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Kerry Bolton: Islamophobia Is the Conservatism of Fools
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Kerry Bolton, a notable conservative thinker from New Zealand, publishes Arktos Journal—which drew police attention after the Christchurch shootings. (Kerry’s description of the police visit to his home is a must-hear.)

Obviously the cops were barking up the wrong tree. Far from being an Islamophobe like the Christchurch shooter(s) and the neocons behind them, Kerry Bolton is the author of a terrific three part series “Islamophobia: Trojan Horse Amidst the Right.” Read it: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

While real conservatives like Kerry Bolton (and conspiracy radio hosts like Vinnie Eastwood) are getting swarmed by New Zealand police, genuinely dangerous Islamophobes in New Zealand and elsewhere—the neocon Zionists—are not only avoiding police scrutiny, but are still running much of the West, orchestrating false flag terror…and spending plenty of effort and money to keep conservatives mired in mindless Islamophobia.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Islamophobia 
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  1. It’s a paradox. Jews make a show of caring about Muslims because they covet hegemony over Muslim territories. An empire professes concern and sympathy over its subjects and victims. After all, if the Jewish Power acted like Nazi Germany and blatantly spelled out its hostile and murderous aims, all Muslims would rise up, unite, and resist US globo-homo lunacy.
    A smart empire pretends to spread ‘human rights’, ‘democracy’, or some ‘good’ thing in its aggression against the Other. It’s like the US pretends to care about Venezuelans as it goes about destroying that nation to turn it into yet another piece of the ‘backyard’ of America. Feign pro- to carry out the anti-. Japanese also justified its imperialism by pontificating about the noble project of the Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere. It didn’t say, “We are gonna invade you inferior Asian breeds to serve us, the great Yamato race” though its actions were premised on just that.

    Furthermore, people within the imperial domain may not support the empire if it’s characterized as naked aggression and mass murder. It didn’t matter much in pre-modern times when conquest and glory were the highest goods. Romans didn’t much care if the Roman military destroyed millions of lives to expand Roman Might. But due to the influence of Christianity and modern concept of Human Rights, it has become increasingly difficult for empires to justify their power and aggression on glory and might alone to their own peoples.
    The empire has to pretend to spread enlightenment, freedom, and liberation to preempt populist and/or radical condemnation of its foreign policy.
    Take the Soviets during the Cold War. They were imperial overlords over the Eastern Bloc. So, were Russians allowed to publicly insult Poles, Czechs, Hungarians, and East Germans as hapless subjects of the Great Russians? No, the Soviet Union clamped down on Russian voices that were openly critical of non-Russian groups. In order for the Russian Core to morally justify its rule over its imperial subjects, it had to pretend the Soviet Union is the agent of liberation and social justice for workers of the world. To maintain this illusion, Russians were forbidden to express hostile views of the Other.

    Jewish Power does the same thing. In order to carry on with Wars for Israel and Zionist-US aggression in the Middle East, it has to feign sympathy for Muslims. Just like US claimed it was protecting Vietnam from tyranny in order to continue with the war, Jews claim they are trying to spread ‘democracy’ or fight ‘terrorism’ in the Middle East(even though Jews are using terrorists against leaders like Assad) to sustain their current hegemonic policy.
    And just like Soviet Union suppressed Russians who voiced hostility toward Poles and Czechs, Jewish Power often clamps down on fellow Jews who openly espouse anti-Muslim views. In private, Jewish Power is just as anti-Muslim and anti-Arab as people like Pamella Geller and Laura Loomer are, but it understands the need for Pro-Islamic publicity campaign if it is to continue intervening in the Muslim World. Only by pretending to be pro-Muslim can the Zionist-US justify its wars to the American people. Also, only by such pretense can Jews forge alliances with some Muslims(such as Saudis) against others like Syrians and Iranians(and Palestinians).

    But because Jewish Power is sometimes harsh toward people like Loomer, Geller, and David Horowitz, it gives the false impression that the Western Elites are pro-Muslim and anti-Jewish. But it’s actually Powerful Jews preventing noisy Jews from letting the cat out of the bag. Powerful Jews know they must smile at Muslims in the public relations department in order to smack them in the foreign policy department. But noisy Jews like Geller and Loomer either don’t get it or believe that the current Jewish Strategy is a bad one.

  2. Vinteuil says:

    Priss Factor shows up here, now, at great length?

    I mean, WTF?

