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Ex-NASA Engineer Dwain Deets on Scientists for 9/11 Truth Plane Research
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Former NASA scientist Dwain Deets discusses Scientists for 9/11 Truth‘s research on how airplanes were and were not used in the 9/11 false flag operation. Deets says that the Flight Data Recorder record of the eastbound leg of Flight 77’s journey that allegedly ended with an extremely high-speed ground-level crash into the Pentagon deserves scrutiny: “From a technical perspective, it was among the most interesting flights ever.” Deets says that a recent analysis of the FDR data, soon to be released as a 15-minute-video, has “opened an entirely new realm.” Bottom line: It looks increasingly unlikely that any human pilot—much less the alleged hijackers, led by “pilot” Hani Hanjour (who was so incompetent he wasn’t allowed to solo in a Cessna training aircraft)—could have flown the plane, using the aircraft’s normal equipment, to produce the flight that was recorded by the FDR.

Dwain Deets, a physicist and engineer, as well as the former Director of NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center’s Aerospace Project, is also, the recipient of the NASA Exceptional Service Award and the Presidential Meritorious Rank Award in the Senior Executive Service (1988).

After the show, Dwain sent this correction:

“I misspoke at one point. When I said, the plane was flying off the straight path for one portion, I was remembering a two dimensional chart wrong. The axis were not latitude and longitude, but rather something more complicated.

So, the only deviation from a more or less straight path was the short segment when the plane was descending on a curve path, equal distance from a VOR/DME ground station.


(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy, History • Tags: 9/11, Conspiracy Theories 
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  1. Gosh! How did a tin foil hat guy end up at NASA? Everyone knows the plane crashed when the heroes, after making cell phone calls, rushed the hi-jackers. That is what caused Hanjour (undoubtedly praying to Allah for guidance and possibly virgins) to turn into a “Top Gun”.

  2. dimples says:

    At last Mr Barrett interviews somebody on 911 who isn’t a total loon! How is this possible?? Sadly he does not ask Dwain Deets what his thoughts are on the planes’ extreme speed which might have been useful but perhaps another time. I took the opportunity to look up a reference Mr Deets provides:

    Investigating the Mechanics of Destruction at the Twin Towers on 9/11:
    The Case for Propelled Demolition
    By Wayne H. Coste, PE

    This is surely the most interesting and probably the most accurate paper on the destruction of the towers out there. A phenomenal read. A reference in the paper also leads to a talk by Gordon Ross:

    9/11 Collapse Anaysis by Gordon Ross pt.1

    Here I learned something I didn’t know, which is that the dust expulsions which go down the face of the (South) tower ahead of the collapse actually don’t go down floor by floor, but only every third floor. This happens to coincide with the ends of the core columns being butt welded every three floors. (see video at 7.00 minutes). Sorry boys, that’s the end of the nuke theory.

  3. JWalters says:

    I respect Dwain Deets’ focus on the technology and his insistence on distinguishing fact from conjecture. And I found interesting the anomalies in the flight recorder data, and the theory of the third controller to explain them, which then allowed the possibility of a remote-controlled plane.

    I don’t question the technical feasibility of that theory, but would like to offer another possibility. Perhaps the data he is discussing was contrived to look like the plane’s flight data, but was incompletely fabricated. For example, some of the flight trajectory data might have been fabricated correctly, but the appropriate ground station data was overlooked. This would be enough to enable an “authoritative person” to claim the flight data had been examined, and it supported the official story. A cursory inspection of flight trajectories would seem to confirm this. They would hope nobody would examine it in fine detail, and count on their capacity to keep any such examination from the public.

    This tactic was used in the Warren Commission report. At some points in the report it stated that evidence supporting a particular claim was in a particular appendix. But when that appendix was examined, the evidence sometimes did not support the claim, and in some instances actually contradicted the claim. These findings are discussed here.

    Regarding the Pentagon hit, there is a lot evidence in addition to the alleged flight recorder data. For example, there are eyewitnesses who were in the part of the Pentagon that was hit, who literally crawled out of the entry hole, and reported seeing no signs of a plane. See April Gallop’s testimony is included in this article.

    Also, in both the JFK and 9/11 Pentagon cases there appears to be a broken chain of custody for crucial evidence. In the JFK case the chain of custody of the body was broken in the flight from Dallas to Bethesda, allowing Kennedy’s brain to go missing. In the 9/11 Pentagon case the flight recorder’s chain of custody appears to have been broken, also allowing for doctoring of evidence.

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