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Dr. Ridgely Abdul-Mumin Muhammad on Ilhan Omar and 9/11; Mohamed Ismail on “al-Sisi’s Constitution Is Null and Void”
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First half hour: Dr. Ridgley Abdul-Mumin Muhammad of the Nation of Islam Research Group (NOIRG) discusses the pushback they received for pointing out that Ilhan Omar was right: “Some people did something” on 9/11. But which people did what, and why? The Daily Caller article Farrakhan Group Invokes 9/11 Conspiracy Theories To Defend Omar exemplifies the way “some people” are freaking out about Omar’s truism…which Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth breaks down in their new video Ilhan Omar Is Right: Some People Did Something on 9/11 .

Second half hour: Mohamed Ismail of Dostorak Batel (“Your Constitution Is Null and Void”) joins us to discuss the growing movement to reject Egyptian dictator al-Sisi’s effort to change the constitution so he can stay in power until 2030.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: 9/11, Egypt, Ilhan Omar, Nation of Islam 
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  1. Iris says:

    It is comforting that the victims of the Nine Eleven crime against humanity are not forgotten.

    However, the “Some people did something on 9/11” video insisting on “secondary explosions” being reported in the basement is a poor argument in favour of the controlled demolition thesis.

    Car fuels tanks and diesel generators present within this basement could be (disingenuously) used to justify these explosions.

    There are much better arguments based on the laws of physics and known engineering principles, all endorsed by professional engineers, that demonstrate unequivocally that the WTC was brought down by controlled demolition.

    Undeniable arguments are: free fall of WTC7, symmetrical fall and collapse within own footprint of the Twin Towers, complete absence of rubble, total dustification of concrete and steel, and more than anything else , the supreme proof, the persistent elevated temperature of Ground Zero recorded for up to 4 months.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  2. I have emailed Ilhan Omar a couple of times commending her courage in telling truths Americans need to hear, but telling her that her message would be much more effective, would reach more American ears, if she would take off her hijab and appear–more American. The hijab brands her as foreign, and Muslim; and therefore, thanks to years of anti-Muslim propaganda by Zionist media, as threatening. I reminded her that the Koran does not mandate the wearing of the hijab, that millions of Muslim women do not wear it. Wear it in private if you like, but in Congress, in Jeffersonian America where there is still separation of Church and State, take it off, appear as Nature made you, a beautiful black woman.

    • Replies: @anon
  3. anon[308] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fool's Paradise

    The hijab brands her as foreign, and Muslim; and therefore, thanks to years of anti-Muslim propaganda by Zionist media, as threatening.

    she is foreign

    and she’s no friend to whites

    • Replies: @homahr
  4. Anon[232] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Judeo-Nazis really are the scum of the earth. ANYTHING for Israel. Destroy any nation, steal any amount of wealth, pull every dirty trick in the book, and etc, all the while pontificating about ‘liberal democracy’ and ‘human rights’. Judeo-Nazis are worse than Nazis. Nazis were pathological killers but admitted as much. Judeo-Nazis hide all their filth behind BS like ‘liberal world order’. These are tribal supremacists and nothing more. They don’t care how many goyim die or starve or suffer as long as the Chosen get theirs.

    In a way, the West deserves to suffer and die. As the West aided and abetted the Judeo-Nazis in the destruction of Muslims and Arabs(and Russians and etc), what goes around comes around. If whites in the West support open borders policy for Syria(which has been invaded and subverted from all sides), they deserve all the caravans in the world.
    If whites support the Jewish dehumanization of Arabs and Muslims as ‘terrorists’ in movies and TV, they shouldn’t complain when Jews dehumanize whites in ‘punch nazi’ fashion.

    Imagine that. Jewish-run US enforces sanctions on Syria, a victim nation that has suffered so much. But Israel the terrorist nation that occupies W. Bank, steals Golan, and aids terrorists in Syria. Send more ‘aid’.

    Judeo-Nazis are filth.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  5. @Iris

    I believe the context of the video is that many of these observations were live, or shortly after the event. The key is virtually all say “explosion”, including qouting the police and fire chief.
    I happened to be on vacation that week. I had dropped my kids off at school. and turned on the radio. I was unaware of the events in New York. In less than a mile, and 5 minutes, the report about the Pentagon went from witnesses saying there was an explosion, to a light plane, to a large plane, to an airliner. At that point, I knew the whole narrative was pure bullshit.
    Got home, told the wife, turned on the tv, watched the collapse, and we both said bullshit to the notion that the towers collapsed because of being hit by airplanes.

  6. @Anon

    Nazis were pathological killers but admitted as much.

    How is it you understand that we have been, and are being snowed, by the Judeo-bullshit media around current events, but accept the Bolshevik Jew infested FDR and Truman administrations narrative about NS Germany? If it makes you feel any better, The UK’s government was infested as well, and Churchill was on their payroll, which explains their creating part of the narrative.

  7. homahr says:

    Ya, no one is really friendly to whites. Even whites themselves. Get over it.

    • Replies: @anon
  8. Tons of Jews died in the Twin Towers. And it’s not just 9/11, but many other terrorist acts in the USA and Europe, that confirm for Americans that there is a radical Islamic terrorist movement. No one thinks it’s all Muslims, but there’s no denying that far too many Muslims have committed mass murder in Western countries that gave them safe harbor. The US should stop intervening in the ME. It is incredibly costly in terms of money and lives. And it does not work. But that does not excuse any of the mass murders of Westerners by radical Islamic terrorists.

    • Replies: @anon
  9. anon[315] • Disclaimer says:
    @Endgame Napoleon

    Tons of Jews died in the Twin Towers.

    what percentage of those that died were jews and then what percentage of those that worked in those (financial) buildings were jews?

    i saw people claiming that a warning went out on some jew hotline for them not to show up to work that day

  10. anon[315] • Disclaimer says:

    Get over it!

    i notice who is and isnt my friend

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