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  3. So what are we misguided knuckle dragging Islamophobes in the US to make of the recent children’s sing along hour at the Muslim elementary school in Philadelphia? A kiddie song promoting the decapitation of infidels was the in your face theme in one segment of the school sing along.

  4. @Vinteuil

    Indeed, as I also remember Miss Priss from sometime back. She seemed to irritate a lot of readers.
    I don’t recall the specifics though.

    However, her posting on this article seems to be hitting the mark rather well. Just sayin’.

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  5. A phobia is an irrational fear. It is hardly irrational to recognize the 1200 year war Islam had on Europe, and its many long occupations, as being unfriendly to us. It is hardly irrational to take seriously comments from Muslim politicians in the last decades, like Qaddafi or Erdoğan, who have made no bones about Islam conquering Europe through the womb.

    Are the parents of the grooming gang victims in Britain Islamophobes? Multiculturalism is the vehicle on which Islam, in Western countries, travel. Multiculturalism encourages people to occupy new territory and remain separate. Islam is reform Judaism, and like Jews, the majority of Muslims superficially reflect the culture of the new territory but remain loyal to their old ways.

    I am acquainted with Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains. At the end of the day, they are different than the Jews and Muslims only in degree, as they are less interested in being victims. Multiculturalism suits them just fine, but it’s poison to us.

  6. @Curmudgeon

    “It’s just a tiny minority giving a bad name to all the rest! NAMALT!”

  7. @Curmudgeon

    “Islamophobia” is what the prophet was after.

  8. Anon[174] • Disclaimer says:

    While real conservatives like Kerry Bolton (and conspiracy radio hosts like Vinnie Eastwood) are getting swarmed by New Zealand police, genuinely dangerous Islamophobes in New Zealand and elsewhere—the neocon Zionists—are not only avoiding police scrutiny, but are still running much of the West, orchestrating false flag terror…and spending plenty of effort and money to keep conservatives mired in mindless Islamophobia.

    Mindless Islamophobia?

    Tell that to the Visigoths among countless other historical and present groups that are either vastly reduced or no longer with us due to ever-aggressive Semitic Islam.

    And please, with your sophomoric Islam / Judaism false dichotomy. Islam is a precise mirror of Judaism. It merely openly restates Judiasm’s core tenets. It was built wholly o the template of Judaism. There is nothing in Islam that is not Jewish. Islam shares Judaism’s eschatology and does the work of Judaism to its end. “Islam is Israel’s broom” according to Chabad. And they are correct.

    Suggesting some sort of difference or meaningful separation between Islam and Judaism is to serve all Semites and their aggressive, genocidal vision for the end of the world (soon coming according to their official clock). To do so doesn’t represent any type of intellectual endeavor. It represents political propaganda that can only be meted in the context of a complete lack of respect for the intelligence and knowledge (historical, theological, etc) of your readers.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
    , @anon
  9. AWM says:

    To both the so called “moderate” as well as the radical Muslims:

    “We got something for your ass.”

    To the globalists creating this whole clusterfuck:

    “We’re coming for you.”

    As far as trying to blame this on the Jews:

    Well just what the heck did you expect on this site.

  10. Whether your views on Islam are positive or negative, if one doesn’t get it by now that it is the neocon Jews who are driving our wars in the greater Middle east and their “liberal” brethren making a pretense about war refugees, one is either ignorant at best or a paid shill at worst.

    They are playing a good cop bad cop routine and would like nothing more than to drive most muslims out of the territories they covet in the MENA region [and while we they at it, topple leaders they don’t like ala Gadhafi , Saddam since it is our boys doing the fighting and dying not theirs]; later using the same to destroy homogeneous European societies whom they’ve always hated since a very very long time [middle ages to be precise]. So they are killing two bird with the same stone [sic] and any intelligent “conservative” who doesn’t get that by now is a paid shill like Jones/Watson.

    • Agree: Dannyboy
  11. Correction: Kerry is not the publisher. He publishes at Arktos Journal—and drew police attention after the Christchurch shootings.

  12. @Anon

    Islam (like Christianity) is universal, spiritual, and moral/ethical. It professes worship of the one universal God. It holds that the purpose of life is the development of the spirit; this-worldly concerns are secondary. And it requires strict morality and ethics. In all of this it supports Jesus’s efforts to turn Judaism inside out and upside down. (Islam, like Christianity, accepts Jesus as Messiah and awaits his return.)

