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Eric Zuesse Says FDR’s Death Wrecked the World; Ron Avery Laments Fetzer’s Kafka-esque Trial
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First half hour: Investigative historian Eric Zuesse says the U.S. And Its Allies Try to Split the World in Two, and adds that Israel Is Ethnically Cleansing Gaza. In this interview he breaks the news of his forthcoming laudatory book on FDR, which argues that had FDR not died and been replaced by Truman, the world would be a much better place.

Final half hour: Legal expert Ron Avery discusses his new article “To Support the Sandy Hook Narrative Wisconsin Court of Appeals District IV Makes Gross Errors.” (Check out Ron’s website devoted the Pozner v Fetzer.)

Avery argues that the Circuit and Appellate courts of Wisconsin made a mockery of the legal concept of summary judgment in their rulings against Jim Fetzer, editor of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. Specifically, the whole idea of a summary judgment is for the court to put its seal on facts that are agreed upon by both parties. But in this case, the “facts” the court imposed were those asserted by one side (Lenny Pozner)—and those “facts” were and still are hotly disputed by the other side, Jim Fetzer. Normally, juries get to hear both sides and decide who to believe. The judge prevented that process from happening by imposing a summary judgment enshrining the claims of one side, while preventing the other side from being heard.

Shortly after this show was broadcast, Jim Fetzer learned that the Wisconsin Supreme Court had turned down his appeal on apparently spurious grounds. Jim writes: “My appeal to the WI Supreme Court was submitted on 7 May 2021, in accordance with requirements that it be submitted within 30 days of the denial that it is appealing, which was issued on 7 April 2021). To my astonishment (and those of my attorneys), the WI Supreme Court rejected the application as untimely and sent the records back.”

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. I’ve long suspected that Bernard Baruch poisoned FDR.

    Zuesse is addled by some form of hero worship. The only empire FDR was bitterly opposed to was the British empire.
    (I will grant, however, that FDR intended for the German army to escape from Italy, contrary to the original joint British-US pincer plan, possibly to “live to fight another day” against Russia, but he died before that could come about.

    Historian Thomas Fleming spent a week as Truman’s guest. Truman told him that FDR was the “coldest SOB he’d ever encountered.” FDR was owned by the New York Jews that put him in office, most especially the Morgenthaus: Henry Morgenthau, JR was Treasury Secretary and had daily access to FDR, either in person or by phone. Morgenthau kept a tight rein on FDR: increases in income taxation; withholding of income tax from weekly paychecks; subsidized migration of Jews to USA; these were all Morgenthau’s innovations because “they were good for the Jews.”

    Riddle me this, all you smart Unzites:
    IF “History is written by the victors;”
    and IF it is undeniable that “Jews have written the history of WWII,”

    THEN: Who won WWII?

    • Replies: @Ahem
  2. Hi Everyone!!

    Sorry for being off-topics but do you know what happened to the website, and Marshall Douglas Smith, who wrote the unfinished article ‘Black Gold, Hot Gold’?

    The copy one:

  3. Ahem says:

    The notion that Roosevelt wanted German forces to escape Italy so that they could fight the USSR is ludicrous.

    Roosevelt was a mental lightweight who regarded Stalin as an honest man and a fellow Democrat whom he could trust, so he practically gave away most of Europe to that bloody tyrant before the end of WWII. This resulted in many thousands of “liberated” allied POWs, including Americans, ending up in Stalin’s slave labor camps where many died.

    You’re right about Roosevelt wanting to destroy the British Empire, which was more of a loose affiliation than a properly organized empire. The United States, on the other hand, was established as a true expansionist empire from its inception and continued to make territorial gains across the Pacific, seizing a large number of islands when it ran out of mainland space after taking California.

    With the current ongoing collapse of the US empire which has recently reached a serious stage of instability, it will be interesting to find out what will happen over the next twenty years to not only the mainland American States but the many Pacific island conquests it made in the latter half of the nineteenth century.

  4. Roosevelt was a mental lightweight who regarded Stalin as an honest man and a fellow Democrat whom he could trust, so he practically gave away most of Europe to that bloody tyrant before the end of WWII.

    Having forced Japan into a war with the US, the US wasn’t in a position to stop Stalin from taking a great deal of Europe. When Truman traveled to the Potsdam Conference, his ship passed no less than three full US Army divisions that were headed to the US for rest, refit, and shipment to the Pacific for Operation Olympic, the capture the southern third of Kyuushuu. At that moment, but not before the start of the conference, we didn’t even know if the A-bomb would work, and couldn’t know if it could force a surrender.

    This resulted in many thousands of “liberated” allied POWs, including Americans, ending up in Stalin’s slave labor camps where many died.

    The Americans had the extreme misfortune of being massively more mechanically adept than Soviet populations.

    If any of you have any doubts about FDR’s ill will or being a lightweight in foreign policy, read Wind over Sand: The Diplomacy of Franklin Roosevelt.

  5. Malla says:

    It should be more like “FDR wrecked the World”.

    • Agree: KenR
  6. KenR says:

    I find the FDR thesis to be patently ridiculous. We could have avoided the war altogether, and that is in fact what the American people desired, had we a leader with even a shred of decency, honesty and fidelity to the constructs of democratic public office. Pearl Harbor was a calculated and engineered act of manipulation; it needn’t have happened. FDR welcomed and covertly encouraged it. He was a dishonest schemer. And, with one Josef Stalin, he met his match in that department and was out-maneuvered.

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