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Eric Walberg on "America’s Defeat in Afghanistan: Divine Justice?"
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Is America’s defeat in Afghanistan divine justice? I raised that question in today’s khutbah (Muslim sermon). And author and Middle East expert Eric Walberg has also raised it in his new article of that title. Eric cites the Book of Daniel about how “the handwriting was on the wall” for Belshazzar’s empire, applies it to the Soviet and American invasions of Afghanistan, and concludes: “So these latter-day Persians/ Pashtuns first defeated the Soviet anti-empire. But then went on to defeat the Empire itself, a much greater achievement. No farce here. The Soviets suffered from hubris, thinking they could make the world a better place. Now this humiliation is being meted on the Americans.”

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. TG says:

    Oh please. The Americans were not “defeated” in Afghanistan. They weren’t actually fighting a war, they have achieved all of their goals and more, they have paid no penalty. How is that a “defeat.”?

    I mean really – American was “fighting” the Taliban, with troops that were routinely not payed and that would routinely shoot American soldiers in the back, to such an extent that when ‘loyal’ Afghani soldiers would visit US bases they would first have to surrender their weapons and be security searched. And the Taliban were being supported and funded by Pakistan, which was entirely dependent on US aid – the US was funding a country that was supporting its enemy! Not even serious. Not even TRYING.

    The entire point of waging a war in Afghanistan is that is it pointless. There is no downside to failure other than a few grunts getting whacked and like our elites care about that. It’s a safe place for the elites to play with toy soldiers. Just try that nonsense with Russia and China, no way, right?

    Oh, and when the US invaded the population of Afghanistan was 20 million. It has doubled in 20 years to 40 million – and thy Afhgan economy remains in shambles, they can’t even feed their current population let along the 80 million due to arrive in the next 20 years. Do you think the US officials failed to notice that Afghanistan was, and is, amongst the poorest nations on earth, that if anything it has gone even deeper into the hole? Did any officials voice any concern about how ‘stable’ an ‘ally’ Afghanistan would be with most people miserably poor? Of course not – because they didn’t care. Instead, they have cut off food aid, and frozen the foreign accounts of the country, in order to deliberately drive the population of Afghanistan into starvation. And turbo-charge immigration!

    Surprise! Now the United States is somehow obligated to accept millions – soon, tens of millions – of unvetted random Afghanis, fleeing, not the Taliban, but the crushing misery of Afghani culture. And as the object is entirely to help flood the US market for labor, and drive wages down and rents and profits up, why stop with the Afghanis? Given that there is no vetting going on, and given that the people in charge only want to cram as many warm bodies into the US as quickly as possible, given that there are going to be staging areas in other countries, why not include anyone in Pakistan in this wonderful new refugee surge as well?

    There might (MIGHT) have been 200 Afghanis that really deserve to be evacuated to the US – of course, nobody cares about them. Their role is to provide political cover for flying everyone in the Middle East with a pulse into the US, nobody cares about them specifically. In fact, if the Taliban were to publicly execute some of these mythical interpreters, that would be a great excuse to further open the doors to absolutely everyone in that area to come to the US no questions asked.

    Afghanistan was and remains remains an overpopulated third-world hell. Politically connected defense contractor have made piles of money (soon to move on to the next boondoggle, now that Afghanistan has served it purpose – and feeding 80+ million Afghanis will cut into profits, best to cut out now). And the rich will get more cheap labor and more renters and consumers from all these refugees. How is this a defeat? Sounds like the planners of this war have achieved all of their goals. Hardly a defeat, I should think.

    • Agree: dimples
    • Replies: @showmethereal
    , @Currahee
  2. Secession of Red States from the federal mob is a necessity now.

  3. Franz says:

    Surprise! Now the United States is somehow obligated to accept millions – soon, tens of millions – of unvetted random Afghanis

    For those Americans that will be job-seekers, this is the most annoying point.

    They’ll jump the “refugee” above that native-born in the hiring line. They’ve been doing that for quite some while. From tax breaks to special training, Uncle Sugar will be there for them.

    And another cheap-labor country, should Afghanistan choose to turn into one, means yet another place for GloboCorp to send out work. I don’t doubt plans have already been made. For a look at the war of a previous generation, check Vietnam. Ten years from now there might be sites like this for Afghanistan:

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  4. Taliban vs US.

    Stones vs Drones.

    Taliban: Everybody must be stoned.

    US(or the Caliban): Everybody must be droned.

  5. @Franz

    Worry not, they aren’t here for work.

    • Agree: Franz
    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  6. @Jim Christian

    It was worth accepting lots of Vietnamese refugees to get one Linh Dinh.

    Will there be an Afghan Linh Dinh some day?

  7. @TG

    I beg to differ…. Aside from the thousands of dead soldiers – there are tens of thousands of permanently injured ones who overwhelm the veterans hospitals (also the Iraq war vets)…. Even more than that there are hundreds of thousands who suffer PTSD and are now of unsound mind. Materially – except for the defense companies – these wars were a serious drain on the US economy. Aside from the misallocated resources – it forced the US to borrow a lot of money – which the US does have to pay interest on.
    It also turned a whole other generation of Muslims against the US.
    So – like Iraq – it definitely cost the US — A LOT.

  8. Currahee says:

    Saw a video of a drone killing an Afghan because he was seen talking on a hand-held radiophone of some sort. This was considered evidence of Taliban membership. So, away goes the Hellfire and the poor guy is disintegrated.

    Each Hellfire missile costs \$150,000.

    Each such strike in civilian neighborhoods increases Talilban recruitment and hardens Taliban resolve. The same sort of thing happened repeatedly in Vietnam with so-called precision bombing (c.e.p 500 yds from an F4 Phantom).

    There is no cure for stupidity.

    • Agree: showmethereal
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