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Eric Walberg Offers Islamic View of Solzhenitsyn
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Canadian Muslim Eric Walberg, author of The Canada-Israel Nexus, Islamic Resistance to Imperialism, and other books, discusses his new article “Ramadan musings: Solzhenitsyn — everybody’s pain in the neck.” Eric writes:

“Solzhenitsyn gave no thought to Islam, even though it was clear to all that a genuine theocracy, Solzhenitsyn’s implied ‘good society’, came about on the Soviet Union’s southern border, even as the faux communist utopias (both the Soviet Union and Afghanistan) were disintegrating. Shia Iran pretty much fills Solzhenitsyn’s checklist. Though persecuted, Iran was distant enough and with a strong enough culture to resist the capitalist trap, and its 1979 revolution was overwhelmingly popular, unlike the mini-revolution in Afghanistan in 1978, which was really more a palace coup.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: History, Ideology • Tags: Iran, Islam, Solzhenitsyn 
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  1. I was born a Muslim but I’m not a practicing Muslim, though I’m married to a Shia Muslim from Iran. And she too isn’t very religious.
    What we both would like is for USA to get out of the Middle East, lift the sanctions on Iran and be just and honest in it’s dealing with Israel.
    Both Islam and Judaism can be divisive and practice apartheid and so can Christianity.Hinduism does it too.
    Take a walk in the woods. Sit next to a stream and marvel at nature and forget all this religious drivel about stone tablets with commandments and cow piss giving immunity to covid 19.

    • Replies: @Alfred Muscaria
    , @Rehman
  2. @Rev. Spooner

    Take a walk in the woods. Sit next to a stream and marvel at nature and forget all this religious drivel about stone tablets with commandments and cow piss giving immunity to covid 19.

    That would be nice but it would be naïve to ignore that two of the groups you mentioned appear to be more than willing to kill me and rape my daughters.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  3. “cow piss giving immunity to covid 19.”

    I think that’s better advice that what we get from the CDC (Covid Development Corporation) like wearing masks, social distancing and phony immunizations.

  4. @Alfred Muscaria

    Yeah, you’d better hide in a closet and lock up your daughters when Eric Walberg’s in town.

    • Replies: @Tom F.
  5. Tom F. says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    Yes, that’s who he is talking about when he mentions killing and raping his daughters, exactly, Eric Walberg. Meanwhile they are driving into Capitol police officers, shooting up Sooper’s, throwing grandmothers off balconies, etc. Maybe you can spare some sarcasm and intentional misunderstanding for those types while you streamside marveling.

  6. Rehman says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    Which Islam you are talking about? the real one or the one promoted by the so called religious leaders or Muftis or Imams. In may opinion, the religion itself has not much of a problem with a few exceptions that I always questioned. However, the so called Muftis or Imams has twisted and turned the religion upside down.

    I grew up in India and Pakistan in a Muslim, however, secular family. Good or bad God is the Judge. What we were taught not to criticize anyone’s religion. You will hurt person’s feeling, according to prophet. If the individual is strong or rich he can harm you to get even and if he is poor or week he could not do that. But the poor man will be hurt and that is a great sin in Gods eyes. That is how we grew up. We had Hindu Nanny and servants as part of our family. We were forced to call them uncle or aunties. In Pakistan, my younger siblings were raised by Christian servants/Nannies who used to take the young ones to churches. My mother never cared. I was exposed to Judaism later. So that is my religious background. Little or almost nothing.

    There had been problems between Shia and Sunnis mostly exploited by the profiteers. We used to celebrate important events of Shia traditions. The Sunni and Shia used to go to each others mosques, intermarriages, and close friends. In our friends circles there were Shia and Sunnis. Open and sincere friendship. As a tease, one Shia friend was named Abu Bakar. You will never find this name or Umar/Omar and Usman/Osman (all first three caliphs) in Shia community. Only Ali, or the fourth Caliph, prophet’s son in law is very popular name in Sunnis and Shia both. The Shia Sunni conflict goes back all the way to Ali (fourth caliph) is exploited politically.

    60-80 percent of Quranic reference are taken from Hadees Bukhari named after Imam Bukhari from Bukhara in Uzbekistan. He spent several years in Mecca and Madina and learning first hand from prophet’s associates (Shaba) about events, life of the prophet (what he said or did in certain situations). upon his return to Bukhara he passed on the information or taught to his pupils who later documented. Imam Bukhari did not know how to write himself so anyone claiming otherwise does not know from left to right, especially those professionals with long beards (most of them are fake or pretenders). I always have fun talking to them and putting them on the spot by asking them pointed question.

    Kevin if you are reading it! Imam Bukari was asked to make some changes in his Hadees teaching by the ruler or Amir of Bukara. Imam refused and escaped to Samarkand two save his life and that is where he is buried now. I had visitied his grave in Samarkand and saw portion of first written Hadees in Tashkent. KEVIN Uzbekistan is a fascinating country. Full of Islamic history. You will enjoy visiting. Amir Tamur lang brought one of the Quran copy and that is still displayed in a Museum. This is the copy of third caliph Osman and there are blood spots on the book. There is a small placard issued by the UN saying it is human blood. The story goes that Osman was assassinated when he was reciting Quran and his blood is on the book. That is the story we know as of today. God knows the truth?

    There is a sign near the book saying not to take pictures that I obeyed as a respect and obeying the law even though there was no one present in the room at the time (no bragging here). There are no vowels (Zerr, Zabar or Pesh) in the original copy (another story, most of these fake Imams dont know the back ground of the story). Lenin did not destroy the original copy and sent it back to Tashkent on political grounds. Second majority of Russians is Muslim. NOTE to all those Muslim haters or racists who argue that whites have higher IQ and Muslims have low IQ. These racist morons cant differentiate races and religions. Persons of same ethnicity can have different religions. . I saw Muslims in Lithuania (went to a mosques in Kaunus) and Latvia. They all looked white to me. I also met Indonesian and African Muslims. Same religion.

    There is a written copy of Quran in the Museum of Religion in Sankt Petersburg that I have some snaps. One thing that I noticed, kind of funny, in the Museum of Religion different religions are mocked by caricatures. Muslims, Christian, Jews etc. The Jewish character is presented like Chuck Schumer (US Senator) with one eye on his forehead.

    If anyone want to learn about spread of Islam in China and Indian Continent should visit Uzbekistan. One last funny story. Amir Tamur Lang burned lot of cities and acted as a mercenary to destroy Ankara on behalf of European Christians also burned Moscow, Baghdad and many cities. That was his trade mark. Burning cities. He was very fond of books. Always having some one reading a book to him while riding a horse. His wife a Mongol princess is the first woman who started a women school while her husband was on one of his burning expedition. When he returned and a saw a women school building and burned it because the building was higher than the building he built for men education. Sounds like Orange President. The great Grandson of Tamur was Babar who came to India and started the Mogul empire. Taj Mahal architect reflect Uzbek architecture, old and new.

  7. @Rehman

    Congratulations Mr Rehman, you have a spotless and well washed mind.

  8. @Rehman

    What a lengthy reply for a murderous tyrant from central Asia.
    Timur e Lang had no redeeming features.
    ‘He was very fond of books. Always having some one reading a book to him while riding a horse.’
    and he also loved to burn libraries according to you.

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