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E. Michael Jones on Super Bowl Degeneracy, #MayorCheat
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First hour: Leading Catholic intellectual E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars Magazine discusses the Super Bowl as a symptom of America’s exponential onrush of decadence and depravity. Then the conversation turns to the astounding exploits of #MayorCheat, who claimed victory in the calamitous Iowa Caucus WAY too early…unless he knew the system was rigged in his favor. E. Michael Jones, a citizen of South Bend, Indiana, has been a horrified witness to the obviously pre-scripted rise of #MayorCheat, the favorite candidate of America’s corrupt Zionist oligarchy.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Kevin and EMJ, thank you for discussing this swine show known as the super bowl halftime show. You are missing the next layer of satanic worship occurring, however, by not recognizing that Shakira, lopez and even Jay Z are all Transgender. That’s right, these are trannies and you can tell by examining their bone structure and other physical characteristics.

    Search bitchute, youtube or 153news.Net for transvestigation.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  2. These so-called performers – Shakira, Lopez and even Jay z – at the halftime show are trannies. You can tell by their bone structure and other physical characteristics. Search around for transvestigation. Once you see it then it can’t be unseen.

    • Replies: @acementhead
  3. I saw it in the faces of millions of Americans, when the USA/DC assassinated a true warrior, who saved Christian communities from annihilation, their women from sexual slaver, rape murder, at the hands of Israhell’s and DC’s proxy ISIS terrorist, a man on a diplomatic mission for peace, when the USA murdered him in the most arrogant, cowardly, and as unhonorably manners as is possible.

    A Texan describing the murder of Major General Solemani.

    The Orange Dotard is sure again, the fix is in.

    • Agree: Alfred
  4. Good news to both Kevin Barret and Michael E Jones. Ireland kicks out the homosexual and votes in SinnFein.

  5. Shakira and Lopez (and, in fact, Jay Z and his so-called wife, Beyonce) are all transgenders. This can be verified by studying their bone structure and other physical characteristics. Search for “Transvestigation” on the web.

  6. A “Catholic Intellectual” lecturing on degeneracy. LOL.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @romar
  7. I have boycotted most professional sports when turned less than ten signed on to support the war they all clamored to have in 2002/2003


    “A “Catholic Intellectual” lecturing on degeneracy.”

    If your aside is to the so called scandal note: it represented less than 2% of the Catholic Experience

    • Replies: @anon
    , @RadicalCenter
    , @anon
  8. @Walkhumbly

    Walkhumbly you should seek psychiatric help urgently.

    This is the lowest quality comment that I’ve ever made at UNZ and probably anywhere but I feel it’s my duty to make it.

    • Agree: follyofwar
    • Replies: @walkhumbly
  9. anon[849] • Disclaimer says:

    If your aside is to the so called scandal note: it represented less than 2% of the Catholic Experience

    Even if your 2% figure is accepted, do you seriously assert that the other 98% was unaware and unaffected?
    Not a Catholic, but where I come from, even State Primary School children knew about the sadistic behaviour of Catholic Nuns and Christian Brothers perpetrated on vulnerable children.

  10. “Even if your 2% figure is accepted, do you seriously assert that the other 98% was unaware and unaffected?
    Not a Catholic, but where I come from, even State Primary School children knew about the sadistic behavior of Catholic Nuns and Christian Brothers perpetrated on vulnerable children.”

    I am not making a defense of the behavior. Nor some of the choices made in managing the issues. There were mistakes that made matters worse. The issue is always ongoing and I have no doubt that those in clergy are well aware. However, I would not hazard a guess who knew what about who.

    I ever marvel that people have no idea what clergy deals with when it comes to parishioners or people in general. The purpose of the clergy , at ;east one purpose is to carry people’s issues. And I have no doubt that on a daily basis clergy are listening ro Everest high disgusting, vile, dark and human eviscerating tales. And that no small number come from people with issues. Sure there are clergy who take advantage some by human failing in the course of human interaction and others wanton avarice. But that is not most, and barely some.

    But on the whole, not a harvester of pedophiles en masse or adulterous party fests midnight group parties.

