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Gordon Duff: the C*A Showed Me Secret UFO Documents—Followed by Close Encounter
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Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today, describes how he was shown top secret UFO documents, then was buzzed by a gigantic (space?)craft. All this by way of discussion of Gordon’s article “Why No One Should Vote.” Among the questions pondered therein: Why did an idiot nation elect an idiot (and worse) president? Is it a multi-generational fascist plot? Are there insectoids among us? Are the aliens breeding us for stupidity? Or as Gordon puts it: “Do entities from off planet, unseen that may have been here for millions of years, perhaps less, exist, do they interact with chosen groups of humans and are they directing the mayhem we see today?”

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Conspiracy Theories, UFOs 
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  1. T. Weed says:

    Isn’t another name for these “entities” “directing the mayhem”, The Elders?

    • Replies: @Gunga Din
    , @Colonel Corn
  2. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    Is Duff an Elder?

    He/it seems to be helping
    to lead his select readers
    to stupidity.

    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  3. jsinton says:

    Pretty laughable. Gordon Duff is the guy who was sure Port of Beirut got hit by a Zionist nuke last month. But then who would have thought the government would blow up WTC themselves? I guess only Allah knows for sure. I know I don’t.

    • Troll: Iris
  4. anon[219] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve got photographic evidence that Duff is Rite!

  5. The CIA? That other rogue alphabet agency.
    A billion+ HD cameras around the world and all we see are blurred images made in photoshop and after effects.
    Selling 21 century snake oil to the walking dead.

  6. Gordon Duff is deep state all the way and is involved in a lot of disinformation for the deep state.

  7. I see Gordon “Disinfo” Duff is still at it. I came across a few of his articles years ago when I was researching the 9/11 false flag. His angle was to make outrageous claims in an attempt to discredit the movement.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  8. “Why did an idiot nation elect an idiot (and worse) president?”

    To be fair, not everyone in Canada is an idiot……just saying.

    • Replies: @Robert White
  9. dimples says:

    Thank God, Jesus or Allah the aliens, according to Duff, aren’t going to make him live longer. Whew! Imagine having that tedious conman/fabulist around for eternity. It’s great to hear the aliens have other plans for him.

  10. GeeBee says:
    @Desert Fox

    I have no doubt that you are right. But what does this say to us regarding Kevin Barrett? He appears to swallow each and every ‘conspiracy theory’ out there, and the more outrageous any such theory is, the more he promotes it. Tarring those of us who at least understand that the ‘official’ twin towers narrative is baloney (and that Israel’s involvement is more or less proven) with the same brush as the looney flat-earthers is an old trick. Kevin Barrett, whether wittingly or not, is most helpful to those who wish to make malodorous muck stick to anyone pointing at uncomfortable truths.

  11. @Desert Fox

    OF COURSE Gordon “is deep state.” If you listen to the interview you’ll hear him discussing working for the C*A in Nicaragua and then being given access to M*J*ST*C program documents. Whatever you think about the details, Gordon offers a fascinating window into the way things work in that world. I suspect that what is really shocking about Gordon’s many “outrageous” statements is not how many of them are false, but how many are true.

  12. Is it just me, or is Prince Philip showing the underlying lizard-alien that the Royal Family and other elites are reputed to be?

    Now that I think of it, separated at birth?

    • Replies: @GeeBee
  13. @Desert Fox

    I ave been saying this for a long time. Duff is a DEEP STATE Asset by all means. If you believe this nut job Duff you are a fool. He is a JO. I comment on Vt Today about Duff Callin him a deep-State Asset and they always take it down

  14. @interesting

    Clearly, anyone referring to CANADA’s Prime Minister Trudeau as ‘an idiot president’ does not even remotely understand Parliamentary democracy in CANADA. Only an uneducated America would make such a comment in ignorance of Parliamentary titles given to leadership in this country.

    Canadians burned the White House to the ground back in the War of 1812. Don’t piss us off again or you will get worse.


    • Replies: @interesting
    , @Franz
    , @Sirius
  15. @Neo-Socratic

    His angle was to make outrageous claims in an attempt to discredit the movement.

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

    Duff is big on the former, never seems to be able to produce the latter.

