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Dr. Randy Short: Like Many Black Men, I Prefer Trump to Biden—Here’s Why
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Pastor and human rights activist Dr. Randy Short recently shared a petition that begins: “Over the last decade, five known suspicious hangings and multiple accidental drownings of African Americans have gripped Delaware’s Kent County’s black community. Despite compelling evidence of foul play and the work of a few committed activists and local politicians, incidents were played down and swiftly filed away.” Do Joe Biden’s alleged Dixie Mafia connections have anything to do with this? We’ll also discuss other Black views of the upcoming election including “Jailbirds for Biden,” “Just 36 Percent of Black Men Think Biden’s Nominating a Black Woman for VP Was a Good Decision,” and more.

Dr. Randy Short’s contacts: email [email protected] Instagram” randyshort1965 Twitter: drs11965 PayPal: [email protected] Facebook messenger: Randy Short Patreon: DrRandyShort1965 And Cashapp: DrRandyShort

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2020 Election, Blacks, Donald Trump, Joe Biden 
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  1. anonymous[115] • Disclaimer says:

    Electing Trump again means solidifying the power right wing populists, a group of people who hate special privileges and affirmative action given by the federal government for blacks. If the right wing populists are secure in power over the long term they will succeed in dismantling affirmative action and special privileges. The numbers of black middle class will erode and the entire black community will be weaker without a strong middle class. Even though Trump limits the number of low wage immigrants and lower income blacks have seen higher wages, it is in the best interest of blacks to elect Democrats.

  2. @anonymous

    You have no idea how racist that sounds do you?

    IMHO you are basically saying that black folks can’t compete without “help”

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  3. anon[712] • Disclaimer says:

    Blacks vote for whoever promises them more gib-me-dats. The few that are smart enough to realize the these things need a vibrant economy to pay for and politicians never carry out their promises anyway, have no effect on the black vote, hence you get fine people like Biden and Kamala voted in over and over again.

  4. @interesting

    This whining shitbag Leftist is just being truthful…lol

    The vast majority of blacks can’t compete in ANY First World nations without “apefirmative axeshun” and “special privileges”.

    How many niggers do you think would be playing college sports, if they actually had to do the academic work that was required to graduate in 1950, 1960, or even 1970?

    Perhaps a few hundred nationwide?

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @anon
  5. @anonymous

    You’ve got it exactly backwards.

    Without using the word “parasite”, it’s important to acknowledge the the reason that blacks (and Jews for that matter) have it so good in America is the economic and military power built by heritage Americans (mostly white). As long as America is the global hegemon, it can print money to pay for welfare, make-work government jobs and other gibs-me-dats for blacks. Once America acknowledges that it is subordinate to China, which it would do under a Biden administration, the dollar tanks (why would the Chinese continue to accept our debt?) and the ability to run massive deficits disappears. No more gibs for the blacks.

    It will happen sooner or later. Another four years of Trump merely delays it. But that’s another four years of free lunches for blacks.

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  6. Mike Tre says:

    Ah yes, the old Token Negro approach.

    I like Dr. Short, that’s why he can go back to Africa last.

    • LOL: Jim Bob Lassiter
    • Replies: @Dr Giggles
  7. Maybe the greatest ever photo of Donald Trump, the day he comforted a 90-year-old black grand-mother

    Donald Trump shown here with age 90 Adrianna Valoy, mother of a murdered female New York City police officer

    After bringing her to the stage, Ms Valoy didn’t want to let go of the President … Trump let her hold on to him, and held her hand as he continued to speak

    A photo for the ages, this is the Trump much of the world doesn’t know

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  8. @Wade Hampton

    Once America acknowledges that it is subordinate to China, which it would do under a Biden administration,

    Imagine actually believing this is possible; even with the decades of substance abuse that has defined the life of “Wade Hampton”.

    • Troll: Twodees Partain
  9. @Mike Tre

    Mike, to make a long story “SHORT” lol, Dr Giggles long ago contacted several African dictators and asked them to accept the repatriation of the Brothers. Sad to say that even with the promise of substantial “aid” and welfare payments being routed through African banks my pleas were ignored.

    It looks like Afro Americans (whatever that means) are persona non grata in the Congo, the Serengetti and surrounding environs. It looks like their tribal brothers in the dark continent have no use for them and in fact despise them all. To make matters worse the Afros Americanos Bros have no desire to immigrate to the home country. They like it just fine here with the white man. I dont blame them !. They have a great deal with all the freebies they get from the Crackers.

    I even pointed out that what with all those Africans fleeing to the US, immigration in the other direction would be beneficial to Africa. No dice and no deal.

    I am afraid we are stuck with them. That is the LONG and SHORT of the situation.

