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Linh Dinh on Globetrotting Through the Scamdemic
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Expatriate American writer-photographer Linh Dinh fled Vietnam shortly before the first big lockdown and spent the rest of the scamdemic flitting from country to country, one step ahead of the brain police. Laos…Cairo…Alexandria…Aswan…Tirana…Cape Town…Klos….Swakopmund…Rehoboth…Windhoek…these are just some of the places Linh has immortalized in his “Postcards from the End of [the] America[n Empire]” (pictures here and articles here).

Now that he’s back in a time zone compatible with my live radio show, it’s time for Linh to resume his duties as the Roving Global Correspondent for Truth Jihad Radio. In this interview we discuss some of the many manifestations of mass formation psychosis around COVID and Ukraine, and debate whether the alternative media cup is half-full or half-empty.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Anti-Vaxx, Conspiracy Theories, Coronavirus 
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  1. Great to hear from mister Dinh, I appreciated his take on my neighborhood(South Africa and Namibia) and I agreed with his views on the mRNA vaccine and NWO curse on mankind.

  2. Does this mean Linh and Ron Unz are best buddies again?

  3. I really wish Linh Dinh would mend his fences with Ron. It pains me to see the bile he spits about him on his substack when he was one of the most prolific contributors here for a long time. He got a little spun out for whatever reason and really started having negative interactions with commenters. Seemed to be taking it a bit too personally, and just got more and more out of control.

  4. Very interesting and enjoyable conversation. Perhaps the events in Ukraine are more than just generational tribal hatred, which it is at its roots. Are the Ukrainian nationalist the intended target, led by a pied piper of sorts, pulling the same script from ww2. Is this a dress rehearsal for the NWO’s enforcement arm, prepping for US patriots? Why is the US so blatant in its opposition to Russia trying to help agains the persecuted in Donbas and Crimea? Supporting a regime that is committing war crimes? How will History view these events? Time will tell, but I agree with Linh, that it will hasten the demise of the USA.

  5. Anonymous[315] • Disclaimer says:
    @Apex Predator

    Why mend fences? What would be the benefit? Dinh has gradually turned into a hysterical old woman who can’t stop flinging shit at everyone for increasingly paranoid reasons. His/her writing was nothing special even before he/she decided to use the Internet as a witness for his/hers ongoing nervous breakdown. I genuinely believe that Dinh is suffering from a serious case of mental/hormonal dysfunction.

    Ron Unz is not in the business of assembling a carnival troupe, as far as I know, so there’s no reason to inflict this poor creature on the readership, again. There are 7.7 billion people on this planet. Some of them can write, and even more are not dissolving into a puddle of tears and bile.

    • Replies: @thotmonger
  6. Goy Buoy says:

    Enjoyed listening to Linh Dinh.

    Do you know Elias Davidsson died last month? Good man, great loss.

    Have a chat with Mary Maxwell please and invite your audience to listen, she appears to be very interesting.

    • Thanks: Iris
    • Replies: @Goy Buoy
  7. @Apex Predator

    Linh has been upset about Ron’s views on COVID. Ron highlights the evidence for its origin in a US bioattack on China and Iran while Linh is part of the larger group that sees masks, lockdowns, and “clot shot” mandates as pre-planned measures that have nothing to do with public health and everything to do with the Great Reset.

    I follow Ron’s precept that our main enemy is mainstream media, so we should focus on bashing MSM and its sacred cows rather than dissidents we disagree with.

    • Agree: Biff
    • Replies: @MGB
    , @Catdompanj
    , @dimples
  8. MGB says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    with all due respect, i listened to the interview, and that is a redacted oversimplification of Linh’s beef with the wizard of unz. linh states that he got tired of being called a gook, was generally sick of the lack of moderation of racist epithets (a point of etiquette), and believed that unz is happy to cultivate racial free for alls, particularly if they make ‘whites’ look like ignorant goons. he was also unhappy with unz’s behind the curtain moderation of comments, while he disingenuously played free speech white knight. lastly, he said that unz made it clear to him that he should think about moving on. if i missed anything, let me know.

