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Jila Ansari Offers a Different Perspective on Iran, Religion, and Zionism
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Jila Ansari of is an Iranian-American long resident in the US. She has appeared on Ken Meyercord’s WorldDocs show to discuss Iran, Abrahamic monotheism, the social and political dimensions of religion, and related topics—offering perspectives that are very different from those ordinarily heard on Truth Jihad Radio. Her take on Zionism, however, is right at home here!

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy, History, Ideology • Tags: Iran, Zionism 
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  1. yaok says:

    this is a joke. she cant even name a source to support her most basic contentions such as the shah and mossadegh working together ….

  2. Caryl says: • Website

    Outstanding interview. I deeply appreciated Ms. Ansari’s intimate and nuanced understanding of Iranian history and politics. She evidently has a deep understanding of human nature — a quality most often lacking even in intelligent commentary of events. This understanding has to do with heritage and history and – of course – religion. Perhaps in her discussion of religion she did veer a little towards “utopianianism.” I mean, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the heritage of monotheism and, for better or worse, the heritage of the West. There is a deep need for the regeneration of religion by a deeper understanding of good and evil, spirituality, and the Way of the World and the Cosmos. The Persian heritage, with its incredible poetry and understanding of the Imaginal realm, may offer such a path of regeneration. Such paths are needed today — not to denigrate religion but to strengthen and fortify it. For materialism trivializes everything. In any case, I hope to hear from Ms. Ansari again. It is rare to hear discussion of such quality. Thank you.

    • Replies: @yaok
  3. camus10 says:

    guest Ansari has eloquently exposed some serious problems with the zionist mysticism about the tomb of Daniel and the ongoing disinformation relating to the fantasy of Esther, a tool of zionist manipulation of history.

    she has boldly dissected usintel subversion by playing both the Shah, and Mossadeh an unelected subordinate PM of the Shah

    the impressive narrative shows the imperium managed to sabotage and humiliate a great civilization

    tnx to Barrett, he never disappoints

  4. yaok says:

    i respectfully disagree. she couldnt reference her basic conspiratiorial assumptions with any sources. The shah and mossadegh working together? khomeinei being a zionist stooge? sounds really cooky

  5. Al Ross says:

    London is being enriched by Muslims right now :

    Last week it was Leicester riots.

    Has there ever been a country improved by Muslim mass immigration ?

    The headscarf has been gradually showing more of the wearers’ hair since the death of Khomenei , the founder of the Islamic State and it seems likely that the CIA have encouraged this trend .

    • Replies: @anonymous
  6. In Berlin there also were manifestations against the Iran mullah regime, but “all those who fondly see themselves as the elite in the struggle for women’s equality, local Feminists, Greens and SPD were conspicuously absent”,

    However, both sides are of a delightful ignorance when it comes to REAL FACTS: years ago, Christoph Luxenberg published “Le voile islamique” (in Cités, Presses Universitaires de France, Paris 3/2004) where he translated the so-called “verse of the Veil” (Q 24, 31) with “qu’elles s’attachent leur ceinture autour de la taille / that they put their girdle around the waist”.

  7. anonymous[657] • Disclaimer says:
    @Al Ross

    [London is being enriched by Muslims right now]

    If you don’t like it, then you should have not invade and colonize the countries. These Muslims, mainly from India, fought for your fucking wars against other nations to protect (Rothschild, Sassoon, the Jewish mafia) Mafia’s interest willing to kill millions of people.

    Iraqi’s parliament has voted the American soldiers must fuck off the land. Why don’t you honor the wish of the people dummies? You have invaded country after country killing millions of people and making millions more as refugees. You make the country unsafe because you bring your terrorists killing the scientists, stealing their resources, robbing their libraries and museum leaving a FAILED state to benefit your shitty apartheid entity. The following paragraph shows how criminal Trump, a Jewish mafia member, was when he wanted to keep the American soldiers in Iraq, while making lies preaching ‘antiwar’ statement.

