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Israel Shamir on Russia vs. Google; Jim Fetzer Appeals to Wisconsin Supreme Court
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First half hour: Israel Shamir discusses his recent article “Giant Killers Tackle Google.” The article discusses a recent Moscow Arbitration Tribunal ruling ordering Google to restore Tsargrad’s YouTube account, which the censors had deleted citing the usual vague pretext of “community guidelines violation.” The best part: “The consequences are financial, and exponential. For the first week of non-compliance, Google would have to pay a little over one thousand dollars, nothing to speak about there. But afterwards, the fines double each week, and in half a year’s time Google would have to pay over \$70 billion!”

Second half hour: Retired philosophy of science professor Jim Fetzer discusses his new appeal asking the Wisconsin Supreme Court to reverse a lower court’s rulings ordering Fetzer to pay Lenny Pozner over a million dollars for libel and for violating a restraining order. (The restraining order prevents Jim from casting aspersions on a certain death certificate, so if Jim continues to speak honestly, he would wind up owing more money than Google!)

We also touch on Jim’s new Unz Review article “What’s Wrong With Conspiracy Theories?” The comments on that article feature a heated debate on the issue of which planes did what on 9/11.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. polistra says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Demons always use exponential predictions of population and “warming” and “viruses” to destroy our thoughts and open us up for genocide.

    The Tribunal is using an exponential PUNISHMENT against the exponential CRIMINALS.

    Fighting mathfire with mathfire.

  2. dimples says:

    “The comments on that article feature a heated debate on the issue of which planes did what on 9/11.”

    Didn’t you get the memo? There were NO PLANES on 911!!! It was NUKES that brought down the buildings!! All the videos are FAKE!!”

    • Agree: profnasty
  3. profnasty says:

    Anecdotal. My father died in late life of complications from hip surgery to repair his artificial joint. He had previously contracted Lyme disease in… Wisconsin. (20 yrs prior. Before the hip replacement.)
    And. How many American patriots have been wrongfully prosecuted, and even murdered, on our watch. Probably hundreds. Let’s all pray for Doc Fetzer’s relief.
    But. Leonard Cohen said it best. Everybody Knows.
    “Everybody knows the dice are loaded
    Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed.
    Everybody knows the war is over.
    Everybody knows the Good Guys lost.”

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