  9. MrMann says:

    Mr. Dinh is spot on!

    Hence all Unz’s peeps come out howling. Couldn’t help but laugh at Fraudster Barrett trying to put out the fires as Dinh totally exposed Unz and this ‘limited hangout’ website.


  10. republic says:

    he was also unhappy with unz’s behind the curtain moderation of comments

    Ron Unz gave him complete control of moderation of comments

    • Replies: @MGB
  11. Anonymous[315] • Disclaimer says:

    linh states that he got tired of being called a gook

    Linh lied. Some readers simply disagreed with him or dared to offer criticism at which point he lost the plot and started hurling much heavier insults with reckless abandon. Even then, I haven’t seen a single commenter reciprocate with the same level of venom. Maybe they were censored but I hope not because the guy was certainly unmuzzled. Most people eventually ended up telling him to snap out of it and remove his head from his ass with various levels of politeness.

    Anyway, doesn’t he have his own, fully controlled, corner on the Net? What’s the problem? In theory, given time, he might even get some visitors who’ll be happy to just offer emotional hand-jobs for free. The Net is huge so even those 0.01% extremes of every human spectrum (disorder) number in millions.

    Personally, I’m glad that the censorious gang (Revusky, Reed and Dinh) is gone. Thin-skinned weaklings who like to dish it out but can’t even handle criticism should stick to their own, heavily moderated micro-blogs. They were also the only authors on this website who dared to consistently sockpuppet in the comment section. It came natural to them to abuse the functionality they hated.

    • Agree: Catdompanj
    • Replies: @MGB
  12. @Apex Predator

    He rips Ron every single article. Continues to talk about “white pussies”. Funny he never ripped Ron when he was suckling on Ron’s teat. If you dare question him on these things he IMMEDIATELY bans you. This is what he wanted to do to us here, Ron wouldn’t give him that power. Fuck him.

    • Replies: @Tony
    , @republic
  13. MGB says:

    i believe he was referring to commenters who approached him about unz’s general moderation policy. honestly, i personally don’t care. isteve moderates comments like some texas cheerleader mom, but things appear to generally get through, even if some moderation takes hours, while other takes seconds. and given the forensic psychological evaluation i have worked up on unz, it would not surprise me if some comments are disappeared, soviet style by him. just because a raft of noxious stuff gets through, that is not proof that other comments aren’t put into a trash bin. in any event, commentary seems to get through here more freely than elsewhere. whether i agree or not with dinh’s moderation assessment, i agree with dinh’s general assessment of unz.

  14. @Kevin Barrett

    Try reading Linh.
    He calls Ron a plant toeing the zion line. He believes Ron allows too many n words and too many Asian slurs. He believes Ron baits “pussy whites” and racists to secretly denigrate Whites. He got pissed over Ron not allowing him to police his comment section, a power he enjoys on substack. Try debating him over there, he immediately bans you. He’s bragging he’s up to 900 readers. Fuck him.
    For you to claim their beef is over covid is disingenuous at best.

  15. MGB says:

    i seem to remember commenters making racist comments to dinh. i don’t think he lied about that. whether or not he should take it like a man is another question. and criticism of his writing style seems like revisionist history. he is clearly one of the better writers here, based on style alone. he’s certainly head and shoulders above the sophomoric anglin. i read mostly for content now in my advanced years, about 95/5 in favor of nonfiction over fiction. probably my loss, and probably a consequence of falling for too many payola reviews of really shitty modern english language fiction. i dumped all of my american fiction into the library donation bin a long time ago, with a few exceptions like hawthorne and melville. even if bellows is a good writer, his writing just reeks so badly of off putting ethnic narcissism. roth is even worse.

  16. @MGB

    He apparently hates Sailer too for being racist.

  17. Anonymous[221] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks for this interview, Dr. Barrett. I’ve missed hearing from Linh Dinh and hearing his insights into the human condition.

  18. This Barrett is an annoying doofus.

    He probably thinks he’s really smart by just denying every assertion.

