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Ken McCarthy: Tony Fauci Is Corrupt to the Core!
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Is Anthony Fauci one of the most institutionally corrupt individuals of our time? That’s what today’s guest, Ken McCarthy, says.

Ken McCarthy, an early Internet commercialization pioneer who specializes in seeing what’s hidden in plain sight. He tracks what he calls the CoVid Con and other atrocities at

Excerpts from the interview:

“The two great experts on Tony Fauci, unfortunately, are deceased. One guy that could get into the science was Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis. And he was very outspoken about Fauchi as a fraudulent scientist. And then there was a great gay rights activist journalist named Terry Michael who who could really get into the mechanics of Tony’s various con jobs. Unfortunately, they’re passed away. So I’m standing on the shoulders of giants. But I’m also just reading the newspaper.

“One of Tony Fauci’s jobs is bioweapons. He has a whole division in his little unit there at NIH that’s called biodefense. A lovely euphemism! And when we had the potential smallpox attack—around 9/11, there was a fear that the bad guys were going to hit us with smallpox—he was charged with coming up with a smallpox vaccine and deploying it.

” And so he is a biowarfare guy. It’s one of the reasons he’s been he’s been protected for so long.

“Let’s let’s get to some just plain vanilla stuff that I’m surprised the media doesn’t talk about when it comes to Tony Fauci. The first one may not be a big secret because it comes up a lot, but it merits meditation upon. And that is that this guy has had the same federal job for thirty six years. It’ll be 37 years this year he’s had the same job in the federal bureaucracy. That is unusual. That means you’ve had to survive many different presidents, many different parties, many different regimes, many different social changes. And yet he’s always there. Now, I only know one other guy that pulled that off in American history: J. Edgar Hoover.

“We’re talking deep state. Fauci survives because he does what the deep state wants him to do. He’s also a superb politician. And that’s very important. He’s got an M.D. degree. But the idea he’s a physician is a joke. The idea that he’s a scientist is a joke. And I wish Kary Mullis hadn’t passed away last summer because he could really be talking to this. Fauci is not a scientist. What he is is just a world class bureaucrat. And that’s why he has survived for 36 years. That and the fact that he does what deep state people would like him to do.

“Now, here’s a little trivia question. And you would think in our money mad culture, this would have come out. There are two million people getting a paycheck from the federal government as employees. Who do you think the third highest paid employee in the entire federal bureaucracy is? It’s Tony Fauci. Now, how do you bury that? That’s just a factoid you’d think somebody would come out with. Of two million people, he’s not in the top one percent of the one percent. (He’s in the .00015 percent!)

“He also has another little side gig, which is he is allowed and does quite frequently receive honorariums for speaking, for making appearances. He gets all kinds of awards. And it all goes to, you know, Tony Fauci, his hip pocket bank. There’s no law against him receiving honorariums even when the group giving him money is a group that’s funded by him. So, for instance, the Albany Medical Center gave him half a million dollars for ‘science innovation.’ Now, it just happens that Albany Medical Center lives on on NIH grants.

“Here’s another one that’s very important, which is AIDS. And we could do several shows on AIDS, but we’ll just stick to the plain vanilla facts. Over half a trillion, over five hundred billion dollars, has been spent on AIDS research since 1981. It dwarfs all other illnesses per capita. It’s not even close. And the guy that’s been in control of that—and this may be why he kept the job and didn’t try something else—has pretty much been Tony Fauci. And this gives him tremendous power. In the medical research world and the scientific research world, it’s not like you have an infinite number of potential markets. There are only a few sources of money. One of them is the NIH. It’s a hugely important source. And this has been the source of Tony Fauci’s personal power, which is extreme. So if you’re a medical researcher or a bio-researcher and you want to have a career, you want to put food on your table for 40 years in a row, you better not make this man mad, or write about or talk about or publish anything that’s not part of his agenda, or your career is over.

“The great esteemed virologist Peter Duesberg of UC Berkeley, who is one of the great scientists of our age, was literally hounded (out of his career). He had his tenure. He was highly regarded all over the world. But he still needed funding and Fauci made sure that Duisburg got no funding as soon as Duesberg was questioning the HIV causes AIDS formula.

“Basically, anybody that wants to have a career knows—it’s very clear—you don’t cross Tony Fauci or you don’t have a career any more. So that’s all the science researchers and medical researchers in the United States and the world. Universities, same thing. They are entirely dependent on grants for research. So they’re not going to be happy if one of their professors stands up and starts questioning the science of anything Tony Fauci says. So he’s got all the universities in his pocket.

“And then if you’re an aspiring bureaucrat and you want to be a health commissioner of a state—which, by the way, is one of the best paid jobs in state government. It’s very, very common for the state health commissioner to be getting three hundred thousand dollars or more per annum. And interestingly enough, a lot of these guys really have no public health degrees. The guy that’s running New York’s public health right now is a member of Council of Foreign Relations. He’s an anesthesiologist specializing in pediatric cardiology. But he has absolutely no training in epidemiology, and yet he’s the person making all the decisions for New York State. And these decisions he’s making are quite catastrophic. So if you want a job like that without having proper qualifications, it’s good to have Tony Fauci vouching for you.

