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Linh Dinh: Ordinary Folks Everywhere Just Want to Have Lunch!
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Linh Dinh, America’s greatest gonzo-journalist-in-exile, argues that “people just want to be left alone, so they can just eat simple food, drink cheap beer, and have conversations. But unfortunately life isn’t that unmolested. That’s been a constant theme in my writing and in my thinking.”

I’m not so sure about the cheap beer—my life and conversations have been much better since I gave that stuff up—but other than that, Linh may be on to something.

Linh says “I’ve always advocated boycotting the American elections. Americans need to make a stand, they have to declare to history that they’re not behind this. They need to boycott the next presidential election and say ‘this is not in our name, these people don’t represent us.’ But Americans can’t get that far. They get fooled over and over again.”

Challenged about his use of the J-word, Linh says: “What I object to is the Jewish ideology. I’m not objecting to Jewish as an ethnicity. Ron Unz, who publishes me without censorship, is Jewish. I’m not against Ron or his family. That would be absurd! I have many Jewish friends, and I have nothing against their ethnicity. But Jewish thinking, I’ve come to find out, is toxic. It’s a racist ideology, responsible for so much suffering.”

I question Linh about precisely which Jewish ideologies he is talking about. From where I sit, there are some terrible ones, including neoconservatism, Likudnik Zionism and associated currents of messianic millenarianism; but also some not-so bad ones like Rabbi Michael Lerner‘s left-liberal “healing-the-world” approach and Rabbi Dovid Weiss‘s interpretation of chosenness as “held to a higher moral standard.” Marc Ellis‘s take on Prophetic vs. Constantinian Judaism is also worth checking out.

So who’s right? Listen and figure it out for yourself.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Culture/Society, Ideology • Tags: American Media, Jews 
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  1. ricpic says:

    It’s true. I live for lunch. A terrible admission I suppose but there you are. Beckett wrote that the whole world calms down after lunch (which he called the second meal). That too is true.

    Well that’s it. That’s all I have to say. Lunch and out.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  2. @ricpic

    A nice lunch — then a little sleep. Heaven.

  3. TG says:

    Yes, everybody just wants to have lunch.

    The problem is: not everybody is willing to do what is necessary for them to just have lunch.

    Like in places like Pakistan and Bangladesh, where people who could maybe support 1 or 2 or 3 kids, all try to have 7, and the result is a screaming hell of poverty and misery, and most of the kids are chronically malnourished and many even stunted, and they go, ‘hey, why can’t we just have lunch like they do in countries where they don’t breed like cattle?’ Why not, indeed.

    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
  4. The problem isn’t so much those who want more than their share of people, but those who want more than their share of lunch.

    • Replies: @J. Alfred Powell
  5. I have no difficulty distinguishing between my Italian and Italian-American friends and ethnic Italian mafiosi, and nobody accuses me of being an anti-Italite when I do, because nobody runs a racket like that or is so absurd as to argue that to reprehend mafiosi is to reprehend Italians. As a Knesset member commented some years ago, “it’s a trick.” And evidently it works — especially when the dominant elements in the self-described “American” so-called “amusement” and “information” and “education” “industries” are all in the game. And it’s an old old game. The Roman poet Lucilius satirized “Syrophoenician interest-totters” in the second century BC, and in the first, Cicero mocked the influence on the Roman mob of their “smearbund” — a term coined by American historian Charles Beard to describe conditions in NYC in the 30s. Same old game.

  6. @Kevin Barrett

    To paraphrase Huey Long, if we can’t all sit at a level table and share dinner, let’s kick over the table and eat on the floor.

  7. The problem is Judaism, and all who worship them and their abominable deity:

    Suggested for consideration:

    • Agree: Druid
    • Replies: @Sam Coulton
  8. Sudden, instantaneous “rewind” to beginning of show @ 51: 45.

    @ 53: 45, another abrupt splice.


  9. @David R. Evans

    The Gods of ancient Greece/Rome and Northern Europe were just as bad as the God of the Old Testament: Apollo skinned a man alive (Marsyas) just for losing a music contest to him. Odin was a rapist, as was Hercules, and Achilles committed genocide. Blah blah blah, bottomline is that all of the mythology of antiquity contains content that would be considered antisocial and psychopathic by the soft science that is modern psychiatry. And the average person of those eras, if brought forward in time, would be judged a psychopath by mental healthcare professionals. However, gentiles are still a million times more subhuman, retarded, pedophilic, deformed, homosexual, criminal, incompetent, evil, undeserving, corrupt, and conspiratorial than Jews are.

  10. @TG

    High infant mortality dictates higher rates of conception for replacement.
    Agricultural work requires larger families to share the work load.

    USA independent farmers were known for large families. Back before Rockefeller/Harvard Agribusiness quietly genocided the independent American farmer. Crop rotation to sustain the land? Replaced by RoundUp and GMO seeds. Mono-crops.

    A worldwide famine that they couldn’t see coming.

    Independent farmers received the shaft throughout history. The Vendee in the French Revolution. The Holodomor of Ukrainian farmers. The Vietnamese peasant farmers inundated with Agent Orange and strategically relocated to urban ghettos.

    The ancient Temple granaries. Who do you think grew that grain and “donated” it to the State/Church? Joseph and his dreamcoat was quite the commodities king.

    Having a large family in the Stans is vastly different from dropping rug rats in an American ghetto to grow up and live their lives on the streets with no constructive purpose other than voting and consuming corporate crap paid for through a corporate payment system.

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