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Jim Fetzer Breaks News on Supreme Court & Local Court Cases on Sandy Hook Lawsuits
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Jim Fetzer, like my previous guest Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, is a friend and former False Flag Weekly News colleague. And like Jeremy, Jim is someone I don’t always agree with. Today Jim returns to my show to break the news about today’s hearing in Dane County Circuit Court concerning Lenny Pozner’s attempt to seize control of Jim’s book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. We’ll also discuss Jim’s appeal to the Supreme Court of Pozner’s earlier, seemingly questionable victory before the same judge who is hearing today’s case.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. bwuce wee says:

    well, there is a 1200 pound gorirlla in the room! the solution is very very simple: court order to exhume the bodies for coroner’s exam.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  2. Not only was Sandy Hook a staged event where no one died , so was the recent Buffalo shooting stage, and so was the Boston Marathon, and the Las Vegas so called shooting, and the Pulse night club was a staged event as was the MSD Florida high school so called shooting, another staged event using crisis actors and the latest staged event was the Uvaldes school staged event, with crisis actors and this was a poorly staged event, with so many glaring lies that it is amazing that anyone would believe it.

    There were other staged events , such as San Bernadino, and all are done for the gun confiscation agenda of the zionist communist deep state;

    • Agree: Katrinka
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  3. Anon[412] • Disclaimer says:

    Unraveling Sandy Hook, Sofia Smallstorm.

    • Replies: @republic
  4. @bwuce wee

    “court order to exhume the bodies for coroner’s exam.”

    “Follow the science” becomes “Get out of my face, crazy conspiracy theorist” whenever the official narrative is in danger of exposure.

  5. Why aren’t we ever shown the actual videos of these school shootings? All schools have cams everywhere and the kids have phone cams. But we never see them. Happened that way at uvalde and parkland and sandy hook. Film of people milling around outside but no vids of the shooting.

    Even if they do some day release the vids, people will say they were altered. We need to see these vids that very day.

    This tells me they are false flags and the killing was done by the feds or maybe the whole thing is a hoax employing crisis actors.

  6. Mac_ says:

    Initially would remind the constitution is questionable, suggest read ten amendments, though assuming at face value first amendment is clear, there is no limiting speech, which people have not taken seriously enough. Had said before, when people who assume to put themselves ‘over’ others, then dictate down other’s speech, if we don’t use the ability, we lose it. Speech is core, to inform and inspire others, and is why ‘they’ attempt to limit, and divide, so they are the only gang, and we don’t use speech to make our own groups. That is the tactic on limiting speech, and false use of ‘law’, in this instance to take down Fetzer’s speech and book with facts.

    What’s going on with Fetzer is going on everywhere, judges, lawyers, the cons are sixty percent and situation with Fetzer isn’t unique but is why is important. The podcast goes to other things about a third way through but should listen to at least first part. The thing that makes understandable is many people know the sandy hook con was false, so listening to how the courts swipe down Fetzer is to also see what’s going on in wider scope. Few other notes;

    Agree summary judgment was wrong, obviously disputed, Fetzer’s right the matter of deaths or not is whole gap. If there were real legal system lawyers would be jumping on to sue the actors and fake coroner and media etc. There’s a question, where have they been. Hmm.

    Too many people are letting the cons jerk us into psycho world where accusatory inversion and false projection are constant (suggest write down those phrases); the fact is what Pozner has done and is doing, along with false judges and media is –
    defamation of Fetzer.

    Defamation -and destruction of truth. Who should be paying who actually, or in jail. System of false talkers. Appreciate the update Kevin, best to you Jim if you come by the comments. People need to share info, be own media, focus where we live.


  7. Anonymous[177] • Disclaimer says:
    @Desert Fox

    I argue that it’s more complicated than this. Just as patsies come in all flavors – innocent bystanders, the peripherally involved, drill participients and true believer participants, so do false flag attacks – with or without victims, total hoaxes (screenplays), drills (hijacked or not), real attacks, etc.

    FBI FFs all have real deaths. Boston: MIT Officer Collier (murdered by the FBI to enrage the police, who then savagely beat and ran over Tamerlan T), Todashev accidentally murdered during torture. San Bernardino: patsy couple murdered in cold blood, no other victims.

    CIA – 3,000 victims 9/11.

    DHS – zero casualties, Sandy Hook, Parkland, Uvalde, etc.