“So speaking of New York State and speaking of the Cuomos, this is something that came and went really fast. But Chris Cuomo apparently had COVID. And there was a little thing on CNN and it it came up and then it disappeared really fast. But I recorded it. It was Chris Cuomo praising and thanking Fauci for calling him every single day of the week personally. Think about that. We’ve got a newscaster on CNN getting personal calls from Tony Fauci. Now, who’s his brother? Andrew Cuomo.

“One of the things that Fauci said—this is on tape, thankfully—”I’ve known you guys since you were kids.” And that’s true. Mario Cuomo and Tony Fauci know each other very well. We’ve talked about researchers loving Tony Fauci’s money. Well, government officials love AIDS money. There’s a lot of it. It’s distributed very liberally. And New York State got a whole bunch of it. And I’m sure it’s still getting a whole bunch of it.

“Let’s talk about Tony Fauci, the the fantastic propagandist. Tony Fauci would give Dr. Goebbels a run for his money. Well, Tony Fauci’s accomplished something not too dissimilar. So one thing that a an investigative journalist could do, if they would get the doughnut out of their mouth and actually do some work—and none of them do—is just to look at the enormous size of the bureaucracy that is Tony Fauci, his personal domain. He has eight separate divisions that he’s running. One of them, of course, is biodefense, which I mentioned earlier. Now, here’s where it gets important. Each one of these divisions has its own communications director. And the office of the director, which is Tony Fauci, has a communications director and a deputy director. So that that is ten, count them, ten full time guys whose only job is to spout the Tony Fauci party line.

“And that’s just the directors. I don’t know how many staff people there are. That’s hidden. You know, that’s not easy to find out. But the directors they do disclose. But let’s say it’s just 10 guys, 40 hours a week. That means he has four hundred hours a week every week, 52 weeks a year to tell the Tony Fauci story.

“Who’s on the other side of that? Who is countering Tony Fauci’s story?” (Kevin Barrett: “Truth Jihad Radio!”)“Right. It’s amazing. So we’ve got 400 hours a week from guys whose whole bread and butter is to promote and defend this guy. And then we have us, the ragtag irregulars, fighting a guerrilla action. You know who’s going to win? Now it gets even worse because he’s been at this for 36 years. So he’s got a Rolodex. So if you or I pick up the phone and want to talk to Chris Cuomo or to anybody in the news media, they’re not even gonna pick up the phone, let alone return our call. Everybody’s going to return Tony’s call. So not only does he have the manpower to just pump out propaganda nonstop, he also has, you know, a thick Rolodex of people that are ready, willing and able to talk to him within the journalism world.

“You occasionally have a science and medical writer that will that will go up against Fauci. Believe it or not, the former Times of London guy when AIDS was on the ascendancy did some looking into the whole AIDS story, found it suspect scientifically, and started to speak out about it. Well, he’s not employed any more.

“So Fauci has a lot of control over who’s going to be the medical and science correspondent of various newspapers and magazines. But it’s even worse than that because 95% of the people reporting on the COVID story are liberal arts grads. They studied Russian literature or English composition or whatever. They have absolutely no science training whatsoever, which means they’re very easy to snow.

“I was in Princeton University’s undergraduate neuroscience program in the late 70s before it was co-opted by the pharma industry. And I did not get my degree in that after all. But I was in the program. I’m not a super scientist, but I do know my way around chemistry and biology and anatomy and physiology. And I’m not easily bullshitted. However, most of the people that are writing these stories are super easily bullshitted, and that is a real big, serious problem.

“Now, the other problem related to this is an infrastructure problem. If you turn on the evening news, you’re going to see 50 to 70 percent of the ads are pharmaceutical products. Several network news programs are actually stamped and underwritten by pharmaceutical companies. So you don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to realize that if somebody’s showing up at a TV news outlet’s door every week with a wheelbarrow full of money consistently…

By the way, you know, some industries run hot and cold in their advertising. They’re going to advertise a lot at Christmas, but not a lot in August. But the pharma guys just show up every week. And I’m going to guess they don’t negotiate too hard on the rate card. They’re probably paying the full rate. So people think, “oh, well, you know, they’re trying to get us to buy these drugs. They’re trying to get us to to pester our doctors into prescribing these various drugs.” And I’m sure that’s part of it.

“But another huge part of it is—remember Archer Daniels Midland?” (Kevin Barrett: “How could we forget? Their name gets repeated all the time on PBS and places like that.”)“Yeah. And why? That’s payment to make sure that we never look at corn syrup and the fact that it’s barely corn and hardly syrup. It’s basically a toxic brew that creates diabetes.

“That’s an interesting side story. But it’s illustrative of what we’re talking about tonight. My professor at at Princeton was a guy named Bart Hubbell. He mapped the dopamine pathway in the human brain. This guy is a significant neuroscientist. He started doing research in the early 2000s on the impact of corn syrup on the brains of rats. And he discovered neurological damage. And would you believe that a ‘grassroots group,’ like ‘corn syrup for the masses’ or something, started a massive letter writing saying ‘save our corn syrup.’ I mean, it was just ludicrous. But the pressure was so extreme and Princeton was so craven that they basically told Professor Hubble to back off. And he did. So that’s science in America today. And Tony Fauci is one of the main henchmen in controlling science to the negative.