  16. Why would any conspiracy or non-conspiracy show have a flake like Gordon Duff on? Duff admits he doesn’t know whether the statements he makes concerning ufos and hearing or meeting ETs in South America are truthful. George Noury is a fraud, so I don’t understand why his name was mentioned in this audio. This audio is utter clap-trap and tripe. I have a friend named Michael Horn, who is the western hemisphere representative of Billie Meier and he said he had asked George to be on his show or to come on his. Noury declined and to my knowledge did not give a reason for his decision. Hey Barrett, go to and retrieve Michael’s email. Extend an invitation to him to be on your show and I’ll guarantee he will. If he does accept, then let me know. That will be an interview that’s worth listening to. Try that one on for size big boy.

    For those who don’t know who Billie Meier is, he is an old man in his 80s or 90s, who lives in Hinterschmidruti, Switzerland and is presently the only living man on earth, who has been contacted by an ancient ET race called the Plejaren, who are commonly known in certain circles as Pleiadians. He has been in contact with these ETs, which are human beings since he was 5 or 6. He has seen them, communicated with them through telepathy, written numerous books on spirituality through downloads and ridden in their vehicles to their planet called Erra. Chew on that!

    P.S., In a book entitled “And still they fly” by Guido Moosbrugger, Billie’s friend, there are pictures of ufos and two Plejaren females. All of these pictures have been authenticated by several reliable sources.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Voltara
  17. @Kevin Barrett

    Gordon Duff promotes the covid-19 scam, lie and psyop and promotes the death counts which are a lie and promotes the covid-19 deaths, when in fact covid-19 is an imaginary virus and is being used as a psyop by the zionists who are behind this whole charade and UN Agenda 2030, which is destroying the world via the zionist central banks which had the power to role out this scam world wide.

    In my opinion Duff is in the deep state and is a disinformation specialist of the 1st order.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
  18. @Desert Fox

    Duff himself said 40% of what he says is BS — because he’d be taken out if he told the whole truth.

    I’ll find the direct quote if you ask.

  19. @anon

    Duff seems to be going ever more SJW, as we see in his recent column (9-28-2020) in Veterans Today:
    — (

    (I posted 2 comments there, which appear to be currently intact.)

    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  20. @Pat Kittle


    Duff seems to be going ever more SJW, as we see in his recent column (9-27-2020):

    — (

  21. I agree with most of the commenters here: Duff is full of shit. Either clinically insane or a conscious deep state asset. (Who knows, perhaps it’s both.) I stopped wasting time reading his incoherent gibberish, or listening to his bizarre interviews, quite a while ago. I am a great admirer of Kevin Barrett, though. Perhaps he allows Duff a platform largely because Duff, in turn, allows Kevin to post on VT.

  22. GeeBee says:
    @The Alarmist

    On 4th August 2000 I had luncheon with HRH Prince Philip at my club (The Naval & Military in St James’s Square). He was – still is – the club President, and the annual President’s luncheon happened to coincide that day with the celebrations of the hundredth birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, and much of central London was closed to traffic in order that the parade in her honour might take place.

    In his speech after lunch, Prince Philip apologised to us for the disruption, saying “I’m sorry if any of you had problems getting here today, what with my mother-in-law’s birthday celebrations. I can assure you that there is not a chance of my inconveniencing you with any similar celebration in honour of my own one hundredth birthday” (polite laughter from us, the members in attendance). Whereupon he repeated “no, not a chance I assure you.”

    Well, he’s only eight months and twenty days away from being proven wrong on that score.

    He’s a splendid guy. His immediate family (German of course) were all active National Socialists and passionate supporters of the Third Reich. Which is why, of course (absent one sister killed in an air crash) they were not invited to his wedding to Princess Elizabeth (now HM Queen Elizabeth II). He, I am certain, by no means bucked the family trend. And of course Elizabeth II’s uncle Eddie (briefly King Edward VIII) was also a Hitler supporter and a friend of Sir Oswald Mosely – and in fact threatened to abdicate in 1936 if called upon to declare war on Germany (but that’s another tale).

    I have to smile at these baseless ideas concerning the House of Battenberg Windsor being somehow shadowy figures supporting the likes of Soros, Gates, Sugarmountain Zuckerberg and such like.

  23. @Polemos

    Ex-C*A people (certain covert ops categories, anyway) are not supposed to identify the Company they worked for. This has become a running joke, since Gordon clearly identifies the Agency without explicitly naming it.