    • Agree: Zumbuddi
    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
  11. ” . . . even State Primary School children knew about the sadistic behavior of Catholic Nuns and Christian Brothers perpetrated on vulnerable children.”

    I I knew someone who was terrorized by a six foot tall nun. She was like ice on ice. She saved his life by introducing him to independent study programs. As he all of his grades improved, she ceased being a terror. I have no doubts that in private Catholic Schools kids and their parents have in mind all manner of interpretations about who is a a good nun or priest and who is not. In the eyes of a youngster struggling with this or that — among personalities, I am also convinced that in the eyes of a ten to seventeen year old — evil nuns abound.


    The Catholic Church has other issues that are yanking at their core from inside and outside the clergy —– all in all, I hope they hold. But it looks dicey from here.

  12. Zumbuddi says:

    The priest who led the retreat in preparation for monastic vows had been a chaplain in WWII.

    I don’t have the skill with words to express how his soul must have been seared by that and other experiences, nor to explain how his eyes, his face, the way he carried himself reflected his humble sense of compassion for struggling humanity.

    50 years later I can still experience the aura of the man.

    No doubt He’s long dead.
    May he rest in the peace he struggled to help others find.

  13. @acementhead

    I do appreciate your concern, sincerely. I am well, I believe, but thank you for reaching out.

    You did not adduce counter-evidence of any kind and only sought to dismiss my claims by implying insanity. You must be the insane one if you treat the truth so recklessly. These trannies are right in your face – in your home! on your TV! – mocking you and your family and yet you are concerned about my mental health? You are so easy to deceive which is why these satanists get away with such mockery on this massive scale.

    YOU HAVE BEEN DECEIVED, my brother.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  14. @EliteCommInc.

    The scandal is not primarily molestation of children. The larger scandal is that the RC priesthood and seminaries are thoroughly riddled with psychologically disordered sexual deviants — homosexuals who have perverse sex” with each other and with adult members of the public. This dwarfs the incidence of child molestation by priests.

    That is not 2% “or the Catholic experience.” More like ten times that at least, and that is charitable.

    These are not normal or trustworthy men, and it has nothing necessarily to do with child molestation.

    • Replies: @RVBlake
    , @RadicalCenter
  15. Hibernian says:
    @Cool Daddy Jimbo

    The annals of history are full of Protestant slave trading, Protestant piracy, and, especially, Protestant hypocrisy. Rome has never had a monopoly on corruption. If you have an argument against Mr. Jones other than the fact that he is Catholic, please share it with us.

  16. @walkhumbly

    Let me state outright: I can not believe that people still attend Catholic Church.
    Why ?
    The Church has clearly demonstrated that it has been utterly corrupted. (I won’t speculate as to whether reform is possible)
    1. At all levels we are dealing with systemic issues, not accidents, mistakes etc.
    2. When evidence was presented that priests etc had sexually abused children the church would try to cover it up. Or ignore it.
    (this involves the church hierarchy, thus is “systemic“)
    3. Should the “problem” continue;
    ie, parents would not shut up, or more & more evidence appeared, the church would often transfer the peodophile priest to another parish. All good, priest is able to continue to express his vile proclivities.
    4. Should the police get involved, or civil courts, the church would fight furiously to avoid any verdict of guilt.
    5. Should guilt be found — appeal, and appeal again.
    Appeals exhausted?
    Church has in place a vast, complex legal architecture that makes compensation impossible or minimal. Remember that we now have established guilt & established victims. Never mind — the church is willing to lie, cheat & haggle with the victim or their family (often it is the family because victims have this funny, inexplicable tendency to suicide or become drug/ alcohol abusers & overdosers.
    Again, recall, EVERY step of the way decisions move higher & higher up the hierachy.
    It’s not within me to forgive or forget. Perhaps that’s a fault in me. But perhaps such colossal viciousness, negligence, premeditated bastardry, waste, terror & simple pain should not be forgiven….

  17. romar says:
    @Cool Daddy Jimbo

    Cool Daddy, your comment won’t hide the fact: the Jews control you through their dominant role in the entertainment field. They “control the mind of America” through degeneracy promotion.
    No use changing the subject: the message is clear.

