur MacBride
  24. @agnaby

    I’m a longtime regular Unz commenter and an avid reader of Linh’s wonderful unique writing — travel writing enriched by political-social commentary, leavened by humor and self-deprecation.

    Yet I’ve been on a couple HUNDRED flights, several of them to Europe and Asia; I speak one foreign language; my wife hails from Asia and speaks two languages other than English; and each of our children is becoming fluent in Mandarin or Russian plus another foreign language (with the all the cultural awareness and knowledge that go along with such prolonged study and interaction from an early age). We must be part of that untravelled provincial group you look down on. Good that you know so much about Unz commenters and readers.

    In any event, the vast majority of people in the world have never been able to afford flying. They still cannot afford it, and this doesn’t appear likely to change in the near future. Are the vast majority of people in the world not entitled to be heard and respected because they can’t to afford to fly like a Big Impressive Worldly Man like you?

    If you don’t think Linh is being realistic or fair in his travel accounts, write your own and provide a link on Unz sometime if Ron allows it.

    As for Linh: we’re praying for your recovery, you weird brilliant lovable wanderer.

  25. Dumbo says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    That is is not “America”, this is Globalistan. And they are in decay, but decay can last a long time.

    American celebrities like Beyonce and LeBron James are recognized from Indonesia to Ecuador.

    Who cares? Anyone who cares about these people is an idiot. American celebrities are as irrelevant as Albanian celebrities. Today I learned that some black rapper called “BMX” died of Covid. Never heard of him.

    America’s peak was in the 50s and 60s. That’s why a lot of stuff even today in the global imaginary collective refer to those decades. Now?

  26. @agnaby

    Yeah, you have a point — but only up to a point.

    Our kids are learning Mandarin and soon, Russian.

    Moreover, early-age Mandarin instruction is spreading (albeit from a very low base) throughout some States in the US. The State of Utah, of all places, offers 50/50 Mandarin immersion from grade 1 through grade 12 in a dozen public-school districts. Places like Casper, Wyoming and Rigby, Idaho are offering Mandarin immersion from age 6 onward as well.

    This list of Mandarin-immersion programs in the USA is about 16 months out of date but pretty comprehensive:

    But around the world, people are still much more commonly having their kids learn English as their second or third language, and that is not a bad decision — even if the US declines precipitously as I sadly expect.

    English is already so widely known, at least in basic form, and so widely used as the language of international business, research, and travel, that it can make sense to learn English even as the US becomes poorer, less stable, more violent, and even collapses.

    The common world language(s) should have alphabets with a reasonably limited number of letters (like all the Romance, Germanic, and Slavic languages, I believe), not an absurdly complex way of writing that is very hard to learn after childhood as in Chinese. Another obstacle to Mandarin serving as a common world language is that the “tones” are vital in determining meaning, and they are quite difficult to learn well if you don’t start young (Chinese people themselves advised us to have the kids learn early if at all for this reason).

    People living in a country bordering Russia might do well to learn English and Russian. People living in a country near China might do well to learn English and Mandarin if they can. Anyone considering immigration to the USA, or planning to do business here, should learn both English and Spanish (and by no means only in California, Texas, or Miami — EVERYwhere, unfortunately). Forgoing English entirely doesn’t seem wise, at least not yet.

  27. R2b says:

    To me, mr Dinh conveys a very subjective experience. But I see that he anchors it in litterature, history and politics, religion and philosophy.
    He defends western Christianity, old style, not evangelical zio, but is not Christian himself, I gather.
    I might be wrong.
    But that in itself, makes him anyway very sympathetic, in my wiew.
    He surely is a racist and nationalist, in the good sense.
    And that is good for me.
    I also want to to live in a country, without the continuos waves created by USA, Israel, Gbr, la France, und so weiter.
    Travelling gets so much moore meaningful, when we are different.
    But then again, I am not averse to any newcomer. I like them often, like any other of my kin.
    People are people. So the worse are the lawless.
    Just this thing I write now, the medium, is though, problematic.
    We must put back matter and mechanics, and regulate electronics.

  28. agnaby says:
    @Oscar Peterson

    I am here, old country, old history, much distortion and lot is stolen since recent times…
    Humiliated by the Game of Thrones episodes filmed here.Typical…

    If this idiot is still stuck in Albania and sick, let him call me…Contact me. Unz has my details, I guess.
    I live in the small apartment, but will do my best to guide him to some other properties where he can stay. I get nothing from it, am not an agent.
    Due to a Covid histeria, most of the rentals are free, the tourism is dead, I guess for ever ( Great Reset).

    • Replies: @gsjackson
  29. agnaby says:

    I forgot to say that I know he has stayed with Taxi, in Lebanon. Well, I admire Taxi immensely, and I align with all she is doing and saying.

    To clarify who I am, a little….

