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Foster Gamble on Thrive II
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Foster Gamble discusses the terrific new Thrive II film. Among the questions it raises: Is the Unified Field a “living force within us,” a solution to the biggest problem in physics, or both? Are the same harmonic resonances at work in certain physical and psychological healing techniques as in “free energy” technologies? Are our planet’s most powerful individuals and institutions involved in a conspiracy to suppress knowledge of these facts and techniques? Is this conspiracy the biggest obstacle to the goal we should all be working for: a thriving human population in a sustainable world? Is the cornerstone of libertarian philosophy, the non-aggression principle, the key to defeating this conspiracy? And if some or all of the above is true, how does it relate to traditional modes of religious and spiritual practice?

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Science • Tags: Philosophy 
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  1. polistra says: • Website

    The notion of resonance makes tremendous sense, and has clear physiological basis.

    The ‘free energy technologies’ don’t make sense. Just another version of good old perpetual motion. It’s unfortunate that the two have to be mixed together.

  2. g wiltek says:

    how right you guest is regarding mentally unfit rising to become politicians

  3. The cornerstone of libertrarian philosophy is Rich People Uber Alles.

  4. dimples says:

    According to a previous guest the UFOnauts are about to drop their free energy/space technology on us real soon now but apparently according to this guest the ruling classes don’t like this idea and want us to continue to manually push our wheelbarrows on their behalf. Are we sure the ruling classes are suppressing that which they don’t understand, or is it the extreme paranoia of the free energy activists creating their own suppression field? If the living energy field would ultimately produce immortality, as one would expect, why would the ruling classes want to suppress it? Surely they would want to become actual gods in an infinite universe themselves (subject to karma of course) instead of cybernetic patch up jobs inhabiting an Elysium type satellite which seems to be the current take on the subject. I don’t expect to find answers in Thrive II.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  5. @dimples

    There is already immortality in the living energy field, as traditional religion tells us. Translated into the language of philosophy:

    • Replies: @dimples
    , @dimples
  6. dimples says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    Its best to think of the living energy field in terms of the Holy Spirit (or the Hand of Allah or whatever it is in Islam) as it is not a morality-free non-intelligent physical energy system like oil, coal, alleged zero-point energy, electricity etc.

    • Replies: @dimples
  7. dimples says:

    Sorry that should be written as a “technological form of the Holy Spirit” etc, as the living energy field can be manipulated to create physical effects via interaction with electric and magnetic fields combined with a person’s own living energy field, if suitably aligned.

    • Replies: @dimples
  8. dimples says:

    I have not watched Thrive II but if ‘free energy’ devices based on the living energy field are featured then, in my opinion, they are unlikely to reach ‘the market’, or be viable in the real world. This is because, assuming they feature a concentrated living energy field aligned in such a way as to produce physical energy or mass then this setup also depends on the initial alignment supplied by the inventor. In the real world, badly misaligned people and stray fields everywhere work to disorder this original alignment so that the concentrated field almost invariably collapses back into disorder and the device fails.

    I recollect some years ago an Indian or Pakistani inventor who devised a car which could run for long periods without fuel. (There are many of these cases) It was driven around the country and plans were made to commercialise it. It then was never heard of again. Assuming it was not fraud, as many of these cases are not, then what happened was that the inventor himself was not aware that it was his own personal field alignment, and probably also the field of the test vehicle that was important to the process.

    Another case from decades ago was the case of the magic spark plugs. An inventor found that his specially designed plugs produced fuel economy many times greater than normal. He patented the plug design but found no takers among the spark plug manufacturers. When he later tried the plugs in a different vehicle, the effect disappeared. He was not aware that both his own field (he was an oddball Christian type) and the field of the vehicle (ie alignment of electric and magnetic fields, materials etc) contributed to the process.

    In the cold fusion field there was another oddball Christian type who devised an AC electrolysis device which could produce chunks of copper. After he unfortunately died nobody has been able to reproduce this device although I believe all details were provided. Again it is probably the inventor’s own field which is essential to the process. And so on.

  9. dimples says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    I consider traditional religions as having the role of moral preparation and some sort of guidance for the eventual spread of the “technological Holy Spirit”, which would be the actual version of the putative Kingdom of Heaven. So these millennarian religions, including their grand-daddy Zoroastrianism, are a sort of prophecy but couched in outdated concepts.

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