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John Hankey: US Military Made Coronavirus & Vaccine, Trump Was Vaccinated in November
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Researcher and filmmaker John Hankey comments on topics addressed in the recent webinar: Covid-19–A New 9/11 Style False Flag? Was Covid-19 made in a lab? Is it a bioweapon? Who made it? Deliberate or accidental release? If deliberate, who gains?

Extracts from John Hankey’s statements in this interview:

There was a story that broke last Friday that the U.S. has given a billion dollars to a lab in Oxford. This story was carried very, very quietly on the Today Show. They had a tiny segment, but I happened to stumble upon it. They interviewed the guy who runs the Oxford Lab that got this billion dollars, saying that they are going into production today—this is last week— to make hundreds of millions of doses of this vaccine.

And then the head of the Pentagon—the guy’s name is Esper—the same morning gives a speech in which he absolutely guarantees that this vaccine will be available (this year.) Which is the same thing the guy in Oxford was saying. And, one: What the hell is the Pentagon doing having anything to say about it? It reminds me of John Kennedy Junior’s plane going down. And the Pentagon takes over the news reporting at noon the next day. What the hell? Just a screaming red flag. So here comes this guy waltzing in. And the reporter who’s interviewing him is very, very appropriately stunned and says you don’t want to qualify that at all? Are you sure that’s what you mean? How can you be saying this? And he goes on about how their scientists are the best in the world and they have developed this vaccine. The guy in Oxford or maybe it was The New York Times actually says “the reason they gave us this money is because said the reason they gave them this money is because they had done these monkey studies at Rocky Mountain Labs,” which do defense research in the United States. But clearly, though they don’t say so, they are Pentagon affiliated.

And they if you do the math on when they received this virus from the Oxford Lab, it’s like two weeks after the virus first arrived in Britain. So in two weeks these guys developed a vaccine. They have been trying to develop a vaccine for the first coronaviruses for the last 17 years and have failed. They have been trying to develop a vaccine for Ebola and for malaria.

Sometimes you can’t develop a vaccine. These guys did it in two weeks. And they did it using recombinant gene technology, which takes years, because it’s so complicated to do it right, it’s so random. You take the genes and you cut them into pieces and then you see what each of those pieces does. And if you find the piece that does the trick that you’re looking for, blah, blah, blah. The notion that you would do it in a couple of years is crazy. The notion that you would do it in two weeks is the Pentagon saying “we produced this vaccine years ago. We’ve had it. It’s part of a bio weapons program.” Right? If you have some toxic virus, it’s not a weapon until you have the vaccine.

So Trump has an October surprise coming. He and his brilliant team of managers. They are going to produce it. You’re going to have hundreds of millions of doses of this vaccine available by July. And if not July, certainly August and September. And by October the effectiveness of this vaccine will probably have been very, very thoroughly demonstrated throughout the U.S. The people who get it don’t get the virus.

And that’s the other thing, it’s in that clip that I sent you, that Trump is running around. When he is at the White House, he is surrounded by people who have either been exposed to the coronavirus or tested positive for the coronavirus. Stephen Miller’s wife! Steven Miller is his closest aide. And then in the clip that I sent you, this is March 6th, he’s charging into a crowd, shaking hands. And, you know, they’re the U.S. By the end of February, the U.S. was being torn up. The situation in New York was already desperate at the end of February. And this guy is charging into crowds and shaking hands. And, yes, he’s a germophobe. And it’s only freaking obvious that Trump has every confidence that he’s not getting coronavirus. Everyone around him has it! There was a little blurb in the news about one of his economic advisers who said, “yeah, I’m terrified to go to work at the White House.” But Trump is not. How is that possible? And, you know, besides the fact that he is a physical coward and a germophobe. How can you possibly account for it?