    • Thanks: Polemos
  24. Anonymous[232] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mark Weatherly

    Authenticated how? There is no reliable way to prove that images are not fake or otherwise deceptive.

  25. @Kevin Barrett

    OF COURSE Gordon “is deep state.”

    I’m reposting the mp3 below to let interested readers know what Maidhc Ó Cathail (RIP) discovered about all those involved with Veterans Today.

    Ó Cathail was a serious journalist and was respected by Gilad Atzmon and Alison Weir (Phil Giraldi’s associate at ) as well as many others. Listen to what Maidhc has to say about UFO’s and those promoting this topic.

    If Duff is “deep state” what is Kevin Barrett’s role in all this for willingly writing for such individuals?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  26. Anonymous[232] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jon Baptist

    The UFO problem far supercedes what is presented by Zionism and its relations. What the late Cathail says is right, but he may be confusing what is significant here.

  27. @Robert White

    Well there’s one thing I can say and that’s that Canadians have lost their sense of humor.

    But Trudeau is the biggest cuck running a country I have ever seen.

  28. Franz says:
    @Robert White

    Canadians burned the White House to the ground back in the War of 1812. Don’t piss us off again or you will get worse.

    Repeat performance, please.

    Despite currently being in the cash-strapped mode, most rust-belt Americans would take up a cash collection just to see Washington, D.C. in flames.

    Sort of like the old toga movie Carthage in Flames, you know? Except the peasants in D.C. are a whole lot shabbier now than the movie-ones back in the peplum era of fine Italian sword & sandal flicks.

    But anytime you want. Please. Put them out of their misery.

    • Replies: @Robert White
  29. Number 6 says:

    The UFO narrative is a deep state psyop.

    It’s like the last card left on their psyop deck, after false flags, jihadi terror, global warming alarmism and plandemics…

    Some of the agents pushing the UFO psyops though might have been MK Ultraed or deceived through hypnosis and drugs, poor souls who really believe in what they “saw”. Those people make the best agents, rather than lifetime actors/professional liars.

    Duff is more likely to be the latter than the former.

  30. Biff says:

    It’s fascinating how space aliens seem to have an utter obsession for America, and Americans. No other place in the world has had so many sightings and encounters than the “King of Bullshit” United States of America.
    Here in SE Asia people seem quite relieved that the aliens stick to their usual stomping grounds state side.

  31. Kali says:

    Around a week ago I was invited to join a “private” Facebook group called “the schuman resonance”, which, it turns out, is the culmination of an outrageous agenda set in motion by Madam Blovatski and her minions, many years ago..

    The main point of this group seems to be to share and amplify delusional practices and ideas related to “channeling” extra terrestrial entities and their supposed messages.

    The group is very active and has thousands of members, predominantly based in the US, many reporting “ascension symptoms”, and asking others for confirmation that the their tinnitus, or aching back or blurred vission or whatever are being experienced by others, thus “prooving” that they are indeed symptoms of ascension to some 5d “reality”.

    Others post “channelled” messages from the “Galactic Federation of Light” – a phenomenon(?) which I first encountered over a decade ago and promptly ignored- who are, they say, hanging around to assist us earthlings in our “ascension process”, via “indigo” and “crystal” people (the special and the chosen ones of the “New Age” religion.

    Truly as delusional as it sounds!

    So, the New Age religion envisioned by Blovatski and her cohorts is burgeoning, populated, as it is, by a whole new world-wide group(s) of young wishful-thinkers, waiting for a whole new saviour to rescue mankind from itself!

    The Pladians, Nibru, The Galactic Federation of light, are here to save us, therefore we need do nothing but compare symptoms, ignore our political reality, ignore 5g, covid-induced-tyranny, looming world war, etc, because a whole new saviour is at hand.

    Next step, project blue-beam(?), alien invasion, mass hysteria, etc, etc.

    All encouraged and supported by the CIA, Holywood and Zuckerberg. Et al.

    What the whole world seems to be experiencing now is a mass effort to to frighten, confuse and delude mankind, to prevent reason, clarity and deepening consciousness, so that, as a species, we reman captive (captivated) to (by) our psychopathic overlords as they attempt to seal our fate for the foreseeable future.

