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Larry Rivera Explains What Really Happened in Dealey Plaza
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JFK assassination researcher Larry Rivera is the author of The JFK Horsemen:Using unprecedented modern-day digital computer technology, Larry Rivera presents irrefutable evidence which in any court of law would exonerate Lee of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Rivera meticulously takes the reader through the intricacies of forensic digital overlays which prove that Lee (Oswald) was standing in the TSBD doorway while the assassination was taking place, that the backyard photos were cleverly manufactured to frame him, and how the 3D program Blender can re-create Dealey Plaza as it was originally on 22 November 1963, so that we can finally determine from where JFK was really shot that fateful day. As if this were not enough, Rivera reveals what really happened on Elm Street, as recently transcribed interviews with the motorcycle escort who were closest to JFK that day describe a heretofore unknown version of the event that shook this nation to its core and changed U.S. history forever.”

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: History • Tags: JFK Assassination 
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  1. ab-ba says:

    audio not loaded

    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
  2. Duke84 says:

    Marina Oswald has always admitted she took the Neely Street photographs of Lee holding the Carcano.After 56 years and no evidence it’s time for conspiracy loons to give it up.

  3. @ab-ba

    The audio is fine. Are you trying to cover up the truth?

    • Replies: @polistra
  4. polistra says:
    @Father O'Hara

    The link to the audio was wrong for about a day, then fixed. Nobody’s trying to cover up anything.

    • Replies: @Kim
  5. Computer simulations. Hmm.

  6. Alfa158 says:

    The man in the doorway has been identified as Billy Lovelady, and he was deposed in the Commission hearings. Oswald asked a group of coworkers which way the motorcade would be coming, then went back into the building.
    I recall a writer actually making the argument for Oswald not being the shooter because two witnesses independently testified they saw him somewhere else at the precise time the shots were fired. One witness said they saw him on the street in front of the building, the other said he saw Oswald in the lunchroom at that moment. That was supposed to prove that he was innocent because he was in at least two other places when the assassination was carried out.

  7. This was like a long story about someone doing homework. Nothing new and more importantly nothing interesting.

  8. eah says:

    … the intricacies of forensic digital overlays which prove that Lee (Oswald) was standing in the TSBD doorway while the assassination was taking place, …

    Re this topic, people may find this video by Bart Kamp interesting:

    JFK Assassination: Prayer Man is Lee Harvey Oswald

    Re the chain of custody of the Zapruder film, this presentation by Douglas Horn is the most comprehensive I’ve seen/heard:

    Midnight Writer News — MWN Episode 107 – Douglas Horne on the Zapruder Film Alteration Debate

  9. @Duke84

    Marina would likely say what FBI, CIA, etc told her to say.

  10. @Duke84

    She took a picture, but it was forged. That was Oswald’s face but not his body.

    Then there is the “Oswald ghost” photo recovered at Dallas PD headquarters some time after the assassination. It is shown below:

    As one can discern, the “ghost” is a cutout into which another image can be pasted-superposed. The cutout image, many of us conclude, was obtained using a Dallas cop stand –in, which photo was also found in Dallas Police files, along with the ghost image. Photo specialist Robert Hester was called on 22 November, 1963 to help process assassination -related photos for the FBI and Dallas police. Hester reported (and his wife Patricia confirmed) that he saw an FBI agent with a color transparency of one of the backyard photos with NO figure in the picture. This has to be the same as that shown above. Was the FBI in on the manipulation of images and photos? We don’t know, but given Hoover hated JFK’s guts and Hany Farid’s connection to the FBI in funding his lab, can we really trust his work? Can we trust he analyzed the actual source photo? And if so – which?

    • Replies: @Kim
  11. Kim says:

    I do not find your use of the word “loons” to be very persuasive, even when coupled with the word “conspiracy”.

  12. Kim says:

    I am sure that some people are trying to cover up some things.

  13. Kim says:
    @Richard Charnin

    Did Hoover hate JFK’s guts? They were both pretty close on their anti-Communism. Robert Kennedy worked very closely with Joe McCarthy in his anti-Communist work.

    I wonder why Hoover hated him?

    • Replies: @Cking
  14. Cking says:

    Hoover may have felt that President Kennedy could fire him at anytime.

  15. @Duke84

    @ Duke84,

    “After 56 years and no evidence it’s time for conspiracy loons to give it up.”

    But the assassin was assassinated, up close and personal, while in police custody. What part of mob hit don’t you understand?

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @Duke84
  16. Duke84 says:
    @flashlight joe

    There was no mob hit.Ruby was there purely by coincidence because Carlin had called him that morning.He wired the money at the Western Union office at 11:17 and shot Oswald at 11:21.It would have have been impossible to plan something like that and Ruby took and passed a polygraph at his own request.

    • Replies: @Sean
  17. Sean says:

    Yes, Ruby’s father was a violent drunk, and his mother was committed to a insane asylum. Importantly, he had a reputation for intervening in other people’s’ fights . A friend who described Ruby as “somewhat overbearing regarding the rights and feelings of others,” reported that Ruby fought two college students who insulted a Negro piano player.193 Another friend reported that Ruby had a “bitter” fight with a man who was abusing an older woman. […] One of the many violent incidents that were reported took place in 1950, when Ruby struck an employee over the head with a blackjack.305 In 1951, after his guitarist, Willis Dickerson, told Ruby to “go to hell,” Ruby knocked Dickerson to the ground, then pinned him to a wall and kicked him in the groin. During the scuffle, Dickerson bit Ruby’s finger so badly that the top half of Ruby’s left index finger was amputated.306 In approximately 1955, Ruby beat one of his musicians with brass knuckles; the musician’s mouth required numerous stitches.[…] )n about 15 occasions since 1950, he beat with his fists, pistol whipped, or blackjacked patrons who became unruly….he often ended a fracas by throwing his victim down the stairs of the Carousel. In about 1958, Ruby disarmed a man who had drawn a gun on him at the Vegas, beat him almost to death, put the gun back in the man’s pocket, and threw him down the stairs.468 In 1958, Ruby reportedly knocked down a man at the Vegas who was 6’3″ tall and weighed 230 pounds. Ruby was approximately 5’9″ tall and weighed about 175 pounds.469 Ruby then made the man, who had slapped his date, crawl out of the club.470 In a fight at the Vegas, reportedly witnessed by policemen, Ruby severely beat a heavyweight boxer who had threatened him.

    He also knocked an entertainers tooth out, almost took the handymans eye out, and injured his sister who helped run the club. And this is the fellow that was supposedly so intimidated by threats from scary gangsters that he flushed his life down the toilet by killing Oswald?

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