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Josh Mitteldorf Survives Head-on Bike-truck Crash—and Plugs RFK Jr.’s Book
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Scientist Josh Mitteldorf, author (with Dorion Sagan) of Cracking the Aging Code, believes human lifespans can potentially be greatly extended, and suspects we may be on the verge of a breakthrough in anti-aging science. But he almost didn’t get to live long enough to find out. Last July 21 Josh was on the bike end of a bicycle-truck head-on collision; his survival with no brain or spine damage seems almost miraculous.

After recounting his harrowing experience, Josh goes on to briefly describe a prospective anti-aging breakthrough, and offer an extended appreciation of JFK Jr.’s bestseller The Real Anthony Fauci:

“There are so many things covered in this book, and so many ways in which (Robert) Kennedy has been a hero. He’s the best we’ve got in getting the truth out to the public. He’s absolutely fearless, despite the fact that the CIA murdered his father and his uncle and probably his cousin John Kennedy Jr. He’s completely audacious, and yet very aware of how easy it is to discredit him. And he meticulously documents everything he says.

“So even I, who had no faith in Fauci…my mouth dropped open when I realized that the AIDS crisis in the 1990s was a rehearsal in which Fauci used all of the techniques that he is now using to enslave the world (?)…or (at least) to push the vaccine agenda above all other agendas, modify all of our lifestyles, become a celebrity, become more powerful…”

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Walker says:

    A trivial observation at this point: there is no covid.

    There is only a virus in your imagination.

    But there is a chemical injection in your reality.

  2. laughing

    i am, delighted the gentleman survived with as yet no reported brain injury. depends on the seed, angle, thrust and impact ratios. however, even a minor head bounce be a problem. laugh it took about two years before the severest symptoms ran their course, just when i thought i was over it or through it — it got worse.

    so on my view — it’s too early to tell — again there are a lot of factors involved. adrenaline does amazing things after an accident. well best of fortunes to him.

    as fr dr. fauci, he was not operating alone

    and i am convinced that aids is the result of human error and n0thing to do with eating monkey brains or colonial prostituion with native populations

  3. Life-extension obsessives continue to die at unremarkable ages, so they have a credibility problem until they can demonstrate by living well past actuarial expectations themselves, and in good physical and cognitive shape, that they have solved some of the really hard problems in attaining superlongevity. The evidence for their competency in this field won’t come in for many decades, however.

    In the meantime, we still have cryonics:

    • Replies: @Mark G.
  4. JWalters says:

    “The biggest mystery is there are so many agendas that are served by the present pandemic. There’s the agenda of the pharmaceutical companies of course, NIAID making billions of dollars. There’s also the banking industry, this infusion of trillions of dollars into the economy out of thin air has kept the banking, the financial system alive. The agenda of the CIA, which has been pushing for fascist control, corporate-government partnership control ever since the end of World War Two. The hard thing for me to imagine is how do all these constituencies come together to decide there’s going to be a pandemic, there’s going to be a pandemic this year. Certainly their agendas overlap, but they’re not at all identical And talk about honor among thieves, I just can’t imagine people that powerful working together to create this event. It’s hard for me to imagine how it could happen.” – Josh Mitteldorf

    The high degree of coordination among several large entities in this and other large crimes against America definitely implies a coordinating center. In numerous cases the corporate media has acted in unison, as if it were a monopoly, covering up facts and lying to the public. In addition to the Covid case there are the Afghanistan war, the Iraq war, the Vietnam war, the 9/11 attack, the JFK assassination, and the RFK assassination. In these cases the media has been well-coordinated with the military-industrial complex, of which the CIA is a part.

    We know the JP Morgan bank began buying control of the top newspapers in the US in 1915. And we know the JP Morgan bank was the dominant bank in America because it was a functional extension of the Rothschild bank in Europe. And we know the Rothschild bank took over the Bank of England and became the financial driver of the British East India Company, using the British Navy to dominate trade around the globe, including various sorts of nefarious trade. We know that when top financiers invest in a company they take a controlling stake in the company. Thus they come to play a central role in an economy, and drive a country’s imperial policies. We also know the Rothschild bank financed the establishment of Israel, and the US media especially covers up Israel’s crimes, again indicating the Rothschild’s control over the US media. Further, the US military presence in the Middle East was entirely to benefit Israel (as Donald Trump said out loud!), indicating the Rothschild’s control over the US military, via its control over the US Congress. Congress is controlled by overwhelming campaign money plus good or bad press. Thus there is a plausible candidate for a coordinating center that has the money (“follow the money”) needed to enforce such control.