  19. It is a pity that Linh has to argue this point:- all pfizer
    Neighbor, male – 80+ years wife jabbed she cajoled her hubby – he promptly had a stroke
    Two Middle aged women – stopped menstruating
    Another woman – post menopause , one dose , refused a second due to obvious health problems

    Viet Nam – no jewish thinking – funny – in 1998 was reading an article in Saigon paper extolling Moshe Dyan – imagine Vietnamese need jewish generals !!!!

  20. Goy Buoy says:
    @Goy Buoy

    Forgot to mention.

    My question was directed at Kevin Barrett.
    I try to listen to everything you do and don’t recall you mentioning Elias died last month.

    Anyway, if you can try to get Mary Maxwell on your show.

    Perhaps she’s already exposed herself enough for believing and standing up for truth and may not want to.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  21. Lin Dihn knocks it out of the park. Unz is stupid and knows nothing about science.

  22. Franz says:

    During the Great Depression, in smallish towns, factory towns, there were lots of family hen houses or small gardens or both. Grandma told me they had a melon patch, a lettuce patch, and goats. Also hens, fresh eggs are a luxury now and the only kind they had then.

    It’ll happen again; people are ignoring zoning laws already. It’s Back To The Future. Again.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  23. g wiltek says:

    Greetings to Mr Linh! So refreshing to hear a person speak truth and common sense. I live in South Africa, and I can only nod and agree with what I hear.
    And thanks to Mr Unz, we can read and hear this, which is fantastic,
    I am now just waiting for Unz to wake up and speak truth about covid.
    But as Karl May (?) said: It is easier to fool people, than to convince them they have been fooled.

    And he is spot on there.

  24. Nobody is perfect.

    I like Lihn Dihn for his wit, sound sense, and passionate delivery, and Kevin Barrett for his skepticism and prudence, to name just a few qualities of each.

    Ron Unz allows these discussions to take place here – even when he doesn’t agree; and that is a great and noble thing, in my opinion. So I am skeptical of Lihn Dihns claims to the contrary.

    OTOH, I consider the scientific establishment, taken as a whole, to be woefully dishonest, at best. I can see why people view the vaccines with extreme distrust. And if people personally know someone who is less healthy after having taken one, well… that is hard to argue against, even if there may conceivably be other causes for the loss of health (health is very dependent on mentality, for example – we can literally think ourselves to both health and sickness).

    But again, nobody is perfect. And these things are complicted matters! Knowledge is best approached in humility… Even if/when we are right, we cannot expect everybody to see it right away, and it really is better if dissidents don’t come into conflict with each other. There is trouble enough without us creating more of it.

    All the best!

  25. dimples says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    “Ron highlights the evidence for its origin in a US bioattack on China and Iran

    Groan. You mean Ron thinks he highlights the evidence…..etc etc

    • Replies: @Iris
  26. Anon[146] • Disclaimer says:
    @Apex Predator

    So true, seems like Ron was good to him (giving platform) but Linh went off the rails and started attacking him. So much for loyalty.

  27. @Goy Buoy

    I somehow missed the news of Elias’s death. I’ll take your advice and check in with Mary Maxwell.

  28. Iris says:

    Groan. You mean Ron thinks he highlights the evidence…..etc etc


    Ron Unz’ s argument of US foreknowledge of the COVID pandemic is actually a very strong one, even more so that such “prediction” was made so astonishingly shortly before the Wuhan actual outbreak. It is one thing to make forecasts, but another altogether to make such extremely short-term accurate ones.

    After the US military denied having foreknowledge of the pandemic, they were grassed up by their Israeli counterparts, who provided the additional information that major NATO allies had been forewarned to.

    Only the above can explain the following. When pentathlete Elodie Clouvel inadvertently revealed on a radio broadcast that a large number of athletes within her Wuhan military sports delegation had caught COVID already in October 2019, 20 days before the first identified Chinese patient, the French Ministry of Defence immediately shut down the athletes and ordered no retrospective antibody testing to be made.
    Now why would that be, do you think? What could justify such a senseless, anti-scientific, incomprehensible and even criminal lack of medical curiosity?,8875244.php

    The only possible answer to banning antibody testing is that the French high military command already knew it was COVID that our athletes caught and they were trying to hide it. Because as NATO member, they had been briefed in advance by the US and were part of the COVID “fore-knowledgeable” party; they were trying to hide a glaring evidence that if Covid had had such early presence within a group of Western travellers, then it wasn’t so likely that it originated in China.

