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Linh Dinh on America as Religion
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America’s poet-photographer-laureate-in-exile Linh Dinh speaks to us from Vietnam, where he has been working in an in-law’s plastics factory and composing essays. Linh’s brilliant new essay “America as Religion” begins:

“I just got off Skype with Kevin Barrett. Interviewed, I sat in the dusty office of our dustier plastic recycling plant. Truck horns and roosters crowing provided background noises. Though we covered many topics, I want to expand on just one, that of America as a religion…”

We also “talk about some of the issues that this place raises, such as cultural hegemony, and the Vietnamese taking over this territory and changing life here, but it’s not all bad, for the Rade’s standard of living is improving. Of course, many Rade didn’t want any of this, and that’s why they fought against Vietnamese encroachment, but they lost, so that’s that. It’s an age old story.”

At the beginning of the show Linh describes how despite being blacklisted by most of the poetry establishment he recently received an invitation to speak at the Brooklyn Public Library on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of America’s all-time greatest poet, Walt Whitman. For the full story, see Linh’s “Walt Whitman, Mass Media, and Jewish Power.”

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Rational says:


    Linh Dinh wrote about the man on the moon hoax.

    But Jordan Peterson says Judaists are billionaires, not because they are stealing money, but because they have super high IQ, compared to stupid whites.

    But the stupid whites allegedly sent a MAN on the moon, in the 60’s, and the Chinese sent a rover to the moon in 2019, but the Israeli beresheet crashed, and did not land on the moon, despite stealing all the technology.

    Judaists who are so deranged they think Yahweh “passed over” like a missile, but was too blind to shoot and needed targets marked with sheep’s blood surely can’t send a rover to the moon.

  2. What else is a Proposition Nation going to be?


    Ashkenazis are decent when it comes to verbal intelligence. Visuospatial intelligence? Not so much — they consistently test worse than White Europeans.

    Average IQ in Israel is 94. They seem to have a lot of problems with PISA tests as well:

    Perhaps the “high jew IQ” thing is just another semitic canard?

  4. t-gordon says:

    Thank you for this interview Dr. Barrett. I thoroughly look forward to any and all of Linh Dinh’s articles at The Unz Review. I started reading his pieces a few years back and get a kick out of his unique perspective and writing talent, especially his indignation and his humor. Thank you both.

  5. anon[153] • Disclaimer says:

    i got about halfway through and then Bennett started attacking Christianity….

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