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Dr. Omar Ramahi: the Muslim Community Needs More Critical Thinking!
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Omar Ramahi, a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo, is the author of Muslims’ Greatest Challenge: Choosing Between Tradition and Islam. In this interview Dr. Ramahi builds on our earlier conversation. He argues that many Muslims have mistaken their cultural traditions for Islam, creating friction between people of various Islamic cultures, as well as confusion and backwardness.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Islam, Muslims 
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  1. ‘the Muslim Community Needs More Critical Thinking’

    You don’t say!!

  2. muslims are fixated on dinar and dirham being the only allowable coinage.but i respect their being the only people still rejecting usury.but if i lend someone gold i might want more gold created as credit could be interest free

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  3. Lin says:

    He argues that many Muslims have mistaken their cultural traditions for Islam, creating friction between people of various Islamic cultures

    (I’m a Christian of alternative conviction; let me repost the followings… )
    Religions can manifested in many ways like:
    1)Aspiration of luminaries like Jesus, buddha….( I love Sermon on the Mount.)
    2)cultural tradition, a shinning example/component is delegitimization of polygamy in christianity
    3)Tags of being&identity, like white nationalists invoking ‘protecting Christian values’ or burkini cladded muslim women in kufir land claiming its function to ward off sex predators
    4)Vehicle of tribal/racial/nationalistic influence/power. 3 relgions stand out in this regard:
    a)Judaism: Does ‘chosen people’ ring a bell?
    b)Hinduism: An apartheid pyramid scheme that put brahmins at top and Dalits at bottom.You’re a dalit and life is miserable? Ans:You had done something evil in your previous incarnation and here you’re; don’t blame the ipper castes.
    c)(Sunni) Islam
    iThe Holy prophet who has the last say on the fate of mankind is an arab.
    ii)the Holy Koran which is written in Arabic is said to be un-translatable. ‘Translations’ of Koran are just ‘meanings’ of Holy Koran and not the real words of God.
    iii)Arabic is the official language of Islamic paradise Jannah.
    iv)In non-arab muslim majority countries like Bangladesh, Malaysia…, donning an arab dress or scarf is a sign of religiousity.
    v)Shiite islam, adopted by Persians, is a dilution of such arabised power and therefore is hated with passion.
    Reforming (Sunni) Islam is unnecessary because it’ll erase its arabised features and turns it into just a sect of Judio-christianity. Actually it’s a hate crime advocating Islam reformation:

    • Replies: @bjondo
  4. Max Payne says:

    Critical thinking is haram.

    • Replies: @Lin
  5. If there were any ‘Critical Thinking’ in the Muslim community, there would be no Muslim community.

    Supporting any religion indicates conclusively the inability to discern fact from fiction which makes critical thinking impossible.

  6. Lin says:
    @Max Payne

    Non-critical thinking is indispensable to any religion. Remember “Saved by Faith” coined by Christian clergies?

    Some examples:

    1) The seemingly sublime but actually scandalous biblical verses
    Psalm 23:” The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want….. ”
    Since time immemorial, what has been the relationship between a shepherd and his sheeps?
    a)Fleeced the sheeps for wool without consense of the latter,
    b)Slaughtered the sheeps for meat and hide,
    c)Sold the sheeps to attaboirs,
    (I would be more convinced if Psalm 23 reads like this:”I’m a pussy cat and the Lord is my pet master..”)

    2) Yahweh destroyed the ancient astro-observatory of Babel(because human were getting inquisitive)and perverted human linguistic unity, hence facilitated wars between tribes, nations..
    3)Yahweh slaughtered all the Egyptian first borns just because Moses couldn’t get along with the Pharaoh.

    Examples abound, Yahweh the powerful extra-terrestrial alien entity has never been that benevolent to humans, imagine all the plagues, fire&brimstone, crusades..

  7. @geoffrey of martigny

    That is an excellent point, and a good illustration of what Dr. Ramahi is saying.

    The Qur’an bans usury but does not mandate dinar and dirham. The insistence on dinar and dirham is based on non-Qur’anic Islamic tradition, which Dr. Ramahi says ought to be re-thought in light of the Qur’an’s insistence on critical thinking.

  8. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    Similarly, it can be argued that many Christians have mistaken their cultural traditions for Christianity. Easy example: where is “Easter” in the Holy Hook?

  9. Leo says:

    The chief problem of muslim community is to stop parasitizing on whites, go back home and start developing it. There is no place for mohameddans and their vile religion in the christian world. Yes, still christian despite the fact that it is now under heavy attack of “our fellow whites”, another tribe of parasities.


    A 2012 lecture given by Wasserstein and then later published as an article in the Jewish Chronicle, “So, What Did Islām Do For the Jews”, 24 May 2012.

    Wasserstein wrote:

    “Islam saved Jewry… Had Islam not come along, the conflict with Persia would have continued. The separation between western Judaism, that of Christendom, and Babylonian Judaism, that of Mesopotamia, would have intensified. Jewry in the west would have declined to disappearance in many areas. And Jewry in the east would have become just another oriental cult. But this was all prevented by the rise of Islam. The Islamic conquests of the seventh century changed the world, and did so with dramatic, wide-ranging and permanent effect for the Jews.

    Within a century of the death of Mohammad, in 632, Muslim armies had conquered almost the whole of the world where Jews lived, from Spain eastward across North Africa and the Middle East as far as the eastern frontier of Iran and beyond. Almost all the Jews in the world were now ruled by Islam. This new situation transformed Jewish existence. Their fortunes changed in legal, demographic, social, religious, political, geographical, economic, linguistic and cultural terms – all for the better.”

    Google rest of article!

  11. anonymous1963 [AKA "Anon19"] says:

    The Muslim community needs a brain.

  12. bjondo says:

    Unable to listen to the prof.
    If this comment a distraction, remove.

    Is Quilliam an MI5 operation?
    Reform to the desires of the neocons?
    Same as they want to reform Quran and Christian Testament.

    Link to a short piece, 2005, by Ian Buckley.
    Relevant? Just want to post somewhere.

    Muslims are hated, not for their vices but for their virtues. – I. Shamir!msg/alt.religion.islam/t37PysJ_Sis/CvMkbr0xBQAJ

    • Replies: @Lin
  13. Lin says:

    Its not a matter who’re ‘wrong’ or ‘right’.
    Fact is (Sunni) Islam is the most important if not the only pillar of arab/arabised civilizational power(Same with Hinduism to brahmins and Judaism to jews to large extent)(Euros have Greco-Roman lineage as back-up; Confucism is only one of the traditional Chinese philosophies and Confucius was a bastard according to old chinese history record). Basic realities are:
    1)Apostasy to muslims is worse than race treason. The apostates are regularly ex-communicated and disowned by their family members.
    2)It’s in the interests of the elite of the oil arab countries to uphold salafi islam.
    3)Because much of the world’s petroleum happened to be in the muslim countries, it’s in the interest of the competitors to manipulate the arabised religion.
    Like it or not, religions either come and go or evolve, case in point, the old Egyptian kemetic civilization is long gone and the majority of modern Egyptians are not descendents of the original natives.
    The muslim world is not in good shape overall; an optimistic scenario is that a new leader(an old prophet reincarnated or whatever title compatible with Islamic mythology) arises, defeats some major kufir enemies and brings forth some much needed changes. Khomeini tried but unfortunately he was a hated Persian and didn’t fit the shoes.

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