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Eric Beeth, MD: Bioengineered COVID + Vaccines = Protection Racket
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Eric Beeth, a medical doctor in Brussels, Belgium, is appalled by the way so many of his fellow doctors have failed to think critically about COVID-19, question orders from big pharma and the for-profit medical mafia, and remain true to Hippocrates’ commandment: “First, do no harm.”

Dr Beeth says:

“We must be very careful that our treatments do not do any harm, and that we give our patients very individualized care, meaning that if we give them something it is because we are sincerely convinced that this is what this patient needs, as if we were treating our own family, our own parents, our own children. We must give our own patients the same high level care…”

“I’m very concerned that the experimental injections that were proposed against the most likely fabricated SARS2 coronavirus are even being given to children…”

“In our clinical practice we are seeing strange thrombosis-like symptoms in our vaccinated patients that are worrisome. I talk with colleagues who are cardiologists, I talk with other specialists, and I work with my wife who is also a general practitioner. And we see these cases, and they are worrisome. And you don’t go out and report them all…less than 10% of true side effects of these types of injections get reported. In actual fact it’s most likely about 1%.”

Dr. Beeth speculates that the same criminal forces that created the COVID bioweapon are also behind (at least some of) the vaccines, and that the disease-vaccine combination looks like a classic protection racket.

Are we allowed to say such things on the internet? Try posting this interview on social media and see.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Paul2 says:

    The hyperlink to the audio file is incomplete.
    You have to add the extension ( .mp3 ) at the end of the hyperlink.

  2. Rubicon says:

    Indeed, we hear from many medical experts projecting their deep concerns about the vaccine, BUT are any of these physicians immune to being injected, as hundreds of thousands of regular citizens have little or very few options to sit around opining on these deadly vaccines??
    That’s our question that no one from the medical community has spoken about.

    • Replies: @Getaclue
  3. Anonymous[907] • Disclaimer says:

    Further to:
    Four articles reviewing the vaccine Scamdemic.
    Summary of the vaccine issues reviewed by Armstrong.
    Vaccine issue detailed dissection by Gail the Actuary!
    Been following this ladys superb work for years. My comment at the bottom on Big Pharma profits.
    Vaccine autopsy info!!
    More statistics of adverse events.

  4. Getaclue says:

    My MD friend’s Partner, very vocally pro-Vaxx, got the 2nd injection a couple weeks ago. He told him that he felt lousy and weak thereafter. He got in for a full Exam — turns out his heart function has been cut down to 40%.

    He told his partner, my MD friend, that he knows it was the “vaccine” that did it. Even still he is not going to say a word — there is a total climate of fear now in all the Medical Profession. The word is you will be black balled or have your license attacked if you tell the truth as to the ClotShot. He tells me that the Dimer Tests are now about 65% positive for those who have been Vaxxed. Says this means micro clotting is going on…looks like there will in fact be mass depopulation/death due to this as well as infertility issues.

    He tells me that there is a very good chance those injected will basically be stripped of immunity as to Cold Viruses to which they were previously immune due to the action of the Spike Protein and its action in overdoing/over exciting the immune system — in his opinion there will be many sick/dead people starting this Fall/Winter Cold Season. He agrees that there is zero doubt this will all be blamed on the unvaccinated.

  5. Wyatt says:

    Professionals do not contradict or call out other professionals in the same field. The assholes protect their own because they don’t want to lose out on opportunities within their fields and they don’t want to be ostracized. This should be no surprise to anyone that doctors are complicit with other doctors and big pharma.

  6. The Delta Variant is much different than the prior strain of so-called virus. It is more like a bio weapon nerve agent like Sarin than a virus.

    It has been weaponized to wrap the protein spike with sugar glycans that disguise the spike from the immune system. So once contracted, the Delta is deceptive, first starting out with fever and cold sweats, then your feel better, then WHAM, you must seek hospitalization.