    More on this history, with curated links, and steps to cut the financial control of this stealth parasite are in “War Profiteers and Israel’s Bank”

    • Agree: Walker
  5. Dumbo says:

    Even if you could manage to extend your life to 150 or 200 years, you still die. Also, I would see the point if you could extend youth, but living many decades more as a frail old man, from 100 to 130, I don’t know, doesn’t seem as fun. Look, we live, we die. Maybe afterwards something else happens. Accept it.

    (That said, I do think that modern living is not very conducive to long, healthy lives. People in rural areas or small villages in Italy, Japan, tend to live much longer lives than people in big cities and in countries such as the USA).

  6. Mark G. says:

    Life-extension obsessives continue to die at unremarkable ages, so they have a credibility problem until they can demonstrate by living well past actuarial expectations themselves, and in good physical and cognitive shape, that they have solved some of the really hard problems in attaining superlongevity.

    I am a Life-extension obsessive myself. My sister visited me when I was recovering at home from Covid. When she saw the two dozen bottles of nutritional supplements and all the organic health food in my kitchen she laughed and said if I wasn’t so health obsessive I probably wouldn’t have survived it. I’m 65 now.

    I’ve read Mitteldorf’s book and it’s nice to see he has kind words for Kennedy. Government health agencies have been taken over by Big Pharma and greed has taken precedence over extending people’s lives.

    The use of methods to extend lives to extreme ages is still in its infancy. The first book I saw in this category was Life Extension by Pearson and Shaw about 40 years ago. Those two are still alive but are still only in their seventies so the most you can say is that all the nutritional supplements and drugs they take didn’t kill them off early. Ray Kurzweil has said there are younger people alive now who will live to be a hundred and twenty but, as a 65 year old, it’s going to be a little too late for me to take advantage of advances in the near future.

    • Replies: @advancedatheist
  7. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    When I contemplate living to 150, I don’t so much contemplate my own advancing decrepitude, and likely diminishing enjoyment of life, as I contemplate the effect on society of the presence of many, many people over age, say, 100. (Those first-named issues WILL claim precedence, as time advances.)
    Such people might just be ignored by what I’ll call the “active” cohorts of society, but what if they aren’t – entirely? Might this add to the wisdom of social decisions? Might it detract from chronic relevance? Might increasing levels of senescent “noise” enter into public discourse?
    All interesting questions, to this 76-year-old, clinging with all his might to waning vitality.

  8. @Mark G.

    Your longevity depends to a large extent on things you don’t have any control over, like your genetics and your mother’s health and nutrition when she carried you in the womb. Three of my grandparents lived to their early 90’s, but they had spent their lives dirt-poor, so you can’t attribute their relative longevity to having ingested the right pills during the earlier decades of their lives.

    I keep asking Ray Kurzweil’s fans what they will say when he dies according to actuarial expectations, like what happened to Dr. Roy Walford back in 2004. The transhumanists and life-extensionists active back in the 1990’s treated Dr. Walford as a celebrity because of his advocacy of caloric restriction as a strategy to live to 120-150 years. Yet he died short of turning 80, and his fans stopped talking about him, apparently out of embarrassment, like he never existed. I suspect the same thing will happen to Kurzweil.

  9. @Dumbo

    The Seventh-Day Adventists in Loma Linda, California, seem to quality as a “Blue Zone” population. They manage that through a combination of a mostly vegetarian diet and anxiety-reducing spiritual practices, including adherence to traditional morality.

    Though they hold an uncommon form of the Christian afterlife belief called Christian mortalism, where your soul automatically dies with with your body, and it requires a god’s miraculous intervention to brink you back to life. Of course it raises the question of why a god would bother to do that. In other words, Adventists and Christians with similar doctrines basically agree with Epicurean philosophy about the nature of death.

    The Adventist example also shows that a religion doesn’t have to promise a guaranteed afterlife to work in the promotion of human flourishing.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  10. dimples says:

    Dr B: “That leads me to ask you..what do you think about RFK jnr not quite going all the way in terms of Ron Unz’s work on the fact that Covid very likely would have been unleashed as part of perhaps blowback ridden? US neoconservative bio-attack on China and Iran?”