  18. @Hibernian

    The Catholic Church is the most vile and corrupt institution on this earth (with the possible exception of the NCAA, but that’s a different rant). I won’t be lectured to on degereracy or anything else by a member of their cult. And I’ll happily mock their hypocracy every chance I get.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  19. RVBlake says:

    And the behavior is exacerbated by the Church’s haste to move the offending priests to other parishes when they are exposed.

  20. @RadicalCenter

    A very recent and well-documented book:

    This surely helps to explain the parade of consistently nasty or just plain odd and indifferent priests whom my wife and I encountered in parishes around the USA (and in my case also Canada) over many years. Needless to say, I almost never could find credible, meaningful advice on matters of romance, dating, sex, marriage, and family from the priests whom I consulted for guidance and help in repenting,

    Now that we have children, I cannot imagine consigning them — especially my son — to “guidance” from these sick men. There’s enough pressure in our society for him to join this particular depravity, especially here in Los Angeles. We don’t need to confuse him further by presenting these unmanly misfits as examples or counselors.


    A tiny sampling of the tens of thousands of reports of active adult sexual perversion and psychological disorder among priests in various parts of the world:


    ITALY …


    Don’t want to believe “anti-Catholic” sources? How about a current RC Bishop:

    Interestingly, homosexual “sex” is LEGAL in Vatican City itself. Makes sense, I guess. Otherwise half the population would be locked up. But at least the pope could say Mass conveniently in a big cell for his assembled “men” “of God.”

    For many years I was merely saddened by these reports, and my family resisted leaving the church to which our ancestors belonged for many centuries. As the incidence of credible, admitted, and proven reports grew and the highest officials both participated and covered up the intentional repeated sin, anger and resentment started to displaced the sadness.

    I know that I am a sinner and need God’s forgiveness, and I fear for the consequences of what I have knowingly done wrong. But I don’t claim to be a moral leader providing guidance to others, and no church that is systematically infiltrated by such willful sinners and liars can merit our respect or support.

    Now I’ll go focus on my own sins, including the anger and resentment that I feel towards these people, who have wrecked an institution that had done so much kind and charitable work, provided so much inspiration, reformation, and hope amidst its failings throughout history.

  21. @Cool Daddy Jimbo

    Understand your sentiment, as you will see above. But there are, of course, many millions of goodhearted, sensible, traditionally morally grounded people in the Catholic Church (even though I think they would be wise to leave).

  22. @Hibernian

    There is no one central Protestant church or self-proclaimed authority. I can leave a particular Protestant church or denomination if there is evidence of persistent and unrepentant sin, whether sexual or otherwise — and still be a Christian and a Protestant.

    That’s not how it works with the Catholic Church, as you well know. There’s only one “holy catholic and apostolic church”, as we used to say (and I do feel sad and miss the prayers, rituals, family traditions, and most of all parishioners from those churches).

    There is just no excuse for continuing to pay and defend these vile sodomites, liars, and thieves. Sin by Protestants today or throughout history does nothing to change this assessment.

    God will judge all of us, and neither picking the “right” denomination nor even perhaps the “right” religion can undo our sins. I am afraid of his judgment on me, but that doesn’t mean I’ll pretend that the Catholic Church is anything other than what it is: condemned.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  23. Blame black thug culture for the state of so-called dancing today. It’s been dumbed down into little more than stylized posturing with some calisthenics thrown in. With so little to build on, the only way to enhance it is to add more and more overtly sexual poses.

    • Replies: @brandybranch
  24. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    Bill Clinton is officially a Baptist and Trump is a Presbyterian.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  25. Afro-Colonization.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  26. aware says:

    Lindbergh’s father was Senator from Minnesota who opposed the Federal Reserve and wrote an expose on it, in my opinion they ritually murdered his grandchild in reataliation.

  27. “No doubt He’s long dead.
    May he rest in the peace he struggled to help others find.”