    What it first does is cripple the autonomic nerve system – so you can’t sleep or eat. Then it creates hypoxia and pneumonia.

    The so-called vaccine also has a protein spike to produce antibodies to it. But the vaccine produces nerve damage so we see people who have vaxxed display spasms and weird symptoms because it is a nervous system attack and if you are vitamin B-1 deficient you will get spasms.

    The apparent antidote to the vaxx, and possibly the so-called virus, is high doses of Vitamin B-1 (thiamine). It may block the attack on the autonomic nerve system. Very high doses of 10,000 to 18,000 mg. of B-1.

    B-1 deficiency is perhaps what the so-called virus exploits. The entire population has marginal BeriBeri which is B-1 deficiency. BB has same symptoms of C-19 virus.

    Delta Variant victims I have spoken with say we have two choices, both bad: take the vaxx and suffer one week of fever and cold sweats and little sleep or eating. Or do not take the vaxx and suffer a month of wavering at near death. They say “pick your poison”. Once again, the Delta Variant is a bio-weapon not a virus and we are most clearly under attack.

    • Troll: allergic2katz
    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  7. @Wayne Lusvardi

    Jeez, Wayne, am I going to have to report you to the ADL for “medical misinformation”? Where are you getting this stuff from? Is somebody paying people like you and Getaclue to post bizarre alarmist nonsense? I am pretty sure that neither the disease nor the vaccine are quite as hideous as you guys are suggesting.

  8. My comment is slightly off topic but very relevant. Let me state at the outset that I will never get the vaccine and If I’m forced to take one it will be the Russian Sputnik V.
    I commented sometime in May/June on this website (This year) that I had contacted Covid 19 in April of this year. My wife had it and 2 days later I too fell sick. My wife was tested and turned out positive. I did not go for the test but I was sure because I lost my sense of smell completely for 5 days, had a slight temperature and generally felt lousy.
    I should state that when my wife fell ill, I gave her Ivermectin 12 mg and took one myself. We did this for 5 consecutive days.
    The story does not end there. My wife got the vaccine and I refused.
    In late June (this year) I got Covid 19 again and again took Ivermectin but it was worse than the previous time. I had uncontrollable shivering for a day, a sore throat for a week and diarrhea for almost a month. And couldn’t smell.
    My wife had no symptoms whatsoever.
    I’m fine now and don’t have any ill-effects but it’s making me doubt the concept of robust “natural anti-bodies” for people who get it.
    I’ll be 64 in a couple of months and though I’m not obese, I do have elevated blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

    • Replies: @Fr. John
  9. Appreciate Kevin’s interviews, but the insistence on bringing up the (ludicrous) “Ron Unz blowback theory” is unfortunate.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  10. @Allergic2katz

    I can’t bring up Ron Unz’s theory on a podcast posted at Unz Review because you don’t agree with it?! So who are you, what are your credentials, and where can we find your critique of Ron’s theory?

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  11. @Kevin Barrett

    Hey Kevin? There was a guy interviewed, maybe not by you, but quoted in these here parts, your parts, he’s the ‘father’ of mRNA vaxxes, Pfizer and the toxic like, he’s retired, his memorable part of his talk/interview/article was, “I don’t advocate mRNA because we killed all the hamsters”.

    You, Kevin, or anyone looking in remember the guy? Being retired, he’s “allowed” to speak to these things, unlike the rest who still have their pensions to make.

  12. Cobesity is the killer

    • Replies: @Rufus Clyde
  13. @Getaclue

    “He told his partner, my MD friend, that he knows it was the “vaccine” that did it. Even still he is not going to say a word — there is a total climate of fear now in all the Medical Profession. The word is you will be black balled or have your license attacked if you tell the truth as to the ClotShot.”

