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Kevin MacDonald and Cat McGuire on DC “Save America” Rally A.K.A. “the Insurrection”
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Prof. Kevin MacDonald of the Occidental Observer recently published Cat McGuire‘s article “I was at the Washington D.C. ‘Save America’ rally.” Not so many years ago, that would have seemed incongruous: Cat was a hardcore leftist while Kevin MacDonald, an evolutionary psychologist, has long been an intellectual inspiration of the white identitarian movement and the alt-right. But now, as hegemonic pseudo-liberal oligarchy mutates into tyranny, MacDonald and McGuire aren’t so far apart. Both side with the (nonviolent) folks at the Stop the Steal rally, and both are pessimistic about America’s future under a Biden Administration.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. iv men says:

    Geopolitical context before the end.
    There is certainty of the place where they think he will put his feet, the Lord, when he returns to earth. As the book of Zechariah announces, the prophesied place is the Mount of Olives, which is located in Jerusalem, the top of which is located one kilometer to the east from the Temple Mount. The circumstances that will surround that day are not well understood, there are only small paragraphs, made by multiple prophets, hundreds of years apart and, in very different historical contexts. Precisely about that day it can only be said that: “there will be no clear light or dim light, it will not be day or night, but it will happen that at dusk there will be great light”, from this text some weather conditions can be interpreted. In other texts it has been mentioned that it will be a gray day, a day with a dark cloud and darkness, in any case, the clouds, most likely, would prevent adequate lighting, at least in the surroundings of Jerusalem. In addition, it is mentioned that, at dusk, when darkness is expected, we will see light. It would mean that this light will not be emitted by the sun, but by the radiance of its coming. Now, what would be the political, economic, social, military reality of the world in the days prior to the appearance? The bible mentions that his coming would occur after the destruction, capture and subjugation of Jerusalem, by a coalition of nations. Although the city has been destroyed and conquered many times, what has never happened is that a coalition of peoples, nations or countries march against Jerusalem and take it. So this is a good starting point to try to analyze the events that may lead us to that context. Right now there is a leading nation, the epicenter of power. From there the world financial system is coordinated; no bank transaction escapes your monitoring. This power is not exercised through armies (that is the last resort) but, through the dollar, which has its sustenance in the petrodollar, and, this, in the Al-Saud house, likewise, the Al-saud house , has its support in the Zionists, who have permeated all instances of power in the United States, especially its foreign policy, favoring Israel, even against the interests of the American people. The Zionists support various projects, all currently threatened by multiple indirect factors, the most overwhelming; China is followed by the loss of confidence of the dollar as a currency of trade and world reserve, the coronavirus, the end of the sale of oil, exclusively in dollars, the impossibility of achieving the economic diversification of Saudi Arabia, which would cause riots that they would lead to the end of the Al-saud house or, worse still, the establishment of alliances with other oil nations, including Iran, reviving the OPEC cartel; so in need of setting high oil prices favorable to their economies, which would further undermine the hegemonic power of the dollar. Another factor of vital concern to the Zionists is the momentum that the disincentive of fossil fuels has been taking, which threatens the petrodollar. Some of these events that are already occurring are likely to become more acute in 2021. As a preamble, a 35% drop in the dollar is expected by the end of that year. Therefore, it is extremely urgent to neutralize China’s economic growth, which most see impossible, even with a war in the Pacific. Also, it is essential to maintain the economic system as we know it today, something clearly unsustainable.
    If the Zionists cannot prevent the implosion of American hegemony, Israel would disappear as a state. It does not matter if they have nuclear weapons or not, if they agree with the Arabs to create two states with a peace plan included. The Lebanese, Syrians, Iranians, Jordanians, Russians and Turks will advance on Israel; as immediate actors on the ground and who knows how many more countries. The reason, the control of historical-religious sites for Christianity and Islam, will be a great political profit for the rulers of the nations involved in the destruction of Israel and the conquest of Jerusalem. Analyzing the events, we see a connection between the fall of the United States and the war of multiple nations against Israel, with clear intentions to take the territory, without any possibility of victory on the part of the Hebrews, however, that does not mean that this is the final war, the one that will lead to the coming of Christ, now, well, if this is not the final conflict, then what will it be? Undoubtedly, if they lose the territory, the Jews would be completely expelled and, surely, measures would be taken in all the powers, to avoid the monopoly of power that this ethnic group has amassed throughout history.

  2. JimDandy says:

    Uh… has it occurred to you that the polls were rigged for the purposes of influencing the outcome? This isn’t some novel idea I just came up with. Jesus.