    • Replies: @thotmonger
  29. I agree that Vanity Fair article was a new and different thing. It wasn’t so much positive coverage but maybe more like not 100.0% pure negativity.

    Women at a right wing meetup in Manhattan seems dubious. Vanity Fair would consider it crass to clarify that they were actual bio women with vaginas who menstruate.

  30. I somewhat miss Linh’s columns although he was showing tendencies to being angry at a lot of people and a lot of things. For example, he seemed to have a stick up his butt about people who were thinking and/or saying that South Africa was a dangerous place to be. So Linh happened, as near as I can tell, to be staying in a kind of a white enclave area and that was enough for him to scold everyone else and name call them. Yet no one was saying that white South Africans don’t still live in South Africa.

    But that was just one of the many things that Linh started getting upset about. And he really didn’t appreciate the comments. Whether they be constructive criticism, different opinions, or outright hostility, these inconsequential comments and commeters seemed to really upset Linh.

    I mean given Linh’s life story over the past 6 years or so, I understand he got a raw deal (and this includes that problem he encountered with his wife’s family in Saigon), but I found Linh’s sudden thin-skin attitude a problem.

    Much of this interview is more of the same. Am I the only one who prefers Linh’s writings when they are about the locale, 911 false flag, Zionism, Holocaust challenges? Leave the other stuff aside, Linh.

    I’m not interested in doing substack just now so I’ll let Linh go now, catching up with him occasionally.

  31. Tony says:

    I’ve said it before, dinh is no lover of white people.

  32. Just got around to listening to the Linh Dinh interview and as usual he doesn’t disappoint.

    With every syllable he mouths, the raw honesty of the man is abundantly evident.
    Linh Dinh never pulls his punches and invariably calls a spade a spade.

    What’s not to like about him.

    Meanwhile, if you’re reading this Kevin Barrett, I was reading some of the other comments and noticed that you intend checking in with Mary Maxwell.

    By chance, this wouldn’t be the same MM that ran in the 2020 Republican primaries in New Hampshire when running for President ?

    If so, I would like to hear what she has to say.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  33. Dr. Barrett

    Thanks for the reference to Wilson’s “Poetry and Mysticism.” See page 75 of the City Lights Books edition (1969) for an uncanny prediction:

    “Human beings of the late 20th century will be born into a forbidding world: a civilisation that is immense, aloof, heartless and highly mechanised. Men of genius will find it a frightening world, for it will look so impersonal and vast that there will seem no room for individuality. Roads to the top will be well marked, but they will involve a discouraging amount of specialisation, of adjustment to the demands of mass-organisation. And since men of genius naturally hate to conform, it seems likely that the present tendency to negative revolt will increase, as they fire off blasts of loathing at the clock-work octopus that holds them fast. This will only make things worse, for nothing destroys the will quicker than the conviction that there is no point in willing. It looks like a vicious circle; there seems every reason to assume that human beings have chosen a self-destructive route to dominance and things are bound to get worse, until the whole miserable chaos explodes and we plunge back into a relaxing barbarism.”

  34. @Franz

    people are ignoring zoning laws already.

    The fun part is going to be the Homeowners Associations.

    The real Civil War will be when the locals decide to do something about the Karens. The “experts” will never see it coming.

    • Agree: Franz
  35. @Anonymous

    Right, why would Dinh try to get back on board writing for the Unz Review? The main issue — his clarion call — for him these past couple years have been the ludicrous lockdowns, destruction of small businesses (deemed “unessential”), the dangers of the experimental vaccine and of course the digital ID coming to us by way of China.

    But according to Dinh, Unz pushed him out for pressing concern about vaccines. However, if Ron Unz is friends is Antony Bourla (CEO of Phizer) and the rest of that White Coat Mafia, that could go long to explain it.

