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Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Greg McCarron on Trump as Russian/Israeli Psy-Op
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Greg McCarron and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel co-host The Antedote podcast. They argue that the Trump-Russia scandal was very real; that the Russian mafiya worked with Putin, Chabad, and Likud Zionists to impose the Trump disaster on America; and that Trump was indeed a dangerous and destructive foreign agent: “It appears to us that the Trump administration had a primary goal of lessening American influence in the Middle East as well as globally, and that this would result in a shift of global power from the west to countries such as China and Russia, with Israel at the center.”

So is the Trump-loving alt-right, so often cast as “anti-Semitic,” actually working for a Russian-Zionist plan for global domination? Should alternative media people be more skeptical of Russia in general and RT in particular?

Greg writes:
I will leave here the articles I referenced (as well as a few others) during the show:
Putin 11/99 NYT Oped
On Ukraine, Israel and Neoconservatives not on same page
Israel and Russia are getting along. Have the Neocons Noticed?
Neocon Dilemma: Israeli-Russian Detente
WaPo asks if Putin and Netanyahu are “BFF’s”
The Putin-Netanyahu Bromance (Jeremy referenced this one)
Alfred McCoy: Waking from a Four-Year Fever Dream to Find US Global Power Gone

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Excellent points by Greg and Jeremy. The Trump cult is essentially a further refinement of the Protestant Zionist cult, especially given that MAGA turned to MIGA almost overnight and the truly servile white American working class endorsed this shift wholeheartedly.

    There is no greater threat to white civilization then the white MAGAtard.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
    , @Franz
  2. cranc says:

    On the Finkelstein element, I tuned into a lot of FTN’s analysis.
    I would recommend all of their deep dives into the fake nationalism of recent decades in Europe and the US.
    The first I remember reading about the Chabad connecting Putin and Trump was this :

    There seems to be a confusing flip flop in these discussions between (1) national interests; (2) personal connections and motivations/ obligations of political leaders; (3) Israeli international influence; and (4) partially visible clandestine networks. All seem to play a part, but it would make better arguments if people were able to separate these strands out and explore them one at a time as well as all together.
    As a case in point, someone like Putin has a personal story relating to the Jewish community (e.g. in his childhood education), he also is the public head of political machine which is primarily concerned with Russian national interests. He must be regularly interacting with very powerful and wealthy Russian citizens who are Jewish and who have a lot of family in Israel, and who have strong ideological links to Israeli politics. Of course many millions of Russians died at the hands of the German military in WWII, so that must play heavily on the public projection when it comes to dealing with the issue of dual loyalties.
    And so on. To say it is all about Overt policy outcomes or just about the secret connections are surely both ways to miss the big picture.

  3. anon[243] • Disclaimer says:

    CIA’s entire gimmick is muddling up the distinction between Russians (and really, all slavs, Ukrainians too, if their names sound vaguely Russian) and the government of Russia. That’s what’s happening here yet again, in these podcasts closed-captioned for the hard-of-thinking.

    Arch-Russian Felix Sater? He bragged about being a CIA agent. He was going to make a movie of himself until CIA said Shut up be a evil Russian now. All the Russians who were so “close to Putin?” They were the CIA agents who looted Yeltsin-era Russia.

    In thinking about this latest apical coup it will be much more helpful to look at Americans than Russians. Ron Nazzaro, for example, the Lee Harvey Oswald of this coup. Custodian of CIA’s extreme-right honey pot, surreptitiously plotting the Capitol insurrection on Facebook (?!??) wolf-dipped as a Russian agent. Unfortunately for DO, Nazzaro had the basic self-preservation instincts to document his agent provocateur work for CIA. So it’s going to be hard to whack him like they did to LHO.

  4. @Supply and Demand

    Good point. E. Michael Jones, who reads US history as a battle between Catholics, Protestants, and Jews, might agree that the Protestant Zionist element behind Trump turned MAGA into MIGA. By the way, “E. Mike” is now a regular on False Flag Weekly News:

  5. bjondo [AKA "5 dancing shlomos"] says:

    Suppose possible.
    More likely silly or Israeli redirection.

    Trump wants out of the ME wars because
    they are pointless same as conflict in Korea.

    American jobs in China? Why not in America?

    Same as I can talk to Korea, I can talk to Russia – Trump.

    Same as I can avoid war with Syria, I can avoid war with Iran.

    Problem is…I am surrounded by lying, deceiving psychos – Trump.

    Trump actually a decent man who cares for his country but by himself
    no match for the massive swamp especially when his team is swampish.

    • Agree: Thomasina
  6. Franz says:
    @Supply and Demand

    There is no greater threat to white civilization then the white MAGAtard.