“Medical science is really fascinating. They’re good at inventing diseases. You’ve probably heard of restless leg syndrome,which which has a pharmaceutical cure, you’ll be happy to know. We won’t get into the AIDS thing. But there are people who have catastrophic collapses of their immune systems. There’s absolutely no doubt about that. It is a horrible thing to have happen. But AIDS as we know it through the media lens is a manufactured situation. And that’s Tony Fauci’s political base and money pump. Half a trillion in research money. And interestingly enough—and we’ve got the video of this, you can look it up—in 1984, when he got his job from the Reagan administration with the help of George Bush, Fauci promised an AIDS vaccine, in 1984! It was just around the corner! It’s 2020. We don’t have an AIDS vaccine, but we have spent half a trillion dollars.

“AZT was a chemotherapy that was developed to treat a kind of cancer. And it was determined to be too dangerous for human use. But Fauci and friends, thanks to the hysteria they helped build around AIDS, got it reclassified. And it was given to millions of people. There are researchers that believe somewhere between 200,000 and 500,000 people died of AZT consumption because AZT is a mutagen. It’s a carcinogen. And it actually destroys the immune system, which is—and this is not subject to debate—that was on the warning label.

“So fast forward to the present. He’s doing the same thing with COVID. It is such a disaster, it’s such a travesty, it’s such a catastrophe, it’s such an emergency that we’re gonna throw out all the normal safeguards for developing vaccines. My understanding is one of the things they’ve thrown out is animal testing. It has gone straight to people, including children.

“And the Zika virus: There were some birth defect cases in Brazil. Tragic, obviously. And what nobody points out was they were all rural people living amongst these horrific soybean plantations where they were spraying glyphosate without limit. And so they were most likely pesticide poisoning. But they decided that it was the Zika virus, and the Zika virus was coming to America. And I have a little clip where Fauci’s talking about how he met with the Joint Chiefs of Staff to create a plan to help protect the United States, to repel Zika from coming to its shores. They’re called virus hunters, these guys, among scientists that that follow these things.. And they’re tall tale tellers and everything works out so that it turns out to be a fantastic money pump for Pharma and IHSS.

“And the (COVID) playbook: You have to look at where this outbreak took place. Well, no one clearly has. You know, that weapons grade bio lab. No question about it. But the thing that people seem to forget or ignore or didn’t know or whatever about Wuhan is it is the most polluted city on earth. I mean, it’s an absolute hellhole. People were wearing masks every day on their way to work in Wuhan. So that combined with some kind of viral problem and a less than ideal medical system could result in a lot of chaos in the hospitals. And chaos in hospitals, overwhelmed hospitals translates into a lot of unnecessary deaths.

“Same problem in Northern Italy. People may not be aware of it, with Venice and all these beautiful places, that it’s the industrial belt of Italy, with very polluted air. And it is the oldest demographic in Europe. So you have a lot of old people, really bad air quality, and they have a problem with the flu every year. Now, this was an unusually big one, but they get overwhelmed every year.

“Now, let’s go to New York City. This is really important. And I’ll do this really fast. Cuomo put out a do-not-resuscitate order, a blanket do-not-resuscitate order, in March. And he kept it running, I think, till about mid-April. That means normal medical care was suspended. If somebody was out, you don’t do anything to bring them back. That might have contributed to some people that could have survived dying.

“Cuomo also ordered nursing homes to take actively contagious patients. That went on for two months before he rescinded that one. But the big one was the ventilators. And this is something, again, you don’t have to be an investigative scientist to know. You just have to ask a few questions. The whole process of intubating somebody is a big deal. They’re on eight to 12 major drugs. And we’re not talking about taking a pill. We’re talking about, they wire you. You’ve got drips of fentanyl to kill the pain of having this thing shoved down your neck. They’ve got things that are paralytics which keep you from moving. Very, very, very powerful drugs. Do you think you get up and have lunch when you’re on a vent? No, you’re fed from a tube. And then you’ve got these ventilators pumping these people’s lungs at the wrong setting, which apparently happened quite a bit. That one nurse who’s a former army nurse, she said that she worked in two hospitals, one in Florida, and they didn’t have a single (COVID) death.

“And she’d worked in two different hospital settings and she had been a combat nurse and she knows her way around. And she said, absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, they were putting people on those vents who were having just garden variety panic attacks—no COVID at all—in the public hospitals. She talked about one guy, 37 years old, who came in. She said he did not have respiratory distress. He was having a panic attack. And when she wasn’t looking, one of the residents talked him into getting on a vent.

“All this, the pushing of the vents, the do not resuscitate, the ordering of contagious patients to be put in with with healthy patients in the nursing homes—all this came out of Andrew Cuomo’ss office. And we’ve got to look at the fact that Andrew Cuomo and Fauci are close. (Kevin Barrett: “It’s almost as if they wanted to maximize the problem.”) Well, you know, you would think that. And these catastrophes happen in public hospitals. And I have an experience of visiting somebody in a public NYC hospital once. And they are absolute hellholes. They’re like the black hole of Calcutta. I mean, they’re horrible. So I can imagine anything going on in those things. There are people without resources. And then, of course, we have the added thing, which is people couldn’t be there with with their advocates, with their families, with their friends. You went in and you were there alone. And God knows what would happen to you.

