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Jim Hogue and Rowan Millar Discuss 9/11-COVID and Vaccine Mandates
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Long-time 9/11 activist, poet, and Vermont secessionist Jim Hogue, author of the classic “Ballad of Ladder Five,” is fired up to resist the escalating vaccine mandates: “I hope they move into soft-target Vermont first with these draconian plans. Maybe there are more of us than we think who will stand up to them. My guess is that they may have hit a wall of resistance, and Biden is just the spokesman to get us to the bottom of the barrel of the obedient cowards. Those few who are left might find the courage to do some powerful work. Remember what the X marine said, more or less. ‘If you try to force me to get the vax, I will kill you.’ I suggest we bone up on those exemption documents and notices of liability that are going around.”

Also joining the show is 9/11-COVID info-activist and 9/11 Truth Film Festival attendee Rowan Millar.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Pigs need to die down under.

  2. @Priss Factor

    Check out the latest False Flag Weekly News: E. Michael Jones on Vax Mandate Backlash, and More!

  3. @Priss Factor

    It was always naive to believe state police would not turn on the People. They have pensions to protect.

  4. Did you know that the Moderna vaccine was designed on a computer in two days? Or that Moderna found no correlation of protection against COVID as late as December 2020? Or that the CDC changed the definitions of ‘vaccine’ and ‘vaccination’ this month in order to omit the immunity clause?

    The vaccines do not work, are quite clearly the Delta variant, and are making things far worse than they would be otherwise. Here is an avalanche of proof that they are a clown show:

    Given those results, is it any surprise that the NYTimes told us not to critically think about this blatant fraud of a pandemic?

    • Replies: @That Would Be Telling
  5. @SolarTermination

    Did you know SolarTermination thinks this message is so important he’s spamming it on multiple topics? Previously on the PCR one where I replied:

    Did you know that the Moderna vaccine was designed on a computer in two days?

    Did you know that DNA and mRNA are first and foremost encodings of information? Did you know after decades of research into both mRNA vaccines and safe SARS type coronavirus vaccines (one strand of that goes back to a late 1960’s RSV vaccine), including multiple human clinical trials on MERS and mRNA and adenovirus vector vaccine trials (Janssen went as far as a Phase III for Ebola and got EU approval), all five Western entities had the tools they needed to design and start testing SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidates the moment the information of its genome was released by the PRC? (BioNTech, Gamaleya, Janssen, Moderna, and Oxford.)

    Or that Moderna found no correlation of protection against COVID as late as December 2020?

    Did you know you learned that factoid from a liar? See pages 49-52, sections 6.3-4, Primary and Secondary Endpoint Results, in the document “Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee [VRBPAC] December 17, 2020 Meeting Briefing Document Addendum- Sponsor”, find that at the end of the meeting page where there’s a host of materials including I now see a transcript of the meeting, which is also archived after being livecast.

    This is really easy to check stuff, the FDA under Trump was really transparent (can’t say the same about “Biden’s” FDA and the Pfizer/BioNTech approval which did not include a VRBPAC meeting, but on the third hand see the VRBPAC shoot down “Biden’s” distraction of “Pfizer boosters for all!!!” before there’s data about that from their ten thousand strong Phase III trial).

    Or that the CDC changed the definitions of ‘vaccine’ and ‘vaccination’ this month in order to omit the immunity clause?

    Did you know no person who knows anything about the CDC and the US public health community which long ago decided infectious disease control was unfashionable pays attention to them for anything beyond collecting and tallying data? Recent exception, though, their new director has a 100% infectious disease background prior to this first government job of her’s, and it shows; unfortunately she has to depend on a rotten institution for staff work etc.

    Did you know the Salk type polio vaccine is leaky, does not provide immunity to those who take it, that is, allows them to get the standard gut infection and pass on to other people? You’re another person who could use monetary contributions to construct a time machine to go back and tell him he did not, after all, create a vaccine.

    You have to be willfully ignorant to not have seen how the first generation vaccines targeting classic Wuhan “work,” just not as well, against the Delta variant with its even greater than Alpha increased transmissibility plus multiple spike protein immune escape mutations. The efficacy of every endpoint you can read in documents like the one I cited above are reduced, but are not even close to “do not work,” in particular remain highly effective in avoiding the bad outcomes of hospitalization and death.

    Will you take the above information and reexamine your worldview on COVID and vaccines, or continue to repeat lies? I mean, the link you provided us makes exactly the point I make above on reduced hospitalizations in its second set of screen grabs. Did you not read past the first bit of that link??

    And he replied with a NJEM image that was cropped to falsify when it was published….

    Not that these topics have all that much to do with the issue of vaccine mandates, except that it does matter somewhat if the vaccines in question actually do some good. And for Australia AZ/Oxford’s clown show is in the mix for those over 60, it doesn’t have a great combination of efficacy and safety.

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