    • Agree: profnasty
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  3. @JimDandy

    Yes, the polls WERE rigged to influence the outcome and this is an integral part of a color revolution.

    The CIA/DOD/MOSSAD has been rigging elections all over the world. They target an official they don’t like (ex. Trump) and they spew false info regarding the candidate….he’s evil….he’s a loser…..don’t bother to vote….just stay home…..give up.
    They push fake polls.
    They pay protesters to riot in the streets and cause violence and arson.
    Then they “fix” the election by altering the vote count in the voting machines using Hammer and Scorecard. (and this time they used fake unverified mail in ballots)

    They’ve been doing this all over the world for many years and in fact they have probably been doing it here as well, but this time it was way too obvious.

    Revolver had a great article on color revolutions and Norm Eisen. This is absolutely real stuff and cannot be refuted by calling it “conspiracy theory.”

    I have a feeling that what happened in DC on Jan.6th occurred because the jewish elite did not WANT the American people to know about the extent of the fraud which would have been revealed if they had not shut it down with their false flag “riot.”

    Sidney Powell wasn’t talking out of her ass…..she KNOWS what is going on and she was telling the truth about voting fraud and the way that secret agencies work behind the scenes to manipulate outcomes.

    • Agree: JimDandy
  4. It’s taken a while, but this insufferably sleazy Kevin Barrett finally shows himself to be a jew.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Greta Handel
  5. Anonymous[147] • Disclaimer says:
    @Arisen Star

    Kevin is muslim, you idiot

  6. Schuetze says:

    I find Cat McGuire’s thesis that the left has been lobotomized by a neutron bomb in some fashion to be of merit. I have noticed this cognitive dissonance myself, and it is my opinion that as the years have rolled by it has just gotten worse. Highly educated family and friends who I used to admire for for their intelligence are completely unable to discuss any event or controversy in an intelligent manner. Of course they always use the old “conspiracy theory” crutch, but their discussions or arguments are completely devoid of whit.

    There seems to be a high correlation with what media they use to get their information. Many of the boomers I know still get their information from newspapers, but I doubt it can be due to the ink. Atmospheric spraying would seem to be a logical candidate, yet the geographic location of people in their midst still possessing cognitive abilities would seem to rule that out, as it would food additives or flouride.

    To my observation, TV programming seems the most closely correlated with cognitive dissonance. People who watch/listen to PBS seem to have lost the most mental capabilities. Could certain TV channels send out some kind of special EM transmission?

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  7. @Arisen Star

    I’m batting well over .500 guessing the one-and-done commenters. They jump out, like graffiti.

    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  8. @Greta Handel

    Hit-&-run hasbara, cowards to the core.

  9. @Schuetze

    I listen to PBS now and then (and read NYT/WaPo/WSJ etc.) to get a sense of what the Establishment wants “educated” people to think. PBS in particular annoys the hell out of me with its extreme one-sidedness, lack of critical reflection, kowtowing to the various PC shibboleths, etc. Anyone who can listen to PBS without getting annoyed must be lobotomized. Or maybe it’s the process of listening that gradually lobotomizes you. Hasn’t worked on me yet.

    The big papers aren’t much better, but at least it’s print, which is less intrusive.

  10. profnasty says:

    Great guests. Great discussion.
    Kevin’s made-up histories went nowhere against these two.
    Thank you Kevin Barrett for providing these high end discussions. You’re the best podcaster I’m aware of. You have honest intellectual curiosity.
    Allah bless.

  11. Schuetze says:

    After mulling your comment over for a day, I agree that PBS alone certainly cannot explain lobotomization of the left, even if you throw in CNN, ABC and even Fox.

    How about this: Meds. America has become renowned for boutique doctors and abundant pharmaceuticals. The wealthy, as in all the famous Hollywood hangers on, can afford these boutique doctors who readily prescribe any and all medications. Xanax, Ambien, Oxycontin, Percocet, Adderol, not to mention all the illegal drugs running rampant. It can be safely assumed the liberals (the left) are much more likely to imbibe these medications.

    This is one reason why Californians seem so open and always overly friendly. The vast majority are on some kind of medication and can not keep themselves from blabbering on about all their own personal issues to complete strangers. On the surface this “openness” seems to represent a certain ease of becoming close and familiar. But beneath the surface is shows a suppressed lack of awareness and acuity, which is a symptom of the “neutron bomb” being dropped on brain power.

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