“So just to sum all this up: This is not Fauci’s first rodeo. He’s been pumping hysteria for 36 years. He always gets it wrong. He was wrong about swine flu. He was wrong about bird flu. He was wrong about Zika. He was wrong about Ebola. He wildly exaggerated AIDS. And he always is wrong in the favor of pharmaceutical companies. And he’s always wrong in favor of ‘we’ve got to develop a vaccine now. We have to throw out all the rules.’

“And his wife is Christine Grady, chief of the Department of Bioethics of the National Institute of Health and the head of the section on Human Subject Research. She is the person that makes decisions on what’s ethical to do with human subjects. That’s his wife. They’ve been married since 1986. How did the news media miss that? She’s author of a book called The Search for an AIDS Vaccine. Somewhere in the book, she says, ‘ it’s the vaccines that saved humanity. You know, they’re the greatest invention in the entire history of modern medicine.’ Now, I think good nutrition and and proper sanitation were the greatest inventions of modern medicine.

“Again, you don’t have to be a great investigative reporter to just say, who’s he married to? And get the name and then see what does she do for a living. And she’s the person that makes the ethics calls for drug and vaccine development at the NIH.

“So the main thing I want to leave people with is he’s been doing this for 36 years. He controls an enormous infrastructure of propaganda and research money and media control and political control within the science and medical world. And he always errs on the side of hysteria. And he always errs on the side of things that are gold rushes for pharma. That’s Tony Fauci.”

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Here is an interesting look at the connections between Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci:

    With Bill Gates being one of the foremost proponents of a COVID-19 vaccine and his long-term links with Dr. Anthony Fauci who is both heading up one of the world’s foremost medical research organizations and leading Washington’s response to the pandemic, we can pretty much assure ourselves that governments will fall into line when it comes to a population-wide, global anti-coronavirus vaccination program with a newly developed vaccine.

  2. Puff, the Magic Doctor
    (Apologies to Leonard Lipton and Peter Yarrow)

    Puff the magic doctor lives in D.C,
    And frolics in the federal swamp as a lifelong employee

    He has the ears of presidents and mainstreams gush his name,
    But along with Gates and max vax crowd his agenda’s one of shame

    Puff said to go on cruises and COVID wouldn’t come here,
    He insisted masks are useless but now smothers us in fear

    On the cable shows they bless him even after he models wrong,
    Puff roars lock down and toe the line or gramps won’t be here long

    Oh, Puff the magic doctor lives in D.C.,
    And he tries to scare the commonsense out of you and me

    The prez was late to counter and took Puff’s bad advice,
    Governors turned tyrants and the police won’t ever think twice

    The economy crashed with Main Street trashed while Puff’s tale ever changed,
    His pimping for a vax makes him part of the plan and more than a bit deranged.

    Oh, Puff the Pied Piper viper lives in D.C.,
    And revels in the Beltway slime filling folks with fantasy

    Gates is calling worldwide shots with his vaccine song and dance,
    While Puff makes sure the folks are in a fearful COVID trance

    If you think Puff and gang will stop at this you’re thicker than I thought you were,
    High on their list is digital dough while famine culls the herd

    Now we’re chained in madness with Puff warning of a second wave,
    Vaccine vials and syringes stockpiled for a new war generals crave

    Hope the people will wake the fuck up before it gets too late,
    The eilites gotta go and it must be soon or we’re going to get put away

    Oh, Puff the magic doctor lives in D.C.,
    And wallows in the federal funk spouting evil quackery

    • Agree: eD
    • LOL: Curmudgeon, Franz
  3. onebornfree says: • Website

    “Is Anthony Fauci one of the most institutionally corrupt individuals of our time?

    The question is bass-ackwards, the cart is before the horse, so to speak.

    Its the institution , GOVERNMENT that is 100% corrupt, therefor anyone who works for it and is paid by it , from the lowliest janitors on up, is also 100% corrupt- not just Fauci.

    Hard to accept, I know, but he’s no more or less corrupt that anyone else inside the government.

    The True Nature of All Governments:

    Failing to understand the real, fundamental nature of all government is a huge philosophical mistake, and a mistake that is repeatedly committed alike by simple minded reformers, do-gooders and world-changers everywhere, throughout history.

    This just in: The enemy [of all humanity] is government- _all_ governments, everywhere. Why? Because of their true, fundamental, unchangeable nature. To that end, I’ve said before and I’ll say it again:

    “Because they are all ultimately funded via both direct and indirect theft [taxes], and counterfeiting [central bank monopolies], all governments are essentially, at their very cores, 100% corrupt criminal scams which cannot be “reformed”or “improved”,simply because of their innate criminal nature.”

    “Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure” Robert LeFevere

    “The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic” H.L.Mencken

    Also, as a [minor]side note, and as noted by a previous poster, Fauci is funded by Gates, as is the NIH and the WHO . Fauci [and Gates] apparently ran the Wuhan bio-lab.

