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Josh Mitteldorf: “Aging Is an Inside Job, Our Bodies Are Rigged for Controlled Demolition!”
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First hour: Scientist Josh Mittledorf, (check out his website), author of Cracking the Aging Code (with Dorion Sagan), believes we may have just witnessed an Age Reduction Breakthrough.

In his book, and in this interview, he explains that the human body doesn’t just wear out. It is perfectly capable of repairing and rejuvenating itself and living for hundreds if not thousands of years. In fact, there is no reason it couldn’t get stronger and more youthful and less likely to get sick or die with each passing century. The problem is that it doesn’t want to! On the contrary, it wants to blow itself up in an inside-job-style controlled demolition timed by an internal “master clock.” This sounds bizarre, especially to neo-Darwinian fundamentalists, who believe that “selfish genes” should select for ever-longer-lived individuals. But Josh explains why they are wrong, why the inside job theory of aging fits the emerging paradigm of evolutionary group selection, and what this portends for our ability to slow our own aging processes. Today, each of us can fairly easily impede aging and add about ten healthy years to our individual lifespans through lifestyle choices, diet, and supplements. Tomorrow, it could easily be decades, or even centuries. There is a very real possibility that at least some people alive today could live for millennia. But can the planet handle that? And will the Deep State allow it—or hoard the elixir for itself? (After culling most of the population through biological warfare and vaccinations?)

Note: The Qur’an endorses the strong version of group selection by insisting that all life consists of communities: “There is not a creature that lives on the earth, nor a being that flies on its wings, but they form communities like you.” (6:38) As for aging, the Qur’an repeatedly says everything comes into existence and goes back to God at its appointed time or “ajalin musamma,” sometimes translated “allotted span” or “expiration date.” Do humans come with a built-in biological expiration date? (As well as the metaphysical one the Qur’an is presumably talking about?)

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. TG says:

    The elites will hoard any anti-aging elixir for themselves.

    Right now perhaps the single most important thing protecting the common person from the elites, is that the elites don’t live forever. “Regression to the mean” – their children are rarely as driven as their parents. Dynasties eventually end. Eternal life will rapidly result in a pharaonic state of utterly invincible rulers.

    And as an aside, one is reminded that even if you could turn off the aging clock, you will still die if you don’t have enough food… “Ageless” is not the same thing as immortal.

    • Replies: @milosevic
    , @Drapetomaniac
  2. Look into the work of Mauro Biglino. Expert ancient Hebrew interpreter who worked for the Vatican examining ancient Bibilical foundational texts, Biglino states at one point that human lifespan was deliberately shortened by superior beings. If one is inclined to be skeptical of such things that is understandable but there is a lot very interesting stuff that bears on human history in Biglino’s work.

  3. milosevic says:

    “Ageless” is not the same thing as immortal.

    — that applies just as much to the ageless elites, who will remain just as susceptible to high-velocity lead poisoning as they ever were.

    Meanwhile, ordinary people will be much better able to dislodge the corporate-state pharaohs, if after living long enough to understand how society really works, they don’t soon become decrepit and die of old age, taking their accumulated wisdom and experience with them, leaving the next generation to start all over again, trying to penetrate the dark forest of ideology and propaganda which protects their ruling-class overlords.

  4. R2b says:

    Crappo di crappo. Moses told us how long we could expect to live, and that long we live. Long life was before the flood. After the flood, that is now, life is determined by different factors, not to last as long. This is SF for grown-ups, that are still kids. Let them vent their air and use your time better. Covid just told us we all could die tomorrow. Barrett tells us we could live for a millennia! Jesus Christ tells us we could live etetnally.

    • Replies: @Herald
  5. R2b says:

    Correction: Eternally, was the last word, in what I wrote above.

    • Replies: @Giancarlo M. Kumquat
  6. @TG

    The real problem isn’t the thousand or so elites, it’s the billions of subhumans that do the elite’s bidding. So-called human civilization (created by elites for the elites over the millennia) is just domestication and those domesticated are still animals, as are sheep.

    How many people did Hitler kill? How many did his sheep kill? Nasty vicious murderous sheep they are.

    As for unaging technologies, like most new technologies, they will be expensive and scarce at first, then cheap and widespread later.

    The expensive part being due to, yes, the sheepherder government.

