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Ian Greenhalgh: Chemical Weapons False Flag Coming to Ukraine? Plus Eric Walberg on Egypt & More
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First 15 minutes: Veterans Today Editor Ian Greenhalgh discusses his new article “As Syrian War winds down, Ukraine appears to be next hot spot.” Ian says that the usual suspects (NATO/Zionist crime syndicate) are moving “ISIS” and chemical weapons from Syria to Ukraine in preparation for a false-flag-triggered offensive against Donbass this spring. Final 40 minutes: Eric Walberg, author of The Canada-Israel Nexus, Postmodern Imperialism, From Postmodernism to Postsecularism, Islamic Resistance to Imperialism, discusses the horrific al-Sissi dictatorship in Egypt; the history of capitalist attempts to destroy civilizational alternatives; the untrustworthiness of Americans and Zionists (watch out, Kurds!),…

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Tags: False Flag Attack, Ukraine 
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