  30. Petermx says:

    “I don’t know if they have a Holocaust museum or memorial there.” Probably because these are discredited lies with no evidence, just like the stories of soap from human fat, lampshades from skin and all the other lies the Jews and their allies have spread. But the other reason is Warsaw Pact countries (including the USSR) didn’t recognize the holohoax until after communism’s collapse. The USSR and eastern Europe erected many memorials which still stand and they did not mention Jews as a separate group. But since 1990, the mass murdering Jews have been working full time all over eastern Europe to erect memorials to themselves and point their fingers at the people they persecuted, like the millions of Ukrainians they murdered.

  31. @Expletive Deleted

    The grammatically-correct name for the original indigenous language of the north and west regions of the British Isles for which you are grasping is in fact “GAELIC” (pronounced ‘GAY-lick’ – what a shame).

    But no matter how clever (or perhaps just counter-intuitive) the suggestion may seem, it is in fact simply utterly pointless. The reason being, that any seasoned observer of the delights of uncontrolled mass third-world immigration to Great Britain over the past 60 years has learned a number of very important lessons. One of those lessons is, that the actual physical language spoken by the native inhabitants is of no importance whatever to the various unwashed hordes from Pakistan to India, from Sudan to Zimbabwe, from Haiti to Old Kingston Town – and of course, from glorious Somalia-in-the-sun to Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and all bombed-out points east.

    The reason being – that no matter what the native language is, the wave after wave of happy travellers from antique lands will not under any reasonable circumstances ever be taking the trouble to learn it. You see, Ghetto-Gabble is quicker and safer – and also makes serial lying so much easier.

    But of course, that matters not a jot to the lying, corrupt and White-hating political scum who have done everything in their power for the said 60 years to facilitate the occupation and overthrow of their own people’s native lands. Their (private) attitude to the travellers is, to paraphrase another Monty Python punchline, “We don’t make moral judgments here – we just want your money !”

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  32. @RadicalCenter

    Don’t worry about it. He’s probably upset about misplacing his crayons or something.

  33. 666 says:

    It’s a riddle, but it’s easy to solve. That’s what makes it fun. Replay the interview with Linh. Listen to the discussion. When does something relevant to 666 come up? Now get out your crayons and draw what I have described.

  34. @Alberta Vince

    I, as well, came down with an ultra intense, flu-like illness the first week of Feb 2020. It just knocked my socks off for two solid weeks but, I also had lingering symptoms for many months.

    Many strange initial symptoms including throat/neck, lower face and lip swelling to the point I was looking for emergency places online at 4AM because my breathing was becoming so labored I feared my throat would swell entirely closed.

    Another very odd symptom was a raised rash that started on my abdomen and then spread in huge patches, over 3 days, around the entire lower half of my body (then it all disappeared in a matter of hours just before my dermatologist appointment!). I’d say I was in a delirious state over those days and I slept for almost 30 hours at one point. Yes, you read that right.

    The exhaustion was simply unreal. I recall thinking, several times during that period, “do I have all my affairs in order because I’m not sure I’ll make it through this.”

    For months after, I had a pronounced broken-glass cough, much diminished smell and taste and these amazing spells of exhaustion that would descend on me within 5-10 minutes. Meaning, I’m fine and in 5-10 min, I am so overcome with debilitation there was literally nothing else I could do but lie down on the bed or sofa and I’d conk-out for a solid 2 hours having already slept hard the night before. That happened many times.

    Since, Sept 2020, I’ve had no more lingering symptoms. That illness was really something.

    • Replies: @Alberta Vince
  35. cranc says:

    I too think, on balance, there does seem to be a virus out there, causing Covid 19 symptoms.
    However, I interpretted your reference to all cause mortality as suggesting it was a reliable indicator in support of this argument. I think its important to consistently remind people that an all cause mortality spike could be the result of many things :
    a novel virus,
    a medical system compromised by new public health measures,
    the suspension and cancellation of medical procedures and partial closure of medical services,
    supply chain disruptions,
    depression causing suicide,
    general lowering health due to inactivity, malaise and comfort eating, drinking, or drugs,
    the spike in domestic violence and abuse,
    old people just ‘giving up’ due to imprisonment and isolation,
    harmful medical intervention promoted or mandated by governments,
    the blocking of life saving medicines by vested interests,
    the over-wearing of masks which medical science has long known is harmful,
    Remember Sweden avoided most of these, and the spike in all cause mortality is hard to detect there.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  36. agnaby says:

    I am so ashamed of myself that I have not had the courage to read what was published in the comments.

    About LD, idiot who is now stuck in Albania sick. Alone.

    1) Are you having help Dingh? How sick are you, do you have access to the hospital, do you have insurance?
    Do you need money?

    2) Offered him a stay in Croatia,I must have been brain dead. Why? Like myself he was entranced by the street in Egypt, Cairo.
    Here there is no life, totally anesthetized, and ‘disneylanded’ country, incoming lockdown no 3.

    Dingh, you are to either go back to USA, your country, or you go back to Macedonia, Serbia..