    But obvlivion threatens daily also:

  7. @Kevin Barrett

    So, the ‘Russian collusion’ hoax just won’t die right Barrett?
    Trump was an agent of Russia and now it’s time to go after the MAGA types because they are ‘domestic terrrorists’.
    Despite 3 years of hot wind, Jerry Nadler’s ravings and zero proof, here you are to trying to sell us yesterday’s leftover pizza, rotting in a wet dumpster, as haute cuisine.

    Wow, I’m impressed. You really are an absolute POS.
    I remember seeing you in a video where you state that the goal should be to destroy the U.S. petro-dollar system. You know, to me, that sounds like a conspiracy to attack the nation’s monetary system. Perhaps someone should send a copy of that video to the FBI’s anti-terrorism unit and ask them to open a file on YOU. You could very well be a dangerous domestic terrorist. Who knows what you and your associates are up to.

    See how that works Kev?

    • Agree: Jim Christian
    • Troll: Supply and Demand
  8. It appears to us that the Trump administration had a primary goal of lessening American influence in the Middle East as well as globally, and that this would result in a shift of global power from the west to countries such as China and Russia, with Israel at the center.

    Only those who had direct access and personal relationships with Trump could really detail the inner workings, but it seems most likely, based on a multitude of indicators, that Trump had little actual organizational or deliberative process that emanated out of any sort of coherent doctrine.

    He seems to have favored policies that he had ‘popularity tested’ at rallies or informal consultations with both average people and in particular with those he considered wealthy and powerful.
    If the policies dictated by the wealthy could also be sold to the public without an outcry from the base, that was always the policy that he ran with.

    One anecdote that indicates the lack of awareness that Trump had as far as the sale-ability of his ad-hoc policies was when he was reported to have contacted Ronna McDaniels / RNC to inform her of Jared’s last minute campaign to sign 3rd party cooperation agreements for the Israeli state.

    McDaniel was reported to have informed him that this would have no impact on his voter turnout in Michigan, which Trump was claimed to have been unable to comprehend.

    From an outside viewpoint, it was clear that the Jared 3rd party treaty program was launched at the last minute, in order to opportunistically squeeze the last bit of nectar out of the rind of Trumps’ soon-to-fail single term.

    Probably a worse time frame to begin such an unprecedented arrangement, on behalf of a foreign state, could not have been identified than the period right before an election while the general public had been shackled under house arrest, with no financial support for most of the year.

    Nothing about the process, as sold to Trump, was designed to benefit Trump or the American people – it was clearly arranged as a last-minute scramble focused on identifying a limited time-frame effort that could offer the maximum policy payoff to the Israeli’s, while Trump still briefly held the reigns of state.

    All indications seem to confirm that most likely Trump was not originating any policy,
    but had been largely ‘contained’ amidst those who knew how to work him, and that these efforts became more successful the more that Trump reflexively retreated into the arms of those who knew how to play this game.

    The more that Trump was derided in mass media as being ‘racist’ or ‘anti-semitic’ etc.., the better that this ‘captive containment’ actually worked, because Trump was then easy game for bad policies sold to him as a means of disproving these stereotypes.

    In the end, Trump – as channeled through Jared and Ivanka – actually rewarded the mass media attacks on him, because the more they insulted and attacked him, the easier the path became for Javanka to derail his campaign platform and substitute their own.

  9. I suspect Trump’s main purpose as President was to destroy the JCPOA Agreement.

    MAGA and build the wall were just smokescreens to con the people.

  10. antibeast says:

    The only reason why Trump was put into office was to give a big ‘F U’ to Obama who supported the JCPOA Agreement against the wishes of Netanyahu. Obama’s parting shot at Netanyahu was abstaining from the UN resolution condemning Israel’s settlements in the Golan Heights which then President-elect Trump vowed to reverse by recognizing Israel’s claim.

    Everything else that King Trump did may or may not have served the interests of his White Working Class voters but he did divert attention away from what Prince Kushner was doing behind the scenes, secretly conducting US foreign policy towards the Middle East by completely bypassing the US Deep State altogether, in order to serve the interests of Israel.

    That was his job but his gig was up.

    • Replies: @Tsigantes
  11. Jimmy1969 says:

    Funny enough, American Jews voted overwhelmingly in favour of Biden and they did not give a s …about anything Trump did for Israel…but also note that Biden’s kids all married Jews, and that Harris’s husband is a big Zionist player, and look at the number of big Zionist Jews who Biden has appointed….so go figure?

  12. Robjil says:

    Russia, China and Iran are the last three large nations left not under total Zion control.

    Controlled oppositions usually pick one of the three to demonize.

    Then they say that they are anti-Zionist.