    • Replies: @Alba -
  7. Could only stand to go 25 minuets on this one but Mittledorf is trying to fit his theory of shortened life span to the theory of Neo-Darwinism. He speculates that life span is shortened from an evolutionary prospective because of competition for food. Life span would not be a factor unless it also resulted in more reproduction. In the wild animals this always tends to equalize with preditor and prey and in humans reproduction has become largely limited by our economy and culture.

    Mittledorf is a disciple of Darwin and so does not question any of the obvious problems. Where are Darwin’s new kinds of animals, where are all the missing links that should be widely evident? The geologic tree has no transitional animals. The sedimentary layers only appear in charts or text books as depicted, never in the real world. Mutation was the evolutionists last hope and now we know that rather than creating more genetic data for that still hoped for new animal, it is instead adding more errors each generation and reducing genetic material.

    When people and animals are on a restricted diet they will tend to live longer. This is because they stimulate less insulin. Carried too far however and you get muscle loss that mimics the old age that they are trying to avoid. And of course people that are truly in starvation mode often incur a serious refeeding problem that can be life threatening.

    The longest confirmed human lifespan was the woman in France. I think she was 121. Genesis 6:3 says man can get 120 years. This does not mean exact but that is the approximate limit. None of the Darwinian longevity gurus have extended this allotted time.

    • Replies: @dimples
  8. @milosevic

    The probability of dying due to accidents is about 50% after living 500 years. By then, the probability of being brought back (recreated?) will be close to 100%.

    Government serves as a superb gatekeeper for evolving better people, preferring instead to breed better domesticated subhumans. Ideally the elites will like them to live only 12 to 14 years and look like child models.

  9. @milosevic

    You are assuming that people actually become more astute as they age. It seems to me that for the most part they tend cling to the beliefs that were instilled from a very early age. That is why we are put in the gov. indoctrination centers as soon as possible. Certainly an older child would be more able to learn, but that is not the goal of the elites.

    People cling to their beliefs no matter how false they may be. They are important to them. Many people believe in big government. They believe in “The War on Terror, Global warming (I mean climate change.) They believed in acid rain and that we are running out of oil. They believed in AIDS and the bird flu, swine flu and Zika. Now they believe in the new Corona fraud that covered the Wall St. theft of 6 trillion. They believe in fake Floyd as they did in Sandy Hook and Boston and Los Vegas. they believe in the Zionist Wars for Israel and even cling to the Jew fairy tales of the Holohaux and the Anne Frank garbage. Many will continue to be true believers until all them are herded into the Sustainable Development Initiative that the wonderful government people have planned for them. Only then will many of them stop believing.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  10. Completely mistaken. Rubbish article.

    Sir Peter Medewar and Sir Macfarlane Burnet shared a Nobel Prize for the explanation of aging – accumulation of somatic mutations.
    There is no advantage in growing old and dying for an individual, his family or group. Natural selection works all the time to keep us healthy as long as possible.

    We are nearing the maximum the medical science can do. In fact the life expectancy for white Americans is in decline to to deaths of despair – alcohol, drugs, depression and suicide.

  11. dually says:

    Abrahamic Monotheists make me sad

    Methuselah lived 900 days
    Who calls that livin’
    No gal will give in
    To no man who’s 900 years

    It ain’t necessarily so
    The things that you’re liable
    To read in the Bible,
    It ain’t necessarily so.

    Ira Gershwin

    Don’t drag around that bag of bones longer then you have to. Reincarnation is a thing – get a new space suit every 72 years or so.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  12. Anonymous[134] • Disclaimer says:
    @mark tapley

    Holy moly! What DO you believe? Pizzagate, no doubt.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  13. I prefer David sinclairs take on reversing aging or slowing it down….don’t recall him explaining darwinian fantasies.

  14. @MalthusianTear

    Scientists now know that the human genome is accumulating mutations each generation. This means that we are not getting better as the evolutionist claim but getting weaker. This trajectory is magnified in some groups by interbreeding as has been done in the past by some of the European monarchies.

    As for natural selection this is just another unscientific article of faith with no evidence and further discounted by what is now known about DNA and mutations. How would natural selction create the complexities of the human eye, or even the need. What about the flight of birds or the remarkably specialized beak, cranial structure or amazing tougne of the woodpecker? What about the metamorphosis of the caterpillar? There is no way for evolution to explain this. Only intelligence. The specially designed neck of the giraffe or the massive whales with their unique tail design, and the ability to dive 1000 ft. and hold their breath for 15 minutes? You credit a lot to the myth of natural selection. If the DNA is not there it’s not going to happen. Of course Darwin didn’t know about that.