There are any number of data points pointing to November as the date when the virus started to appear in the United States and Italy and France (also see here)...The mayor of Belleville, New Jersey, said that he was deathly ill in the middle of November and then tested positive for coronavirus…And that’s the time that Trump made an unscheduled visit to Bethesda for purposes unknown. The data points line up. He must have gotten the vaccine in November and then sent Pence to the CPAC conference to get exposed to the virus and come back and say, well, apparently it works.

What’s interesting is to sit and try to figure out who got the vaccine. Trump, obviously, and Pence, and not Stephen Millers wife. Steven Miller apparently got the vaccine because his wife got the virus and he didn’t….She just announced she’s pregnant. So that’s a marriage where social distancing is not taking place. I suspect that Melania could. You know, if she came down with it and Trump didn’t. That would not necessarily be the same kind of proof as a guy whose wife just got pregnant not coming down with it and his wife did. He he clearly has been vaccinated.

It’s a fun game to sit around and figure out whose wife got the vaccine and whose wife did not. I think Ivanka was at the same CPAC conference and shook hands with the guy that later that day was identified as being ill with the coronavirus. Trump’s Chief of Staff spoke at the CPAC conference and sounded like he had it.

He got fired on the last day of the CPAC conference and the guy who replaced him then had to go into quarantine because he had shaken hands with the designated infector at the CPAC conference. It seems that they did their testing and Trump was satisfied that the vaccine works. And they must have done their testing in November. The CPAC conference was much later than that, but Trump was satisfied that the vaccine works and was therefore charging around fearlessly.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, who is 65, was at that conference, as well as many members of his cabinet, and his own son. Some got sick, some didn’t. Bolsonaro and his son didn’t got sick, apparently. Bolsonaro displayed an even more self-confident behavior than Trump, not wearing a mask at several occasions, showing up in public places, approaching crowds of followers, shaking hands, etc, etc. He was then compelled to show his tests, and, after some reluctance, showed three pseudonymously identified tests which were all negative. But he never showed an antibody test. To my knowledge, neither did Trump.

    • Replies: @Tomsen
  2. MarkinLA says:

    So with all the rats Trump has in his administration, just waiting for something they could leak to the press, Trump has pulled off his double secret plan to rule the world.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  3. StewartSF says:

    Another amazing interview by Kevin. These vaccines change human DNA to hijack your own body to produce the antibodies. The poisonous proteins developed will destroy your health.

    Remember, these acts by the government are to cover up the collapse of the western financial system to enable them to retain power. On stock market days like today when precious metals and miners are being destroyed while the stock market is up 9 days in a row, make no mistake, it is your government attacking you. While 40 million Americans are out of work, small businesses are destroyed, your cities are burning, your economy in shambles with Q2 GDP to be down at least 50%, and your politicians are saying to give “no quarter” to citizens (meaning kill them, a war crime), there can be no alternative to the US dollar and the stock market. Your Politburo has spoken.

    • Replies: @Polemos
  4. Is this the Oxford vaccine that doesn’t work? The one that was rushed into human trials before animal testing was complete, and abandoned after the animals became infected?

  5. No no no no. The virus is a hoax. Don’t you know that? Not a bioweapon. A hoax. How do you make a bioweapon out of a hoax? There is no such thing as the coronavirus. And anyhow, it only kills old people, and fuck them.

  6. He must have gotten the vaccine in November

    Under this assumption, how are we to take his claim that he was taking some prophylactic medication against Covid-19? Must we conclude that he was lying? Or that the protection from the hypothetical vaccine lasts only for 7 or 8 months?

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  7. What a dumb story. Trump doesn’t need a vaccine. He’s from Beetlejuice.

    • Replies: @Capablanca
  8. Polemos says:

    You write to us and say it is our economy, our government, our politicians. Who are you if not with us?

  9. @MarkinLA

    It’s good that UNZ.COM keeps publishing these stories.
    Just to prevent anyone from taking this site seriously.