    Stay out of EU.

    Thank you K Barret for informing us about him.

    If there is an action to help Dingh, I would do it.
    Idiot ( said with love)

    agnaby/ stranger

  37. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi agnaby,

    I’m doing OK and improving daily, though not fast enough for my taste. When out walking, I’m too often tired and forced to sit down, so many days, I go nowhere. I just need to rest. Tirana is a very pleasant city, and I’m in a convenient neighborhood, with cafes, restaurants and markets very nearby. I’m blessed to be here.

    Thank you for your concern, and thanks for the warning about the current state of Croatia.


    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @agnaby
  38. @Alberta Vince

    I had an unusually nasty flu-like illness Feb. 10 – 17 2020, just before the COVID hysteria started. I had hugely swollen glands in my throat (worst sore throat of my life, much worse than my bad case of strep as a child) and a 104 degree fever and no energy. Coincidentally I was reading Mo Yan’s Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out, fortuitously discovered at a library discard sale, in which he describes his protagonist surviving an epidemic by eating a lot of garlic. Reading that passage inspired me with enough energy to go downstairs and devour more garlic. Maybe it saved my life ; – )

    Also, when I first felt a scratchy throat, I gargled it away with watered down raw apple cider vinegar, took some zinc lozenges, and upped my intake of fresh ginger, mostly through ginger-lemon-honey tea. Though I can’t prove it works, I’ve noticed that my every-other-year flu episodes are normally mild and tolerable EXCEPT the two times I’ve been on the road and unable to access the vinegar, garlic, and ginger. Both those times I got extremely sick.

    But whatever I had in February 2020 was extra-nasty enough to lay me flat for a few days despite the folk remedies.

    • Replies: @Alberta Vince
  39. Anonymous[395] • Disclaimer says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Hello, Linh,
    I noticed in your blog that your landlady seems to be okay after all. That’s good news!
    Also, I was wondering why you bother with Hemingway. Aside from the Nick Adams stories, to me he was just a tourist writer, deliberately staying away from writing about his own people and his own country at an amazing time in history. He was promoted by the professional literati of his day as a sort of “woke” boy toy.
    He also knew nothing of courage: Courage is doing something you know you have to do even though you are deathly afraid and desperately don’t want to do it. What Hemingway indulged in, such as it was, was mere recklessness and vanity.
    There are many better American writers of his era, and more sincere and thoughtful. Two that Hemingway absolutely hated out of envy, malice and resentment, ‘though they both had helped him in his career, were Sherwood Anderson and John Dos Passos. You might find reading Anderson’s Poor White worthwhile, and I highly recommend Dos Passos’ USA trilogy.
    From USA:
    A passage that reminds me of you —

    “The young man walks by himself, fast but not fast enough, far but not far enough (faces slide out of sight, talk trails into tattered scraps, footsteps tap fainter in alleys); he must catch the last subway, the streetcar, the bus, run up the gangplanks of all the steamboats, register at all the hotels, work in the cities, answer the want ads, learn the trades, take up the jobs, live in all the boardinghouses, sleep in all the beds. One bed is not enough, one job is not enough, one life is not enough. At night, head swimming with wants, he walks by himself alone.”

    And this eternal reality —

    “Lies are like a sticky juice overspreading the world, a living, growing flypaper to catch and gum the wings of every human soul…. And the little helpless buzzings of honest, kindly people, aren’t they like the thin little noise flies make when they’re caught?”

    • Disagree: Iris
    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  40. agnaby says:
    @Linh Dinh

    I have done you a lot of bad, because I was idiot…

    You have walked the Cairo streets, as i did…

    Are you ok, do you need help, like a material help,are you Ok , I can help though I am destroyed big time.
    Please accept my apology.

  41. gsjackson says:

    That’s not reflected in either or Numbeo. They show Dubrovnik with what surely must be the highest rent prices in the Balkans, and no bargains available. Which is how I imagine it is normally. A beautiful place.

  42. Linh Dinh says: • Website


    The article is almost done, so you’ll see soon why I bother with that story. In 2016, I also wrote about Hemingway. I’m interested in his work, not his persona.

    Yes, seeing my landlady healthy cheered me up immensely. I didn’t want to be responsible for her death.

    As you can see, I post few photos these days, because I’m mostly homebound. After a few days of frantic walking, I had to stop. My thighs, knees and lungs could not take it. Though much diminished, my illness lingers. Now I see how this could have killed someone obese or already sick. One of its worst aspects is that you can only sleep in brief snatches, although exhausted, so you just lie there, worn out and even delirious.


    • Replies: @Iris
  43. Iris says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Thanks for sharing your art and creativity.

    Your article inspired by the Hemingway novel is profound and poignant; poets are the closest thing to prophets.

    Take care of yourself and get well soon.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  44. Linh,

    I’m delighted to hear that you’re up and about.

