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Kevin Galalae on COVID-19 and the Global Depopulation Policy
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This interview with Romanian/Canadian author-researcher Kevin Galalae was recorded on video. But if I posted it on YouTube my channel would undoubtedly be nuked. That‚Äôs because YouTube doesn‚Äôt like some of my views‚ÄĒso their censors would seize on things Galalae says in this interview as an excuse to shut me down.

I don‚Äôt agree with Galalea‚Äôs seemingly bizarre statements minimizing/questioning the existence and danger of COVID-19 and suggesting that much if not all of the damage attributed to it has been caused by nerve agents. Experts and evidence I give credence to don‚Äôt support such claims. But even if Kevin Galalea is wrong about some of his specific claims (and it would be surprising if he or anyone else got everything right) his larger argument about global depopulation policy is plausible and merits further investigation‚ÄĒas I wrote in a recent American Free Press article reproduced below.

Kevin Galalae is the author of Killing Us Softly: The Global Depopulation Policy and many other books.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Conspiracy Theories, Coronavirus 
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  1. Interesting discussion–nowhere is it written that the self-appointed elites get to decide anything.

    That is why they must practice mass deception, propaganda, censorship, (including name-calling and finger-pointing) which imho are crimes against all of humanity.

    Are there good solutions–I don’t know.

    But I certainly don’t trust a bunch of self-appointed “experts” who are protected by a bodyguard of lies. Nothing good can come from that arrangement.

  2. Some truth

  3. More absurd, unsupportable nonsense from one of the cardinals of the church of disinformation.
    I live in the province of Alberta, Canada, the same province in which Barrett’s shit-spinning partner Anthony Hall operated before detonating his “anti-semitic” suicide vest. There is an abundance of documentary evidence provided by various authorities in this province regarding the SARS CoV-2 phenomenon, and none of this evidence in any way supports the depopulation motive.
    The health authorities claimed this week that more people have died from Covid-19 than died from influenza in the province in the last twenty years. This claim is, by any reasonable assessment of the available data, false
    The case fatality rate for seasonal influenza in the province has varied from 0.4 to 3.1 between 2010 and 2019, The Covid fatality rate is currently 1.2. However, the influenza totals include only deaths in hospital with lab-confirmed influenza. The Covid deaths include a population of which 75.7% suffered from an average of 4.6 comorbidities, and another 14% with two comorbidities. The average age at death was 82, and at least 60% of the deaths occurred in people already consigned to long-term care, where the median stay for males is a matter of months.
    Significantly, it was not customary to test very elderly, frail people with 4 or more comorbidities who developed influenza-like illness that produced pnemonia and eventually ended the lives of such people in long-term care. Early in the “pandemic”, in fact, these elderly people were not being treated in hospital, as was evident in the discrepency between hospital admissions and deaths in that age group. There were more deaths than hospital admissions.
    Since the launch of Covidmania in March, testing for SARS CoV-2 exceeds the daily testing rate for influenza that we saw in 2019 by up to 180 times, with a 2019 influenza test total of 9000 from late August to late November, and a Covid test total during that period in 2020 of over 720 000.
    4800 people have been hospitalized “with Covid” in Alberta in ten months, compared to th 3000 hospitalized with lab-confirmed influenza in the 2017-18 influenza season.
    So we are to believe that SARS CoV-2 produces 2000% more deaths, but only fifty percent more hospitalizations than a bad influenza year.
    According to StatCan, since Covidmania was sprung, an increase in weekly mortality among the over 65 population, which make up the overwhelming majority of Covid deaths, fully 90%, has increased by something like 6%. This figure is so low that it is virtually indistinguishable from the annual increase in the population of this age group in Alberta.
    The sole source of the increase in case totals for Covid is the prevalance of testing, which has resulted in the “detection” of outbreaks in dozens of acute care hospital settings, but for which no such testing would have been done in past years for influenza.
    There is no categorically more deadly infectious respiratory disease in this province than the influenza-like illness seen every year, there is only a categorically different testing regimen.

    Just another dump-load of garbage from Barrett.