    In any case Unz Revew can be seen as corral when some like minded people may share some thoughts but NOTHING ever gets done, and they are being watched very closely.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  36. Anonymous[146] • Disclaimer says:

    Those issues sound important but his “clarion call” seems to be getting his jimmies rustled whenever someone in his environment disagrees and then outright lying about their transgressions, motives and psychological profile. No, he was never bombarded with “gook” insults by the commenters (white pussies, in his words) so I’m not gonna take his word when he’s slandering Ron Unz.

    In any case Unz Revew can be seen as corral when some like minded people may share some thoughts but NOTHING ever gets done, and they are being watched very closely.

    – “NOTHING” is supposed to get done here – except “sharing some thoughts”. I have no idea what else you’re expecting from a webzine.

    – People can be “closely watched” in their natural habitat. The only nefarious reason to go through the trouble of erecting another Internet watering hole would be to shape their opinions but that obviously doesn’t work here. Most of the readership are not gonna absorb Ron Unz’s opinions just because he owns the website. They’re not the type. Surely, you’ve seen many examples of this over the years.

  37. @Truth Vigilante

    Yes, it’s the same Mary Maxwell.

    I’m in touch with her and working on setting up an interview.

    And yes, Linh is a natural truth jihadi, and even those of us who don’t always agree with him should appreciate his raw honesty, fighting spirit, and creative genius.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Hacienda
  38. Anonymous[146] • Disclaimer says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    appreciate his raw honesty

    Hilarious. Did you even try to check his accusations? What kind of world you’re inhabiting?

  39. @MGB

    ..unz is happy to cultivate racial free for alls, particularly if they make ‘whites’ look like ignorant goons

    I’d have to agree with Linh here. The site has become a magnet for high-energy idiots with nothing to offer but clever racial epithets. Just substitute your favorite race target with the word ‘Trumper’ and you have the thinking of the ‘woke left’ over at the Guardian, Intercept, etc.

  40. Hacienda says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    Linh is a natural truth jihadi,

    Sure, if truth is defined as immediate sensation, a mind for child-like attachment of words to found objects, and an inchoate racial paranoia.

    Truth is also having technical knowledge and sometimes even technical competence if you are lucky enough. Of this, LD nada. Zilch. Nothing. Not an volt nor ampere to be had.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  41. @Iris

    in October 2019, 20 days before the first identified Chinese patient, the French Ministry of Defence immediately shut down the athletes and ordered no retrospective antibody testing to be made.

    Antibody test for Covid19 in October 2019? Would that also not be considered evidence of foreknowledge?

    I consider Unz’s version of the Great Juhan Flu dubious because it largely hinges on a very narrow time frame. If that is shown to be a little bit off the whole thing collapses. Plus it could never have been a “rogue element” as Unz claims when all the American mainstream media and government apparatus, and WHO and central banks, joined in on advancing the medical dictatorship.

    p.s. What do you think about what Dinh blurted out that Unz is friends with Pfizer CEO Bourla?

    • Replies: @Iris
  42. Be glad you didn’t get jabbed in the arse.

  43. @Hacienda

    In his field, the written word, Linh is a pretty good technician as well as a sincere teller of the truth as he sees it. But if you what you mean is that he’s an essayist not a technical writer, that is undoubtedly true.

    • Agree: Hacienda
    • Replies: @Hacienda
  44. Hacienda says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    Should add that LD is one of a kind. Any Asian that’s as verbal in English as LD is, is to be encouraged. He sheds a light on the Vietnamese condition.

    He loses me when he goes into a rampage about the moon landing as hoax, and other technical matters he clearly has no feel for.

    I’m as shocked by what’s happened to America in the last 60 or so years as anyone.
    It’s important to have SE Asians chime in. And they never, ever do. They are “shell-shocked”.

  45. @Hacienda

    “He loses me when he goes into a rampage about the moon landing as hoax”

    This is the best website supporting his (and my) view on this topic–if you want to give it a fair hearing:

    The site is calm and written by professional engineers and scientists–no “rampages”, just the facts–calling them as they see them.