    Judaism is less than universal (Yahweh is a tribal God); less than spiritual (it stresses the material world, ignores the afterlife, and largely ignores the spirit); and less than moral/ethical (Yahweh’s behavior as a model for the Jewish elite borders on psychopathy: ).

    And of course Judaism reviles Jesus and awaits a racist, conquering, vengeful messiah.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Anon
    , @attilathehen
  13. Anon[192] • Disclaimer says:

    Parents of grooming gang victims are not “Islamophobes”; the word is silly.

    However, their anger should also be directed at the British establishment that allows, promotes, and itself practices this evil, rather than primarily at Islam as a religion. I mean, the way things are there is so bad that these folks would have had it almost better in a Muslim country (not actually, of course, but almost).

    • Replies: @Fran800
  14. Anon[948] • Disclaimer says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    Islam (like Christianity) is universal, spiritual, and moral/ethical.

    There’s your thesis.

    Note that at this point it isn’t yet proven to be a valid conclusion.

    Let’s see if your support for that thesis can withstand critique.

    It professes worship of the one universal God.

    How do you know that there is “one universal god”?

    You seem to lack the deeper theological context for this concept. Let me help by referencing the Jewish source of the Islamic monotheist concept (the source of all of their concepts):

    The Jews believe that a god is the metaphysical embodiment of any single people. Hence their phrasing of themselves as (their) “god’s chosen people”.

    In Jewish belief, the material strength of that people indicates a strong, dominant god that is the embodiment of their people. The material weakness of that people indicates a dying or dead god.

    As a people loses power or cohesiveness on Earth, the Jews believe that that people’s “guardian angel” becomes weakened as a reflection of that process. In turn, any heavenly wound sustained by that “rebellious guardian angel” in the “War in Heaven” hurts his reflected people’s prosperity on Earth.

    “Guardian angel”, in Jewspeak, is the Jewish concept of a tribally reflective and supervising “god” repackaged to agree with their ethnic supremacist concept that they are the only legitimate people and only humans on Earth. And thus that only their “guardian angel” is a legitimate god (the monotheist god of the bible and Quran).

    For the Jews, everyone else on Earth is a form of non-human animal or “elemental” (part human) whose “god” is not in fact a god compared to their own (as they are the only true humans according to their system) and therefore must be a lesser being such as a “guardian angel”.

    This is the precise, true meaning of the monotheism concept in both Judaism and its Islamic theological outcrop.

    This is kept as a slightly veiled esoteric concept because its revelation would lead to unified and continuing hostility against such a hostile system and its adherents, but this is the meaning. Islam did not invent the monotheist concept nor did it redefine it. It carried it over from the Judaism that serves as its complete template. A fact that is more than obvious with any serious study of Judaism.

    Nevertheless, note the Jewish acknowledgement of the concept of other tribes having specific tribal gods.

    A fact that both refutes the monotheist concept as one that is merely an allegory for ethnic supremacy, genocide, and slavery of all other tribes (per the very clear statements of purpose ion the Tanakh), and reveals the very material inter-tribal war analogy that is the central concept of both Judaism and its Islamic golem that is its precise reflection.

    This is the foundation of the “War in Heaven” concept in Judaism. The War in Heaven is a metaphor for inter-tribal war on Earth. As their “only god” wars with the “rebellious angels”, the Jews war with other tribes on the planet toward their eventual total destruction (per their clear statements in their Tanakh).

    As one tribe loses its political boundaries and effectiveness, that tribe’s “guardian angel” becomes mortally wounded. In Kabbalistic terminology, its “name” becomes unified with the name of the Jewish tribal god.

    It holds that the purpose of life is the development of the spirit;

    Meaningless metaphysical propaganda. A notion that can be found through many religions, but also a notion that appeals to you emotionally (call that less than compelling) and yet ignores the inter-tribal warfare meaning of ancient myths and the religions that spring from them. Including Judaism and its Islamic creation.

    Islam’s purpose in life is to more brutally and directly eradicate all other national boundaries on behalf of its Jewish puppetmaster, toward the same exact eschatological end point.

    That the Islamic, Christian, and Jewish eschatologies align in the end is no surprise yet it is criminally ignored. The former two are subcults in service of the latter system. Full stop. In fact, the Christ figure is easily traceable back through Jewish influence on earlier pagans, earlier cults promoted by the primary Jewish group through their migration sin easter Anatolia and later in Rome, and earlier Semitic paganism (through Sabazios, Dionysus, Bacchus, Adonis, Dumuzid, etc). I digress.

