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Gideon Polya on “US-Imposed Post-9/11 Muslim Holocaust & Muslim Genocide”
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Australian scientist and holocaust/genocide expert Gideon Polya discusses his brilliant and important new book US-Imposed Post-9/11 Muslim Holocaust & Muslim Genocide. In it he defines the terms holocaust and genocide, sketches the historical context, and relentlessly exposes the US-led murder of 27 million Muslims in the 9/11 wars, along with millions more in related events (the war on Iran since 1978, on Iraq since 1990, on Somolia since 1992, on Palestine since 1916, and so on).

My sure-to-be-controversial introduction begins:

“The academic field of Holocaust Studies, like the fictional field of Hitler Studies in Dan DeLillo’s novel White Noise, has an absurdly narrow focus. If you look up ‘Holocaust Studies’ articles at Google Scholar or, you will find many tens of thousands of papers, almost all of them addressing questions related to German-led crimes against Jews during World War II. Indeed, the very term Holocaust, whose original meaning was ‘burnt offering,’ has been all but trademarked by Zionist Jews who strongly object to its being used to describe any historical episode of mass murder except one: the allegedly pre-planned, Hitler-ordered, deliberate bureaucratic extermination of six million European Jews, mostly in gas chambers, between 1942 and 1945. The capital H in Holocaust functions as a kind of hidden trademark, suggesting that this particular episode was unlike any other…” (And it gets even more controversial from there…)

My conclusion:

“Polya’s work on avoidable mortality and hidden holocausts forces us to face the question: Will we humans ever stop scapegoating and sacrificing the Other? Will we ever manage to become our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers? It seems unlikely, barring imposed technological slavery by a ‘benevolent’ Leviathan, or a sudden spiritual-religious revival on a planetary or near-planetary scale. Personally I would prefer the revival. But maybe it wouldn’t take anything that radical, just a rapid increase in basic human decency. That seems to be what Gideon Polya is hoping for. He is making a long shot bet on human decency. I salute him, and recognize him as an uncommonly decent human. May his brave and generous efforts be blessed and rewarded.”

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: 9/11, American Military, Holocaust, Muslims 
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  1. U can have had millions on your streets oposing the wars and your chancelor giving Bush the finger.
    As the most occupied country btw.
    Muslims will not recognize it. And, afaik, have been very absent themself from those peace demonstrations.
    So 19 years and a few Christmas market terror attacks later, eff them.

  2. Zimriel says:

    Islam is false and should not spread. Ideally, it should be eradicated. Muslims should be spared as people but I have no interest in sparing them as Muslims. Nor does the rest of non-Islamic, civilised humanity.

    If Muslims don’t want to be resisted when they attack, as happened in Burma, and as happens when they attack each other for being the “wrong” sort of Muslim: they should find a better religion.

    • Troll: AnonStarter
    • Replies: @Druid
  3. Indeed, the very term Holocaust, whose original meaning was ‘burnt offering…’

    …was used, when I was a kid 50 years ago, to describe how we won the war 25 years before that.

    Muslim Holocaust & Muslim Genocide

    If it’s ridiculous to use these terms for white Americans, how much more so is it to apply them to six or seven times as many Mohammedans? Five countries– Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nigeria– have or will soon have Islamic populations exceeding that of white Americans, who are shrinking in number.

    The countries with the 10 largest Christian populations and the 10 largest Muslim populations

  4. Druid says:

    Maybe you ought to read the Quran just for a laugh!

  5. But no Muslim Lives Matter

  6. Anon[407] • Disclaimer says:

    When the Arabs and Turks can explain where the native populations of Anatolia, the Levant, and Persia went, at minimum, then they can start squeaking about their deaths. Not before.

    In other words, a question that speaks to a microcosm of this issue would ask why there is a deep genetic streak of Kurdish blonde hair and blue eyes, mixed in with the (later) Arab and Turkish genetics?

    Spain never used to look like it now does, either.

    I would remark that the Muslims seem to have sack, but I believe that the truth is that they are too stupid to be quiet. Similar to Blacks.

  7. Anon[232] • Disclaimer says:

    If you look up ‘Holocaust Studies’ articles at Google Scholar or, you will find many tens of thousands of papers, almost all of them addressing questions related to German-led crimes against Jews during World War II

    The funny thing about science is that a study isn’t seen as providing evidence unless it is open to free critique of its methods and conclusions.

    Imagine being the group responsible for flooding academia with an untold volume of obviously-bunk “research”, a categorization that can be confidently asserted, alone, on the fact that there is a political inability to critique it or provide countervailing facts.

    That responsibility may work against them in the future.

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