    The symptoms you’re describing perfectly match those of the flu. The plain old seasonal flu. I’ve had it four times in my life. Each time I felt like I would die but recovered in less than a week. Regrettably, most years about thirty to forty thousand folks in the US with weak constitutions die from the comon flu virus. In a particularly bad year seventy thousand can succumb. We never heard or thought about those deaths because death is just a part of life. We need to accept death, of others and our selves, in order to live life. If we couldn’t allow “not even one death” then surely none of us could live. Maybe that’s what their after?

    Now that you’re better, feel free to refer to your illness as a serious and deadly Albanian variant of the lockdown inducing, economy sacrificing, soul crushing, great reset enabling Civid-19 virus. Like enjoying a meal that costs more than five bucks, be a little self aggrandizing. You’re entitled to some empathy. Maybe it’ll help you sell a few more postcards.

    I always enjoy our reports from far away places that I’ll never see. God speed courageous vagabond.

  45. @Linh Dinh

    Interesting take on Tarantino. A hallmark of his films is characters having a lengthy conversation about something unrelated to the plot at hand and often completely trivial. In an interview he explained why he did this. To him, this is how people really talk, I.e. they engage in small talk, not a discussion of the “plot” of their lives. The problem with that, of course, is that the geeky Tarantino has a very different idea than most people do about what constitutes normal conversation.

  46. @George

    The only thing so used to know about the Albanian people was from the world of acting. John Belushi was ethnically Albanian, and so is the lovely Eliza Dushku.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  47. @The Real World

    First week of Feb. 2020? That sounds quite familiar. Kevin succumbed in the second week of Feb. and there was a third candidate (not connected to this forum) whose podcast I listen to on a regular basis. His name is Steve Gibson and his show is called Security Now and he came down with this mysterious and powerful flu about the same time.

    What was unique (I thought) about Kevin and Steve was that they both said they seldom got knocked out by colds or flues. Steve is a computer guru but he’s also an oddball who gets intensely interested in other things at times and researches the hell out of them and he had previously come on his show with information on vitamin D that he’d put together and then tried for himself. Bottom line: Steve said he hadn’t had a cold or flu for years and he attributed that to his vitamin D intake along with his other life style regimen.

    But then in Feb. of 2020 things appeared to drastically change for both of these guys. They were flattened and got sick as dogs (or maybe cats, in Kevin’s case).

    Well, I too hadn’t had a serious winter cold or flu since about 2001 (but had 2 bad flues in the summer time in the last 10 years or so.)

    Thus, a commonality seemed to me to be that all 3 of us suddenly got wiped out by a winter flu that couldn’t be mitigated by taking sudden doses of vitamin C, D, zinc, aspirin or plenty of water.

    All 3 of us “agreed” that this was the worst and weirdest flu we’d ever experienced.

    Now Kevin and Steve recuperated in about 3 weeks whereas I was still heavily under the influence 3 months later … but then, they’re both quite a bit younger than me … and this “disease” is reportedly much worse by the years, the older you get. I was 73 at that time.

    And then … I also smoked … which likely makes a difference. Neither of the other 2 were smokers. (Ironically, I read some reports that said smoking actually helped fight Covid 19 !?!). While that might have been the case, I was quickly forced to stop smoking immediately because I couldn’t breath after having even a few puffs. So I happened to stop right before New years … something I’d vowed never to do! Stop smoking, yes but NOT as a New Year’s resolution, goldarn it.

    So-o …

    You had lingering symptoms for several months. Me too.

    You had gland swelling in the throat/neck? I believe I did as well but it’s not clear in my memory anymore. Besides which, I often get lip swelling and cracking in the winter and betimes I get gland swelling too. So I possibly didn’t associate such symptoms specifically with this flu.

    A “raised rash”? Ah yes, I remember now … I definitely had such a rash on my abdomen (which I’ve also gotten at other times in my life ) … and then it spread to my arms as well … which was unusual. Now that you mentioned the rash, I believe that’s what brought on the heavy skin shedding later on as well. The rash left and then … so did my skin!~ Never seen my skin fall off in such copious amounts. It was almost scary.

    I’d say I was in a delirious state over those days and I slept for almost 30 hours at one point. Yes, you read that right.

    Sounds about “right”. I was sleeping and upping for weeks. It was almost as if I couldn’t clearly delineate between wake and sleep; life and death!~ 30 hours straight? Yeah, that doesn’t shock me at all for this “occasion”.

    The exhaustion was simply unreal. … For months after, I had a pronounced broken-glass cough, much diminished smell and taste and these amazing spells of exhaustion that would descend on me within 5-10 minutes. Meaning, I’m fine and in 5-10 min, I am so overcome with debilitation there was literally nothing else I could do but lie down on the bed or sofa and I’d conk-out for a solid 2 hours having already slept hard the night before.

    Same here. I wondered if I’d EVER regain enough strength to easily climb stairs again. I had similar spells of needing to sleep “all over again” when it shouldn’t have been necessary. At my age and condition though, I didn’t kick myself hard since I had no serious obligations to fill. If you’re younger or have children, I can see how that would make you feel extremely disgusted with yourself.