    The only difference between the end point for Muslims and Jews is that, along with parallel beliefs in Christianity, Islam believes in a total genocide of Muslims in the Jewish “end times” (preface to the beginning the the Jewish Messianic period of world domination).

    Jews also believe that all Christians and Muslims (and all non-Jews as “impurity”) will be genocided in the Jewish apocalypse, leaving the world only for the Jews that survive.

    Both Christians and Muslims believe in and pray for their eventual total genocide (of course, couched more poetically and to facilitate some desire for it “arise into Heaven” etc – all bullshit for genocidal murder at the hands of Jewish machination), as followers of wholly Jewish subults that serve the aims of Judaism and that Judaism’s historic enemies more wisely resisted to the bitter end.

    this-worldly concerns are secondary.

    Yes, of course they are. Because worldly concerns might lead Muslims and Christians to the conclusion that not being genocided or not leading an impoverished life (not leaving more resources for or being enslaved to Jews) is a good thing.

    Embracing a culture of poverty and death fetishes is embracing the slave’s culture that seeks to ignore their horrid, oppressed lives and look for reward after their destruction (death).

    It is no coincidence that these systems arise from the slaver’s religion of Judaism.

    Instead, concentrating on this world’s “concerns” might lead Muslims and Christians to conclude that fighting for survival is a good thing.

    It might lead them to the conclusion that their so called “religion” contains a massive figurative bomb at the end that results ion their total genocide and that is a very suspicious and bad thing (something that their true god would never allow).

    And it requires strict morality and ethics.

    Its moral and ethical system, in its entirety, is lifted from Orthodox Judaism. Islam is merely strict Judaism, restated for emotionally labile Arabs and Turks who are more than willing to be consistently and overtly violent on its behalf. Actual Jews prefer long term sociopolitical subversion, but having this Islamic Army, patterned on their religion, to do their military bidding is an advantage.

    “Islam is the broom of Israel” – a Chabad Rabbi, recently on video (check youtube)

    We will never forget the Islamic invasion of Spain that changed it and us forever, as well as the same in our traditional homeland of Anatolia, soon after this “religion’s”inception and at the behest and with the cooperation of Jews. Not to mention its actions ion North Africa and the Levant just prior.

    That’s the group that you are empathizing with and advocating for: the historic enemy of Europe.

    In the context of what? Its supposed morality after it destroyed the cultures and their moral systems before it in the Levant and elsewhere? After Christianity did the same, you are willing to adopt it because you lack an innate sense of honor and morality and require Jews to re-educate you on those precepts even as those lessons come with your guaranteed eventual genocide? Where is your heart? Where is your mind? Where is your loyalty?

    No true man commits himself to or defends systems and obligations that he does not understand. Christians and Europeans who support Islam do both.

    In all of this it supports Jesus’s efforts to turn Judaism inside out and upside down.

    Jesus does no such thing. If Christianity’s intent were to replace Judaism, it would have instituted the same edicts that Judaism and Islam institutes against foreign groups: it would have mandated its destruction by force.

    Christianity is simple secular liberalism, written by Jews (important and criminally overlooked) and toward the aims of Jews (as indicated by, among other things, its eschatology that precisely matches Jewish genocidal eschatological aims).

    Christianity holds zero legacy concepts of god, all of which were otherwise tribal.

    Christianity is meant for consumption by Jewish enemies to undermine their political unity and therefore their existence (the War in Heaven). Exactly parallel to communism.

    Just like Jewish communism that is Christianity stripped of its pretense, Christianity is meant solely to turn its followers into a group with a culture that makes them fit for slavery (because it fundamentally undermines or otherwise rejects the tribal culture and its resultant cooperation that is required for political power).

    Because Christianity attempts to do this on the metaphysical level, it doesn’t merely ignore the soul like communism but attempts to destroy it through its universalizing process.

    Universal love is in reality the rejection of all morality (see the efforts of the current Pope) as well as the cultural-political coherence and boundaries that define us as both unique peoples and human.

    It removes our resistance to the the Jewish ideal for their slaves that would treat us as boundary-free, politically powerless animals whose only future moral enlightenment comes from Rabbinical scraps (should we survive at all).

    In the sense that they attack the soul and not merely its material political results, Christianity and its spiritual-universalization brother Islam are worse than communism.

    (Islam, like Christianity, accepts Jesus as Messiah and awaits his return).

    Oh boy. Sign us up for that Jewish mass-genocidal apocalypse.

