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Greta Zarro & Brian Terrell on Peace Through Permaculture
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If elites have gotten too stupid to solve the world’s pressing problems, who will? Maybe ordinary people? Is the ultimate solution deceptively simple: Grow our own good food and mind our own damn business? That’s my takeaway from the work of Greta Zarro, Organizing Director of World Beyond War and co-founder of Unadilla Community Farm, and Brian Terrell, an Iowan farmer and long-time peace activist. They will be hosting a Peace & Permaculture Webinar this Wednesday, December 16 at 3:00pm-4:30pm Eastern Time (GMT-5).

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• Category: Economics • Tags: Environment 
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  1. TG says:

    Such folly.

    Bottom line: past a certain population density, ‘holistic’ ‘organic’ agriculture can’t work, you MUST use chemical fertilizers and genetically modified seeds and massive irrigation systems etc. Sure, someone can have a hobby farm in Wisconsin based on these principles, but you can’t feed 1.4 billion Indians on one-third the land area of the United States that way.

    Bottom line: Malthus was right. If people try to double their population every 25 years or so, without break, then unless they have an open frontier, they will fail, and of necessity the average person will be crushed into subsistence. It’s not the number of people: it’s the RATE at which people can increase production vs. population pressure.

    The Malthusian catastrophe is not some hypothetical collapse, it is grinding misery and it is real. Malthus was not a prophet but an observer. India has mostly very advanced agriculture, crop yields to rival any modern nation, but the physical standard of living is inferior to late medieval Europe. 500 years of technical progress wiped out by massive population growth! “Permaculture” can’t change the fundamental established fact that between the potential of human populations to double every 25 years, and the ability of flesh and blood humans to increase production, exponential growth always wins. Babbling about permaculture and peace love and understanding will not change this.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
    , @RoatanBill
  2. Wyatt says:

    Is the ultimate solution deceptively simple: Grow our own good food and mind our own damn business?

    Uncle Ted already tried this and found it impossible. If a genius mathematician couldn’t hack it alone, how in the goddamn is a large group of normies, who will be targeted by (((you know who))) over creating a racial/ethnic enclave, going to do it?

  3. @TG

    Bullshit. You dumb troll. You just get in there first with lame unsubstantiatable lies. Typical. I bet Monsanto underpays you.

  4. @TG

    Population density is the problem. Are we all supposed to eat Monsanto’s shit so the third world breeding farms can continue to overpopulate the planet?

    I want clean food. I don’t care if people in Africa or India starve due to their propensity to multiply like rabbits. The problem is that the entire food industry is now a commercial conglomeration that just seeks profit and is willing to bastardize the food supply to achieve it.

    If you want to eat Doritos and Coke, go for it. I’d rather have broccoli and a beer I brewed myself. The more people that can disconnect from the machine that wants to run the world, the better.

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