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Agree: ben sampson
  4. anon[185] • Disclaimer says:

    Fauci is the J. Edgar Hoover of our time.

    • Agree: Delta G
  5. atavism says:

    Superb and most helpful! Thank you! This really deserves to go viral everywhere. And it should be widely tranlated. And a copy delivered to Trump personally.

  6. IvyMike says:

    I have a general contempt for the U.S. medical establishment, and a special contempt for Fauci and his buddies whose principal job it was to have us prepared for a pandemic. All I can figure is their time was so heavily invested in dinner parties they completely ignored the spectacle of China shutting down a city of 12 million. Trump is a pimple on a whore’s ass but he bears no responsibility for the Covidia disaster, Dr Scarf and Fauci and the whole establishment screwed it up.
    That said, I knew a lot of people who died of AIDS, the political/medical response to it was criminal but HIV/AIDS is real and beyond the reach of the wacky conspiracy.

  7. ko says:

    We already know. Spiro Skouras and many others were on it months ago.

  8. Can a governor tell doctors not to resuscitate people? Is that written down,how is it transmitted?
    Also,the disaster of putting the covid people into nursing homes; was this just stupid,or was it done purposefully?

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  9. Delta G says:

    I have to strongly disagree with your analysis of all Government as EVIL.

    As a former NIH research scientist who worked there initially on a Public Health Service National Research Service Award and then as a Staff Fellow before moving to a faculty positions at various Medical Schools in the US, the NIH was prior to Reagan a force for Good in the US Government swamp. I will not argue that all of that has changed since 1985 and this was one of the main reasons I left. Many people my senior who ran the Laboratories at the NIH at that time and afterwards also left because of how it changed for the worse. Primarily these changes were that you had to be doing something that was going to cure something tomorrow. The vast majority of Scientist at that time could not lie well and were not going to go along with it. Dr. Fauci has no problem lying and so he moved up.

    Dr. Fauci really is the modern day Faust. Evil incarnate, a disciple of Satan or the Devil which may be why he is so close to Cuomo and Gates.

    I remember that no one had any respect for Fauci and agree with the author that he is no physician or scientist. I would say he is an a\$\$licking COCKSUCKER and that may well be the bond that unites these people. Sexual Deviancy. Just look at Jeffry Epstein’s business.

    But the NIH was one of the most important Biomedical Research Institutions in history. Not now. This has to do with money and the selling out of Government to Business that became completely imbalanced during and after Reagan. The lever on the Toilet was moved then and the Flush began. We are just on the way to the Cesspool of Hell guided by Fauci, Cuomo and Gates.

  10. @onebornfree

    To use your own terms, your analogy is bass-ackwards, the cart is before the horse, so to speak.

    It isn’t the government that is inherently corrupt, it is the people elected that make knowingly it corrupt. Other than a pure barter system, what makes you think someone else is going to accept your currency and/or its value, whether it is a precious mineral, something you’ve written on a piece of paper, or the leg bone of a chicken? How do ports and roads get built without currency? I may be a carpenter or a labourer, but I may not be interested in what you are bartering or you currency, for me to build your road or port. Do you think manufacturers are going to build all the roads and ports? Are you going to build your own automobile and road on which to drive it?

    I’m all for local economies, but anarchy, which is what you propose, is not the solution. Taxes are the cost of civilization. I don’t mind paying taxes for civilization, but I object to a whole lot of what those taxes are used for, which have nothing to do with civilization.

  11. Franz says:

    Your best in a long line of excellent interviews, Kevin.

    As to Anthony Fauci and his long career and massive perks and speaking fees: He’s one of many government/corporate vampires. But in his case, he’s highly visible and people can see and know about how his mob operates.

    Guys like Fauci almost makes me envy the Russians. They only had one Stalin.

  12. This piece needs to be featured front and center by Mr. Unz.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  13. @onebornfree

    onebornfree is absolutely correct! it is the system that is inherently, basically corrupt, that corrupts all in official structures of authority. for there to be change the system must be revolutionized.. to use the correct term

    just like the govern so too the politicians, elected or dictatoral.. live by the same means as the government. they are parasitic – government bureaucracy and the political leadership- live off the people, off public resources, bribes and general corruption with those who also profit off by exploiting the people.

    that is the essential, basic nature of the entire social system by which we live called capitalism…the exploitation of the majority by small succubus minorities. the system works to impoveriush the majority for the profit of the minority of powerful exploiters.

    the exploiters are the capitalist first and foremost: then the presidents and prime ministers, their cabinets/political parties..then bureaucracies

    all those live off those who do the work, create the wealth and are taxed for the privylege. all do not have the slightest interest in changing this status quo in which the ordianry people are totally victimized

  14. I initially posted the following information on another thread at the end of March. It seemed appropriate to revisit it here. I hope it adds to the discussion.

    In 2010, Dr. Fauci was blaming deaths from HIV/AIDS on fear and stigma:


    In 2014, Dr. Fauci was downplaying the problem of Illegal Immigration and over stating the threat posed by Ebola. “I wouldn’t be worrying about Illegal Immigrants coming from Southern Borders when we have an issue right now with Ebola in West Africa.”