    It is easy to forget the long legacy of parish priests struggling away to the aide of people. The power of the Catholic congregation in support of traditional life was the target of the hyperbole against the Church. And the issue of children and inappropriate relations perfect salacious material for the press and those with an ax to grind against the Church. Sadly, they made more than dent.


    “Bill Clinton is officially a Baptist and Trump is a Presbyterian.”

    No offense intended here. I am just not sure what it means. I have to admit Pres. Clinton beat the tar out conservatives – even his impeachment ultimately backfired.

  28. @walkhumbly

    They are in DC as well.
    Sen. Murkowski is one of many as is Rep. AOC and Gabbard. The Jewish owned Propaganda outlets collude in this deception by air brushing photos, etc.
    In Hollywood, many actors are passable to the untrained eye but in DC it is blatantly obvious.
    This is beyond sexuality equality and freedom. These people are part of a religion and hiding their true sex is part of this sick, twisted religion. The transgender issue is about many things: social engineering, Babylonian religion worship, grooming children for sex and money (Surgery and Big Pharma). The worst part is that this is a tool to destroy the family unit and acquire more power for government.
    The whole thing is an absolute abomination.
    I believe that if people knew where this was headed this madness would end very quickly. Unfortunately, the average person mainly seems to babble out decades of programming on whatever issue comes up. When they are seizing children for the public sacrifices will probably be to late.

    • Replies: @Walkhumbly
  29. Hibernian says:

    There is no one central Protestant church or self-proclaimed authority.

    There is a Protestant Establishment. It includes such heroes as Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew.

  30. @RadicalCenter

    For what it’s worth, the Catholic Church, like Mel Gibson, has its misdeeds relentlessly spotlighted and exaggerated by the media. Other groups, not so much.

    • Agree: Walkhumbly
  31. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    Absolutely. Total abomination meant to destroy cultures, community and religion for the sake of the oligarchy.

    Entire trump clan is inverted.

    Barely anyone sees this reality.

  32. @Walkhumbly

    Lopez’s two children would sure be surprised to hear that. Idiot!

    • Replies: @Walkhumbly
  33. “The scandal is not primarily molestation of children. The larger scandal is that the RC priesthood and seminaries are thoroughly riddled with psychologically disordered sexual deviants — homosexuals who have perverse sex” with each other and with adult members of the public. ”

    I am not going to dismiss behavior that Christ and the apostles note as abominable —

    I have no idea what is up with the leadership in the Vatican or among Cardinals and Bishops elsewhere — but clearly according scripture new or old same relational behavior is not condoned by God and as such can never be embraced in the Church, as i understand churches and scripture.

    However, I won’t subscribe to a notion that ten percent of the clergy are so engaged. I am unsure where that number or analysis that establishes as much — that’s a very high number. And given the nature of the work, I don’t dismiss that a certain number might stray from their vows with women — but in my estimation most priests take their vows very very seriously.

    And it remains sad that so many people of faith hopped on the scandal bandwagon — thereby undermining incorrectly, one of the best allies.

    I can’t even imagine a husband first man . . first guy . . . in the White House Nuts!

  34. @follyofwar

    You let these trannies into your home so you and your family can watch their satanic celebration on TV yet you call me names.

    You are now a Satanist.

    Come to christ, my friend.

  35. @Monotonous Languor

    i blame “black thug culture” for the state of everything today.
    directly and indirectly.