  8. Anonymous[177] • Disclaimer says:
    @Hang All Text Drivers

    Luckily the deep state criminal swamp agencies all hate each other. The fbi also refused to blame bin laden for 9/11 – no evidence.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  9. @Anonymous

    The attack on the WTC on 911 was done by Israel and traitors at the highest level of the ZUS government, to see how it was done, go to and

  10. republic says:

    Book is available on library genesis
    Nobody died at Sandy Hook

  11. KenH says:

    I doubt SCOTUS will take up this case. They don’t seem to have the nads to take on cases concerning unpopular speech. They just refused to hear VDAR’s case regarding their being denied local police protection for their event.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  12. @KenH

    Sandy Hook is not just “unpopular speech”.

    It is dangerous speech–threatening to expose a Deep State false flag.

    You don’t get to be a SC Justice (or even a Circuit Court Judge) without knowing that covering up Deep State false flags is part of your other duties as assigned.

    If you get senile and forget there are always “Men in Black” that are available to remind you.

  13. Mac_ says:

    Bit of note on justvisting’s post, assumption of those doing unjust acts as not responsible or as if coerced is from decades of psyops using juvenile angle, to pretend cons in our faces everywhere aren’t responsible for what they’re doing. The notion of a judge or media etc being ‘threatened’ sets aside basic fact no one is forced to be a judge, or media, or govrmt, etc, when obviously they can quit. So-called judges can recuse from a case. They choose what they do, many are predators the same as many supposed lawyers. The unjust actions that continue is by intentional malice, and mass of people affected. ‘courts’ are not what people think. Never have been.

    Otherwise agree on point of comment though, as inferred and further relative to Fetzer, complete defense would have meant laying out false flag examples, which wouldn’t have been difficult, nine eleven for instance, though without a band of people in support, is too much for one person, the failing being, no tribes. If people made effort against lies or incursions constantly pushed at us, the dynamic would be different.

    The problem is people don’t take an assault on others as a personal affront, though should, because it’s only matter of time until everyone is targeted. People assume we’re overwhelmed but we’re not, if people talk to one another. The responsibility to make effort in a tribe has been forgotten, though can remember now, connect where we live. Just a few thoughts.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  14. @Mac_

    “no one is forced to be a judge, or media, or govrmt, etc, when obviously they can quit.”

    Have you ever wondered why so many public officials do not retire into their seventies and eighties when “they can quit”?

    The answer–for many–is that they can’t quit even if they want to–even if they beg and cry and whine that they need to quit.

    The problem is that there are blackmail files on them held by the Deep State or special interest lobbyists of various kinds–often the reason they were “chosen” to begin with–and the stuff is bad enough that it would destroy their reputation and cause serious harm (financial, reputation) to family members as well.

  15. Mac_ says:

    – In respond again justvisting’s post, no one is forced to continue, they are free to quit, the thing missing in understanding is the number of cons willing to take the spot. Every person chooses what they do. Every person in ‘govrmnt’, ‘media’, ‘judges’, fake ‘scientists’, ‘doctors’ etc. Cons are everywhere actually. Few proofs to make it easy;

    Cynthia McKinney quit for example, so did Trafficant. Honest people. They quit because the cons don’t want that. No one is ‘forced’. The exception to that in some ways may would be some actors or singers because those riches are more handed. If they want to keep the money they do the dance. People ignore, so you have predatory situations such as Spears, or in different way, Fetzer

    Judges can recuse a case, and continue judging others, happens somewhat often, though, actually not when most important. That may not seem to make sense but you have to know the courts as I do to grasp the meaning. And my point isn’t limited, it’s about people generally, a life point. By pretending poor judges’ etc, people take that to be used as denial of self responsibility. Bigger picture point.

  16. R2b says:

    Very Impressive, by Sofia Smallstorm!
    How anyone in alt-media can believe the msm narrative, is beyond understandable.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  17. @R2b

    People believe impossible things these days because of meta-programming–great discussion of how that works in this 2019 podcast:

    The best part of the discussion is where an example is given of classic gaslighting:

    –A husband shows a slide-show of family slides at a gathering of friends and family.
    –He quickly flashed by a slide that shows him and the neighbor’s wife in a nude embrace.
    –The wife sees it but only for an instant (and of course he then pockets the slide).
    –When she later questions him about it he says there was no such slide.
    –She is totally confused–did she see it? was she imagining it?

    That is how the mass media “plays” us–they “slip” and give a little hint of the truth about given incidents–and then accuse us of being “crazy conspiracy theorists” if we try to follow the trail of breadcrumbs….

    • Replies: @R2b
  18. R2b says:

    Sure, I agree!
    I was just refering to alt-media personalities, no names yet, that has totally denied, or at least seriously doubted, the obvious that Sofia Smallstorm presents.

    • Replies: @Republic
  19. Republic says:

    To see the level of government censorship take a look at the Wikipedia entry on Sandy Hook,very Orwellian

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