    Here’s an example of the kind of power the Dr. Fauci wields. In 1984, when he took over the NIAID, the annual budget was approximately 357 million dollars. By 2003, in less than twenty years under his direction, the amount had increased to 3.9 billion. That increase from 357 million to 3.9 billion is roughly an eleven fold increase, or the equivalent of adding an additional 357 million every year and a half. Where has that money been going?

    Again in 2019, we see Dr. Fauci back on his favorite pet project, the HIV/AIDS LGBQT lobby. He states that there are 1.1 million Americans living with AIDS, with 38,000 new cases every year, and that the disease is most prevalent among homsexual men. Why isn’t he recommending that they be quarantined?

    This site contains an interesting fact: There are 3007 counties in the U. S., but more than half of the new HIV infections in 2016-2017 occurred in 48 of those plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. Shouldn’t those locations be under quarantine?

    It seems clear to me that this man has a massively inflated budget that he has to attempt to legitimize. So, naturally, anything that might serve to lessen it is resisted. Such as, letting people get back to work and allowing them to go on with their lives. Quarantines, testing, medical equipment, multiple briefings each day, and other associated expenditures guarantee that more money will come his way. My guess is that a great deal of it will be diverted from the faux Corona crisis and find its way into the bottomless HIV/AIDS Research pit.

    It was long ago suggested that the pharmaceutical companies largely stopped manufacturing antibiotics in favor of maintenance drugs, because the money is in controlling a condition, not in curing it.

    This site states that the current budget allocated to the NIAID for fiscal
    year 2020 is 5,885,470. The small asterisk denotes that \$50,000,000 is set aside for combating antimicrobial resistance (antibiotics) and \$60,000,000
    is earmarked for the development of universal influenza vaccines. This is
    1/5 or 20% of their allotment. I am to assume that the other 4/5 or 80%
    goes to administrative costs?

    The NIAID is the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases;
    one of 27 institutes and centers of the NIH, the National Institute of Health.

    Other branches include: FIC Fogarty International Center, which, in spite of
    being organized to fight global pandemics, seems to be mainly focused on

    At a mere 50 million a year, that may seem, as they apparently feel over at Fogarty, a paltry sum of money. But, that is 50 million dollars that is going to educate foreign doctors and care for people in a foreign land. Why isn’t
    the National Institute of Health designated the International Institute of Healthand Wealth Redistribution?

    Here’s an interesting branch of the NIH. The NICHD, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. With a budget of 1,339,592.00, this agency is purportedly comprised of programs dedicated to all aspects of childhood development.

    The Childhood Development and Behavioral Branch appears to be foremost preoccupied with bilingual students and ways to close achievement gaps among the economically and socially disadvantaged. There are also programs focusing on bullying and animal therapy. I could not find a direct mention of homosexuality or transgenderism, but it is surely included in the program masked under some vague category.

    The Contraceptive Research Branch seems to be primarily concerned with how to prevent pregnancy and avoid STD’s. How that jives with Children’s Health or Human Development somehow escapes me.

    Anyway, that’s just a sampling of the wonderful work that is being done by our good friends and protectors over at the NIH.

    Take a look at this creature, (((Dr. Levine))), that specializes in adolescent care. It is apparently a leading authority on the Corona Virus as well, and serves as the Physician General for the State of Pennsylvania!

    We are being had on a global level. Expect the social distances and crowd limits to be a new norm. This is the final stages of the implementation of a New World Order. Once, Sickos like Dr. Levine have served their purpose of undermining the moral fabric of our society, they will be quickly disposed of. Communist and totalitarian regimes have never had much use for the mentally ill once they’ve been used to wreak havoc and facilitate their rise to power.

  15. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    This article was censored (taken down) by Gordon Duff, managing editor of Veterans Today. He admitted to me that Ken McCarthy is right about the do-not-resuscitate orders and said “nobody can report it, not even VT.” Gordon tried and failed to find a single inaccuracy in what Ken said here. So my conclusion is that he censored the article because someone or some group with power, someone Gordon is afraid of, has deemed the do-not-resuscitate orders off-limits. I intend to write up a feature article about this issue and publish it here at the Unz Review.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
    , @Wade
  16. Chippers says:

    Strange interview. I worked in an AIDS hospice as an RN during the late 1980s and early 1990s. I am a master’s prepared Family Medicine nurse practitioner and not a doctor, but have practiced high level nursing for 30+ years and LOTS of people were dying of AIDS brought on by HIV infection which destroyed their immune cells. Saw it with my own eyes. And this guy is wrong about the Covid test… yes, there is an antibody test, (doesn’t work well, some of them) but the test for Covid IS for the antigen or virus that causes this disease. I am shocked by the ignorance here being bandied about as truth. As far as Fauci goes, he is a not to be trusted little character and his support of gain of function research on coronaviruses in general is abhorrent and dangerous. I believe it certainly could have caused this pandemic, from either an accidental lab escape or on purpose or both. But Covid is real and Covid can kill. As far as electron microscopy pictures of the actual virus, all anyone has to do is watch multiple episodes of Med Cram with Dr. Seheult who cares for Covid patients in an ICU in Southern California to SEE electron microscopy pics of this virus. Please do not spread misinformation. Tell the truth about Fauci and his gain of function research and all the money he makes from promoting various vaccines and drugs that can cause harm, but please stick to the medical facts.