    Did you know that what is also taught is that the Jews are to make the apocalypse so horrific that all technology is to be erased from the world at that time? A concept that is told through the myth of the future apocalyptic binding of the “rebellious angel” (of Aryans) “Azazel”?

    Think about how bad the war will have to be to erase all human memory and technological competence.

    That’s what you are hoping for when you are hoping for the “return of Christ”. You are hoping for the world’s total erasure to include our mass genocide at the hands of very real Jews and their proxies.

    This apocalypse is not a metaphysically determined eventuality.

    This is human-invented political instruction and myth. Snap out of it.

    It is genocidal political instruction that very real humans are trying to bring into existence for psychopathological political goals that originated in the deranged minds of one group from pre-scientific antiquity.

    The primary method that they claim that will be used to instigate that apocalypse is a world war between their invention of Islam and the West.

    Which they state in Zohar Shemot 32a.

    Take note of the later reference to the all-important War in Heaven concept that I prior discussed, when the Rabbi states that the guardian angels of the nations will be destroyed in the apocalypse, leaving Israel as the only world power:

    Translated and annotated by Rahmiel-Hayyim Drizin from the Zohar selection in Hok L’Yisrael

    Based on Zohar Shemot 32A

    The children of Ishmael [i.e. the Arab nations] will cause great wars in the world and the children of Edom will gather against them and wage war against them, one on the sea, one on the dry land, and one near Jerusalem. And they [the children of Edom] will rule over them [the children of Ishmael], but the Holy Land will not be given over to the children of Edom. [The children of Edom is the Christian West, for Edom is Rome (see Num. 24:19, Rashi) and Rome signifies Greece-Rome and the Roman Catholic Church, the foundations of Western Civilization]

    At that time, a nation from the end of the earth will be aroused against evil Rome and wage war against it for three months. Nations will gather there, and [Rome] will fall into their hands, until all the children of Edom will gather against it [that nation] from all the corners of the world. Then G d will be roused against them. This is the meaning of: “For G d has a sacrifice in Botzrah”. (Isaiah 34:6) And afterwards, it is written: “That it might take hold of the ends of the earth…” (Job 38:13) He will destroy the descendants of Ishmael from the land, and break all the powers of [all the nations’ guardian angels] Above. There will not remain any power of any people on earth, except the power of Israel alone.

    BeRahamim LeHayyim: One cannot ignore the facts. To do so entreats disaster. Read this in terms of the daily news, and substitute Arab nations for Ishmael, and the West and US for Edom.

    You come to lecture us on Semitic Islam but lack a fundamental deep understanding of these religious systems.

    I’m let down that Ron’s standards for topical commentary by authors are not better, with all due respect to you and Ron.

    You can find North again, but you need to put in the time to study these systems on a comprehensive level. They are innately esoteric and obviously in the service of one ethnic group.

    • Replies: @Anon
  15. Anon[948] • Disclaimer says:

    ** When I prior wrote “easter(n) Anatolia”, I had meant to write western Anatolia / Greece.

  16. Anon[359] • Disclaimer says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    If you want to do something useful instead of praying for your own genocidal death in the upcoming Jewish apocalypse under the premise of praying for the “return of Christ” or under fealty to Semitic Islam, then I suggest making and burying a time capsule.

    In fact, people should widely and quickly be doing this.

    The (intentionally human facilitated) apocalypse can happen anytime within the next 200 years according to the official Jewish clock, including tomorrow.

    As prior noted, its scripture-stated goals are two fold:

    1. mass genocide
    2. the erasure of technology

    The latter goal is likely so that the remaining people hold those others, who have kept technology through the apocalypse, as gods on Earth.

    In the time capsule, put all of the useful technological references that you can find. Start with technology as simple as language, writing, cooking / butchering, soap making, and textile weaving.

    Consider including knowledge / technology for math, the printing press, plumbing, electricity, materials technology, building technology / architecture, implements of war, medicine, legal systems, combustion engine / automotive and other transportation, machine engineering, civil engineering, chemistry, fossil fuels, and electronics / computers.

    Everything and anything else that will promote independence from the new gods on Earth in the post apocalypse period.

    This may sound mad, but you believe in the Jewish story that a god that will appear on Earth to accompany you to heaven after you are genocided along with billions of others.

    My suggestion acknowledges the general plan, but takes a more practical view and approach in response to a deeper context for the Jewish (man made and self interested) mass genocidal belief system.