    Coughing? Yeah my wife said I was coughing extremely hard and she said she herself had a “broken glass” cough for many weeks later … but I don’t remember that very much. (She got this flu as well but not nearly as bad as me). As a smoker, I was always coughing anyway and possibly that’s why it never registered significantly in my brain.

    Smell and taste for me weren’t particularly diminished to my recollection but DISTORTED like crazy. Taste, smell, hearing and vision were all badly distorted. I couldn’t even enjoy my coffee anymore and what was I to do with the rest of my life without my beloved coffee and cigarettes?

    The sudden onslaught of tiredness is something I’m still experiencing, actually. I can go up a double set of stairs just fine and stop … and then have to start gasping for air! What’s weird about that is that NORMALLY you start breathing hard immediately without delay.

    Since, Sept 2020, I’ve had no more lingering symptoms.

    Well good for you! I’m most glad that you’re all better now. I wouldn’t wish this thing on anyone! Maybe in a year I’ll be able to say the same?

    • Replies: @The Real World
  48. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi Iris,

    Many thanks! In Philadelphia, there was a poetry reading series called Poets and Prophets, but the guy who ran it was more fool than poet or prophet. Oh, well. When I was immersed in writing poetry, I thought everything I wrote was great, such was my foolishness. Removed from that fever, I’m not sure I wrote a dozen poems. Maybe I’ve written none. Since so many “poets” have completely disappeared, I won’t be the first self-deluded one.

    Walt Whitman lived in Camden, across Philadelphia, and there’s a grand bridge connecting the cities named after him. Among Whitman’s prophetic statements is this, “Of all nations the United States with veins full of poetical stuff most need poets and will doubtless have the greatest and use them the greatest.” America’s greatest poet got it completely wrong, of course. Well, maybe not, if you count Kanye West and Lady Gaga as poets.


    • Thanks: Iris
  49. Linh Dinh says:
    @Hapalong Cassidy

    Antonio Gramsci, the Italian Marxist theorist, was an ethnic Albanian.

  50. @Kevin Barrett

    Yes, I remember you talking about your flu on your show back then. From what you were saying, I immediately suspected that you’d contracted the same thing as me … and that it fit the descriptions of Covid 19 being talked about on MSM at the time. Certain things didn’t fit with regular flu symptoms.

    I had hugely swollen glands in my throat (worst sore throat of my life, much worse than my bad case of strep as a child) and a 104 degree fever and no energy.

    That fits exactly with what The Real World is saying as well.

    For me … I kept feeling extremely COLD but at the same time, I was night-sweating like crazy. Actually it seemed that my kidneys weren’t working any more because my urine output went down to almost nothing. So where did the water go? Probably into sweating? I never checked my own temperature though.

    Also, when I first felt a scratchy throat, I gargled it away with watered down raw apple cider vinegar, took some zinc lozenges, and upped my intake of fresh ginger, mostly through ginger-lemon-honey tea.

    Whatever works for you! Though I must say, it sounds pretty strange to me.~~ Zinc of course is now recommended to fight Covid 19 and I took some myself during that time too although I had no knowledge of its official recommendation. I’ve had some nearly miraculous healing effects in other situations by ingesting zinc and that’s why I took it during my flu-like illness.

    But whatever I had in February 2020 was extra-nasty enough to lay me flat for a few days despite the folk remedies.

    I think we can all concur on the exceptional nastiness of it … for sure.

  51. Smith says:

    Get well soon, Linh.

    I know this is gonna happen anyway, what’s with you traveling the world in the middle of a goddamn pandemic.

  52. @Alberta Vince

    Well, hopefully, I’m all better.

    Meaning, I was talking to a guy on another website who also had a bout of this and he mentioned developing tinnitus. I already have that, since before Feb 2020, but have noticed that it has gotten worse in the last month – louder! So, I don’t know why mine has calibrated higher recently.

    It’s a horrid condition and there is NO cure for it. I will have 24/7/365 ringing in my ears the rest of my life and I’m only 60! Not fun going to sleep each night.

    Watch this excellent, articulate Doc speak important facts about Covid, etc:

  53. @Dave Bowman

    Pah! Typical Hibernian Imperialism. The language(s) of the Big Island were demonstrably various dialects of Brythonic (clue’s in the name).

    Pictish (heavily admixed when it first turns up, mostly with Garlic, as the Irish were already busy invading, or even a tiny bit of early Norse in the Northern Isles, somehow. Ostensibly too early for Scandinavians to have the nautical capacity to sail/row across and start their usual nonsense, but there it is). Pretty much un-Latinised, unlike the Cumbric (basically what became Welsh) dialects, from Loch Lomond to Cornwall, on that side of the island. Seems the Roman Walls did make a fair difference.
    Mann is a bit of Eire, for most purposes (can’t into diacriticals on this keyboard, had to copypaste the rest).

