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Interfaith Dialogue with “Follower of Christ” Tom Compton
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Tom Compton of We Hold These Truths joins me for some interfaith dialogue after sending the following email:

“I’m a big fan of your interviews. In this interview with Ellen Brown, you reminded me of an incident over 10 years ago when I received an email from a fellow Christian sharing a hateful and untrue email about Muslims. I wrote a response: “Why Do Some Christians Love to Hate Muslims.”

“About five years after this incident, I received the same email from a Jewish Zionists urging me to pass it along before Sharia overtakes the US. Our group, We Hold These Truths has been challenging Christian Zionists for over 20 years. Our documentary, “Christian Zionism: The Tragedy & The Turning, Part I” won an award at the 2014 Ammar Popular Film Festival in Teheran, Iran. We have had more luck speaking to Muslims than to our fellow Christians. Here’s a presentation I made at a mosque in Tempe, AZ on Al Quds day about Christian Zionism.

“We have conducted over 200 vigils in front of Christian Zionists churches. Here’s an example: I appreciated your interview with a former Christian Zionist. If you want to do another interview on the subject from a different perspective, please let me know. Blessings, Tom Compton”

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Christianity, Zionism 
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  1. Anon[390] • Disclaimer says:

    Wake up call! The Unz Review commentator’s section has been corrupted by the youss…know who.

  2. I must admit that I’m kinda horrified by what I just heard here. Kevin said that he had read the New Testament. This is of course great, we all should, and we must respect his honesty; we infer then that he hasn’t read the Old Testament. Kevin is clearly a super intelligent fellow who champions freedom and reason, and who has undoubtedly read thousands of books, but not the whole Bible! And then embrace and espouse (covert to) Islam without first having at least read the fundamental tenets of his own original faith/culture/background. And not to intellectually-trendy Buddhism, but Islam! Islam which genitally mutilates not only its little boys, but also its little girls. Vive la difference etc., but really?

  3. BorisMay says:

    ‘Christian Zionists’ is an oxymoron. Any Christian who supports the murderous genociders of Zionism that most Orthodox Jews reject, is neither a follower of Jesus of Nazareth nor a practitioner of his teachings.

    Essentially Christian Zionists are Ashkenazi Jews, or as the Sephardic community rightly defines them as faux Jews just the same as they see Zionists as faux Jews too.

    The original Sephardic Jewish communities that had lived amongst the Palestinians for thousands of years in what is now the illegal state of Israel were exterminated, along with their Muslim and Christian Palestinian neighbours.

    Modern Jews who live in this illegal country are almost all Ashkenazi in origin, (97% of the population according to government figures), all of which converted because it suited their criminal activities.

    Really Christian Zionists should be called Ashkenazi Jews, because that is what they are: they support a criminal entity that murders anyone they see as a threat.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  4. Tom is a great guy—he should just go deeper into the assembly & construction of his beloved Holy Bible. As Anytime>> we hear someone promoting “Jesus” or “Christ” > their life would be best served to go Prior to those latter names & Saul the Apostle >>>into the Original Way of Jesus (Yahshua ha Nazorean)++research into His hand-picked leader, after He Left, James (Yahkov ha Zaddik, the most righteous man of his generation)+++Yahya Nabi (John-the-Baptist) is excellent, also.

  5. The Jews were ready to stone Him on varoius occassions —then they laid traps to argue withHim–then they had had enought and Judas Isacariot was given his 30 pieces of silver—all these events and those of his crucifixion were foretold in the Old Testament Psalms 22 Isaiah 53 and 7:14 and 14:13 and Zecharoah and Ezekiel BUT the Jews rejected these and furhtmore killed these prophets –for a profit. Now ir you were to do the same it would be illogical to claim breaking all events makes you a follower—hypocrisy. Where in bible does it read Jesus had Blue Eyes—–?????

  6. @BorisMay

    The more appropriate term for Christian zionists would be brainwashed dumbasses.

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