    Its a sincere suggestion.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  17. @Kevin Barrett

    Here’s a good youtube that shows Islam is false:

  18. lauris71 says:

    It is hardly irrational to recognize the 1200 year war Islam had on Europe

    Except that it was not a war of Islam against Europe but an ordinary conquest any “normal” empire makes during its ascending phase. If the Caliphate and/or Ottomans had been Zoroatrist, Buddhist or Christian the history would probably have been pretty similar.
    The theological differences, of course, created a lot of burdens to normal communication and trade between the blocks but conquering weaker countries does not need any extra justification. Europe did the same as soon as it recovered, initially in Americas, later in Asia and ME too.

  19. @Anon

    The Jewish apocalypse is linked to the evangelical “rapture” –& given the evangelical longing for the return of the Messiah (ie the apocalypse) this in turn is the basis of the evangelical hyper-love of all things Israel/jewish.

    • Replies: @Anon
  20. @lauris71

    “Except that it was not a war of Islam against Europe but an ordinary conquest any “normal” empire makes during its ascending phase.”
    I agree to a large extent. However, one can not totally discount the religious zeal which gave the Islamic empire/s some of its dynamic / inspiration force. Islam was not the cause of imperial expansion, but a catylist.

  21. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:


    • Replies: @Anon
  22. @Priss Factor

    Exellent observation, Priss. I can only add that liberal-lefty diaspora Jews also believe they have genuine collective interest in importing as many non-whites and non-Christians as possible into our civilization in order to balkanize us, so that we can never become a threat to their power. Many have noted their historic preference for multi-ethnic empires over homogeneous nation-states (other than Israel, of course). So a whole other motive for them presenting a nice face to Moslem immigrants in the West is to instrumentalize them against us. ‘Islamophobic’ Jews like Gellar et al. don’t know they’re supposed to check their Zionism at the door when they discuss Moslem immigration into this country, rather than, say, Israel.

  23. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Priss got exiled for a while about 2 years ago when he switched his handle without first telling Unz. That violated Unz’s ‘no sock puppet’ rule. However, the ban has now been lifted, so Priss is back … which I regard as good news.

  24. @lauris71

    Long before the Ottomans, Mohamed was spreading Islam by the sword. Spain had been trampled, and had it not been for Charles Martel’s victory at Tours, 700 years before the Ottomans, we all would have been Muslims. The only thing that slowed the Eastern European conquest was the “counter-attack” by the Mongols, which succeeded in wiping out millions of Muslims.

  25. TG says:

    I suffer from a fear of cancer. Obviously I am cancer phobic.

    I suffer from a fear of venomous snakes. I am venomous snake phobic.

    I suffer from a fear of walking out into a busy highway. I am being-squashed-by-heavy-trucks phobic.

    Wahhabist Islam is a political philosophy (no more a religion than Nazism or Stalinism) that proclaims extreme hatred of jews, christians, hindus, atheists, women, gays, and other sects of Islam, to name a few. It clearly states that Islamic people are allowed – obligated, really – to enslave or kill these infidels as they see fit. Muslims treat their women like slaves and their children like cattle. They breed enormous numbers of children, partly to sell into slavery as a source of profit (check out the wikipedia article on the economy of Pakistan), partly because they don’t care. This creates the most brutal crushing poverty on the face of the globe.

    Islam is just like Nazism, except that Islamic people have a broader spectrum of hatred, and the trains don’t run on time.

    Oh, and Islam is a religion of peace and all who say different must be killed. If nothing else, you can’t accuse an Islamic person of having a sense of irony.

    The worst thing you an do to an Islamic person, is to force them to live in a Wahhabist Islamic country. It is widely considered to be a gross violation of human rights, to force Islamic people to live with the consequences of their own actions. By their fruit shall ye know them.

    The day that reactionary Islamic countries create societies that are fit to live in, is the day that I respect their philosophy. I am not holding my breath.

    Bottle them up, and Islamists will slaughter each other in mindless rage, as all those desperate hungry unemployed young men, denied the solace of women, wine, or song, vent their frustrations the only way they can, through anger and destruction. Let them escape, and they will slowly but surely corrupt and impoverish all that they touch.

    I am Islamophobic.

    I am sane.

  26. Islam doesn’t need any help in creating Islamophobia. The burning of hundreds of Christian Churches and the murder of over 6,000 Christians per year is pretty convincing. They are smug, arrogant, dirty, immoral pieces of scum. Everything they touch turns to shit. Sorry, but you can’t have it both ways by blaming Israel and relieving Muslims of responsibility. If I had to pick one of the two, I’d take the Jewish People before accepting a single Muslim.