    Aside from “Scottish Gaelic”, the language may also be referred to simply as “Gaelic”, pronounced /ˈɡælɪk/ in English. “Gaelic” /ˈɡeɪlɪk/ refers to the Irish language (Gaeilge) [9] and the Manx language (Gaelg).

    My kids went to a school with a (separate,but equal!) dedicated Gàidhlig-immersion unit for (upper)middle class folks who discerned that their best hope of landing a cushty job for their clann in Princess Nicola’s new independent faerie realm was to claim minority status. In an entirely Scots- and previously Cumbric-speaking area (apart from a brief period of foreign landlordism in about the 10th/11th centuries).

    And they all were quite certain that it was pronounced “Ghaaaar-hlick”[ˈkaːlɪkʲ].
    I don’t doubt that these (remnant Isles’ Gaelic native speakers, which is heavily polluted by Old Norse) were misinformed. From a Fenian, non-literate perspective that is.

  54. @The Real World

    That’s odd. I also had some intermittent tinnitus after the Feb. 2020 illness and it has gotten much worse during the past month.

    For what it’s worth, Arthur Firstenberg thinks the main cause of tinnitus is EMF pollution, which may be intensifying with 5G.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  55. @cranc

    Even COVID skeptic Josh Mitteldorf, looking at the skeptical work of Genevieve Briand, finds 350k to 400k overall excess deaths in 2020 (as opposed to CDC’s 500,000). While some of those could be from the non-COVID causes you list, the majority are probably from COVID (i.e. deaths that wouldn’t have happened without COVID, even if there were also other contributing causes). You are welcome to plow through cause-of-death stats and try to prove the contrary. Alert: You won’t find 400k extra suicides—they actually decreased in 2020.

    As for Sweden, deaths there usually vary by year to the tune of a little over 1,000. But in 2020 they increased over 9,000—almost 900% above other years, obviously a huge anomaly. In raw numbers, they went up from almost 89k to almost 98k.

    • Replies: @cranc
    , @cranc
  56. @The Real World

    Yes, I watched that video. Pretty interesting! Ivermectin? … never heard of it before.

    What I found particularly fascinating was his comments on there being “NO cold or flu season” but that colds and flues come on because of vitamin D deficiency. Not sure if I agree with that myself but it’s still something to ponder.

    The reason I ponder is because I was taking 2000 units of vitamin D per day when I came down with my Covid style flu. So was Steve Gibson. Why then did we still get this particular “flu”?

    But the other part of what he said really grabbed me. That was … that a lack of vitamin D is what brings on the “cytokine storms” and those storms is what actually kill people.


    In case you’ve not heard of cytokine storms … it’s when one’s immune system goes nuts and just goes into overdrive killing everything … including one’s own body. This was the cause for deaths in the 1918 flu. People could contract the flu in the morning and be dead by nightfall with blood coming out of their various orifices. No illness on its own could kill anyone that fast. It was caused by cytokine storming.

    When the doctor said that vitamin D REDUCES cytokine storming it suddenly clicked with me. During WWI they were sending 1000’s of soldiers overseas, tightly packed in ships which would have accentuated spreading an awful lot. It would have hastened the spreading of mutated forms too. By the time folks back home were hit with the “second wave” … god only knows what sort of virus soup victims were inhaling and maybe that’s part of why their immune systems went nuts … trying to figure out WHAT they were trying to kill, anyway.

    On top of that though … there was a “disease” at that time, called RICKETS … which was eventually found to be caused by a lack of vitamin D. They started adding vitamin D to milk and that disease disappeared.

    So … I’m thinking that perhaps the reason we’ve never seen a repeat of a real pandemic like the 1918 flu is because today there is -at least- a modicum of vitamin D in milk which possibly mitigates the cytokine storm effect enough that we no longer get flu pandemics.

    I was talking to a guy on another website who also had a bout of this and he mentioned developing tinnitus. I already have that, since before Feb 2020, but have noticed that it has gotten worse in the last month …

    It’s a horrid condition and there is NO cure for it. I will have 24/7/365 ringing in my ears the rest of my life and I’m only 60! Not fun going to sleep each night.

    Have you researched this on the internet? Doctors will tell you what they’re instructed to say but they’re by no means the last authority on one’s own condition. Often there ARE alternate measures which -at least partially- can bring relief.

    Here’s one I found rather interesting …

    As for myself, I’ve had ringing in the ears from time to time but it’s generally a sudden onset which carries on for a minute or two and then dies off. It’s been explained to me like a piano wire snapping in the ear and then the nerve carrying that particular tone keeps sending signal for awhile as if the string was still operating very loudly. My understanding of tinitus is that this ringing is the same but it never stops?

    Well I don’t suppose I’ve ever had tinitus myself … but I DID have a hearing distortion effect from the covid-like thing which puts a very sharp edge to particular tonal qualities. Like crumpling of paper bags or tinfoil or even the voice of my wife who tends to talk very loud because she’s pretty deaf. I have to ask her repeatedly to tone it down; I’m not 2 blocks away you know.