  36. Ignatius says:

    Historical records provide all too many instances of religious oppression and aggression. But because God created humankind with free will, ‘what is wrong with the Church’ in any age is the result of human fallibility, not a failure of Divine providence, which has always maintained it within the Way, the Truth and the Life. Catholics have always known this and have never seen any bad policies of Popes, corrupt practices of clerics, disciplinary injustices or devotional aberrations as invalidating the apostolic authority of the faith, or as interrupting the communication of Divine life through the sacraments. The Way is always there for all to follow.
    If the Church were merely a human institution it would have collapsed long ago, as one earthly empire after another has collapsed during the 2,000 years of history. But it has not merely survived external disasters and internal dissensions, it has developed, in understanding and in action, always holding to the revelation of God in Christ and ministering His forgiveness and saving love to anxious and sick humanity.
    It is a further fact, that Christ distinctly predicted these scandals as inevitable; nay further, He spoke of His Church as in its very constitution made up of good and bad, of wheat and weeds, of the precious and the vile. One out of His twelve Apostles fell, and one of the original seven deacons. Thus, a Church, such as we behold, is bound up with the very idea of Christianity.
    The history of the centuries of Christendom undoubtedly contains much which betrays belief in a God of love and which should call the Church today to repent, but it is historically unbalanced not to emphasize as strongly the enormous benefits which Christian civilization has given to the world: in education and care of the destitute and sick; in producing much of the Western world’s finest art, architecture, music; in inspiring countless acts of altruism often to the point of heroism in those who have faith in the God of Jesus Christ. Some extol the growth of humanist ceremonies in affluent Norway, but when have any humanist missions gone to Calcutta to relieve the sufferings of the most wretched beggars on the streets as Mother Teresa and her sisters have done because they see in each one of the poorest of the poor the face of Christ himself? Why should the evil done in the name of God be thought more characteristic of Christianity, truer to its nature, than the good? It’s a sign of the Church’s divine origins, that it survives these periodic disasters. And do we need reminding that the consciously anti-religious political movements of the twentieth century, the cruellest in the whole of human history, have tortured and massacred vastly greater numbers of human beings than religion has ever done?.
    It is not the saints that one has to talk about if one is to prove the sanctity of the Church. It’s bad priests and popes. A Church governed by saints continues on, that’s normal and human. But a Church that can be governed by villains and imbeciles, and still continue, that is neither normal nor human..
    The Church has at times been a party to actions of which all Christians should be ashamed But it is also true that the crimes committed in the name of Christianity in earlier centuries are but a mere shadow of the horrors to which humanity has been subjected in the last two centuries because of secular visions of paradise on earth (for example the Communism of Stalin and Mao). Victims of the latter run into millions; victims of the former into thousands. While it is of course terrible that there should be any victims, it is absurd not to ask why Christianity is able to check its abuses, while its secular replacements have so often slid hopelessly down a slippery slope into a hell on earth.

  37. anonymous[508] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Priss Factor, In the past you have defended Weimar culture as an extraordinary flowering and advancement of art and theater (iirc).

    More recently, you have been very critical of “globohomo” culture.

    As I understand Weimar, it raised sexual deviance to new heights.

    Do you mind discussing how you resolve those two facets of Weimar?

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  38. @anonymous

    Priss Factor, In the past you have defended Weimar culture as an extraordinary flowering and advancement of art and theater (iirc).
    More recently, you have been very critical of “globohomo” culture.

    Never throw out the baby with the bathwater. The Weimar period was a time of great cultural ferment. It was also a time of decadence, degeneracy, and corruption.

    I could say the same of the Nazi period. It had some great thing, but Hitler and his gang were pathological.

    Same with Sixties. Very problematic decade, but it led to some great music and cinema.

  39. @anon

    “Bill Clinton is officially a Baptist and Trump is a Presbyterian.”

    Unofficially, both are 100% dyed-in-the-wool zionist boot-licking ass kissers.

    (On second thought, make that “Officially”…….. )

    • Agree: Orville H. Larson
  40. As I constantly state, it is the cucked Western male (who is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim) who is destroying the West. Specifically, the Caucasian traditional Roman Catholic male is the worst of the lot – i.e., E. Michael Jones. There is a great deal of idiocy to unpack from this podcast.

    As usual, EMJ blames the Joooooz for everything. He babbles about the Jews involved with the NFL and that Hispanics are being indoctrinated by blacks and Jews on how to be an American by being sexualized, slave labor. He babbles about “Hispanics.” There is no Hispanic or Latino culture. Latin America is racially hetereogenous and the development of Latin American areas is based on the racial composition of the area. J-Lo is a light-skinned Puerto Rican negress. Shakira is of Lebanse and European descent – a Caucasian – from Colombia, a country with many blacks and a negrified culture. Shakira is a horrible singer but was able to become successful by acting black. Most of Latin America is Roman Catholic. The success of the Roman Catholic Church in Latin America is again based on the IQ/race of Latin Americans. Most Puerto Ricans are bad Catholics. 90% of Puerto Ricans have black ancestry and mix voodoo with their Catholicism. Shakira is an apostate. Much of our immigration problems can be blamed on the US bishops. The US bishops support illegal immigrants from Latin America because they want to fill their pews. These idiot bishops also believe that these Catholic illegals will teach American Catholics how to be better Catholics. The Catholic Church in America is nothing but a problem. Diversity has collapsed it. Christian Zionists also cause problems. The Eastern Orthodox churches with their racial/ethnic churches will be the churches that can start solving America’s problems.