  10. Hankey lost all credibility when he claimed that hydroxychloroquine kills people. If he can’t see past the globalist/MSM propaganda around this, then I’m not sure he can be trusted on any other parts of his analysis.

    Hydroxychloroquine has been around since the 1970s, it is a heavily prescribed drug that has been given nearly one billion times the last 50 years. Its side effects are very well known, they are very minor (provided the posology is not completely abused). Its only lethal side effect is its price, it is dirt cheap and will scuttle the trillion dollar vaccine and fancy new drug market. That’s why it has been so maligned.

    Hydroxychloroquine has been used very successfully in many countries including France (at Dr. Raoult’s Marseille hospital), Russia (standard treatment there), China and many African countries, where this drug is very well known as an effective treatment for malaria. HCQ is the best way out of this covid crisis.

    Kevin, you need to do more research on this, I would suggest any decent alternative media outlet from France in particular, where the Macron regime and their lugenpresse has been trying to suppress the drug, smearing Dr. Raoult, who is a national hero.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  11. @WorkingClass

    He doesn’t need a vaccine because he was taking hydroxychloroquine, which is an effective prophylactic. In Italy the percentage of patients who were already on this drug because of lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and came down with covid19 was exceedingly small.

  12. Vetran says:

    “Trump Was Vaccinated in November”
    We all know Trump is a guinea pig, isn’t ?…

    • Replies: @DarkEyes
  13. sonofman says:

    Every vaccine is a bioweapon.
    The only unsubstantiated variable in this scenario is: which flu vaccine were the US military athletes inoculated with before the Wuhan games?
    If it was AstraZeneca’s FluMist, the only live attenuated quad vaccine used by the US DoD, that might explain why they are able to develope a “Covid-19” vaccine so quickly at their new facility in Oxford.
    Also worth mentioning: AstraZeneca’s number one CEO is considered to be one of Sweden’s most powerful citizens. Maybe that is why there is no lockdown in Sweden.

  14. A billion dollars for a couple million doses?
    That’s like $500.00 per dose, when typical vaccines cost under a dollar to produce.
    The profit or kickbacks on this deal are incredible.
    Wonder how much the medical insurance industry will be required to pay for it?
    Whole thing stinks to high heaven!

  15. @Brás Cubas

    If Trump is vaccinated as Hankey says, obviously he is lying about taking HCQ. Maybe he feels a need to put out a cover story to explain why he, an extreme germ-phobe, has continued to fearlessly wade into crowds and otherwise fail to take even minimal precautions.

    • Agree: Brás Cubas
    • Replies: @foolisholdman
  16. There are conspiracy theories, and there are stupid theories… This article falls into the latter category!

  17. Espinoza says:

    Brilliant. So you got this vaccine that’s untested and you gave to the President of US. What if Trump got severely sick from the vaccine. Facts are coronar virus vaccines kill the recipiens with cytokines storm. There will be no vaccines. What a moron. HAHAHAHA. Bullshit conspiracy.
    If this conspiracy theory is true, it’s bigger than Trump. In fact they would want Trump dead. They- the deep state.
    So disappointed in for this bullshit.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  18. @Espinoza

    We don’t really know DARPA & friends’ capabilities in this and many other areas. The biowar budget increased 700% overnight after 9/11-anthrax. Clearly they have produced lots of germ weapons and plans to use them. (And of course the US has used germ warfare repeatedly in places like Korea, Cuba etc. even before the biowar complex burgeoned in 2001.)

    It would not be surprising if COVID-19 was produced long ago, alongside a vaccine, which would have been extensively tested. Obviously Trump wouldn’t be the first human test!! There are many ways they could have tested it. For example, DARPA and the national security state have the master key to all of America’s prisons and can and do test anything they want on prisoners.

