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Ellen Brown on “Another Bank Bailout Under Cover of a Virus”
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Public banking advocate Ellen Brown, author of Web of Debt, discusses her new article “Another Bank Bailout Under Cover of a Virus.” Halfway through the show she agrees that my “coronavirus conspiracy theories” are plausible, saying:

“Yeah, well, I totally agree. There was Event 201. There was ID-2020. I think Microsoft has a patent on something injectable that has numbers where they can track you. And you would hear like Aaron Russo in 2005 etc, saying that was the plan, that we would all be microchipped and they could track us from one place to another. And this whole thing about contact tracing is so strange—that you would have to report all the people that you’ve been in contact with and they can’t really tell you you’ve been in contact with. You know the next thing coming is going to be some sort of injectable. Even if it’s your cell phone, it’s not only you that carries your cell phone. It might be your family. You might leave it at home or whatever. They really can’t keep track of you unless there’s something in your body. And they’ve got all kinds of patents on things that actually go in your body that not only would track where you are, but your medical history—and your banking history so they can turn your your money off at will if they want to.

“And the vaccine is going to be toxic. I wrote 10 books on health and alternative health care and the politics of health care before I wrote three books on banking. And that’s what actually got me into banking. Because I could see that it was one big cartel and where they got their power was from the power to create money. But anyway, in the course of all that, I personally became quite convinced that vaccines don’t work…”

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Economics • Tags: Banking System, Coronavirus, Financial Bailout 
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  1. The money siphoned out of banks as bonuses during the up cycle gets reinjected in the form of QE to infinity and beyond

    in preparation for the next siphonic straight flush into off shore bank accounts

  2. jadan says:

    Recommended to go with the link to Common Dreams and read Ellen’s article there to illuminate the ways and means the Fed socializes financial losses of the wealthy speculators. As in 2008 when these parasites did a little Paul Revere act calling on the public to save the system through TARP in the name of national security, they accomplished the same socialization of debt in 2020 by way of the “repo market”. Ellen’s gift is for deciphering the ways of the financial gods to ordinary ignorant mortals, but notice that she does not call for eliminating the Fed, the money machine that makes the existence of the parasite class possible and dominant.

  3. This woman is an idiot. Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren is just another Zionist Shill. I wonder if any of you saw the tv spot where this woman was standing up in the audience with her child (looked to be about 10) and was telling Warren that the girl had encountered discrimination at school because she was undergoing sex change therapy. Warren thought this tragic child abuse was wonderful and was ecstatically clapping her hands about it.

    The UGI is another ploy by the Elites to get everyone on the hook. Similar to China’s social credit system. Be a good goyim or they will cut your money. Brown said the helicopter money would not be inflationary. How does she figure that. If that worked everyone would be rich. Sounds like a monetary policy for Zimbabwe. I believe that Friedman ridiculed this as Keynesian nonsense.

    I’ve got a better idea. Lets get rid of the Jew’s FED and go back to a gold standard and get off the fiat racket. Then every bank would stand or fall on it’s on merits. The sovereign immunity of the global bankers would then be gone and Black Rock and the too big to big to fail banks could eat their toxic assets.

  4. @jadan

    Ellen would escalate the problem by implementing the UGI. This is an insidious tactic to give the Global Bankers (Jews) even more control. China is the Zionist model for their NWO and the UGI is an important part of their plan for surveillance and control.

  5. @jadan

    I don’t think that this economist would agree?

    “Guarantees would have been the easiest form of intervention to present politically because they would have emphasised the true purpose of government assistance to the banking system: to prevent the savings of depositors – especially wholesale depositors such as corporations, foundations, savings institutions, and local governments. These depositors would have seen trillions of dollars in payrolls, pensions, and working capital evaporate if the banks were allowed to fail. Guarantees would have underlined the fact that the main beneficiaries of all bank rescues were not greedy bankers or shareholders but wholesale depositors whose money is not covered by retail guarantees.”
    A. Kaletsky: Capitalism 4.0. P150.


    It’s sad, the more one reads the less wants to know. The rabbit hole has become a ‘wormhole”.

    Appreciate the above reference.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  7. @EliteCommInc.

    Not sure I buy the public bank contend.

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