    Approxmiately 70% of NFL players are black. 90% of NBA players are black. It is up to the cucked Western males to get rid of these degenerate sports teams. The US is a Western nation, not a negroid nation. Get rid of dual citizenship and the JQ is solved in America.

    I have never seen a Superbowl game but read about the half-time shows on the internet. Apparently, J-Lo and Shakira vigorously shook their booties. I saw the movie “Idiocracy” in 2008 when Obummer was running for the presidency. This movie looked like a documentary of the 2008 Democratic primary. In the movie one thing was really popular – ass. Ass was everywhere in the movie. Ass was featured in this year’s Superbowl. If you haven’t seen “Idiocracy,” watch it.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  41. “Leading Catholic intellectual”

    I’m not sure someone who thinks America’s three ethnic groups are Jews, Catholics, and Protestants qualifies as an intellectual by even the most generous use of the term. Jones is a crusty lunatic who appears to have been cherry-picked to lead the young, dumb, and gullible away from white identity politics.

  42. Hibernian says:

    Catholicism is the religion of poor Hispanic people, of Hitler, Mussolini, Castro, and the IRA, but also of the Bourbons and the Habsburgs. Your viewpoint is that of a Boston Brahmin, near the top of Beacon Hill, looking out his attic window towards the Atlantic, ready to sound the alarm if and when he espies a New Spanish Armada.

  43. Anonymous[603] • Disclaimer says:

    What is to be done with Homosexuals? It’s a very serious issue. They are human and deserve to be treated with dignity of course. But by simply being what they are, they cause incredible pain and destruction.

    The Catholic Church seems to have been kind in allowing conscientious gays to take a vow of celibacy, and be priests. I think it was a fair attempt to make something good of the situation. But these priests are human, and they have human failings… too many homosexuals within the church just creates a subculture of support for deviancy.

    Let’s be fair too, the Protestant denominations are being rapidly destroyed by this issue as well. I’ve struggled with this. I honestly can’t think of a solution to this quandary that won’t cause societal degeneration… or immense psychological pain to otherwise good people. I don’t even know how to debate the issue with a leftist without feeling like a villain…although I know I’m approaching the question from a deeper level than they are. It’s a no win situation.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  44. @RadicalCenter

    Radical Center – your wife is 1/2 Chinese and 1/2 Filipino. You and your family belong in China or the Philippines. You can find an appropriate church there.

    Your Christian duty is to help the sick. Help the people with the coronavirus.

  45. @Anonymous

    You can either have Christianity or homosexuality. You cannot have both. Gays, trannies, lesbians will have to be segregated. I’m a biological materialist so homosexuals are biological defects.

    The Roman Catholic Church has been taken over by homos. According to several studies, at least 60% of American priests are gay and 50% of American bishops are gay. Many foreign priests, bishops and cardinals are gay. Poop Frannie wants to approve gay marriage but he has to be careful because so many Catholics have left and Church and their revenues are dropping. Homos like their bling. The Catholic priesthood is gone.

    Homos have destroyed the Boy Scouts. Trannies are destroying female sports. Homos/trannies/lesbians must have their own “churches,” sports teams, areas.

    The consensus is that homos are gay because they’ve been abused. They must seek help. If it turns out that there is a biological gay gene, they must be aborted.

    Petey Buttcheeks was raised a Roman Catholic. Let’s see if there is one straight, strong Catholic priest/bishop/cardinal who will publicly condemn Petey’s gayness and tell him to repent and change his life.

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