  27. @lauris71

    If the Caliphate and/or Ottomans had been Zoroatrist, Buddhist or Christian the history would probably have been pretty similar.

    Besides your sincere wish for this to be true, what’s the proof?

  28. Anon[211] • Disclaimer says:

    Not a meaningful response. For example, in reply I could type “actually very well learned” and it serves as a full rebuttal to your single word nonsense.

    • Replies: @anon
  29. Anon[178] • Disclaimer says:

    “The evangelical rapture is linked to the Jewish apocalypse” would technically the right way to phrase that (not the inverse).

    The former (Evangelical rapture) is wholly founded on the concept of the pre-existing latter (the Jewish apocalypse). In fact, its the same thing worded differently. Which is unsurpising since Christianity is a sub-cult of Judaism.

    Islam is also a subcult of Judaism and has a similar apocalypse myth as Christianity with the same genocidal outcome for Muslims as exists for Christians in the Christian version.

    Both are in service of Judaism (as they can only be given that Judaism defines their foundations).

    The Christian “rapture” is a perverse re-phrasing of the Jewish apocalypse, with the same outcome. The only difference is that the mass murder of Christians (rapture into heaven) is couched as a good thing to Christians and they are taught to pray for that outcome.

    In the Jewish texts, the same result is couched as “removing impurity” from the world so that Jews may rule it unencumbered (as it is phrased to Christians: “the meek shall inherit the Earth”).

    In the Christian texts, all good Christians will be genocided in-full. The evil trick of the Jewish subcult of Christianity is that they couch this mass murder as some type of beneficial death during / after which Christians will “rise into heaven”. (which is a simple metaphor for death, after which no human actually knows what happens – which is likely nothing that we have a concept for if not nothing at all). This is all simple allegory for mass murder. Full stop.

    Praying for an ultimate end that results in their own mass death is an alarming and decided red flag of a demented cult that is not in the interests of anyone (except perhaps those who are not slated to be completely genocided).

    It is not dissimilar from the Heaven’s Gate cult in form. No pre-Christian traditional, legitimate religion promoted the total mass death of all of its followers as beneficial. That they are taught to pray for their own eventual deaths is an evil perversion of the politics of this world, the gift of life in this world, and the source must be examined as a result.

    Islam has a similar, parallel eschatology that holds that all Muslims will be genocided in the apocalypse.

    This telling parallel, also agreeing with the Jewish version but worded differently to have Muslims hoping for their mass genocide, is another red flag for a cult that is not in the interests of its followers but of the Jewish group that is the source of the cult.

    In Zohar Shemot 32a (as prior quoted in this comments section), the Jews admit that a final war with Islam will destroy the West in-full and result in the genocide of all Muslims. The end result is that Israel will be the only national power left in the world.

    This is a statement of Jewish political intent and its strategy.

    The Christian and Islamic Jewish subcults agree with it.

  30. Anon[276] • Disclaimer says:

    Except that it was not a war of Islam against Europe but an ordinary conquest any “normal” empire makes during its ascending phase.

    That’s a sweeping excuse for a movement that states exactly the opposite, as does its Jewish foundation.

    Inventing false propaganda is their service, because it seems superficially logical to you, is not a good idea. It’s bizarre.

    Both religions fundamentally hold to a belief system that announces an eternal war against unbelievers. Judaism’s such edicts in the Tanakh have a strong racial subtext to them. Judaism, Islam’s template, names Europe, its peoples, and all other continuations of “Rome” specifically in their long ago admitted metaphor of “Esau”. All slated for genocide and complete destruction.

    The Jews admit that Islam is in service to Jews. It was not long after Islam’s founding that it invaded Spain, a Visigoth nation that had recently sanctioned Jews for plotting against it (likely with the Islamic caliphate that indeed later destroyed it).

    If the Caliphate and/or Ottomans had been Zoroatrist, Buddhist or Christian the history would probably have been pretty similar.

    Garbage conjecture. No one uses “probably would have been” in serious arguments. None of these other religions have the type of dcotrinal imperialism that Islam has and has repeatedly demonstrated. Moreover, Christianity is also a Semitic cult and so it is not suitable as a control in this comparison. There is too much Semitic crossover.

    conquering weaker countries does not need any extra justification.

    So, imperialism is its own justification no matter what the underlying ideology and reasons?

    I reject your premise.

    Especially when the actions, methods and results of certain actors like Islam are so consistent and abhorent.