    So, it’s up to those of us who retain clarity, reason and practice consciousness to speak out, often, in the face of so much disinformation, delusional thinking and political/cultural head-fuckery, so that those who have never before encountered clarity, reason or full consciousness might wake-the-fuck-up before it’s too late!

    With love,

    • Replies: @Polemos
  32. Polemos says:

    What are your views on kundalini energy or its “awakening” in a person?

    I find myself sympathetic to your views on the folks who put out the Galactic Federation of Light kind of stories and mythoi, but given your comments about these “delusional practices and ideas related to “channeling” extra terrestrial entities and their supposed messages” and a larger environment of “disinformation, delusional thinking and political/cultural head-fuckery,” I want to ask if this means you think all or most discussion or claims about interdimensional beings or extraterrestrial civilizations are delusion.

    • Replies: @Kali
  33. Voltara says:
    @Mark Weatherly

    Come on, Billy Meier?? The father of UFO hoaxers? No credible source could possibly authenticate his photographs, they are all obvious fakes.

  34. Kali says:

    Fair question, Polemos.

    The short answer, regarding “interdimentional beings” is, no, I don’t thinks all claims to their existance are delusional.
    I see no reason to doubt that life exists across a whole spectrum of frequencies, on many dimentions and in many forms, or, alternatively, to assume that it only exists in the three dimensional forms which we perceive. (It could be my generally open attitude to such things that led to my friend inviting me to the group in the first place.)

    The same goes for the existance of extraterrestrial civilisations – I see no reason to doubt their existance in such a vast universe. That said, those who claim direct (or indirect) knowledge of specific et civilisations have further to go to prove their claim. Some I am more inclined to believe than others – baring in mind that “I believe” litterally means I don’t know!

    As for kundilini, it’s something I gave some passing thought to a few years ago. – I was already very aware of the energy of the 7 main chakras, so when I first encountered the idea of awakening the kundilini energy, I was naturally interested, though somewhat sceptical given the sources of the info I was getting on it (a crazy woman I’d never met before, plus a couple of acquaintances I wasn’the too sure about. I dug a (very) little way into the topic, but that was around the time my father died, so naturally I got distracted and never looked further into it, mostly because it’s not something I need. I guess the bottom line for me is that I simply don’t know (or particularly care) if “kundini” energy is real or not.

    Specifically, my issue with those “messages” from the Galactic Federation of Light (“GFL” ) trouble me for 2 reasons: The source and the medium.
    The source could be absolutely anybody, and is most likely CI5/Mossad/MI6 related.
    The medium, channelling, (emulated by many, many well-meaning people all around the world) is possibly the most insidious aspect of the delusion. People simply “channell” their own subconscious minds, whist convincing themselves they’tell receiving messages from space aliens. It’s mass, self-perpetuating hypnosis in action.

    I’m by no means closed-minded or limited in my approach to life, but the utterly delusional notions by which some people choose to live their lives, from mono-god-in-the’image-of-man religions, to the new-age galactic saviour cop out are, from my perspective, obviously wrong headed and delusional because they serve to weaken and disempower an otherwise sentient species.

    With love,

    • Replies: @Robert White
    , @Polemos
  35. Surgical says:

    I think Barrett’s and Duff’s role is to bore us to tears, rather like listening to the old lady in the park. Certainly lots of hot steaming bullshit. You’ve got to wonder if Duff is entirely compos mentis–possibly sequelae from a long distance ride with aliens to the Andromeda galaxy. Why Barrett finds this nonsense fascinating is beyond me. At any rate, I don’t find Barrett fascinating or even particularly interesting or discerning. A bit silly, actually.

  36. @Franz

    Don’t worry. When Lehman was imploded by the Gorilla of Wall Street September 16th 08 it was assured that the entire edifice of Wall Street would eventually topple to take the D.C. K-Street Lobby down along with Congress and the U.S. Military Industrial Complex which houses approximately 900 U.S Army military bases worldwide.

    The USA is insolvent right now and that’s why the World Economic Forum is going to implode the USD Petrodollar just before they implement Blockchain Tech for electronic Modern Monetary Theory and the New World Disorder of a basket of currencies bureaucratized by the IMF/World Bank/BIS FOR biowarfare against all populations of the world this January. The new game plan is bioinformatic control via SARS-2-nCoV-19 tracking systems whereby mobility is qualified for only those that have been vaccinated with a traceable bioinformatic tracking device.

    Trump will probably go out like Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove.