    • Replies: @Onan the Barbarian
    , @Truth
  10. Wyatt says:

    Yes, it is in the best interest of blacks and all those things are against the interest of everyone the fuck else in America. Blacks consistently put into office shithead joggers like Maxine Waters or Sheila Jackson Lee that drag the Democrats into putting black interests above everyone else. Quite literally, near anything good for blacks is to the detriment of all other Americans. Blacks commit more violent crimes against everyone else, but are treated as special needs children when they commit these crimes. They take a disproportionate share of welfare. They half-ass every government job they’re in (as anyone who needed help from an IRS telephone operator can attest.) They bitch and moan about “muh uhpreshun” while they take Ivy League positions from asians, harass hispanics and just outright assault and murder whites.

    The more I see of blacks, the more I understand why whites did their best to suppress them and why the Chinese and Indians hate them.

  11. @brabantian

    Millions of DT hating, BO/MO, Greta worshiping Germans would fall into a coma if they were to view this beautiful, revealing photo.
    Germany the epicenter of human lunacy.

  12. anonymous[129] • Disclaimer says:

    That’s a racist comment.

    • LOL: GeneralRipper
  13. anonymous[233] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, it is in the best interest of blacks and all those things are against the interest of everyone the fuck else in America.

    You are getting hysterical. Giving a 13% minority government jobs and investigating the private sector to pressure them to also give some jobs is not going to do so much damage that it will ruin a rich country. How unsuccessful do you have to be to be so petty towards blacks?

    • Replies: @Onan the Barbarian
  14. @anonymous

    Totally wrong.
    The “unsuccessful” ones are those who have nothing to lose and everything to gain from the current situation. Wherever there is a BLM donnybrook, there are members of the white detritus involved – lumpenproletariat, jailbirds and pseudointellectual failures. By contrast, citizens who deserve that name generally prefer public safety, freedom to mind one’s own affairs, and a future for their children.
    This is, by the way, one of the differences between Western and Eastern Europe. For Hungarians, job and family come first; for Germans, being there for the downtrodden of this world.

  15. anon[144] • Disclaimer says:

    Why is this comment allowed? Is Unz dot com an Iraeli ‘let’s you (whites) and him (blacks) fight’ divide and conquer site?

  16. @Dr Giggles

    Africans do not seem to be overly fond of other Africans (cf. Rwanda), so why should they be of American negroes?
    You will remember that the attempt was made, leading to the establishment of Liberia, whose Constitution defines in Art. 27 that “In order to preserve, foster and maintain the positive Liberian culture, values and character, only persons who are Negroes or of Negro descent shall qualify by birth or by naturalization to be citizens of Liberia.”

  17. anonymous[347] • Disclaimer says:

    Provide a transcript, I’m not listening to an hour long podcast.

    Like white men regarding liberal white women, more and more black men are waking up to the fact that liberal black women are extremely destructive to America.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  18. @anonymous

    you are delusional. check your self before you wreck yourself. Trump is hated because he’s anti-globalist. Whether he’s disguising his true intentions time will tell, but at some point one must take a man at his word until he’s proven to be a liar. I think it has been proven, and many times over, Biden is a liar. A career politician, by definition, is a liar.

    • Agree: Derer
  19. Truth says:
    @Dr Giggles

    Sad to say that even with the promise of substantial “aid” and welfare payments being routed through African banks my pleas were ignored.

    So it was kinda like being at a singles bar, again?

  20. Barrett the more you post the more your true colors show. I’ve suspected you were a Jew for a while now. No wonder you’re so at home here.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  21. in a bottom – up vision Blacks might have created revenues in humble jobs that where part of the whole economy to include some great achievments like space in the 60’s. Less than whites but significant nontheless maybe… But in a top – down vison like the one of the billionaires there is essentialy lies. Like the film pretending that black women where the mathematicians and the driving force behind of the saturn V program. If blacks destroy the white in the US with the help of the top – down deep state it could destroy the US. A bottom – up vision with Trump is better.

  22. @anonymous

    Do you really think it would be that much less effort to read an 8,000 word transcript than to listen to an hour of radio while you do the dishes, drive, fix your house, etc.?

    A transcript lacks tone, inflection, intensity, timing, etc. — almost everything that makes a “voice” human when it interacts with another voice. (For the long version of this argument, read M.M. Bakhtin.)

  23. @The Thunder

    Randy probably has more Jewish ancestry than I do. The bad news is that the most I could possibly have is 1/32nd. The good news is that it is straight maternal ancestry (my mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother MIGHT have been German Jewish) which theoretically makes me a chosenite eligible for Israeli citizenship and Master Race bragging rights.

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