  17. @Kevin Barrett

    Oddly, shortly after I posted my previous comment (#15) the post at VT went back up. Maybe Gordon will eventually explain to me WTF is going on. In any case there is obviously something very wrong with the way poor people have been treated for COVID in the NYC public hospitals. The do-not-resuscitate orders are especially bizarre and horrific and deserve special scrutiny.

  18. anon[206] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump should remove this guy Fauci immediately, he will not be missed.

  19. Thank you very much for this article. I have thought that there is something a little off about Anthony Fauci and, more recently, that he is a pharma shill constantly harping on a vaccine and never talking about what people can do to improve their health through daily living. (like, never). I did not know about his 36 year stint, his control of everything and that his wife is a big-wig at NIH. The plot always thickens.

  20. Wade says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    Thanks Kevin,

    Hey, I’ve been thinking a lot about Veterans Today as well as American Free Press and 2 occurrences regarding both publications. I’ve wondered for quite some time whether you are familiar with these and what your thoughts are.

    1) Gordon Duff once stated in an interview that 40% of what they write is false or else they would not be allowed to write at all. While my first thought was “well how the hell can I trust anything you say then?”… I do not fault him too much because of what reportedly happened to Michael Collins Piper at the American Free Press:

    2) Deanna Spingola, who was close friends with Mike Piper, has reported in numerous interviews that the AFP was once strapped for cash and a Goldman Sachs banker offered to subsidize their operations on the condition that they adopt the conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook shootings were a “hoax” and that the children and parents were just crises actors. Mike Piper –RIP– doggedly refused to do so because he and Deanna had spent 2 years researching the case and had come to the firm conclusion –based on primary documentation including the death certificates– that beyond a shadow of doubt the shootings themselves weren’t hoaxes.

    The Goldman Sachs’ banker demanded Mike Piper be fired for his refusal, which he eventually was. The loss of income and health insurance was certainly a contributing factor to his eventual demise.

    The forerunner to the AFP was “The Spotlight” which was the defendant in multiple lawsuits. If it weren’t for the efforts of attorney Mark Lane (of Lee Harvey Oswald fame), they would’ve bit the dust years before they did (eventually, it was a lawsuit that destroyed their operation).

    Deanna was a very close friend of Mike Piper and seems like a reliable witness to me. Piper himself talked about this on the air in the final weeks/months of his life, but Deanna I believe revealed more details about it. I don’t recall if she ever revealed the name of the banker though (she might have). I bet she would be happy to talk to you about this if you reached out to her.

    My thinking is that this is what has happened to Veteran’s Today. At one point they were probably strapped for cash and made the fatal mistake of accepting money from the wrong investor. Or perhaps they were threatened with a lawsuit that would’ve easily succeeded. Or both.

    One coverup tactic is to discredit the messenger. By forcing publications to print knowingly false information, they have a trump card to use in case they need to stop the spread of a “fire”, as it were. Both organizations can be discredited if necessary (no offense to any of the authors that work for them).

    Regards and keep up the great work!

  21. @Wade

    Interesting! I hadn’t heard the story about Mike Piper and Sandy Hook. Maybe I can get Deanna on my show to discuss it. It sounds questionable – AFP’s reporting has not been especially self-discrediting – but who knows.

    I doubt very much VT has sold out. I think their basic positions are sincerely held, though they sometimes play fast and loose with the details. As I see it VTs management agrees with Bandy Lee et. al. that Trump is mentally ill and a threat to the Republic, and that his removal, in the smoothest possible way (electoral defeat) is THE top priority. (Actually he’s worse than mentally ill, he’s a front man for the worst element of the Kosher Nostra.) So maybe that’s why they’re hyping the narrative that Trump is responsible for the corona catastrophe, while Fauci is a competent scientist who makes Trump look bad by comparison. That narrative lacks nuance, and is neither totally true nor totally false, but it could contribute to Trump’s defeat, so VT embraces it. People often do this sort of thing unconsciously, interpreting data to fit their chosen narrative.

    • Replies: @Wade
  22. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    Duckturd Tony Balony Corony Fauxci, how deep in Hell is your soul?

    A warm up is waiting for your physical self at Guantanamo.

    Curing, hanging bat-like, you will make good soup…

    for Cuban pigs.

  23. Wade says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    Well, if you end up getting to interview her, that’s an interview I will definitely be listening to. I hope I haven’t over simplified the story though. Mike also had a lot of run-ins with Willis Carto’s wife Elizabeth. The two didn’t like each other and I know she wanted him gone as well. I don’t know what her dislike of him stemmed from, whether it was merely personal or if she was participating in a broader agenda. Probably just personal. I remember Mike telling stories (after he was long gone) about how she was very demeaning to some of the employees, including an Asian woman they had hired as a secretary. My impression is that she might’ve been more concerned with holding on to money than the original mission that once animated both Piper and her husband Willis. Piper seemed to think she had a lot of influence over Willis too. That impression comes only from listening to Piper’s side of the conflict. I don’t know what Elizabeth would’ve said.