    But what seems to help me is holding my nose shut and blowing hard enough to pop my eardrums out. It seems that my left ear gets blocked with mucous and somehow pulls the eardrum very tight … creating an irritating shrillness to everything. If/when I can pop out that eardrum, my hearing instantly feels more comfortable.

    Anyway, THIS effect came with the covid-like illness and it hasn’t gone away. However, if I can pop out my eardrums it doesn’t really bother me.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  57. Thank you, that is really interesting.

    Couple things I recall, in late 2019 there was a big to-do around here about a possible 5G tower going in just a couple miles away. I have not heard any updates about what happened with that and will now check. It may have gone live recently.

    Secondarily, I recall in the early months of Covid many people speculating that 5G had a role in it. There were some videos posted online, in the UK, I believe, that showed trucks setting up new towers or adding to existing ones WHILE the majority of the population was home in lockdown.

    And, about 6 months ago, a commenter on another site mentioned that her two sons in NYC were working 60 hour weeks tearing out interiors of old buildings in the city and retro-fitting them to be “smart” buildings with ultimately NYC being an electronic “smart” city. (I knew there were other reasons Cuomo was making jackass decisions that drove people out of the city and many to sell!)

  58. Ah-h … so …

    This lockdown is being used to “mask” other nefarious activities being carried out behind the scene to facilitate the NEW WORLD ORDER !?

    I never thought about that angle but it makes perfect sense. That could be the REAL link between 5G and Covid.

    Sure, of course.

  59. Just want to give a shout out to the moderator for putting the [MORE] thing on my posts!

    That lets readers scroll through the series quickly and not get annoyed at my long-winded dissertations unless they actually want to read them.

    I didn’t understand at first what that was about until a little birdy told me!~


  60. @Kevin Barrett

    Kevin – I replied to this comment earlier but not directly under, it turns out. The reply is comment # 61.

    In relation, now I’ve come across this:

    Astonishing events she encountered, if true. But, note what she says at the end: What country did I land in? Well that sure wasn’t Canada. God only knows what we are in for. The Chinese run the place. What else are we not seeing. With the Chinese Communist Huawei G5 spy system up and running across our country now, installed during our first lockdown.

    Interesting. Like I was saying about those videos showing 5G installations happening in Britain in first half of 2020 while people were mostly contained in their homes.

  61. Hi Kevin,

    This is from CDC and gives one the scale of flu in the US over years prior to covid.


    The most recent case counts would be nary a blip if placed on that timeline.

  62. Alfred says:
    @Alberta Vince

    took a dose of morphine … was constipated like I’d never experienced before or after.

    Opioids and constipation go together. Ask any druggie. Once, a long time ago in Tehran, a registered opium addict came to stay as a guest. Rumour went about that he went to the toilet once every few weeks. 🙂

    Preventing Opioid-Induced Constipation

    • Replies: @Alberta Vince
  63. Alfred says:
    @The Real World

    It’s a horrid condition and there is NO cure for it. I will have 24/7/365 ringing in my ears the rest of my life and I’m only 60! Not fun going to sleep each night.

    My ex-wife is a GP in Melbourne. She cured some people of this problem. Kindly look up Epeley Maneuver and others. There are demos on YouTube.

    There is a whole section of this website on Covid-19. Good luck!

    Balance and tinnitus

    • Thanks: The Real World
  64. @Alfred

    LOL … you “screwed” my comment by editing!~

    No, I was saying that this covid hallucination was LIKE the pain/box hallucination I’d gotten from taking morphine (approximately 30 years before).

    I only took the morphine that one time and said, “never again!”

    It was the Covid 19-like flu which brought on my strange and perplexing bowel movement problems. This had no relations whatsoever to morphine.

  65. Alfred says:
    @Alberta Vince

    Sorry for messing up the morphine bit. 🙂

    But the other part of what he said really grabbed me. That was … that a lack of vitamin D is what brings on the “cytokine storms” and those storms is what actually kill people.

    In the Nordic countries, vitamin D is added to many common foods – milk, bread etc. However, the amount added is probably below optimal.

    Vitamin D supplements have been found to protect against acute respiratory infections including colds and flu, according to an international collaboration study in which researchers from Karolinska Institutet participated.

    Vitamin D protects against colds and flu (2017)

  66. Smith says:

    Get well soon, Linh, assuming you aren’t well already.

    I think it bounds to happen anyway, what’s with you travelling in the middle of a pandemic.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  67. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi Smith,


    A month after my first symptom, I’m still not 100%, so this was no ordinary flu. I’m still coughing a bit and often tired. After only a few days of resuming my walking routine, I had to stop, for my thighs, knees and, most crucially, lungs, couldn’t take it. I’ve never experienced anything close to this illness.