  15. @Anonymous

    I had forgotten about that one. Maybe a big to do about nothing but look at the stuff Alefantis had posted. Also the satanist blood splasher Marina Abramovic was part of the group. Take a virtual tour of Tony Pedesta’s house. All of these characters were involved with Hilary and the DNC. John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager had been Bill’s chief of staff for 8 years. No wonder Bill was a frequent flyer on the Lolita express. Of course they took care of that problem too. Remember that finally a “nutcase” shot up one of the Ping Pong joints. This is often done to deflect attention away from the real issues and get people to move on.

  16. @dually

    Don’t count on it. Hebrews 9:27 – It is appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgement.

  17. Alba - says:

    Hitler was right thou the only murderous best and sheeps are the snglo slaves that rejected any kind offer of peace for the interest of the jews.

  18. dimples says:
    @mark tapley

    “Where are Darwin’s new kinds of animals, where are all the missing links that should be widely evident? ”

    The best evidence for transitional forms (or missing links) are the marine mammals. the seals in particular, dugongs, whales, dolphins. All show evidence for different stages of transition from land animals to seagoing creatures. The fur seals for example have fur, ears, a head like a bear, breath air, give birth on land, have claws on the ends of their legs, walk around on four legs etc. But of course, I forgot, they are fakes created by Satan to fool the non-believers.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  19. @R2b

    What’s wrong with life etetnal?

  20. rjjcda says:

    Don’t believe it is an absolute and universal ratio, but it is a common observation that mammals tend to live about 7 times their age upon achieving maximum skeletal development. Humans normally reach this skeleton development limit in late teens. Therefore we can project out that we may be able to make it to around 125 plus or minus a decade. As someone who is less than 18 months from 80, I’ll take it. After all, at 73 I bought a house with a 30 year mortgage. I tell people that I fully intend to outlive the mortgage.

    • Agree: Gordo
  21. @MalthusianTear

    The “accumulation of somatic mutations” theory, and the notion that “natural selection works all the time to keep us healthy as long as possible,” are both very likely wrong. Read Josh’s book for the details.

  22. @dimples

    Just similar designs like sharks and porpoises. Still no transitions. Out of the millions of fossils they would have found one by now. Evolutionists have made numerous attempts like Lucy and the Coelencanth fish that was caught off Madagascar and said to be extinct for millions of years. since that one several more have been brought up.

    The evolutionist shill magazine National Geographic even had an article about the discovery of transitional birds at one of the archaeological digs. Turned out someone had been butchering chickens for lunch. Or what about the transitional tooth found in Nebraska of our primitive ancestor. Turned out to be a pig tooth. Then there was the skull found in the mine pit in England. Displayed for years in the museum as one of our transitional relatives. That is until someone pointed out the bullet hole. Then there were the siblings in Turkey, unable to walk upright that according to the evolutionary Phd’s had reverted back to the time when we were still hanging from the trees. Conveniently swept under the rug. They had faked the peppers moth myth it is now known. Another transitional scam. Dinosaurs are supposed to be extinct from 70 million years ago but now even the true believers of the Darwinian fable are finding proteins, soft ligaments and blood vessels in the bones. We have the fossilized footprints around the Dallas area where man and dinosaurs walked at the same time. Wasn’t near that long ago.

    The evolutionists who shill for the Jew media and proclaim the Darwinian fairy tales are always seeking more grants bestowed on them in order to move their career of fraud forward. The evolution wizards say it all started with the primordial chemical soup (where that comes from they omit) but with all the multi million dollar laboratories and chemicals of every formulation, and scientists all over, they cannot put amino acids together to make the simplest proteins and create even the most rudimentary life.

  23. Herald says:

    Covid actually told us, that it hardly ever kills, unless death is not otherwise imminent. Despite there usually being many suspects at the deathbed scene, it is normal for Covid to man up and take the full blame, while the real offenders get clean away, often with hardly a mention.

    Covid also told us, amazingly it seems some needed to be told, that if proper medical assistance is simply denied to very ill, but non-Covid persons, then a good number of them will die. Of course, this lesson will be totally forotten by the time the next hot air pandemic is released upon us.

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