    I’m sure there’s a good story there (to me, anyway. I’ve always admired Piper’s tenacity. He’s my all time favorite conspiracy researcher. Unfortunately, I’d never even heard of him until after he’d died, via an interview Ryan Dawson did with him about JFK.. and I would never have heard of Ryan Dawson if it weren’t for the comment section of the Unz Review. You guys are doing such great work!)

    There may be more prosaic reasons involved in Mike’s departure. I think Deanna would be a good person to ask those questions for someone interested.

    On another note, I’m glad to hear you feel that the AFP and VT haven’t discredited themselves. We need more publications like those. So, I went over to VT to read your article there linked to above. The next thing I read was something about Aleister Crowley and Loki. I’m not sure I actually understood the article. It seemed way out there. I do most of my reading on Unz anyway…

    Take care! I’ll be looking forward to all your future broadcasts.

  24. anon[150] • Disclaimer says:

    Quick! Call Q! Another conspiracy theory for those who accept suppositions without evidence.

  25. Ck. out Investigstive Reporter Harry Vox 2014 interview. He exposes the documents from the Rockefeller Foundation from 2012 laying out the fake virus. Autopsies of deaths by Italian gov. of “Covid19 victims” avg age 69.5 -over 99% had preexisting conditions. Most multiple conditions. CDC official criminal Debra Brix said “we have told the hospitals to tag everything possible isn Covid 19. ” This scam has also provided a crisis to cover the theft by the global bankers of 6 trillion for their Wall St. buddies like was pulled in 08 but bigger. Now Black Rock and other insiders will again pick up billions in defaulted properties. This is another medical psyop to condition the people to take orders from the gov. as they drive the herd to Agenda 2030.

    Wrong info. on Zika. This was an African Virus of minimal severity. Brazilian gov. was giving multiple vaccines to pregnant women. That is what caused the defects. Once the vaccinations stopped the problem stopped. That is why all of a sudden the Jew MSM whores were silent about the formerly hyped up Zika.

  26. @Wade

    That is the stupidest thing I have ever read that Goldman Sachs bankers would pay someone to say Sandy Hook was a hoax. It was, just like Los Vegas, Boston bombing, the Florida queer bar, Dylan Roof and many others such as the new fake Floyd (cop and Floyd both worked together as bouncers) recent Arbery incident as well as the Breonna Taylor. Remember the Robbie Parker character from Sandy Hook that was caught laughing and joking a day or two after his “child was Killed” then as he spotted the camera he put on his sad face. This crisis scam used some of the same actors for the Boston psyop.

    All adults in Jewmerica should know by now that Everything the Zionist gov. does Is A Lie and a Fraud.

  27. @Ulysses J. Mysterio

    The criminals running this fraud have to get the numbers up every way they can. They are looking at people in the nursing homes (not even a fake test) and putting them down as Covid 19. Remember all the people posting videos of the empty hospitals as the zionist media was telling everyone they were overflowing. Remember the fake tents and the crappy hospital ship that looked like it was left over from WW1.

    The standard method used to identify any pathogen is the Koch Postulate. This has not been done because they can’t. The PCR tests is fake like the virus. 1. Gives ap. 200 false positives 2. Does not identify which Corona is present 3. And most important is not quantitative so is useless.

  28. Thank you for getting the truth out on this! So sick of the frauds on Sputnik! Unbelievable! Guess that they ASSUMED that they could ride the gravy train into respectability and credibility by jumping on the Russian conspiracy theory hoax! Guess that they ASSUMED that people are more stupid than they actually are! After being duped into believing that Kiriakou was some type of whistle blowing hero, I have since come to the conclusion, based on evidence alone, that Kiriakou is a sadist that enjoys torturing people, based on his undying support for the whole lock down, social distancing, forced testing, forced vax, contact tracing, and total fascism. I guess that maybe he blew the whistle on the GITMO detainees as a psy-op to enter into the political dissident culture, or maybe they were going to bust him, and he blew the whistle first! Anyways, his actions have proven what a complete fraud he is, blasting lies over the air waves, also destroying the credibility of Sputnik, and Russia in doing so! How marvelously that works out for Hillary Clinton and the DNC! Infiltrate Russian media with CIA and OFA members, discredit it by pathological lying, and then say, see, it’s Russian Propaganda! Same with RT! Lee Camp also confessed that he was a CIA agent! So, no the problem is not Russia! The problem is the CIA and OFA!

  29. “To know and not to do, is not yet to know”

    We know so much that is true yet we do nothing.

    We outnumber the con artists and we have enough on them to atleast suspend them from their duties and/or detain them for questioning. (CDC, Fauci, Birx, Ralph Baric, Tedros, Gates + more).

    We got the illusion of action from Trump -but it was just bait and switch -Trump dismissed Tedros /WHO yet gave billion directly to GAIV. Is Trump going to help US or what? and When?

    We could in one day fire Fauci and replace him with any one of the doctors.

    This is THE most important issue of the day. To reopen up the country 100% and do away with the circus like social distancing and mandatory muzzles.

    Maybe we will hear something soon from Barr?

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