    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Smith
    , @Biff
  68. @Peter Akuleyev

    The US is rotten to the core, not only economically but morally, culturally, demographically, socially, legally, technologically, academically, medically, militarily, and in every conceivable way. Those who fail to perceive the US’s deep and rapid decline tend to be fans of such worthless individuals as LeBron James and Beyonce for the same reason: because they are morons. The collective opinion of morons bears no relevance to anything other than the further personal enrichment of said worthless individuals, whose very prominence is further evidence of the decay of the US. The morons cannot save the US. In fact, I doubt any earthly power can.

    By the way, the US has a much worse demographic problem than China or Russia. The entire growth of the US population is due to immigration by and births among low-IQ non-Whites. It would be far preferable for the number of US Whites to simply decrease than for them to be replaced by non-White aliens as they decrease in number.

  69. cranc says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    As for Sweden, deaths there usually vary by year to the tune of a little over 1,000. But in 2020 they increased over 9,000—almost 900% above other years, obviously a huge anomaly. In raw numbers, they went up from almost 89k to almost 98k.

    This is really misleading. The all cause mortality dropped by about 4000 between years 2018 and 2019. There is a phenomenon called ‘dry tinder’ whereby the proportion of frail and very elderly can vary according to mortality rates in previous years.

    The point is not that I am arguing that there is not a virus- a rather nasty virus that is killing a lot of people (mainly in their 80s). It is that the misrepresentation of its seriousness is a propaganda drive. The Guardian headlined that 2020 was ‘the worst year for mortality in Sweden since 2018’. The truth is that population adjusted, more people died per capita in 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009….
    If we took the mortality rate of, say 1990 (an unremarkable year) and applied it to 2020 population totals, the death count would have been over 120,000 for last year (a hypothical increase of over 3,000% according to your calculation method). Sweden’s 2020 was unremarkable in the context of the past 20 years, and a mere fraction of what was predicted by those advocating the same mandates as, say, the US or the UK.
    Again, the key point is that perceptions have been managed such that people think 2020 in Sweden was a disaster of almost unparalleled magnitude, when it was nothing of the sort.

    I am confident that a majority of those excess US deaths this past year are due to the Covid disease. Many though are a result of the ‘response’ to Covid. The global collation of the overall lethality from Covid is ~0.15 IFR (Ioannidis March 2021). So worse than seasonal flu, but not by much.

  70. Iris says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Hi Linh;

    I know a number of people who got Covid19: two elderly but healthy close relatives in their mid-70’s who recovered very well, and many more younger people I work with in low-to-middle income countries where post-hospital treatment isn’t optimal.

    A majority of those who went to hospital complain from the same symptoms you have, which are medically-recognised signs of long-haul Covid19: fatigue, muscle weakness, sleep difficulty, anxiety.

    You most likely had Covid19, and can confirm it easily by doing the serology test. It takes a second to sample a drop of blood with a pen device similar to those used to read blood sugar level, and the reaction provides the result in about 10 minutes.
    It is possible that your Covid19 was particularly bad because no doctor looked after you early enough; you have been too tough on yourself by not seeking treatment, bless you.

    There does not seem to be specific treatment for the long-haul effects, just rest. Try to take it easy, maybe see a doctor and don’t be too anxious. You will get better eventually but it can take weeks, so don’t push your limits and rest. All the best for a prompt recovery.

  71. cranc says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    By the year 2017, the United States was already suffering more excess deaths and more life years lost each year than those associated with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, according to research from demographers Samuel Preston of the University of Pennsylvania and Yana Vierboom of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research.

    In 2017, the United States suffered an estimated 401,000 total excess deaths, those beyond the “normal” number of deaths expected to have occurred. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 376,504 deaths related to COVID-19 in 2020.

    The researchers published their findings in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    “It is not commonly recognized how far we have fallen behind our European counterparts in mortality and survival,” says Preston, a professor in Penn’s Department of Sociology.
    Even more striking was the mortality comparison between the U.S. and those five European countries when using the measure known as “years of life lost.” This accounts for the age at which death occurs, giving more weight to death at a younger age. In 2020, 4.41 million years of life were lost to COVID-19, yet that’s only about one-third of the 13.02 million life years lost to excess mortality in the United States in 2017.

  72. Smith says:
    @Linh Dinh

    You definitely sound like got COVID there, oh well, exercise regularly under sunny area at most as possible, no better cure.

    Unfortunately, I cannot post much on Unz (only a phrase or two until I’m “blocked” for a day for some reasons) and I’m not a doctor so I can’t help much.

  73. Biff says:
    @Linh Dinh

    At the moment the J & J vaccine has been taken off the market due to some side effects such as blood clots, and some believe that it is a reaction from COVID anti-bodies already in the patient, and combined with the vaccine causes some unfavorable reaction.

    Well, the up-shot from people smarter than me(doesn’t take much) is that if you already had a COVID infection do not get vaccinated.

    • Thanks: Iris
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