    It’s not just a climate of fear … here, this MD’s partner is already a believer in the ‘vaccine’ … and there is increasing evidence that those believers will absolutely NOT file VAERS incident reports or do anything to criticize the dogma pushed on US by BigFauci and BigPharma — their ‘beliefs’ are that fanatical …

    There are even those whose spouses and children have had very adverse reactions to the jab who won’t file VAERS reports … they’re that anti-Trump or whatever it is that motivates them to actually hate their spouses and/or their children so much that they won’t dare to help stop this agenda.

    • Agree: Proximaking
  14. Dear Kevin et. al,
    I am traveling in Greece. My flight was for tomorrow. I took the damned “rapid PCR” test and tested positive. I have no symptoms. I feel fine. Now I will be subjected to a forced medical “examination” tomorrow which will determine whether I will be sent to a “quarantine hotel” or to a hospital. The clerk at the hotel told me to make a good impression on the doctor to avoid being sent to a hospital. Ten days in the quarantine hotel is what I have to look forward to. I categorically refuse the hospital where they kill people through intubation. My friends, this is real. Ten days in the “quarantine hotel,” no going outside. And two negative tests to be released. And no symptoms. The reign of Antichrist is upon us. This is a dress rehearsal for Antichrist. These so-called “doctors” give me the creeps. The people who tested me aren’t even physicians I think. I don’t know who the hell they are. Look my brothers in Truth-seeking, this could happen to anyone. Now I know what it was like in the Soviet Union when healthy people were sent to mental institutions for criticizing the system. It’s over. Europe and America are over. Keep me in your prayers my friends. If they try to put me in a hospital, I will flee to the mountains. Best wishes, Anonymous

    • Replies: @JLK
  15. @Priss Factor

    Being old and frail are risk factors at least as high as obesity. 80% of “Covid deaths” in Canada occurred in people already in long-term care. Average age for a “Covid death” is 80 in my province, and 76% had three or more comorbidities. It’s not a bio-weapon, it’s a psy-op that has induced higher mortality among already highly vulnerable people through socio-economic policies.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
    , @JasonT
  16. JLK says:

    Well’s here’s an indication that this could be an ongoing revenue stream for Big Pharma:

    New research published Wednesday as a preprint indicates that the Pfizer Inc. shot provides 96.2% protection for the first two months, 90.1% effectiveness between the second and fourth months, and 83.7% of protection for the fourth, fifth, and six months.

    “We will need a booster eight to 12 months from the second dose,” Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said Wednesday, according to a FactSet transcript of the company’s second-quarter earnings call.

  17. JLK says:
    @Forced Into Quarantine

    Now I know what it was like in the Soviet Union when healthy people were sent to mental institutions for criticizing the system.

    Another topic, but it happens here as well.

  18. Here be another rare truthful MD. On Youtube today, maybe not tomorrow.

  19. @Getaclue

    Micro-clotting-the spike protein at work! It does look more and more like this is a depopulation campaign. Any of the top elites dies of CoViD 19, yet?

  20. @Rufus Clyde

    The original virus is not the killer. It is the mutants, driven by selection pressures from vaccines to escape the vaccine’s effects, that will do the trick. Delta is just the beginning. Marek’s Disease for humans.

  21. JasonT says:
    @Rufus Clyde

    Yes. The real bioweapon is in the needle.

  22. Fr. John says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    Mr.. Spooner:

    Diabetes IS a co-morbidity. Dr. Jason Fung has a protocol/book on how to reverse Diabetes.
    If only you had been on that protocol (basically a Keto approach) when you ‘caught’ the Covidiot cold virus the second time, to see if it had made any difference, perhaps your comment would have been different.

    Reformed Pastor Doug Wilson has started the Pastoral Call for Resistance by confessing Christians against the COVIET regime.

    Orthodox Bishops in Romania have already sent out a similar encyclical. The Anti-pope Bergoglio, as a totally corrupt and culpable actor in this satanic regime, is, of course, fully bowing the knee to Satan. Thank God for lay Catholics like Ann Barnhardt, who continuously calls out this IDOLATRY, to show how REAL Catholics should act in this ‘current evil age.’

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