    This Galalae clown’s assertions are beyond stupid. The idea that population numbers in the advanced western countries had to be controlled by psychosocial or chemical means is completely baseless. Does he really believe that the average middle-class couple, other than dipshit religious weirdos, would have fourteen or fifteen kids, like farm famillies one hundred years ago, barring these interventions, is ridiculous.

    Barrett’s reference to the Georgia Guidestones would, in an ideal world, have resulted in him being instantly turned into a mushroom, or better yet, a clump of methane hydrate.. The idea that any population of any species can exist in perpetual balance with nature defies everything that is known about how the planet works. Utter rubbish.

    Barrett’s proposal that perhaps fluoride made him into an ass-clown really jumped the bullshit shark. Galalae’s anecdotal claim about fluoride brings this pseudoscience pas-de-deux to the level of high art. What a pair of cunts.

    • Troll: Kevin Barrett
    • Replies: @R2b
  4. “Kevin Galalae is a Canadian human rights activist, author, historian, journalist and the world‚Äôs foremost independent authority on covert geopolitical programs and policies with respect to globalization and depopulation.”

    The world’s foremost independent authority. Words cannot do justice to Barrett’s level of cum-sockery.

  5. Years ago, I attended a talk on giving women in poor countries access to birth control and education – and what was found is that when women have rights, the ability to control their fertility, and literacy, they have a strong tendency to limit their family size. Most countries around the world have seen falling fertility, anyhow. All over Europe and Japan, they’re below replacement numbers in their birthrates. Getting rid of billionaires, militarism and abandoning consumer culture would quell environmental degradation. The old idea should gain ground, “Live simply so others can simply live.” Production for local needs instead of for export in most contexts would result in a fairer and much more sustainable arrangement. There’s absolutely no need for vaccines, and no need for mandatory euthanasia. If Big pHARMa dried up and blew away, I expect most people would get healthier. We’re over medicalized.

  6. Eleanor says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I just listened to your interview with Kevin Galela, about population. I would like to alert you to the theories of a recently deceased russian scientist, Dr Peter Gariaev. Check out his experiment at U. of Toronto. Its called Linguistic wave genomics. It is the electromagnetic explanation for how chromosomes express. The implications for healing via vibration, and non invasive technologies are considerable. Also for regeneration and life extension. I think these life extension tech is already being used by the wealthy predator class. I don’t think we are on overshoot, just overuse of resources (ignorant use of resources). It is inconvenient, though , for those who expect to live for centuries. Also the revolutionary work of Professor Meyl, a german electrictric engineer who has found the unified theory. It has to do with scalar waves, and how nature transforms photons for energy for biologic systems. This also has profound implications for energy production. I also see the genocide option as odious and in progress. I left the US, due to the widespread use of glyphosate, the toxic geoengineering, the multiple neurotoxins and endocrine disrupters in household products , food water, and air. fluoride is a neurotoxin, as the mercury in dental fillings. My 2 youngest children had reactions to vaccine injections which gave them lifelong problems. As a teacher, I could see the toxic effects on my students,; cognitive, emotional, and behavioral declines. I appreciate your honest, respectful interview. It does feel like we are living through a Dr Who episode!
    You may pass this along to Mr Galalea.

    • Replies: @Kevin Galalae
  7. @Eleanor

    Thank you, Elena, for pointing me to the work of Dr. Peter Gariev! I will check it out.

  8. Lobogris says:

    I consider Kevin Galalae a friend, having communicated with him often over the last half dozen years. He is without doubt a brilliant and courageous human being. I subscribe to his take on global depopulation agenda 100 percent: however, recently I have found his writings on Covid-19 a bit peculiar as he seems to dismiss the disease as a hoax in its entirety, as if the virus did not exist or was of little concern. Yes, the virus has been used in the manner of a hoax to corral us into lockdowns, social controls and vaccinations which seem to be the main objective: however this is a nasty engineered disease and besides deaths, many have had their health ruined for a lifetime. Despite this recent problem I have had with Kevin, I still think he is a magnificent human being who has sacrificed so much to alert humanity to this program, which seems to proceed without regard to possible permanent damage to the human genome, something Kevin has pointed out as perhaps the greatest evil of the depop agenda.

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