    To wit, Pakistan would not exist if the murderous cultural imperialism of Islam did not arise within the same ethnic-racial group.

    The case of what would eventually become Pakistan is not a case of one tribe conquering the lands of another because such imperialism was “normal” between groups.

    It is the case of the spread of a virulent Semitic ideology, which is aggressively destructive and imperialistic in line with its Jewish foundation, that fractured an ethnic group and a subcontinent.

    There is nothing natural about that. There is nothing comparably historic about that. There are no other pre-Semitic parallels.

    This type of imperialism is not resource based. It is not natural. It is based wholly on Semitic ideology, it fractures ethnic groups themselves and leads to war, and it continues today in a way that is obvious to all critics of Islam but in a way that you are ignoring with your strange excusing commentary.

    Europe did the same as soon as it recovered, initially in Americas, later in Asia and ME too.

    You mean then Semitic Spain, which was entirely mixed with the Arab / Turk genetics and their Semitic poisons? You aren’t talking about the Visigoths that Islam destroyed.

    You mean the Semitic British Isles and France?

    You mean the ME that had long ago been violently conquered and ethnically cleansed by Semitic Islam that has no true claim to the land?

    Along with Judaism, Islam is unique in its foundational imperialist ideology. This means that it will not (can not) stop in spite of a lack of resource need in any period. Its goal is world conquest. This is how it is different from your excusing false parallels. You defend them to everyone’s detriment.

  31. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    one accurate word with enough meaning
    to describe your comment.

  32. In the May edition of E. Michael Jones’ Culture Wars, there’s a Letter by Dale Walker replying to a Muslim-hater’s article in the March edition. I’d include it here but I’m not computer-savvy enough!

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  33. @Fool's Paradise

    Mitumba EMJ is a groid-loving, insane anti-Semite who will use any person or group which he thinks will help him to deal with the Jews.

    The RCC has collapsed because of diversity, but he believes its collapsed because of the Jews.

  34. Well, I don’t know. I’m not catholic or religious and I don’t understand/interested in, many of Culture War’s articles, but I subscribe because of its stance on usury and Zionism from a Christian and historical perspective. My letter (sorry I can’t bring it to this page!) was in response to an article by a “Christian” attacking Islam for not being a “religion of peace”, pointing out to this “Christian” that “Christians” (and Israelis) are responsible for most of the violence and bloodshed in the world.

  35. Anon[189] • Disclaimer says:

    Islamophilia is the conservatism of ethnic cucks, the short sighted, those illiterate in history and theology, those without heart (looking for an easy way out), and the low IQ set in general.

    Islamophilia is only comfort and assistance to our enemies: Islamic and Jewish.

  36. Reisen says:

    Unz Review getting woke by getting the non PC group to become warriors to protect Islam and Muslims from criticism. We can criticize Judaism and Jews, but Muslims cannot be held accountable for their actions, because they are merely victims of Global Zion. Muslims and Jews are not natural allies, but it is the Jews who force Christians and Muslims into war.

    Strange how, when Muslims reach a numerical majority, the tune completely changes from ‘we are victims of Jews, like you’ to ‘do what we say, or else you’re a Jew’.

    • Replies: @anon
  37. anon[393] • Disclaimer says:

    Strange how, when Muslims reach a numerical majority, the tune completely changes from ‘we are victims of Jews, like you’ to ‘do what we say, or else you’re a Jew’.

    Not at all strange.

    Your are the fabricator.
    Make up what you will.
    Have your fictional characters sing as you wish.

  38. anon[833] • Disclaimer says:

    Far from being an Islamophobe like the Christchurch shooter(s) and the neocons behind them

    shame on you for using these BS loaded JEW words meant to insult people who don’t want mooslims and their shitria law


  39. Islamophobia:

    The recognition that its founder was an illiterate, murderous, adulterous, misogynistic pederast and Gnostic Heretic. That if a true Prophet, would have been the only illiterate Prophet to ever live, of those we know. A Prophet who embraced tactical lying to accomplish the goals of his Arabian Moon god, Allah. A god so powerful his Prophet needed to lie occasionally to further the its will.

    The recognition that a vast number of its adherents are misogynistic, ignorant, murderous, and hateful.

  40. Fran800 says:

    Not even close. The Scandinavian girls who were beheaded in North Africa recently are more typical of what Western girls would have it in a Muslim country. Or Asia Bibi in Pakistan, although she is not even Western, just Christian.

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