    Also please note that the Deep State elements behind the COVID strike might be using it to take down Trump. The might have gotten him to sign off on it by saying it would surely remain contained in China, like US biowar SARS and MERS and bird flu and pig flu. (Ron Unz also entertains this part of my hypothesis.) But I, unlike Ron, wouldn’t be surprised if the Deep Staters knew, and indeed ensured, that it would become a global pandemic. One of the many benefits, aside from the biggest wealth transfer a.k.a. heist in world history, would be taking down Trump, who would be in a very “exposed” position, as it were, having authorized the strike that then “blew up in his face.”

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @Harold Smith
  19. Wei says:

    It is easy to make 2-3 doses of vaccine for a million dollars. Take the viral sample and grow it in a biosafety hood in a Vero cell line, ultra-centrifuge down the supernatant, deactivate with UV, and inject into your VIP (after testing on some enlisted men). What is hard is making a billion doses of vaccine.

  20. The U.S. “government” seriously needs to be put on the defensive for a change.

    Maybe we can talk Ron Unz or some like-minded person into offering a modest reward to anyone in the U.S. who can prove that he or she had COVID-19 prior to October 2019, say from documented clinical history, chest x-rays and a positive AB IgG test.

    I wonder if the residents and staff at the Greenspring Retirement Community who were sickened with COVID-19 last summer were already paid off to remain silent?

  21. MarkinLA says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    aside from the biggest wealth transfer a.k.a. heist in world history

    This is hardly the case. The stock market has recovered most of its losses and the real estate market never really took a hit. The FED was already lending out money at rates close to zero. Yeah some poor slobs panicked and sold at the bottom (a bottom that lasted one day followed by a 3000 point reversal) but the total dollar amount is nothing compared to 2008.

  22. @Kevin Barrett

    “Also please note that the Deep State elements behind the COVID strike might be using it to take down Trump.”

    I suppose it’s possible, but I tend to disagree for several reasons (which I won’t bore anyone with at the moment). If anything, it’s more likely in my view that they would use it to try to manipulate him into doing something; probably something drastic.

    “The might have gotten him to sign off on it by saying it would surely remain contained in China, like US biowar SARS and MERS and bird flu and pig flu.”

    This seems very plausible, but a potential fly in the ointment (IMO) may be the cases of “mysterious respiratory illness” that struck in the U.S. last summer. Assuming those cases were COVID-19, would Trump have signed off on it if the plan involved releasing it here first for some reason? (I know Trump wouldn’t have a problem with killing people in the U.S. any more than he does in Syria, Iraq or Venezuela, but would he take the political risk)?

    “(Ron Unz also entertains this part of my hypothesis.) But I, unlike Ron, wouldn’t be surprised if the Deep Staters knew, and indeed ensured, that it would become a global pandemic.”

    What about if someone, e.g. a “deep state” agent, released it – deliberately – from a U.S. lab, without any approval from Trump and just pretended that it was an accidental release. Would not the U.S. “government” then be obliged to cover it up, just like the U.S. “government” was obliged to cover up the accidental shoot down of TWA Flt. 800?

    And then, once it was released and circulating in the area of Ft. Detrick, why not share it with China and see what happens? The upside being it might seriously damage China, and China can be blamed for it.

    “One of the many benefits, aside from the biggest wealth transfer a.k.a. heist in world history, would be taking down Trump, who would be in a very ‘exposed’ position, as it were, having authorized the strike that then “blew up in his face.”

    Being that such a deliberate biological warfare attack would be an illegal war crime, what if any documentary evidence would there be that would implicate Trump? Maybe there is nothing on paper that would expose him.

    • Replies: @Derer
    , @foolisholdman
  23. fritter says:

    Hi Kevin,

    you say you respect other religions, but you allow your host to use Christ’s name in vain. I’m sure you would not allow a host to use Mohammed’s name in vain. So you are just another person who disrespects christians and Christ, just like the Zionists whom you purport to hate so much.
    Sorry, I’m not impressed.

  24. Two points: 1) I generally don’t police people’s vocabulary during interviews, since it would distract from the topic at hand. 2) Muslims are just as opposed to using Christ’s name in vain as Christians are, since in Islam (like Christianity) Jesus is Messiah and we ardently pray for his return.