    • Replies: @Hacienda
  46. Hacienda says:

    Look, the US went to the moon. Just like the US is now going to Pluto and beyond.
    There is now a 60+ year history of space missions, some of which make the moon landing
    seem almost trite.

    NASA faked the moon landings for whatever reason, but recently flew by Pluto. Had an entire shuttle program and space station in the meantime. Put a helicopter on Mars, but, not the moon landing. LOL.

    No not THAT. Not the moon landing. LOL.

    Are there former Soviet Union loyalists in the US getting off on mindf+cking the US public out of spite? Still bitter about the collapse of SU and losing the moon race. Small measure of spiteful vengeance. LOL.

    I’ve talked with former technicians in the Soviet space program. Even they admitted that the US won the race. They were demoralised by that and the break of SU. But Russian humour manifests itself in the weirdest ways. Chekov like. Like a little boy, pranking his betters.

    You are being had, or you are not what you seem.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  47. @Hacienda

    You wrote:

    He [Linh Dinh] loses me when he goes into a rampage about the moon landing as hoax, and other technical matters he clearly has no feel for.

    It’s not important the Linh isn’t capable of articulating to you with sufficient technical proficiency that the Manned Moon Landing was a hoax.

    The only important thing is that it was indeed a hoax. If you haven’t worked that out yet then you haven’t objectively researched the matter.

    You can start by reading the Unz Review articles on the matter, and making sure you read the comments below each article.
    There is a ton of evidence posted by the knowledgeable commentariat to back it up – even more so than in the articles themselves.

  48. Iris says:

    Antibody test for Covid19 in October 2019? Would that also not be considered evidence of foreknowledge?

    Elodie Clouvel made her declaration on a radio broadcast in May 2020; please note it wasn’t just her affirming she got COVID in Oct 2019, but the military doctor who treated the entire French delegation and got several similar patients.

    By May 2020, antibody testing was available, and the research for COVID’s epidemiological pattern, doubling time and the likes, was the world’s Nr1 hot topic. So simply and plainly banning retrospective antibody testing of these earliest patients is astonishing and really speaks for itself as for the underlying motives: provide a cover to the real culprits behind COVID.

    Pfizer CEO Bourla?

    Big Pharma’s involvement in the US’ biological wars is now a public fact. The Russian military have made official statements about their findings and specifically the involvement of Pfizer, Moderna, Merck and Gilead in these felonious activities in Ukraine. Since Russia’s is openly discussing her findings at the UN Security Council, with no Western MSM reporting about it, her claims are most likely true.

    It is interesting to note that all four Pharma companies involved in criminal bio-research in Ukraine are American or Israeli; it reflects the real hierarchy of control, power and secrecy. I guess those Pharma CEO have knowledge of what is going on, but will not boast about it for obvious reasons.

    The 20+ Ukraine bio-labs also prove that engineering global pandemics is the brainchild of the entire US-Zionist imperial structure, since this research was extremely systemic, and not just some “rogue” elements.

    See this astonishing article about how migrant birds had been utilised to create epidemics:

    But accusing “rogue” elements for the COVID planned outbreak can be read differently. It actually avoids pointing the finger at the official US government, which was the Trump administration at the time. Mr Trump may be an obnoxious character, but I also think he was completely innocent of COVID, which in part cost him his re-election. Don’t you think so?

  49. Iris says:

    His position on the Moon landing only shows that Linh Dinh is actually way, way smarter and more courageous than most technically-trained people.

    The “Moon Landing” is a hoax because today, in 2022, we still haven’t managed to overcome three majors technological obstacles to repeat such a miraculous NAS “exploit”:

    – 1) Build rocket engines powerful enough to carry the payload required to go and come back from the Moon in a single trip.
    -2) Protect larger, human-bearing spacecraft from burning when submitted to the Second Space Velocity (11.2 km / s) upon their return from the moon. We can currently only do so for smaller space probes.
    -3) Protect astronauts from deadly space radiations, including form mandatory crossing of the Van Allen Belts around the Earth.