    [In 2020 for example, the administration of former president Donald Trump threatened to cut Iraq’s access to its Federal Reserve accounts if US troops were expelled from Iraq. The Iraqi parliament had recently passed a resolution demanding the withdrawal of US military forces in response to their illegal and extrajudicial assassinations of top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani and Iraqi deputy head of the PMF, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis.]

    Why don’t you fuck off from Iraq and the region to see if anyone wants to escape from your terrorism at their own home to go somewhere else. Then you are going to beg for cheap workers. You should get out fast, now. You have been exposed long time ago. All your ‘politicians’ are terrorists and thieves.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  8. @anonymous

    withdrawal of US military forces

    …and what of Swedish, French, Belgian, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Danish, Irish, Italian, Swiss, Austrian, Australian forces???

    In all those countries Muslims are increasingly causing havoc, French towns are among the most unsafe worldwide, and Italy was fast following (let’s see what the new government can/will do). A look into the Netherlands and Belgium: (sep 4, 2017; since then I’ve read other reports, I am fluent in Dutch).

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Al Ross
  9. anonymous[295] • Disclaimer says:
    @René Fries

    If you knew what is going on, then you wouldn’t give me the following:

    [[…and what of Swedish, French, Belgian, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Danish, Irish, Italian, Swiss, Austrian, Australian forces???]]

    These countries are colonies of the Jewish mafia ‘new world order’ plan and they HAVE to be part of it and send soldiers. Sweden and others have send soldiers to these invaded countries. Sweden sells WMD to Saudi Arabia, UAE to kill Yemenese children and destroy their homes. Don’t you know that? Today, Evil American empire lead these colonies, where Evil Britain Empire was doing the same yesterday. The immigration is the result of the Jewish mafia ‘world government’ policy implemented by the west let by American empire and its colonies like Sweden, Germany, France and so on and so forth, to control Muslim resources and to partition their land, like they did in Sudan, not be able to fight back and implement the ODED YINON, where they will take this wish into their graves. Are you telling me you don’t know what’s going on?

    The above countries like Germany, Sweden, Danish, Belgian, France, all are the stooges of the Jewish mafia “world government’ plan and are implementing FAKE ‘war on terror’ where in fact was the work of the ISRAEL where killed 3000 Americans in 9/11 to blame MUSLIMS to fool people like you to invade Muslim lands to kill MILLIONS of their citizens and force the rest of the population out of the region to help the zionist expansionist policy.
    I have been to these countries, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and others, to see how all these countries are working for the Jewish mafia plan and give platform to Israel’s TERRORISTS, the KURD, because the Jewish mafia, the Rothscield and the jewish oligarch plan is to capture the Middle East and the North Africa for their resources and the Kurds and other minorities have been made Israel’s PAWNS to be used against the regional states to topple governments and put Israel’s puppet for regime change. Today, no one, no one, even the dummies, can claim that this is a ‘conspiracy theory’, if they do then they make a laughing stock out of themselves.
    The regional states know the danger and have no options except to fight back and force the apartheid entity and their supporters, US, Britain, out of the region. They are willing to do it no matter how brutal, uncivilized and criminals these forces are who are willing to break the people’s will by invasion, illegal sanctions, and color revolution.
    They are determined to kick you out at any price, I repeat, at any price and bring your agents, the Kurd, and others under control.
    Why don’t you stop? Then see how many Muslims are ‘invading’ your countries? NO ONE.
    Why do people want to go to a violent country like yours?

  10. anonymous[295] • Disclaimer says:

    Okinawan women’s civic group chronicles sex crimes by U.S. military
    In a booklet by an Okinawan women’s civic group documenting sex crimes by U.S. soldiers in Japan, a 9-month-old girl is listed as the youngest rape victim.

    Among a litany of cases the group began compiling after the rape of an Okinawan elementary schoolgirl by three U.S. soldiers in 1995, the 1949 crime by a U.S. serviceman who was an acquaintance of the baby’s mother stands out as arguably the most heinous and unimaginable — the baby reportedly died soon afterward.