  25. eD says:

    This entire argument is based on the US Department of Defense making a grant to a lab to produce a vaccine. The DoD likely does this all the time as part of its biowarfare program, which is sinister enough without piling more CT on top of it.

    In the world of COVID 19 CT, the biowarfare angle is the equivalent of the controlled demolition of Building 7 in 9-11 CT. The analogy is that the collapse of Building 7 in the WTC doesn’t really prove anything. No one has ever claimed that the building did NOT collapse, and no one has ever claimed that it was hit by planes or attacked by terrorists. There is really no establishment narrative here to counter. It could have caught on fire and then demolished to prevent the fire from spreading to other building, once it has been evacuated. Its a red herring that attracts attention from putative conspiracy theorists.

    With the biowarfare angle, both the United States and China have biowarfare programs and biowarfare labs. There is always the danger of something escaping, in which case it will kill a bunch of people or make them sick until the population builds up natural immunity. This is all public knowledge. Demonstrating that the biowarfare programs exist does NOT support the contention that COVID-19 is a product of either the American or Chinese biowarfare program. There is also the difficulty that a real, deliberate, biowarfare attack would probably be more lethal and targeted.

    But the entire line of inquiry is irrelevant. The mystery that COVID 19 CT tries to address is not “where did the virus come from”? A flu virus appears every single year. The mystery is “why did nearly every country shut down half their economy and claimed to so so over a not very lethal flu virus”?

    And with both Trump and Bolsonaro, the question is why they went along with things to the extent they did (not to a great extent in the case of Bolsonaro), and the answer seems to be that the federal president is just not that powerful a figure in both the American and Brazilian government -the Brazilians copied the American system- and the shutdown was caused by other parts of both government, mainly the state governments, with the federal president either ineffectually criticizing this or cheering it along.

  26. naill says:

    Kevin Barrett is definitely onto something imho. This article certainly seems to reinforce the earlier article with the interview between Kevin and Meryl Nass.
    That had some stunning revelations for me, in particular the idea that the world economy was being destroyed so that they could start again.

    So Mearsheimer says that the only way to stop China’s rise is essentially to destroy the global economy. He says even wrecking the U.S. economy along with the global economy would would be worth it because security is more important than prosperity.

    I thought that was a bit of a stretch but during the week, a few articles I came across seem to be going in that direction.
    From Klaus Schwab who is part of the Davos elites
    We see this idea being circulated in other media they “influence”, even down to smaller sites such as
    Then in the Indian paper ET, to get Indian support using india/china rivalry:
    Seems like the great big plan is slowly coming into place and coronavirus is all part of it.

  27. dimples says:

    I can’t work it out. A previous KB interviewee swore on his life that there is going to be a mega financial collapse in September 2020 (if I recall correctly). This vaccine is coming out in July at least I think so I could have the wrong month. Are the two prophesied events connected? Will all the vaccinees die and this causes the mega-collapse? I thought the Pentagon Deep State guys wanted to get rid of Chump. Why give him the working super-vaccine then? What’s going on? Is the plan rolling out perfectly or has something gone horribly wrong? What am I missing? Is there something we are not seeing clearly here? Thankfully Kevin is covering all the bases so we can all be prepared.

  28. @eD

    Does your mommy know you’re at the computer again, junior?

  29. Tomsen says:
    @Brás Cubas

    So you want Bolsonaro to have anti-virus in his body? Talk about speaking the enemy’s language.

  30. DarkEyes says:

    Certainly, he is The guinea pig!

  31. What a crock from Hankey. Yeah, the vaccine was ready before the “pandemic” but certainly not for the elites and oligarchs. It’s meant for US, you know, the rabble, the hoi-polloi, the proletariat. And it’s an unproven, dangerous RNA that will destroy everyone’s health (what’s left of it). Look, Big Pharma’s been destroying childrens’ health since the 1960s. Autiusm really took off when Reagan indemnified Big Pharma in 1986.