    The Moon Landing Hoax does not stand basic common sense scrutiny, let alone engineering. If a manned trip to the Moon remains impossible in 2022, then it could never have been achieved in 1969, over 50 decades ago.

    There was a very animated UR discussion on the topic a while ago, and the Moon believers, frankly, got utterly crushed:

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante
    • Replies: @Hacienda
  50. @Hacienda

    Manned moon landings are a whole different ballgame than unmanned craft.

    I would encourage you to check out the website I gave you.

    These folks are very serious and professional.

    I have no axe to grind, and I do not believe they do either.

  51. Hacienda says:


    As for 1, 2. Check out Hayabusa. It retrieved asteroid samples hundreds of millions of miles away.
    Came back into reentry at faster speeds than Apollo did. It survived. Your point is that larger vehicles
    can’t survive. Or the technology didn’t exist at that time. Sure, not the exact type that Hayabusa used. But H shows that what Apollo did was not impossible.

    As for 3. The astronauts were shielded, skirted the VA Belts. They were also in space a relatively short time. Compared to some astronauts that have been in space over a year. Again, not exactly the same experience. But you’ve hardly shown what the Apollo astronauts did was impossible.

    I really don’t know who you are. I think maybe you are too smart to be simply a crackpot. You have some motivation to gaslight Americans’ view of their system. Possibly you are Russian hostile, like Natasha of Bullwinkle cartoon, or one of many versions angry anti-American. You predicted the fall of US system a couple years back. Or at least my way of being. I can tell you that I’m better than ever. Thank you.

    • Replies: @Iris
  52. Iris says:

    It is easy to understand that the power required to lift a rocket off Earth gravity depends on its weight.

    1) There is no comparison to be made between a light, unmanned vessel, and one supposedly large enough to carry 3 human beings, including the fuel required for their return travel. And not even mentioning the alleged “Moon rover” which was in-your-face mockery.

    We did not have, and still don’t have in 2022, the rocket engine capable of lifting the 46 tons payload that NASA’s allegedly delivered on each of its Apollo missions.
    NASA’s Saturn V engine that allegedly accomplished this feat has been shoved into museums in the 70’s, and NASA now utilises Soviet rocket engine technology for all its missions, without exception

    2) There is also no comparison to be made between heat-isolation for a small, compact, unmanned vessel, and that required for a larger human-bearing aircraft.

    This is a photo of the last probe returned from the Moon in 2020, the China-made Chang’e 5 return capsule. Observe how small it is, and how badly burnt it has been from re-entering atmosphere at second space velocity. No even one human beings can fit in it, let alone survive, and if they had, they’d been roasted on coming back.

    The astronauts were shielded, skirted the VA Belts. They were also in space a relatively short time. Compared to some astronauts that have been in space over a year.

    3) There is no way to “skirt” the VA Belts. The astronauts who spend months in the International Space Station are only at 200 miles from the Earth, while the Moon is located 238,855 miles, over 1000 times farther away. So going to the ISS and putting up with its conditions is nothing like going to the Moon.

    Space radiation is a big concern for the ISS, even though much of the solar cosmic radiation is deflected by the Earth’s magnetic field, which, fortunately, is above low Earth orbit (LEO) where the ISS is in orbit.

    On the contrary, an astronaut in theory stepping up on the Moon could receive a lethal dose of radiations in just a couple of hours during a solar flare. So there was no luck, no “skirting the VA belts” miracle. Just NASA lies and Stanley Kubrick’s cinematographic skills.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  53. Anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  54. @Anonymous

    We are getting deep into the weeds here–but Van Allen’s letter was accurate based on the data that NASA provided him.

    The problem is–NASA lied about the actual radiation numbers–which of course was trivial to do since they had no actual astronauts going through the belts.

    This article goes into more detail:

    When you assume your conclusion it will always be correct!

  55. One more important article on the Van Allen belt question:

    This is a very hot topic for current proposed manned missions today–no fakery and scamming allowed–they must get it right.

    • Thanks: Iris
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