    Either way America is fucked royally. And like Bugs Bunny used to say…. bon voyagee!


    • Replies: @Franz
  37. @Kali

    If you research Remote Viewers you will see the relationship between human beings on Earth and the interdimensional beings they report about all over the world and over time.

    I myself have seen burned out planets with structures that were made by intelligent beings of some sort. I have seen aliens via Remote Viewing Antarctica sub-terrain. I have Remote Viewed what Cory Goode has been disclosing via Antarctica and have witnessed the aliens in stasis as well as their so-called ‘mothership’ that John Kerry visited to see with his own eyes.

    What is being said about Antarctica is 100% true in that they have unearthed Atlantis as described in works of fiction.

    Kundalini experience is worth the awakening IMHO. It can be frightening experience wise too.


    • Thanks: Polemos
    • Replies: @Kali
  38. Kali says:
    @Robert White

    If you research Remote Viewers you will see the relationship between human beings…

    I will do, RW. – It’s only fair that I research the various aspects of the subject besides “channeling” and the “GFL”.


  39. Polemos says:

    Thank you very much for your answers and your openness!

    I find from my own experiences and research into the lore that I do not trust what comes out of the Greer – Wilcock – Sekret Machines camps that tends to emphasize the language of the GFL, as I tend to trust what comes out of the groups who engage in remote viewing or engage in projection or have OOBEs (Robert Monroe, Luis Minero, &c) and more local or indigenous accounts. Reading Colin Wilson’s books on the occult helped get me past the ‘mainstream’ narratives of “aliens” into understanding that what’s not being mentioned are the ways in which paranormal narratives and myths overlap rather than operate exclusively of one another.

    I think it’s healthy to be skeptical and to learn to trust one’s intuitions; I think it’s right to live and strive for an evolving and dynamic balance between improving one’s self in order to help others improve themselves and being open to the stewardship and guidance of a much older, wiser intelligence in the universe. Too many clever and humorous moments, as well as despairing and shattering events, have made it unlikely I could ever truly adopt a perspective that there are no such intelligences and no such self within me. The birds who land at my feeder and deck and the ants who crawl into my planters and pots remind me that from another perspective, I look and sound and seem just as predictable, just as idiosyncratic, just as receiving, and just as pitiable or beautiful, as they are.

    If I can learn to not be cruel, so can the gods. If the gods can learn to not be cruel, so can my friends. Once we learn we are friends, we all grow along together, above and below, alongside and apart.

    • Replies: @Kali
  40. Franz says:
    @Robert White

    Trump will probably go out like Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove.

    Nice image, but no can do.

    Slim Pickins was youthful and bouncy 43 years old when Strangelove was filmed. Trump is far too much older. And Pickins had some integrity. His scenes worked because he was a serious craftsman despite his comic rodeo persona. Trump has never had a serious moment in his entire misbegotten life.

    • Agree: Robert White
  41. Veterans Today is now openly (((woke))) — Editor Gordon Duff now endorses Biden/Harris, and censors dissenting comments.

    Today (at Duff’s column at Veterans Today) I posted the following comment (in response to another comment):

    You say “This process makes predatory Zionism almost quaint bycomparison.”

    This process IS predatory Zionism!

    Both Trump & Joe “I’m a Zionist too!” Biden are largely funded by Zionist Jew billionaires who get enormous returns on their “investments.”

    If Sleepy Joe wins, he’ll likely be replaced by Kamala’s Jewish husband I mean Kamala.

    Down the memory hole!
    — (

    Intrepid 9-11 researcher Christopher Bollyn asks:

    “Is Gordon Duff and ‘Veterans Today’ Disinfo?”:
    — (

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
    , @Sirius
  42. @Pat Kittle

    Totally agree, Duff is backing Biden and while Trump and Biden are both under zionist control , Duff pretends not to know this , I think he is CIA as this is how the CIA operates, as Pompeo said, we lie , we cheat and we steal, this is the state of the union, ran by criminals.

  43. @T. Weed

    Gordon Duff is a douche bag

  44. More waffle from Duff.

  45. Sirius says:
    @Robert White

    Technically speaking (not humorously which I guess was your intention), wasn’t that the British, with the might of the British Empire of 1812?

  46. Sirius says:
    @Pat Kittle

    How could he be backing Biden when his loudest promotion is for people to not vote?

