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Eric Walberg on “Trump, Coronavirus, Neoliberalism”
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“In a way I’m not really sorry that I’m persona non grata (in the USA) due to the US security state that doesn’t seem to like me. It was already very hard for me to travel…” – Eric Walberg

Eric Walberg breaks the fast on the penultimate evening of Ramadan…and gives us the English version of his new Farsi interview “Trump, Coronavirus, Neoliberalism.”

Eric, a habitual conspiracy theory naysayer, casts a skeptical eye on my argument that COVID-19 looks like a bankster bioweapon to accelerate war on China and the rest of the non-bankster-owned world (including Main Street USA). He says China has been persecuting Muslims, not only Uyghurs but others as well; decries capitalism and the US military as the twin scourges of the planet; celebrates the current cessation of air travel; argues (over my objections) that World War II was in fact the anti-fascist “good war” as portrayed in the mainstream; says that if FDR and friends indulged in a “little conspiracy” to make Pearl Harbor happen “then that doesn’t bother me”; opines that automobiles as well as airplanes are noxious devices that should be scrapped in favor of bicycles and skateboards; envies his grandfather’s occupation, which was listed on the census as “gentleman farmer”; and endorses home-made fermented foods and other natural approaches to health and healing.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. I debated whether to register disgust with your guest or just ignore.

    Eric Walberg was disgusting.
    No redeeming social value.

    Someone like Walberg who would assert that German woman “expected to be raped and just went along;” or that FDR’s “sacrifice” of 2000 men in order to get on “the only just war in US history” was insignificant compared to the “90,000 dead of Covid” would fully endorse “Inglorious Basterds,” about which Mark Weber had this to say:

    Another example of Hollywood’s notion of cultural distinction is a very profitable and widely acclaimed 2009 motion picture entitled “Inglorious Basterds.” In this absurdly fanciful production, actor Brad Pitt plays a Jewish US Army lieutenant during World War II who leads a team of eight Jewish American Army men whose mission behind enemy lines is to kill as many Germans as possible, and to kill them in the most cruel, painful and hideous way possible. Each team member, he says with joyful pride, must collect 100 “Nazi” scalps, and he tells them that no prisoners will be taken — that is, every captured German soldier must be murdered. In one dramatic scene, a US Army sergeant, who calls himself the “Bear Jew,” kills a prisoner of war by bashing in his head with a baseball bat.

    This vile glorification of a band of vengeful Jewish sadists was honored by institutional Hollywood with multiple awards, including an Academy Award and eight Academy Award nominations. Years of conditioning by Hollywood filmmakers and American educators had primed audiences to approve and even applaud the sadistic violence of these criminals in US military uniform, because the victims are, after all, evil “Nazis” who deserve to be killed in the most hideous and cruel way possible. Over the years, Hollywood and American public officials have worked together to stigmatize Japanese, Germans, Arabs and others as expendable, evil sub-humans who deserve to be eradicated as vermin.

    Be ye careful, Dr. Barrett: a pundit is known by the company he keeps, and Walberg is the bottom of the barrel.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  2. Increasingly startling the degree to which the identity, happenstance, gene, race of any particular person will seem to be the sole determinant in their selection of positions on topics ranging from the mundane to the profound, regardless of the intelligence of said person or the degree of nuance applied to their stated arguments. Mr. Walberg would seem to have adopted the Jewish argumentative position on every question in this interview.

  3. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    … that World War II was in fact the anti-fascist “good war” as portrayed in the mainstream; says that if FDR and friends indulged in a “little conspiracy” to make Pearl Harbor happen “then that doesn’t bother me”;

    Quote would indicate Walberg a Yid.

    Not that that matters.

  4. jsigur says:

    What else is new; a Jew pretending to be a Muslim and fighting the good fight for us all

    • Replies: @jsigur
  5. jsigur says:

    After defending German woman rape he claims not to defend it. yes it is interesting that he takes the view that WWII was a good war and unlike 90% of Muslims, believes the holocaust lie, convenient to that being a 99% ethnic Jew position. This guy is a Jew pretending to be a Muslim goy in order to help control that area of dissent

  6. @SolontoCroesus

    If you read Eric Walberg’s books you’ll probably find a lot to agree with. He has interesting perspectives on a wide range of topics.

    In my humble opinion he is right about some things, wrong about others—just like everybody else (except me, of course, since I am always 100% right about everything).

    If my radio guests were just as right about everything as I am, the show would be an echo chamber. Many people prefer to inhabit an information bubble where everyone thinks exactly the same things. Not me.

    • Replies: @jsigur
  7. jsigur says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    I agree, our problem had been censored discourse with approved intelligentsia accomplished currently by linking many of us with terrorism which is why the false flag issue must be put on the table ( The US prefers very filtered dialogue with entities they wish designated as enemies).
    It is perhaps a good sign that known approved writers like Michele Malkin are beginning to be willing to be seen associating with us. On the other hand, its not an option for the deep state to allow real dialogue concerning the holocaust and 911 and Sandy Hook like false flags. Does that mean we agree not to go there for access? NO tyranny will allow their subversion methods to be actively debated in front of the MSM worshiping public

  8. There should be a law that any politician who even whispers ‘public-private partnership’ should be immediately arrested, given a half-hour fair trial, and shot dead. Again, in any crisis situation, nobody has ever been able to afford a conservative government. The inevitable disaster is built into their politics, which is basically selling ideological nonsense to justify grifting and grasping by the 1%.

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