    Meanwhile, Zion is on the side, happy to hear all this demonizing of a wanted nation by them, waiting for people to be fooled, and put that picked nation into the bag of total Zion control.

    There are many articles that prove that Russia is not under total Zion control like the US and Europe.

    Here is one of many articles of Chabad members being kicked out of Russia. Does anything like this happen in the US or Europe?

    Sevatopol, Crimea, July 14, 2014. (Cnaan Liphshiz/JTA)

    MOSCOW — For the eighth time over the past decade, Russian authorities told a foreign Chabad rabbi living in Russia to leave the country.

    Josef Marozof, a New York native who began working 12 years ago for Chabad in the city of Ulyanovsk, 400 miles east of Moscow, was ordered earlier this week to leave because the FSB security service said he had been involved in unspecified “extremist behavior.”

  13. Dschinghis Khan “Moskau” 2020 Moscow-Edition

  14. Tsigantes says:

    Commenting from southeast Europe –

    How odd that the Davos Reset so exactly mirrors the purported hoax ‘Protocols of Zion’.

    The new headless American Democrat administration is fully on board with Davos-Agenda 21/30, with its senile puppet ‘president’ issuing from Day 1 pre-prepared Executive Orders signing up again to its constituent parts. The same administration immediately amassed troops in Syria, re-stated its commitment to the Yemen war by re-stating its commitment to supplying and aiding Saudi military attacks [LOL hoping that fooled the low IQ Sqaud] and will not reverse Trump’s decisions re Iran (the cash was already sent to Obama/Israel, no need) etc.

    Meanwhile “Russian / Israeli psyop puppet” Trump spoke against Davos, refused to attack Syria for Israel [apart from lobbing a few ‘presidential’ bombs at unimportant targets], refused to attack Iran for Israel, declared ISIS et al terrorists and attacked them, quietly stopped the civil war / proxy looting of Libya, while noisily declaring various Israeli ‘asks’ legal [ie Jerusalem, Golan, settlements]…..knowing full well that these declarations don’t actually make them legal – and scaring even Netanyahu into back-pedalling when he ‘legalised’ Israel’s ‘ask’ of the Jordan Valley. Most catastrophic of all “RU/ISR Psyop Puppet” Trump declared again and again his intention to withdraw the US from the Middle East and managed to achieve some of this despite the corrupted US military command.

    Obviously this particular puppet with his empty lipstick gestures and no real gains for Israel had to be removed.

    There seems to be some confusion in Kansas.

    Clearly these boys don’t understand that Israel has long ‘taken down’ the United States and does what it likes when it likes…the only problem, a minor one so long as the US remains The Hegemon, is diplomatic recognition of Israel’s ever-expanding unstated borders. However, with the recent removal of Trump, “it” (the “Biden” presidency) is already imposing the ‘lifestyle’ details of its well known agenda [division, distraction, racism, sex confusion and crime, property seizure, economic destruction, ‘hate’ projection, ever deepening censorship, 3rd world migration, social emasculation, terrorisation of party-declared ‘domestic terrorists’ – ie the majority, eventually slavery – see Davos) .
    We witness a triumph for Israel. Not the Final Triumph but a major, major triumph.

    Considering that the American government IS an Israeli government already, why would Israel need to team up with Russia to create Monster Puppet Trump when Trump’s actions proved so frustrating, even [self perceived] endangering to Israel?

    Shouldn’t Trump instead be labelled a Russian / Iranian (it wasn’t attacked) puppet? Better still a Dread Russian / China psyop? Whatever it is, these Kansas boys must be truly thrilled and comforted now that the ‘RussiaRussiaRussia’ wing of the [junior] Israeli / [senior] Transnational Corporation party is in power.

  15. Tsigantes says:

    Unfortunately Kushner / “Russian / Israeli psyop puppet” Trump didn’t do a very good job for Israel (see my comment below) while noisily celebrating meaningless ‘recognition’ of facts-on-the-ground
    ranging from Jerusalem to the laughable Abraham Accords. Trump “just LOVES” Israel.

    Whereas Obama and the new headless presidency is very critical of Israel. Netanyahu is so low class!
    However these esteemed Israel-critics waged 6 simultaneous wars for Israel, committing bottomless US treasure and blood, not to mention the Arab Spring. They allowed Israel to loot Syrian oil both in NE and SW Syria (creating an oil glut), they funded and supplied – for Israel – ISIS et al, while JCPOA-averse Netanyahu got a hefty cut no doubt of the money Iran [JCPOA] sent to Obama….a deal that was never about WMD btw. And which, after receiving their payment, was never honoured by the US / [Israel]. Yet you think the JCPOA was a good thing. You might even imagine that Iran waits for its re-instatement, lol.

    Watch what they do, not what they say….a lesson you and too many Americans need to learn.

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