    Now it’s the adults turn!

    The riots were completely planned, my friend, and have gone swimmingly. The entire motivation behind them is obviously to vilify whitey.

    But why now? Why smack dap in the middle of a “pandemic” ?

    Well, the ONLY race that might really resist the mandatory vaccine plan for COVID is the white race. Therefore, vilify the white race. Gin up the numbers of poor minorities “dying” from COVID disproportionately, and then make whitey look worse than ever for REFUSING to bow down to Bill Gates’ vaccine.

    They’re three steps ahead of us.

    Get it?


  32. Derer says:
    @Harold Smith

    “a “deep state” agent, released it – deliberately – from a U.S. lab,”

    For haven sake, your hallucination is getting beyond repair. Democrat hyenas did it to damage Trump economy and his monolithic support.

    Don’t you see the pattern: first attempt by the swamp sinister and disloyal liars Clapper and Brennan via slanderous dossier financed by the corrupted DNC – failed; second attempt by the senile Mueller inquiry – failed; third attempt by prostitute Stormy – failed; fourth attempt by the slimy spy called whistle-blower and subsequent impeachment – failed; fifth attempt by the Covid19 – the damage is monumental but will know the losers in November 2020.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  33. Anonymous[103] • Disclaimer says:

    Cases of coronavirUS around Ft Detrick:

  34. Anonymous[103] • Disclaimer says:

    HCQ has side effects and is not the best treatment for trumps coronavirus. The effectiveness is near placebo.

    The best ways to treat is Vit C, D E & Selenium and Zinc.

    China beat their cases with TCM and sometimes with Vit and minerals.

  35. @Derer

    Even Trump kool aid drinkers, like stopped clocks, are occasionally right. It’s quite plausible that the people who inserted Trump into the White House have decided that he’s outlived his usefulness and it’s time to bring on the other side of the dialectic.

    In summer 2016 Kissinger announced that Trump would make a wonderful “useful idiot.” Rarely has that expression been more apropos. He’s truly an idiot, and they’ve used him against Iran, Palestine, China, and non-rich Americans. Among the many things COVID has accomplished—a strike against globalization-driven Chinese economic growth, a multi-trillion-dollar heist by the biggest banks and corporations, an excuse for even more centralized power and Orwellian tyranny, culling the useless eaters, slowing carbon emissions, etc.—one more “benefit” from the perps’ perspective might be the removal of the loose cannon in the White House.

  36. Derer says:

    “He’s (Trump) truly an idiot”

    Really? How stupid those DNC vindictive imbeciles, supported by the fake media, look when he defeated them in the arena of thoughts. You are one pathetic “democrat”.

  37. @eD

    > The mystery is “why did nearly every country shut down half their economy and claimed to so so over a not very lethal flu virus”?

    I thought it was hospital administrators screaming bloody murder and the claim that there were dead bodies stacked up outside chinese hospitals with all of the beds occupied and no place to put any more patients?

    You don’t look like you have the right question.

  38. @Kevin Barrett

    Taking HCQ and being vaccinated are not mutually exclusive. It’s called a “Belt & Braces” approach. (In UK English. Perhaps in US English it is “Belt & Suspenders approach”?)

  39. @Harold Smith

    “And then, once it was released and circulating in the area of Ft. Detrick, why not share it with China and see what happens? The upside being it might seriously damage China, and China can be blamed for it.”

    This seems a very plausible scenario to me.

  40. @eD

    It could have caught on fire and then demolished to prevent the fire from spreading to other building, once it has been evacuated.

    You mean after it caught on fire workers went in and wired it for demolition? Dug holes in the walls to place the explosives and got out again without anyone noticing this heroic and highly dangerous operation? And it just so happened to cover up some Gigantic financial scandal? Really?

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