    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  47. @Sirius

    You’ll have to ask Duff:

    “Veterans Today endorses Joe Biden for President of the United States. Find out why.”
    — (

  48. Kali says:

    Thank you very much for your answers and your openness!

    Oh no, my friend, thank you for yours! A beautiful comment, full of openness and humility!

    I will make a point of reading Colin Wilion. – If you have any specific title to recommend, I’ll start there, if not I’ll read what I lay my hands on.

    Although I do tend to reject the notions that some “saviour”/messiah” (be it of the GFL or more traditional religions) is bound to cure our species of its ills, I am in no doubt that God is woven into the very fabric of all that exists, as is our consequent salvation from the sickness of ego-identity and from the political/economic catastrophy inherrent when men claim to speak for, or to interpret the “received word” of, their prefered deity (be they channelers, priests, rabbis, etc).

    A wholy externalised “god” coupled with fantasies of salvation coming from some god-like external source, only serve to misdirected and weaken us as individuals, and our species as a whole. Yet God, and salvation, inevitably lie at the core of our Being and of existance itself. Which is why I tend to rail against the traditional monotheistic religions and against the proponents and pushers of GFL saviour fantasies, and against political saviours and charismatic cult leaders. Et al.

    All of that said, I was once a Christian. I did once read the “channeled messages” of the GFL with less scepticism/more credulity than I do today. I did vote in every election I could. Age, experience and so many various teachers showed me a different path.

    Now, like you, I am much more inclined to regard the birds in my garden, and the ants farming greenfly on my courgette (zucchini) plants, the unwavering trust of my dogs and cat, and the warm air currents moving up the mountain, the wave as a process of the ocean… and on and on, to know the unfathomable vastness of God.

    And, in the deep silence of meditation I come to know the Love and the Peace, which that vast animator of all that is, brings to the very fabric of this fractal existance.

    Astral projection/remote viewing, kundilini awakening, past lives, profound insights, inter-dimensional tripping, Earth-angels, Guardian angels… all of these, and so much more, may assist us in our understanding of the nature of Being and the Wisdom of God. Meditation (the science of silencing the mind) certainly will.

    But beware false prophets who lead us away from this exploration, as they point outwards to some saviour who will eventually rescue us from the consequences of our engineered ignorance/nescience.

    If I can learn to not be cruel, so can the gods. If the gods can learn to not be cruel, so can my friends. Once we learn we are friends, we all grow along together, above and below, alongside and apart.

    In my experience, God is not cruel (though life can seem so) but greedy men, who would play God and claim the authority of God, have steered us away from God and to a soulless, narcissistic, materialism.

    Despite their efforts, the fact is that, by the very nature of Being, we can never be bereft of God. Look and see for yourself!

    Those of us who seek a life without cruelty, without selfish greed, without indifference to suffering, may cause others to take a similar path…. one which leads us to an understanding of the True nature of God, which lies at the very heart of our Being – that essential part which brings us to recognise the beauty of the preying mantis, the joy of loving kindness and the poetic mystery of the bounded infinity in which we FIND ourselves with God and within God.

    Once we learn we are friends, we all grow along together, above and below, alongside and apart.

    This is the most beautiful, poignant, expression of quintessential Truth I have ever read on this website!

    With much love,

    It has just dawned on me: As I was typing the word “quintessential”, as often does happen, I felt Osho speaking the word as I wrote it (with a smile, we agreed it was a good word).

    I’m certain I don’t “channel” Osho.
    I am equally certain that he does sometimes join me in my writings (more often when I’very been spending time reading and/or coming to some new insight related to previous reading…. I mean, I sense his presence when I am writing, more frequently when I am present with him in my reading.
    That is why I am certain that this is a projection of my love and fondness for Osho. And this is the very mechanism by which we are infinitely joined.

    People generally mistake protecting their own subconscious attachments for “channeling” messages from … (fill in the blank – “god/s”, “a galactic federation of lightworkers”, “Oliver Cromwell” or “Sparticus” Weischaupt… or, some may believe, Osho.

    Manifest unconsciousness/unawareness.

    Not to mention that words projected onto some external entity, automatically relieve the speaker of responsibility for them, as well as carry the possibility of earning many kudos points and “followers”.
    The blind and insane leading the blind and credulous.

    • Thanks: Polemos
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