    U.S. soldier convicted of Iraq rape, murders found hanged in prison
    A former U.S. Army soldier sentenced to life in prison for the 2006 rape and murder of a 14-year-old Iraqi girl and killing of her parents and sister.

    ISRAEL is milking Arab countries and using ‘normalization’ to send DRUG, like Sassoon Opium Trade in China, India, Iran, Afghanistan, to make billions of dollars, into UAE.

    Fida Kiwan, a 43-year-old resident of the northern Israeli city of Haifa, was sentenced in April. The Israeli news site Ynet said at the time that Kiwan was arrested on March 21, 2021, with half a kilogram (over 1 pound) of cocaine that she claimed did not belong to her.Normalization has turned glitzy Dubai into a freewheeling Israeli tourist destination.

    [[An Israeli man who was arrested in Dubai on suspicion of drug trafficking was involved in a scheme to smuggle half a ton of cocaine into the United Arab Emirates, Hebrew media reported on Sunday.
    Halil Dasuki, 31, from Lod, was arrested last week in the UAE.
    Israeli nabbed in Dubai drug bust was allegedly smuggling half a ton of cocaine
    Halil Dasuki, who has a criminal past in Israel, was reportedly caught with haul worth \$135 million hidden in shipping container; Israeli police said to have tipped off local cops]]

  11. anonymous[295] • Disclaimer says:

    The Israelis terrorists MEK is attacking everyone including the Police and NO one arrest them.
    When the zionist stooges like Pompeo, Bolton, Kennedy and hundreds of other terrorists you call ‘politicians’ from US, Europe go to a staged conference funded by a butcher MBS, then you must be forced out of the west Asia.

    These ‘Iranian terrorists who are supposed to do ‘regime change’ for the west and ISRAEL are shouting at the police, in Persian, your sisters are fucked, fucked.
    When you support all the Israel’s crimes against humanity, then you DESERVE these Iranians who have been trained and funded by CIA, MOSAD and Saudi Arabia. We love it. Keep them all. We don’t need them.

  12. saba says:

  13. @anonymous

    You two are arguing for a distinction without a difference. “Invade the world” and “invite the world” are 2 sides of the same coin. The invasions were done for the primary purpose of inciting mass immigration. The US President should beg the Islamic world’s forgiveness for America’s crimes; nevertheless, it doesn’t obligate us to take a single one of their economic migrants. If we leave them alone, they will be happier in their own culture.

  14. Al Ross says:
    @René Fries

    There was no conscription in India during Great Britain’s wars. The Subcons volunteered.

    Try harder.

  15. Al Ross says:

    Only a racial Sinp would be worried about what happens to Moose Limbs

    Myanmar has an immigration policy as strict as Islamic Heaven .

  16. @anonymous

    Your arguments certainly are valuable under a certain perspective, even if I consider “Jews and their influence” as bearing no contradiction to natural science: in the vegetation already there are wars fought between species, the winner taking all [which is foundational to (monopol-)capitalism]. Then also, may I claim the right to be wrong (this also being a part of the scientific method “trials and errors”) and the right to another perspective?

    This perspective is that historically, it is the Muslim world that made > 270 million victims ( ) at a time when world population was vastly inferior to 1 bn, more than 60 millions having been Christians. If we Christians should be willing to take revenge (contrary to our creed), we would have to eliminate 8 to 9 times 60 millions i.e. between 480 and 540 millions of Muslims; the Hindus, on their part and by the same token, would have to eliminate between 640 and 720 millions.

    The said perspective — corroborated by the 10 books (5.977 pages) hitherto published by Inârah — also is that Muslims are under OBLIGATION to maim and kill the “infidels” among whom the Jews (prominently), France offering some recent cases in point. Why then should those same Jews incite Muslims to migrate en masse to France or other countries inhabited by Jews?

    • Replies: @René Fries
  17. @René Fries

    the 10 books (5.977 pages)

    error: 6.977 pages

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