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Javed Sikander on Indo-Pak Kashmir Standoff
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Seattle human rights activist Javed Sikander discusses the continuing crisis over Kashmir, where Modi’s attempted annexation could set off World War III. In the second half hour we discuss economic issues, including the possibility that the Indian economy will continue to underperform due to Modi-induced chaos, which could signal the end of the reign of the BJP Hindufascist party that has led the world frighteningly close to nuclear war over Kashmir.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: India, Kashmir, Pakistan 
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  1. foobc1 says:

    A fanatical muslim (“truth jihad”) talking about Kashmir – guess it decided to take a break from planning 9/11, hiding bin laden, bombing london tubes/buses, mowing down civilians in mumbai with ak-47 and trying to blow up times square and shooting up pulse nightclub.

    Every single one of the above done by a Pakistani.

  2. PPB says:

    Take a beaker, fill with two aliquots of irredentism, two of territorial expansionism, and two of national-religious chauvinism, add a catalyst of your choice, and see if any solution remains amidst the shattered glass. I’m not trying to make light of tragedy here, but we’ve sure got ourselves the recipe for one hell of a mess.

  3. In Pakistan, religious extremists have waged physical war against the state for ages.

    In India, religious extremists run the media, mainstream politics (forming government or not, they still dominate at a grassroots level, btw they’re currently in government) and the economy. Well I’m not sure about the last part but in India, the shit that counts as fringe in Pakistan is the absolute MAINSTREAM.

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