    Well probably RFK jnr did not go there because he is not totally stupid. Let’s imagine that this was a US biowarfare attack on China and the supposed blowback did not actually happen. How would it actually work out in practice? The US depends upon China for most of its manufactured goods, so sure that’s going to go real well if the US is instantly cut off from its supply chains for just about everything.

    To avoid the blowback not only the US would have isolate itself from China, but it would have to isolate itself the rest of the world as well, since the virus is most definitely going to spread out from China even if the US closed itself off. That’s a good plan for sure! Lacking manufactured imports of any kind the US economy would have serious problems if not completely collapse. I’m sure Mr Unz has factored this isolationist aspect into his theory.

    In reality, the first rule of Biowarfare 101 says that “mass biowarfare cannot work”, since it is impossible for the biowarfare spreader to avoid blowback. Viruses etc don’t distinguish between friend or foe. Therefore all this biowarfare/GOF/pandemic preparedness research is essentially a scam. It’s obvious that the biowarfare aspect, like the supposed vaccines to be developed in readiness for the next pandemic, is just part and parcel of the sell job. It’s all about money and jobs for virologists, the military and bureaucrats like Fauci. The chances of coming up with any useful or usable mass bioweapon, like the chances of usable vaccines, is nil.

  11. Great interview…right up until the end, when Kevin mentions the Ron Unz blowback theory (a rather puzzling habit/tic).

    You can’t explain two years’ worth of pandemic theater and biosecurity state tyranny in terms of “blowback”…especially given that none of these measures do anything to improve anyone’s health.

    Still 90% good. Just wish KB would lay off this particular angle. It almost feels like a paid advertisement, in that he seems to bring it up in every interview that touches on the plandemic.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  12. @advancedatheist

    The Seventh-Day Adventists… hold an uncommon form of the Christian afterlife belief called Christian mortalism, where your soul automatically dies with with your body, and it requires a god’s miraculous intervention to brink you back to life. Of course it raises the question of why a god would bother to do that

    In fact, there are rather more Christian sects which believe that what is properly called the (predominantly Catholic) “doctrine of the immortal soul” is fundamentally incorrect. In addition to the Seventh-Day Adventists, but unknown to most people, the Mormons believe and preach exactly the same, as do Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Christadelphians, the Baptists, the Methodists, and many other denominations which refer to highly-accurate “modern” translations of the Bible, and not only the error-riddled, if linguistically-beautiful, King James Version of 1611. It is very largely only the literally hundreds of fragmented British and American Pentecostal / born-again churches which insist on the “traditional” (but in fact very “modernist”) understanding of human death and after-life. For those Christians who prefer their Scriptures accurately translated straight from the original Hebrew and Greek, they believe that Heaven is not our destination (only for the comparatively small number of first-century Christian “saints” who were directly anointed with holy spirit, and a tiny modern-day anointed Remnant), there is no Hell (no such place ever created by a loving God), there is no “Purgatory” (a medieval fabrication of the Catholic church for the purpose of raising alms money from the grindingly-poor) – and that this necessarily leaves a single remaining logical option: after death we do NOT in fact “live again” – anywhere else, in any form, for any length of time, for any reason – all of which is suitably attested to by hundreds of different scriptures about the true nature of death – the simple ABSENCE of life and all consciousness – throughout the bible. Therefore future human life AFTER death is entirely dependent on resurrection by the power of God’s faithful promise at an unknown point in the future, made possible only by the one-time sacrifice of the life of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. And as any bible student will tell you, as it stands that’s a fairly coherent and quite interesting philosophical, as well as theological, position to take.

    As for your question of “why a god would bother to do that”, I’ll leave you to do a little research of your own if you’re really that interested. Unlike some commentators here, I don’t believe this website should be turned into a religious Tract society.

  13. @Allergic2katz

    “You can’t explain two years’ worth of pandemic theater and biosecurity state tyranny in terms of blowback.” Why not? Just as 99.999% of the opportunists who made trillion$ on terror theater and security state tyranny after 9/11 were not involved in 9/11 itself, which was done by a very small group for geopolitical reasons, likewise the biosecurity state opportunists would obviously jump on board this gravy train if it were indeed the result of the kind of Pompeo/Kadlec anti-China-and-Iran operation Ron Unz postulates.

    Everybody who follows geopolitics and biological warfare knew this, or something like it, was coming. Those in a position to profit from it would have prepared to make money and grab power in the brave new world of endemic biowarfare.

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